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J.K. Rowling sues U.K. paper for libel

Much like Harry Potter circa Order of the Phoenix, J.K. Rowling is having problems with a newspaper falsifying stories.

The Harry Potter author is suing U.K. paper Daily Mail over a story with the headline, “How J.K. Rowling’s sob story about her past as a single mother has left the churchgoers who cared for her upset and bewildered,” according to U.K. paper The Guardian.

The Daily Mail article misrepresented her comments, the lawsuit explains, and in doing that “it injured her reputation and caused her great distress and embarrassment,” per The Guardian. The offending article — which has been taken offline — “suggested Rowling had given ‘a knowingly false account of her time as a single mother in Edinburgh,’ and she had ‘falsely and inexcusably accused her fellow churchgoers of behaving in a bigoted, unchristian manner towards her, of stigmatising her and cruelly taunting her for being a single mother.’” READ FULL STORY

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