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Masked robbers commit Apple Store heist in Paris

Four robbers stole over $1 million worth of iPhones, iPads, and various other Apple iDevices from an Apple Store in Paris, CNN reports. The store was robbed while the City of Light was in the midst of a New Year’s celebration. The criminals apparently entered through a service entrance and stole various devices from the storeroom, before driving off in a Mercedes van. The total cost of the stolen goods was not confirmed;¬†Apple did not immediately respond to EW’s call for comment.

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Apple announces new MacBook, new iMac, new iPad, and new iPad Mini, all of them so thin and so beautiful and so thin
Apple apologizes for decimating the infrastructure of modern society with apocalyptic Maps application
Apple introduces iPhone 5, ushering the human race into a brave new utopian era of technological revolution

Apple targeted in antitrust lawsuit

The U.S. government has filed an antitrust lawsuit in New York against Apple Inc. and various major book publishers. The lawsuit was filed Wednesday in federal court in Manhattan. It claims the publishers conspired with Apple to raise retail electronic-book prices to limit competition.

The lawsuit said the effort was a response to the success Amazon had in selling e-books for just under $10.

The lawsuit said the alleged conspiracy came as Apple was preparing to launch its electronic tablet. It said the alleged conspiracy called for Apple to be guaranteed a 30 percent commission on each e-book it sold.

Apple did not immediately respond to a comment request.

'This American Life' retracts Apple factory story

NPR is retracting a story about Apple factories in China that ran on This American Life Jan. 6, reports Poynter. Per a press release, this week’s edition of Life will be dedicated to detailing how monologuist Mike Daisey “partially fabricated” his story — including dramatic incidents involving underage workers and the poisoning of factory workers. READ FULL STORY

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