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Sony lawyer says 'The Interview' will still be distributed


The Interview will eventually be released — but Sony doesn’t know how just yet.

Sony lawyer David Boies (pictured above) went on Meet the Press Sunday morning to discuss Sony’s decision to pull the Seth Rogen and James Franco comedy out of theaters. “Sony has been fighting to get this picture distributed,” he said. “It will be distributed. How it’s going to be distributed, I don’t think anybody knows quite yet. But it’s going to be distributed.” READ FULL STORY

Sony shares, quickly pulls new trailer for 'The Interview'


In what we can only assume was a colossal slip-up, Sony released a new trailer for The Interview on Thursday, just one day after the company canceled its Christmas release and announced it had no plans to release it on DVD or VOD. READ FULL STORY

Former employees file another lawsuit against Sony

Two former Sony employees, Joshua Foster and Ella Carline Archibeque, have filed a class action lawsuit against Sony, the third lawsuit filed against the company in the past week.

According to the lawsuit obtained by EW, the plaintiffs allege that Sony “failed to adequately safeguard its current and former employees’ personal information” and as a result are seeking “injunctive relief requiring [Sony Pictures Entertainment] to implement and maintain security practices to comply with regulations designed to prevent and remedy these types of breaches.” READ FULL STORY

White House is treating Sony hack as 'serious national security matter'

At a Thursday press briefing, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest confirmed that the FBI and the National Security Division of the Department of Defense are continuing to investigate the recent Sony hack, which he says is “being treated as a serious national security matter.”

Although Earnest didn’t provide details about the investigation, he was clear that President Obama’s administration stands “squarely on the side of artists and other private citizens who seek to freely express their views.” READ FULL STORY

Aaron Sorkin, Steve Carell, and more react to Sony canceling 'The Interview'

When news spread on Wednesday that Sony had decided to cancel The Interview after hackers threatened 9/11-level attacks, Hollywood’s actors, directors, and producers weighed in with overwhelming disapproval. READ FULL STORY

Intelligence officials say North Korea was 'centrally involved' in Sony hack

Senior intelligence officials told the New York Times on Wednesday that the North Korean government was “centrally involved” in the recent hacking attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment. The news came shortly after Sony announced that it canceled the theatrical release of The Interview, a film that included a scene depicting the assassination of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. READ FULL STORY

Former Sony employees file lawsuit against Sony

Two former Sony employees have filed a lawsuit against Sony Pictures Entertainment, a company they claim “failed to secure its computer systems, servers, and databases, despite weaknesses that it has known about for years,” according to the lawsuit obtained by EW.

The lawsuit describes the recent hack “an epic nightmare, much better suited to a cinematic thriller than to real life.” Thanks to the hackers—who have yet to be identified—sensitive information about employees past and present has been released, including Social Security numbers, salaries, and personal emails. READ FULL STORY

Sony warns media not to publish leaked documents, 'New York Times' responds

Hackers have leaked dozens of documents and emails from Sony Pictures that include information about salaries, budgets, and behind-the-scenes gossipand now Sony is demanding that publications not publish any of that leaked information.

According to the New York Timeslawyer David Boies sent a letter to media outlets on behalf of Sony saying that the studio “does not consent to your possession, review, copying, dissemination, publication, uploading, downloading or making any use” of the “stolen information.” READ FULL STORY

In new message, hackers appear to demand Sony halt 'The Interview'

A note that purports to come from the group that hacked Sony Pictures seems to demand that Sony stop showing the James Franco-Seth Rogen movie, The Interview, which involves a plot to kill Kim Jong-un. “Stop immediately showing the movie of terrorism which can break the regional peace and cause the War!” the note readsREAD FULL STORY

Sony employees receive threatening email from alleged hackers


The hacking attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment has taken a frightening turn: According to several reports, a number of employees received a menacing email from the alleged hackers that threatened their families.

The email allegedly came from a member of the GOP, short for Guardians of Peace, the group that claims to be behind last week’s attack, which resulted in the leak of five of the company’s films and information about some employees’ salaries.

According to Variety, the email read:

I am the head of GOP who made you worry.

Removing Sony Pictures on earth is a very tiny work for our group, which is a worldwide organization. And what we have done so far is only a small part of our further plan. It’s your false if you if you think this crisis will be over after some time. All hope will leave you, and Sony Pictures will collapse. This situation is only due to Sony Pictures. Sony Pictures is responsible for whatever the result is. Sony Pictures clings to what is good to nobody from the beginning. It’s silly to expect in Sony Pictures to take off us. Sony Pictures makes only useless efforts. One beside you can be our member.

Many things beyond imagination will happen at many places of the world. Our agents find themselves act in necessary places. Please sign your name to object the false of the company at the email address below if you don’t want to suffer damage. If you don’t, not only you but your family will be in danger.

Nobody can prevent us, but the only way is to follow our demand. If you want to prevent us, make your company behave wisely.

In a statement to The Hollywood Reporter, a Sony rep said: “We understand that some of our employees have received an email claiming to be from GOP. We are aware of the situation and working with law enforcement.”

Earlier this week, the company announced that it had hired cybersecurity firm Mandiant to respond to the attack and said the FBI is investigating.

A representative for Sony did not immediately respond to EW‘s request for comment.

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