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Alec Baldwin arrested for going the wrong way on his bicycle

Alec Baldwin quit public life, but he can’t hide from us for long: The actor made headlines when he was arrested Tuesday in New York City.

Baldwin was pulled over for riding his bike the wrong way near Union Square Park and began acting belligerent when the two police officers asked him for identification. He was then taken into custody and has since been released.

Head over to the Associated Press to read the full story.

Woody Allen responds to Dylan Farrow's abuse claims

After Dylan Farrow, the adopted daughter of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen, wrote a first-person essay for The New York Times on Saturday detailing the alleged sexual abuse she endured as a 7-year-old, Allen has responded, calling her claims “untrue and disgraceful.”

“Mr. Allen has read the article and found it untrue and disgraceful,” a rep for the Oscar-winning director said in a statement. “He will be responding very soon.”

We will update when Allen’s full statement is released.

Allen’s attorney, Elkan Abramowitz, also sent a statement to Mother Jones. “It is tragic that after 20 years a story engineered by a vengeful lover resurfaces after it was fully vetted and rejected by independent authorities. The one to blame for Dylan’s distress is neither Dylan nor Woody Allen.”

Dylan Farrow also called out some of the actors in Allen’s movies in her essay, including Blue Jasmine stars Alec Baldwin and Cate Blanchett, asking, “What if it had been your daughter?” Blanchett and Baldwin responded over the weekend.

Actress convicted of stalking Alec Baldwin

A Canadian actress was sentenced Thursday to six months in jail by a judge who found her guilty of stalking Alec Baldwin in New York.

Genevieve Sabourin, 41, who had already been facing 30 days in jail for repeatedly disrupting court proceedings during her trial, was well-behaved but defiant after the verdict was announced.

“I haven’t done anything wrong. I’m innocent,” she told Judge Robert Mandelbaum. “You’re doing a mistake right now.”

The judge found Sabourin guilty of stalking, attempted aggravated harassment, harassment and attempted contempt of court, saying she had no right to pursue contact she knew to be unwanted.

At the trial, Baldwin testified that the actress had turned his life into a horror film after they met once for dinner. He said she besieged him with unwanted phone calls and emails and started showing up at his homes and at public events.

“Your relentless and escalating campaign of threats and in-person appearances in private spaces served at a minimum to harass, annoy and alarm Mr. Baldwin, and intentionally so, and terrorized his wife,” Mandelbaum said.

Sabourin testified that she had a legitimate, though brief romance with Baldwin, and just wanted him to explain why he didn’t want to see her anymore.

In his summation to the judge, defense lawyer Todd Spodek said Baldwin “doesn’t have carte blanche to use the criminal justice system to sort out his relationships.”

“He set her up at a luxury hotel. He took her on a once-in-a- lifetime, fairy-tale date. … Was Ms. Sabourin wrong to think that this was more than a one-night stand?”

The judge ordered Sabourin to serve the six months after the 30 days she previously received for contempt of court. There was no jury in the case, at Sabourin’s request.

Baldwin and Sabourin agree on this much: They met during a 2000 movie shoot in Montreal and had dinner a decade later in New York. The dinner came after mutual friend Martin Bregman, producer of movies including “Scarface,” had Baldwin call her as she sought career help.

She says the dinner ended in a sexual encounter, which the actor denies.

He said Sabourin then flooded him with calls and emails. After a March 2012 message said she could infiltrate his apartment building and his now-wife’s yoga class, “I knew that she was dangerous,” the “30 Rock” star testified.

Then Sabourin showed up at a film screening he was hosting and at his Hamptons and Manhattan homes. She was arrested outside his apartment building in April 2012.

Sabourin, however, said the actor invited her to New York in 2010, took her on a dream date that ended in an amorous night filled with promises for the future, and then dropped her.

She said they maintained a fraught email and phone relationship over the next two years. While he did send some friendly emails, he says he also implored her to leave him alone.

She says the overall message from him was mixed, and she felt entitled to ask what had gone wrong.

“It’s not because he’s rich and famous that he can take advantage of women and throw them in the garbage,” she said.

Alleged Alec Baldwin stalker ordered to jail after court outbursts

Before her trial even concluded, Alec Baldwin’s accused stalker was ordered to jail for 30 days Wednesday after a series of courtroom outbursts got her declared in contempt of court.

After Genevieve Sabourin’s days of sobs, gasps, remarks and interruptions continued during some legal arguments Wednesday, Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Robert Mandelbaum told her, “That’s it.” He found her in contempt and issued the punishment, which means she’ll spend in jail while the trial continues.

Mandelbaum had warned Sabourin he might do so if she didn’t stop speaking out during the proceedings. He’s hearing the case without a jury.

Sabourin greeted the development with a soliloquy about the strain of the trial and the pain of hearing what she says are false allegations, calling herself “a person who is totally exhausted, humiliated, beat up, destroyed, alone.”

“My life is shattered in pieces,” Sabourin said.

Alec Baldwin denies relationship with stalking suspect

Alec Baldwin testified Tuesday that he never had a sexual or romantic relationship with a Canadian actress accused of stalking him, saying that after they met she began leaving dozens of voicemails for him a night and eventually started threatening to show up at his homes.

The 30 Rock star said at the Manhattan trial of the woman, Genevieve Sabourin, that he had a meal with her at a friend’s request, gave her an email address and phone number, and later communicated with her about acting classes.

She began to barrage him with as many as 30 voicemails per night and hundreds of emails that started out as lovelorn and pleading, Baldwin said. They escalated into ominous threats to insinuate herself into his now-wife’s yoga class and to come to his homes, even as he implored her to stop and threatened to call authorities, according to Baldwin.

“It was nightmarish,” he said.

Sabourin had some outbursts as he testified, including: “You’re lying!”

Alec Baldwin expected to testify against accused stalker

Alec Baldwin probably isn’t relishing his part in this scene: a courtroom face-off with his accused stalker.

But it’s likely to play out Tuesday in a New York City courtroom, where the former 30 Rock star is expected to testify at the trial of Genevieve Sabourin, a Canadian actress.

Authorities say it’s a case of an acquaintance with a movie star turning into harassment. Sabourin claims it was a romance that fell apart. READ FULL STORY

Alec Baldwin to end 'Here's the Thing' podcast

After two seasons of in-depth interviews with the likes of David Letterman, George Will, and David Simon of The Wire, Alec Baldwin will retire his Here’s The Thing podcast on WNYC in October, just as he launches his new talkshow on MSNBC. The Hollywood Reporter claimed that Baldwin was open to continuing but that WNYC lacked the funding to keep the podcast afloat, and a source close to Baldwin said that the actor might resurrect a revamped version of the podcast for MSNBC at some point in the future. In a statement, WNYC said, “WNYC will wind down production of Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin this fall. The podcast series will end with a much anticipated in-depth conversation with Jerry Seinfeld. … We wish Alec much success as he makes his transition to MSNBC.”

Beginning in October, Up Late With Alec Baldwin, will air at 10 p.m. Fridays on MSNBC.

Alec Baldwin and wife welcome daughter

Alec Baldwin and his wife, yoga instructor Hilaria Baldwin, are the proud parents of a baby girl, Carmen Gabriela. Hilaria tweeted the news Friday afternoon. It is the couple’s first child together. Alec Baldwin is also father to Ireland, 17.

“We are overjoyed to announce the birth of our daughter Carmen Gabriela. She is absolutely perfect,” she wrote.

Alec Baldwin apologizes to gay-rights group for Twitter rant

Alec Baldwin has apologized to a New York City-based lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights group for a series of tweets that could be interpreted as homophobic.

Baldwin’s messages were directed at a newspaper reporter who accused his wife of tweeting during the funeral for former Sopranos star James Gandolfini. Baldwin says in a letter to GLAAD posted on its website Friday his tweets didn’t have anything to do with “issues of anyone’s sexual orientation.”

The former 30 Rock star says he’s done political work with marriage equality groups and insists he wouldn’t advocate violence against someone for being gay.

Alec Baldwin and 'New York Post' photographer exchange harassment claims after altercation

Alec Baldwin had a confrontation with a reporter and photographer from the New York Post on Sunday morning, and New York City police are investigating after both sides filed harassment claims. The Post photographer, G.N. Miller, told police that the 30 Rock actor hurled slurs at him — including “coon and “crackhead” — when he tried to take Baldwin’s picture while he was walking his dog. Baldwin denies saying anything racist and called the allegations “one of the most outrageous things I’ve heard in my life,” according to his spokesperson. reviewed audio from the incident and found no evidence of such offensive comments, but the NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task Force is investigating.

According to the Post, Miller and reporter Tara Palmeri approached Baldwin outside his Manhattan home and requested comment regarding his wife, a yoga teacher recently sued by an injured former student. Palmeri initially claimed that Baldwin grabbed her arm and said, “I want to choke you to death.” TMZ’s review of the audio clarified that what Baldwin actually said was, “I want you to choke to death,” a correction that the Post now recognizes in its coverage of the altercation. A spokesperson for the Post did not immediately respond to a request for comment about the latest report from TMZ.

It’s not the first time Baldwin and the Post have tangled. He called the tabloid “the worst newspaper in human history” in November after a Post column criticized him and defended his alleged stalker.

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