Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries divorcing, respond to break-up


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Looks like there was no happily ever after for this “fairytale.” After just 72 days of marriage, Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce from Kris Humphries, according to court papers received by EW. (Ryan Seacrest, who serves as executive producer on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, confirmed the news via his Twitter feed earlier today:  “Yes @kimkardashian is filing for divorce this morning. I touched base with her, getting a statement in just a few mins.”) The papers, filed Oct. 31, cite irreconcilable differences as to the reason for the split.

Kardashian and Humphries, who were married Aug. 20, aired their grandiose wedding on E! earlier this month with a two-day special. Kim’s Fairytale Wedding has continued to air on repeats on the station since. The former couple also recently appeared on Ellen to renew their vows.

UPDATE: E! has released a statement regarding the split: “All of us at E! are surprised and saddened by this news, and we send our support to Kim and Kris at this difficult time. The Kardashians have always been uniquely open with all aspects of their lives from joyous events to intimate moments to heartbreaking transitions. E! will continue to share the fascinating real lives and larger-than-life existence of this close-knit family.”

UPDATE: Kardashian has released a statement, obtained by EW: “After careful consideration, I have decided to end my marriage. I hope everyone understands this was not an easy decision. I had hoped this marriage was forever, but sometimes things don’t work out as planned. We remain friends and wish each other the best.”

Humphries, on the other hand, released the following statement to E!: “I love my wife and am devastated to learn she filed for divorce. I’m committed to this marriage and everything this covenant represents. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make it work.”

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  • Michelle

    Who didn’t see this coming?

    • Laurie

      Helen Keller would have called this one!

      • Jethro

        Kris is kinda goofy! And her, Mother Kris, is too!

      • Helen K

        Darrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, garrrrrrrrrrrllllllllllll…

      • Traci

        LOL! Good one!

      • Realist

        Fruit Flys Mate Longer than this Bi_tch

      • Of course, that was at 3pm

        Bring on the cancer or abusive boyfriend. I’m ready for some tragedy in the Kardashian household. What a pair of complete douchebags.

      • iamlandru

        1) At least Kris won’t have to be on penicillin the rest of his life now.
        2) If there’s one thing bigger than Kim’s @SS it’s her bank account which is a sad statement in so many ways.

      • Connie Schied

        I may be wrong but I think this is going to have some bad fallout for Kim. All that hoopla and money spent for nothing but making Kim more money. Kim, marry yourself; that way you won’t have to have anything interfere with your “business” and “money making” activities. You are just like one big cash register. Too bad.

      • Valdez

        And Stevie Wonder too!

      • PN

        She’s going to have some huge fallout! I think her glamorous persona is just turning people off!

      • BFD

        Another over exposed do nothing jumps into a life long commitment with someone they’ve known for 5 minutes. Then spends the “getting to know you” period living in someone else’s home with cameras focused on them. The surprise is that it lasted this long. Well, at least he can brag he “tapped that a**”

      • shannon


      • passionate


      • Bif


      • TorontoTom

        The next time you hear someone arguing against gay marriage, citing the SANCTITY OF MARRIAGE – think of Kim & Kris…………..

      • Krissy

        They aren’t getting a divorce! Kris was merely discontinued as a series regular….

      • Tom

        Me Caveman Marry TV Star.. Ugh.. Be Happy Ever After. Ugh.. Oh no….

      • Tom

        What the F is up with Disqus? I’m going to go to Radar online if you change it. Think first.

      • Realist

        Armos are kinda like Cavemen.. I wonder why this didn’t work out?

      • Anya

        This is why you should never marry someone with the same name as your mother. Especially if you’re a woman.

      • shuay

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      • LIGrrl

        Kim Kardashian meets and marries this man in less than a year, in an obscenely lavish ceremony, in front of ever-present TV cameras, and people are surprised that the marriage lasts barely more than 2 months? The answer is to stop feeding the attention-seeking appetites of the whole family. That way, maybe their TV show will be cancelled, the paparazzi will leave, and they can go back to normal lives. Please?

      • roamceourich

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        —–WeαlthУFlirt. СòM- —–It is nice club for rich men or pretty girls mate. You do not need to be wealthy or famous, but you can meet your true love, it’s worthy a try…Life is lonely and sometimes even boring. You may need a fresh thing to excite your mind.

      • sebrena

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        Why in the hell would you want to marry an alien who carries a makeup bag everywhere she goes,,, i mean really. can she even take a crap without fake eyelashes and a fish pout on her face!!!

    • Big Walt

      I hope he was at least in on it. From the few times I’ve seen him though, I wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t.

      • Jethro

        Did they even get a chance to open the presents and who keeps them?

      • April

        Don’t think he was either. He seems like a nice, regular guy. I wish him the best.

        I hope everyone ignores her so she and her family can go away

      • BobR

        he’s a professional athleter, of course he was in on it

      • mags

        Kris H. seems like an idiot on their show. Kris H. also seems to have a cruel streak. Kim’s not that bright either, and is too self-involved. Not surprised that this ended, just at how quick it ended.
        Who would have thought that Khloe would end up with the best guy and relationship?

      • Leila

        Ugh did you see him on the show? The guy acts like a total a-hole. Someone should have told them that two a-holes cannot be married to each other. They cancel each other out. Neither will compromise.

      • Alexis

        Other sources said he didn’t find out till today?

      • BL

        He was so in on it they even said something ab him asking if Lamar and Khloe only married for the money… meaning he wanted the publicity and money of Kim K!

      • naenae


      • Velma

        Wasn’t their original wedding date Octobr 31? As I recall, they registered for gifts online and had today as the wedding date…everyone assumed it was a placeholder.

      • lisa g.

        Kris claims he was blindsighted. I guess he didnt get that part of the script! hahahaha

      • amy

        Kim Kardashian is a botoxed Hoochie who only cares about herself and her “business,” which i think primarily involves her ass and her sex tapes.. I dont know what the hell Kris H. was thinking he is a classy guy and down to earth. Why in the hell would you want to marry an alien who carries a makeup bag everywhere she goes,,, i mean really. can she even take a crap without fake eyelashes and a fish pout on her face!!!

      • KLH

        Oh the humanity! Now if only people would stop paying attention to them they might go away.

      • Steph

        If they have any class at all, they’ll return the gifts. Kim, balls in your court. Oh wait, it’s not…

      • lisa g.

        Hi Amy, I agree about the botox! She used to be naturally beautiful but now she’s starting to look like Cher with all the makeup n fake, jet black hair.

      • PN

        He’s too Midwest a guy. I don’t think he was into that lavish lifestyle. He sounds like he would be living on a lake in his native Minnesota than those expensive mansions of the Kardashians. Maybe too nice. I think he wanted out of the marriage too.

    • Jim

      My grandparents didn’t. Granted, they don’t know who either of these people are.

      • sj

        i’m jealous of them.

      • lisa g.


    • lisa g.

      maybe she felt her clock was ticking or something but this seemed so manufactured. they never seemed like a good pair the way she did with Reggie Bush. Besides, that fool is unemployed. It made/makes her look DESPERATE! Who knew that rich, famous and beautiful women could be so DESPERATE as to marry that lame looking geek.

      • Mario Andretti

        Humphires is not unemployed in the way you mean.

      • lisa g.

        she loves attention thats why she did this on a MONDAY and Halloween! Every celebrity knows to do things like this on a Friday if you DON”T want attention, but of course she does.

      • HL

        Lisa g – you would know, I guess all mudsharks think alike.

        Unemployed-well yeah but he did make a few mil’ before he became unemployed.

      • DivaSoulSista

        She just wanted a wedding … a big gaudy monstrosity of a wedding. She got what she wanted. The marriage was never part of the plan.

      • lisa g.

        isn’t he a free agent? to me, that means unemployed until/ if the phone rings.

      • lisa g.

        @HL, excuse me for believing that a MAN should have a JOB especially before he gets married. From what I’ve read, part of their marriage woes was the uncertainty of where’d’ he get picked up and would have to live. Say what you want, but a JOB is a large part of a person’t identity and no woman in her right mind should go into a marriage with an unemployed man!

        @Diva Soul Sister…. ITA

      • Jack

        I agree with you Lisa G. He was such a weirdo.
        I’m actually proud of her — if she knew it wasn’t right, the sooner the better! This is the first thing she’s done in a long time that has made sense.

      • PN

        It seemed so manufactured calculated , as if she was pressured by her family to get married. It’s good that Khloe has kept her marriage to Lamar Odom low key and didn’t put it out in the press like Kim did to Kris. But Lamar made the first move to marry Khloe and has stayed committed. I didn’t see any kind of intimate connection with Kris and Kim! Not at all!!!!!! You didn’t always see them together the past 10 weeks!

      • @PN

        That’s why the Bible says a man finds a wife, not the other way around!

      • jess

        im sorry but saying he was unemployed is very dumb. in the classic sense of the word yes.. he was. but taking things in to consideration.. what else was he supposed to do? the nba is out for awhile and he is good enough to play for a team when it comes back unlike hank baskett who isn’t so it’s not like he should look for an ultimate plan B. and saying that what other alternative does he have in meantime? he’s a gawky 7 foot center who comes off very aggressive making it hard for him to get anything PR related out of it on the side and he’s only been associated as a basketball player all of his life putting studies as secondary. i guess he could go to europe and play but do you really think that’s a smart decision when you’re newly married and not hurting for money? i never liked him on the show but blaming him for being “unemployed” as the downfall of the marriage is really not thinking about their situation in my opinion.

      • Brandon

        Who here thinks Lisa G got burned by a jobless man? LOL!

        You’re an idiot. He’s a free agent professional basketball player. He’s not sitting at home tokin it up.

        Tell me….what, exactly, is Kim K’s “job”?!

      • lisa g.

        LOL funny brandon. Tell that to Kendra Wilkinson when the season started n their phone never rang! And STILL hasn’t.

        @jess…what he could have done was wait to get married! And there is nothing intimidating about kris…he looks like a dork!

      • Brandon

        You act like HAnk Baskett was an All-Pro receiver who just never got a call. He sucked. Always did. So if she didn’t know there was a distinct possibility he’d be out of a job at some point….then that’s on HER. She’s an idiot.

      • Cru

        Chivalry, you’ve killed it, ladies.

      • lisa g.

        So this Kris is some kind of marquee player? Yeah ok Bwahahaha……

      • Brandon

        Not MArquee…..but he’s at least a competitive player. Hank Baskett’s claim to fame (aside from marrying a Playboy model)…..was fumbling an on-side kick that ultimately led to his team’s loss in the Super Bowl…….and the only reason he was even ON The team in the first place was because there weren’t any other healthy options.

        You should really know sports if you’re going to debate sports. If your only knowledge of it is what you see on E! when you’re watching their stupid show…..then just keep your mouth shut.

        He’s not “Jobless” like the men you’ve dated in your life. He’s laid off (as is every player right now).

      • lisa g.

        I know what a free agent is n and in my book that is unemployed until your phone rings, period. Regardless of what kind of spin u put on it, slow guy.

      • Brandon

        But to act like he’s a freeloading, good for nothing, jobless schmuck is ridiculous. He’s made $1mil+ annually for at least 3 or 4 years now. So…..he’s hardly sitting on her couch waiting for her to bring home dinner and then drive him up to the store……dumbass.

      • lisa g.

        Never said that. Someone seems especially sensitive about that….did I touch a nerve? I’m not going to change my mind n u definitely won’t do it so let’s agree to disagree ( if we even really disagree). Take care!

      • lisa g.

        And any dude who’s not a star player who’d pay 2 mil for a ring can’t be too fiscally responsible!

      • D34KiM

        Lisa, first of all, know your material. You can’t sign or get a call from a team when there’s a LOCKOUT. You will be fined over $10k-$100k depending on the scenario. Secondly, Kris Humphries had a breakout season after the All-Star weekend(if you even watch the NBA, you should know this). EVERY team is waiting for the lockout to end so they can call this guy up to make a contract with him.

      • lisa g.

        There’s a LOCKOUT?!?!

      • H

        There’s a difference between a free agent and an nBA lockout anyway. A free agent would only apply to kris, but this is the whole sport. As in every player. There’s nothing he or any other player can do about it.

      • H

        Yeah dumbass.

      • lisa g.

        LMAO….wow that went right over somebodys head. Hahahaha.

      • lisa g.

        @ Brandon AKA H.. do you mean the LOCKOUT that’s been going on for what seems like forever and that EW reported an update on last week and I commented several times? Oh that LOCKOUT! Ok now me understand. The same one where Bryant Gumbel recently referred to David Stern as a slave owner (or something racist). that one? the one that lead to rumors of Kobe playing in Italy? the one that lead Delonte West to get a blue collar job inthe interim? that one? Youre a fool. Case closed.

      • H

        Okay. No, I’m not Brandon. But yes I suppose that’s the lockout I’m speaking of. Regardless of whatever that tabloid Crap you’re talking about, it still means that kris humphries wasn’t fired or anything. He’s as much without a job as Kobe is (whether or not he’s playing for Italy) basketball player is his occupation. That currently is not an option though and I’m Sure he and all the other players aren’t pleased about it but there’s really nothing they can do for the time being

      • H

        Kris isn’t obligated to go out and get a blue collar job in the meantime either. He probably has enough of his own money set aside. It would be ridiculous for him to go out and start flipping burgers for a living. He and Kim were in a marriage, they were supposed to be a team financially and otherwise that supported eachother in good times and bad.

      • lisa g.

        ok, we’re getting side tracked here. im not saying Kris needs to do anything! that’s his life. all i said was that he is unemployed and ppl (mainly MEN)took issue with it. Kobe is under contract; kris isn’t! he is unemployed. no one is saying he wont get picked up (im certain he will) but in the interim, technically he is UNEMPLOYED!

      • lisa g.

        if an actor is expected to get a role in an upcoming movie, until it happens, he is unemployed! It doesnt matter that there is an actor’s strike, or that he is good at his craft. That actor is unemployed until he officially signs on for that movie. I really don’t see how that’s up for debate.

      • Corey Sheltie

        Lisa g, just reading your comments you set back the women’s movement 50 years in your replies! Its people like you who keep the kardashians in business and on tv! We need more patriots in this world and not dumb followers like you! Go back to your main news source people magazine instead of free speech tv or link tv for the real truth news! Ignorant moron!!

      • lisa g.

        oh wow another alias! How do you know I’m a woman? This is the world wide web where u can be anything u want to be, just like you who pretends to just POP up….hehehe

      • Corey Sheltie

        You could be anyone, but you’re not. You’re just a dope.

      • lisa g.

        Ok. How many names are you going to use today? I’m flattered u think so highly of me to go through so much. ;-)

      • anthony

        your a geek, he is a young rich athlete.

      • lisa g.

        “Anthony” be quiet and learn how to write.

      • Kevin

        The average person in America makes $63,091, after a 35 year career with at least a 10,000 increase in pay every 5-10 yrs, they have the potential of earning 3 million. Kris Humphries is worth anywhere from $8-16 million (before his marriage to kim). So you can call him unemployed all day long. He could retire if he wanted. You must live in a fairy-tale world lisa g where everybody is a millionaire.

      • lisa g.

        Never questioned that so sorry u wasted ur time researching/posting it.

      • anthony

        Learn how to write? Excuse me, I didn’t realize I needed to display my written communication skills on a anonymous comment.

      • lisa g.

        Gosh I wonder why ppl care so much! If u disagree w/ me that he is CURRENTLY UNEMPLOYED, then bravo for you! I start to think this is one person behind all of these responses because of personal shots being taken at me a little further down by “Corey” who seems to think s/he knows me and and on top of that, I don’t see anyone else’s comment being so heavily scrutinized. If u don’t agree, fine.

      • Napolitano

        Lisa, we all have an opinion and an ass hole. Ignore them.

      • Kevin

        haha yes, you would something like that. How I spend my time, is my business. The last thing I need is the apology from someone like you. You said ..
        “Besides, that fool is unemployed. It made/makes her look DESPERATE!”
        How is marrying someone worth $8-16 million desperate? Like I said, you must live in some superficial fairy-tale land.

      • lisa g.

        Ur a little too into me but how about marrying someone after not knowing them that long also makes her look desperate. Brandon! Give it up!

      • Kevin

        Don’t post such ignorant comments on a public forum, and you won’t have to worry about them being “so heavily scrutinized”.
        I’m just shocked to hear that marrying an athlete worth $8 million plus is a desperate move these days.

      • lisa g.

        Nice job on isolating just that section of a paragraph! Lol. Me thinks someone is a bum and is super defensive!

      • lisa g.

        Oh Brandon, go to bed. Boy you are super sensitive about a strangers words…you need to toughen n man UP! People must toy with u to no end because ur easy!

      • Kevin

        LOL I think your just made because you said something dumb, and everyone called you out on it. To say that all these comments are one person is just another ignorant thing from you. You don’t know that for sure. I could be anybody. I could be Kris Humphries for all you know. He sure has the time, being that he is unemployed.

      • lisa g.

        No I know you’ve been multi-tasking using multiple names..all for ME..I’m so.special! Hehehe. Man UP drama quern. I cam only imagine how u r w/ ppl u actually know…..yikes!

      • lisa g.

        And LOL at EVERYONE calling me out. Your interpretation of things isnt what I would call reliable! Everyone? No more like one or two people using bogus names because they’re so weak they think theres power in numbers. Whew nothing is worst than a WEAK man!

      • lisa g.

        *worse before my FANS jump on that typo!

      • allie

        hey everyone, remember the good old days, before Lisa G. had to respond to EVERY comment? See Lis, here’s what you do…. you make your comment and then leave. This isn’t all about you! You aren’t Kim. Just sayin’.

      • lisa g.

        Wow, now ur a woman?! well woman or man, see ‘Allie’, here’s what you do… you skip over comments that irritate you (like mine since u seem to KNOW me) and most importantly, you don’t respond. There are over 1000 comments on this thread alone… plenty else for you to feast on.

      • lisa g.

        and who are u to dictate how/when ppl comment. you have NO power. remember that, wo/man. This isn’t your blog.

      • @D34KiM

        You are a moron who must not know basketball. Every team is not after this guy, only the ones who need that position filled which doesn’t mean every team. Women should stick to stuff they know about like red bottoms.

      • C.J.

        @Kevin, maybe he can retire but I doubt it. He just lost $1.7 million in an investment scam. It was on the news. He seems to be living up to every stereotype of a dumb jock.

      • Devon

        @@D34Kim_______ yes that blurb sounds pretty dumb. Every team is not after dude and I follow ball and I don’t know anything about his performance after all star weekend. WTF.

      • Santana

        Kim Kardashian is made out of wax, everything about her and her family is manufactured! I bet the entire wedding was scripted.

      • lisa g

        i’m an opinionated moron.. what do I know?/? pfft

      • Deep Diving

        LOL she does look like a wax figure with those 50 layers of makeup.

      • 213

        D34kim said every team can’t wait until the lockout is over so they can call him up and make a contract with him. I can’t stop laughing, I swear they think I’m flipping out, not that teams don’t want him just how that sound, make a contract with him, oh my god make it stop.

      • lisa g.

        Hahaha this idiot got her/his feelings hurt so badly that s/he gave up on creating random aliases and now is pretending to be ME! Oh brother, what a sensitive, idiotic, weak, non making sense FOOL. If I’m such a moron, why do u engage me?! What does that say about u?! Bwahahaha

      • lisa g.

        @ cj….thk u! And yes this d34 Kim Alias is quite the moron! LOL

      • Kevin

        Haha it’s so F’n Hilarious how you never addressed that I said your an idiot for saying it’s a desperate move to marry someone worth $ 8 million. The average American makes 63,000 a year, so who are you to say that someone worth that much money is not worth marrying? How much are you worth lisa g? I don’t know who those other names you are talking about, I’m just kevin, thanks, And I didn’t give up. It’s Halloween and I have a life.

      • cg

        Lisa g you are so sad. Anyone who disagrees with you must be wrong. Or they are all the same person. No Lisa. They are just posting their opinions, which in most cases seems more correct than yours.

      • Steph

        I think there’s going to be some Kardashian backlash; people feel ripped off after investing in their fairy tale wedding, even if just as a TV spectator. I see some Kate Gosselin style hate coming the Kardash way. I say the show lasts 2 more years & will fizzle out in the same way TLCs megahit did with Kate +8. Our TV/celebrity attention spans are shorter these days and as a mass culture if someone is BSing us this harshly, we will turn on them.

      • lisa g.

        @ steph, I agree! I think this SCRIPTED Crap just went too far and there will be backlash! Let’s all pray all their ratings disappear then slowly the family will follow!

      • lisa g.

        @ super alias who ALL seem to be peculiarly obsessed w/ the same ONE aspect of my comment (what a coincidence)! Anyway how about u go out on the town n ask ppl why this whole concoction seemed like desperation on Kims part. Because ur reading comprehension issues are not my problem! And how did we get off subject? The original disagreement was over the definition of free agent n unemployed! And u know what, after all ur aliases, insults, etc MY OPINION STILL HAS NOT CHANGED! have a nice day, idiot!

      • Sports fan

        Technically, a free-agent doesn’t have a job, but most get picked up fast if they’re relatively young and healthy which it seem Chris is and there are teams that need a big guy. Jess is right.

      • jane

        Okay enough already who died and made Lisa g. the know all and be all of the nba. Who cares if he is unemployed the last I read they made 10,000,000 aprox for getting married rights to pictures etc. That would mean he should have earned half of that which means he is not unemployed he was working maybe not in a way that any sane person would but what the heck he was Kardashian which in its self makes one want to throw up.

      • Kevin

        lol what a loser

      • lisa g.

        @ Jane shut up alias. I’m expressing my opinion just like you, do u comprehend that or does it go over your head? Its You n all ur aliases who is so emotional about MY opinions! I control you like a puppet because ur weak and allow MY opinion to get u all shaken up. I hope It’s a woman behind all this because it if It’s a guy, I’m smh REAL HARD!

        @ Sports guy, I agree with u. But I never speculated on his future. I’m speaking on when Kim married him, he was UNEMPLOYED!

      • lisa g.

        @ Kevin some would call you the loser for caring so much about what a stranger thinks n engaging someone u consider to be a loser. Sorry this is one chick u can’t out think or out last so why don’t u give up! And u really do have reading comprehension problems. U totally read the line about giving up incorrectly….ur a fool!

      • Nic

        It’s always so cute watching dumb people try defend dumb opinions. Like Lisa here who doesn’t seem to realise there’s a Lockout.

        But no, by all means, you’re correct, a man worth TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars who will get picked up and earn TENS OF MILLIONS more is definitely not marriage material.

        It’s important for the ladies to hold out for a man who’s good enough, settling for an uber rich sports star with his life and youth ahead of him is crazy!

        You tell ‘em sista!

      • lisa g.

        OMG….this fool is still trying! If I were a psychologist, id guess you have self-worth issues and I struck a nerve. Get over it, please! Move on, kiddo.

      • wendy o

        lisa g: you are one bitter, ignorant person. Kris seems like a nice guy, while Kim clearly decided she wanted to compete with the Royals wedding in London. I used to like her, but after this stunt I think she’s an idiot. I won’t watch that show ever again and I hope Kris H. doesn’t spend a second mourning the loss of that cow.

      • wendy o

        P.S. lisa g: When you feel like everyone else is wrong….perhaps you should take a quick look in a real mirror, not the magical one you seem to have. Have you made millions in your life? Don’t bother lying, you haven’t. I hope your husband will consider that. I mean really? Loser! ;)

      • lisa g.

        Make up ur mind, are u male or female? Lol. One things for sure….ur HORRIBLE at masking! Seriously. ;-)

      • Taco Tico

        Dag Lisa Glassberg takes sh1ts at work got alot of fans. Taco Tico is ma favrite.

      • Really?

        I read Lisa’s comment and don’t see the big deal. Come on guys. She said, “besides that fool is unemployed”. Doesn’t using the word besides mean it is an after thought, not the main reason. Live and let live, grow up guys.

      • lisa g.

        Richard Christie???? lmao…. We don’t have TT on the west coast.
        @ really…..It’s not GUYS more like ONE GUY who had his itty bitty girlie feelings hurt! Poor thing is traumatized.

      • Stoned

        There are all kind of insults being tossed at these losers including racial slurs throughout these comments and Lisa gets slammed for calling her husband unemployed. America is on a downward spiral.

      • lisa g.

        @ stone, that’s how I knew it was one person behind all the masks! Too random for that many different ppl to pop up in perfectly timed increments and all be “sooo” offended by something so insignificant I said when theres over a thousand comments on here! Come on now. Just one of my fans!

      • PN

        I wonder what Damon Thomas, whom Kim married for 4 years thinks about this. I’m sure he’s shaking his head in disgust that this marriage to Kris ended so disastrously short. We seem to talk more about the 72 days than about what really happened. I’m sure there were problems in that 2 1/2 period that we don’t even know of. This is an insult to marriages that have gone on for years the way that Kim executed it.

      • lisa g.

        I wondered that too! Suprised no gossip mag or show has dug him up.

    • Carlos

      White trash!!!

      • Jethro

        Yes, white trash she definitely is and now she can say that she was once married. I guess she didn’t want to end of like Khloe, a baseketball wife. Her bro Rob lasted longer on DWTS, so she now has to be in the news to up the attention he is getting!!

      • B-

        But neither of them are White.

      • Leigha

        @Jethro. This was her second marriage.

      • dartwoman63

        Jethro, I may be wrong here but did I not hear her say in an interview that she was married before, perhaps when she was about 19 and it didn’t last long, I may be thinking of someone else.

      • meep

        who yall calin dem white tras oof

      • teresa

        If she wanted someone to take care of she just should have had a baby, not a grown ass man. that no one has every heard of. and back off of Khole her and hunny are doing just fine. i hate it when some one is always talking about her to me she is the only real one on the show.

      • @B-

        Kim Kardashian is white, hence the term white-trash applies. Kris Humphries is bi-racial.

      • Jess

        B: Kim K is NOT white she’s armenian

      • Graciela O.

        Kim Kardashian is NOT white. She’s also biracial… Armenian and white. She isn’t white trash, please leave that to those people. She’s a bit of an attention whore, but trashy? No.

      • kat

        According to the US GOVT, Armenian is white. There is no box to check for Armenian, sorry. You are either White, Hispanic, Or black in this country.

      • sherry

        Not exactly kat. They have one other option,

      • Rose

        Armenian is NOT a race, it’s an ethnic group in the White race (just like Irish, German, Italian, French, Swedish, etc. are ethic groups in the White race)
        Armenia is a country in eastern Europe.

        According to DNA research there are only 3 races: black, white, asian (native American is a branch of Asian according to DNA). Everything else is an ethnic group, and that includes the Hispanic people of the Americas (who can be white, black, asian, or more likely a mixture.)

      • Tom

        Neither of these losers are actually White you dip_hit.

      • nana

        you are all so stupid to think that Armenian is a race. So when you apply to college do you check that off to get grants? this chick is white sorry you can’t believe that ass can be on a white chick get over it lol

      • Gregory Thorne

        Guys she’s just a troll, ignore her.

      • Mirror

        This family is nothing but Fame and Money WORES!!!!! Kris Jenner, the mother would sell herself, her childern and her husband Bruce to make a buck!!! By watching the Kardashian’s you support the money they make..By watching Kim’s wedding that show maded ten’s of thousands of dollars which could have be donated to the unemployed, less fortunate, families and childern without food, childern that have Cancer, on and on!! Don’t watch them or read their books!!! The Kardashian name is not assocated with any thing worth while!!! I have never heard the kardashia’s supporting less fortunate, Military men and women that continue to keep us safe which enable the Kardashian’s to continue to smile, look pretty, wear nice clothes or do what ever they do!!! No one in the Kardashian family has ANY talent except for the stepfather/gold medal winning Bruce Jenner!!!! Just think about what YOU are supporting on Televison and society!!!!!!!

    • Loyalty

      Winner, winner – chicken dinner. Now we can go to the new show – who will want to marry Kim
      Seriously -THAT is just a complete psycho

      • shannon

        What I find amazing is the time spent being consumed with reality Kardashian show. so much more iomportant things to focus on. I am choosing to refocus on things now.

      • Corey Sheltie

        Come back to the bullchit Shannon. We need you. Desperately. We need you.

      • Valdez

        Kris didn’t realize that he was the victim of a double ponzi scheme.

      • haha


      • sebrena

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        People will want to tune in to see what happened. Just as people were getting sick of seeing their fairytale wedding played over and over, now something completely different, for a while anyway.

    • Gwen

      I know…I am absolutely SHOCKED that this marriage didn’t last! Can we now be at the point where we never have to see or hear from any of these people again??

      • Anne

        Im so sick of all of them. If it werent for Kim and her stupid sex tape, nobody wouldve even known who or what a Kardashian is. They should just disappear. Spoiled brats!!

      • Jeana

        Agree Gwen

      • marilyn

        Well said…. what do these people do?? We hear about them and I have no clue who or what they have ever did to earn their celebrity status! The money she spent for this wedding was sickening.

      • Kelly

        I have to give credit where credit is due… How many guttersk@anks can say they made not only themselves but their ENTIRE family famous off of one @ss bang? That being said, im looking forward to her next TV special “Kim’s Fairytale HIV Treatments”

      • Julie

        This is a win for E! and Ryan Seacrest. People will want to tune in to see what happened. Just as people were getting sick of seeing their fairytale wedding played over and over, now something completely different, for a while anyway.

      • Maureen

        So TRUE, Gwen. I wish they would just all GO AWAY!!!

    • roamceourich

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      • meep

        plz make me a turkey on rye hold the soy sauce

      • mags

        Didn’t Kim and Kris meet on your site? And Santa and Mrs. Claus too.

      • Evelina

        Marilyn: the money, dresses, jewelry (borrowed), venue, etc for this over-the-top ludicrus wedding was either for promotional purposes or donated. I doubt that Vera Wang charged Kim for any of the dresses.

    • Ryan

      Kim Kardashian earned $17,900,000 from her wedding and divorced 72 days later (but gays ruin the sanctity of marriage).

      • SS

        Umm, where did you get that figure? Is that true?

      • @ryan

        Huh? Math isn’t your thing huh?

      • susan

        Marriage is to be between a man and a woman. This is biblical. Homosexuality is a sin! Also biblical! However, we are not to judge people for their belief. Everyone wil be judged accordingly. Whatever the Kardashians do, they will be judged too. jJust worry about yourself.

      • Graciela O.

        Yes, gays do. No offense to anyone who belongs to LGBT, but please look up the word “sanctity” before you attempt to use it.
        The state or quality of being holy, sacred, or saintly. “God made Adam & Eve, not Adam & Steve.”

      • lisa g.

        Well I think its disgraceful that ppl r using the collapse of this “marriage” to push the gay agenda!

      • kimbah

        A pastor joined the Kim and Kris. Seems all the church needs is some money to influence their decision.

        And for Graciela O:
        Sanctity: /ˈsaNG(k)titē/
        1. The state or quality of being holy, sacred, or saintly.
        2. Ultimate importance and inviolability.

        Nothing in that definition says that it’s only for heterosexual couples.

      • nergal

        God did not make “Adam & Eve”, or, for that record, Adam and Steve either. It’s a myth. In other words – a fairytale. You may believe what you want but denying people their rights because of an ancient fairytale is stupid and disgusting.
        Oh, and there’s no way I’d subscribe the words holy/sacred/saintly to Kim Kardashian’s marriage.

      • Nicole

        Religious nutjobs make me sick. Who are you people to know what God (presuming he exists) will or will nto judge. The biblical God was invented by mankind and is purely a social construct. You’d take care to remember no one knows truly what God deems or does not deem holy.

      • @Nicole

        Welcome to hell my child. Enjoy your stay.

      • @kimbah

        The statement “Sanctity of Marriage” is referring to the Holiness of Marriage. Holy is that which is of God. However, according to scripture homosexuality is forbidden so a homosexual marriage would in fact impact the sanctity of Marriage since marriage, being holy, is of God.

        There, that sums things up for you. Now to get back on topic. All I have to say is that Kim should have given this thing a year.

      • NicoleL

        The wedding cost was 20 million, which Kim nor Kris had to come out of pocket for because it was aired nationally on TV. All three Vera Wang dresses estimated 20,000 each and Vera donated the dresses to Kim as well. It was a BIG show for NOTHING and Kim made money off of it….such a shame that all that money wasted!!!

      • @@kimbah

        You’re an a-hole. That is all.

      • Corey Sheltie

        Ignore Lisa g. She is a loser with no life spent on these blogrolls looking for someone to take her seriously, which is of course something that would never happen in real life.

      • Corey Sheltie

        Your all as dumb as rocks. God made a women and man, not too men.

      • @Corey

        Learn how to spell you homophobic gutter rat.

      • lisa g.

        Huh? How exactly is one taken seriously on a message board? You can always tell when you’ve gotten the best of a WEAK person….when they start attacking you personally on things for which they haven’t a clue. Just a bunch of empty, baseless insults! Idiots! Don’t be mad because I made you look stupid earlier. Come better prepared next time Brandon or whatever name ur going by now….Shirley? Fred?

      • Norv

        There’s a secret button you can push for comments you like, kind of like Facebook. I’m kidding of course.

      • Mirror

        Send them all to Bora Bora they would love that then we want have to hear from them!!!!!

      • liam

        @susan I’m sure Raptor Jesus wouldn’t like that you are so judgmental. I bet you love to eat shellfish.

    • abadstroller

      Helen Keller’s seeing eye dog could smell it coming for months…two months, to be exact….

      • lisa g.


    • roamceourich

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      • L

        Are you sure it’s not HUMPHRIES BROTHER.please tell her to becareful,otherwise she might end up like KIM.

    • Reality

      Apparently he wouldn’t urinate on her. That’s the reason for the divorce. She sure likes getting peed on.

      • BobR

        LMAO – this is sick, but it made me laugh, Good job

      • Say What

        Could always call R-Kelly. He’s black and he likes peeing on women. Perfect…

      • L

        You would know that more than anyone else,since you have
        been peed on many times before.

      • Bif

        Wow..always love the comments way more than the articles, if you can call them articles

      • @ reality

        Think ur getting ur celebs mixed up! Drinking already, huh?

      • jmiller

        and big black anacondas im armenian i would disown her more urine please

      • Reality

        Nope, no mix up. Original sex tape contained le golden shower. Kim wanted scene cut before it was released to public . Unless you believe tape was stolen….. Lol.

      • Corey Sheltie

        What’s wrong with pee games? Don’t knock it till you try it.

      • Lisa g.

        I’m full of it too.

      • Corey Sheltie

        Hmmm would anyone care for a nice refreshing glass of Kris Humphries taint juice?

      • LOL

        Kim Kardashian loves to be crapped on.

    • Silv

      The amount of vindictive gloating here and everywhere else is appalling. Whether it was real or for ratings, people’s gleeful speculation can’t be easy for them. Doesn’t anyone remember what your last breakup felt like?

      • Dirk

        C’mon Silv, no emotions were involved in this “union” have you not seen the story that this guy wasn’t even E!’s first choice of a husband for Kim? This was all a sham to gain money and viewers.

      • lisa g.

        Is Silv being sarcastic?

      • Santana

        If it was for ratings then I’m pretty sure no ones feelings were hurt since it wasn’t ever real in the first place and all this speculation is what they are asking for. Either way, this girl is a reality star who became famous for having a sex tape and an enormous a*s. She wants us to talk about her.

      • Julie

        Oh, come on. The whole thing was a publicity stunt to begin with. Besides, when you choose to live your entire life in the public eye, that means the bad as well as the good. Kim brought all this on herself.

    • Kari

      Next on E!: “Keeping up with the Kardashians: Kim Kardashian 2-hour Divorce Special” It would not surprise me to see them try to cash in on this.

      • Charm

        I would just like to see her giving him the big ring back. I bet the greedy whore is going to keep it. What a waste of time this whole thing was.

      • Devon

        You know It’s coming.

      • Maureen

        LOL! Must SEE TV!!!!

    • wakeforce

      Silv, I hate to disappoint you, but there is no Santa Claus! This was clearly a publicity stunt tio boost ratings. Kim met with E! executives and decided she wanted to meet a basketball player. Their first choice was already taken, so Kris was hte next best thing. He needed the publicity to boost his profile and needed money due to the NBA lockout.

      • Silv

        Sure I get that. I’m enough of a realist to believe this was for tv/ratings. But even if this was all scripted out (which means somewhere someone is responsible for putting them in this position), she’s taking a huge hit for the show and that can’t be easy. It just doesn’t seem right. Looks like it’s just too easy to be mean these days.

      • H

        She won’t take a hit. She’ll just be getting more and more attention. These people clearly subscribe to the theory that any publicity is good publicity and they’re getting a hell of a lot of it right now. Even if the negative reactions do phase her, it was the kardashian’s choice to put their lives out there like this. I don’t know how they’ve dealt with it thus far personally. Even if someone else came up with this idea, Kim went with it because she and her mother and the whole family really are all about the next business venture. I’m not being mean to them personally. They can do whatever they want with their life, I just don’t understand them and how they function in the lives that they have chosen for themselves.

      • lisa g.

        @ H…I agree that’s why she filed on Monday! She is definitely getting off on all this attention.

      • troll

        Not to mention filing on Halloween.

      • Santana

        Kim is a star on a completely stupid “reality” show. She wants this attention. She isn’t taking a hit. She probably loves this.

      • Collee

        The fact is the Kardashian Machine planned this some time ago to coincide with her Melbourne Australia visit..despite all the crtique…that Kardashian Machine is marketed to perfection…too funny !

      • lisa g.

        Gosh I hate to think they’re that savvy to dupe so many ppl but its looking that way. And why was Ryan Seacrest the one to break the news? How convenient…the producer of ur show?! And her supposed walk of shame thru LAX was so ridiculous! Ugh can’t stand them!

    • Jen

      Another victory for the sanctity of straight marriage.

      • Grier

        @Jen–couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • Jeremy Rynek

      no one

    • JoshS

      So this piece of trash is married for a whole of 72 days while allowing two guys or women to marry threatens marriage? What a F$%^&*g joke.

      • BrentC

        Very valid and good point. Marriage isn’t what it used to be. 2 people who love each other should be able to make their relationship a legal union, and 2 pieces of s^#$ like this should not use it as a publicity stunt. Divorce should cost alot more than it does for people like this so they will reconsider taking the vows.

      • Ally

        Exactly. It’s just wrong. And the fact tht she got paid like 17 million for her wedding and STILL registered for those outlandishly expensive gifts is just disgusting. Tell people to give it to charity or something. The Kardashians are just sickening.

    • eee

      I actually didn’t! I thought since her sisters marriage lasted awhile so far so would hers lol

      • troll

        It is weird to say the Chloe maybe the smartest one. Not really saying much.

    • Tess

      We just got punked.

      • Evelina

        LOLOL! My sentiments exactly!

    • O’Snap

      NEWS FLASH! The Kardashians are a manufactured brand. They follow a script to keep that brand in the public’s mind. Nothing they do or say is real.

    • Ashley

      Probably someone who wasn’t looking.

    • John Doe


    • SJ

      Yeah but 72 days?? REally??

    • Nordic Moxie

      No kidding!

    • Coqui

      You can say that again Michelle.. SMDH All Kris did was toss Kim around like a rag doll.. Actually the boy is just plain rude! Kim was surely in Stevie Wonder mode!

    • lge

      If it was worth getting married. It should be worth giving it a year. At least they have money…look at all the couples going thru hard times with little or nothing!!!

    • Cpt Obvious

      Either it was for the ratings or the coalburner wants out because the half-breed she married isn’t black enough..

      Can anyone actually explain why she is famous and why anyone should care?

      • Kinna

        She’s famous because her family is wealthy (she went to school/was friends with Paris Hilton) and because her father was one of OJ Simpson’s lawyers during his murder trial. AND because of the sex tape. That’s all I can think of.

    • Mortie

      What a ridiculous couple. All for the love of money and the press. Welcome to Hollywood. The world of plastic people.

    • Josh

      inevitable. I knew its would happen, but I didnt expected too to be soon.

    • Marilyn Foley

      Kim, apparently!

    • B more Girl

      Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder SAW this coming. I can’t hate when a no talent finds fame and fortune in stupid black men and sex tapes. It reflects more on the public than her. I remember feeling so sorry her mother sat on The View and tried to pretend she had “intelligent” children. I laughed listening to Kate Goselin on The View today trying to sound intelligent and not a TV wh@ like the Kardashians!!!

      • huh?

        Would it have been better if it was stupid white men?

    • Stee

      apparently Kris didn’t see it coming. I don’t think he knew he was just a prop for an E! special.

    • rm

      Apparently he didn’t! jeez, if that’s true (Kris’s quote), that’s pretty sad.

      • Rocio

        not very sleepy, but we still had a great time! I took mrieantty pictures when he was still in his momma’s belly. So exciting to see him now! He is pure preciousness. His big brother sure loves him too. He seems

    • Dan

      not good in bed

    • Costanza101

      I don’t know who Lisa “G” is and I don’t care . . . . . but the bottom line is that THIS WAS GOING TO HAPPEN . . . . . period . . . .so stop calling Lisa “G” names . . . . .

      • carol 1956

        Did anyone notice everytime Kris didn’t get his way he put his hand up to his mouth and cover his nose? The only thing missing was putting his thumb in his mouth. Maybe that is why his lower jaw juts out.

      • Franco

        What hepnepad to Scott- Laura anicholson, CenterBarnstead, NH,Scott Disick is the partner of Kourtney Kardashian and also the father of their little boy Mason Dash Disick.

    • Jen

      what a joke! it’s terrible that they pretended to love one another just to make another paycheck. that’s what the Kardashians are all about. Take your life and get off of television for god’s sake. You don’t live in reality and should be ashamed of the “fame” that you’ve recieved for absolutely nothing. You’ve done NO good in this world.

    • qwrqw

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    • Kelly

      I gave them one year wow. I was being generous. I don’t get her at all….I hope she never has kids.

    • Loyalty

      careful consideration – what does that mean? does it mean that she did take “careful consideration” to get married. Sad that she is what little girls look up to. Go to Hell and stay there – Kim you are the worst of the worst and seriously a fame ho and so is you mama.

    • joebecca

      apparently Kris didn’t, thats who!

    • me

      H8R Deena Jacobs…google it!!! Funniest thing ever!!

    • Alex

      Are you freakin’ kidding me-who cares-this is exactly what I expect from celebrities-these people are not role models or heros. They are trash that got a lucky break and blew it big time. I call it plain and simple lust and two huge egos. How about if we worry about real life issues not these freakin’ fools

    • Elli

      The marriage lasted 72 days – or 24 days per wedding dress. They spent millions of dollars on the wedding but can’t spring for a little marriage counseling? Exploitive tools.

    • Ken

      She’s a hoo-wah, everyone just needs to admit it. At least she broke her cycle of banging every guy in sight by marrying one of them and making it honest for 72 days. Now she gets a few more free passes to bank her way through all of the major sports leagues.

    • sebrena

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      here are women in the world that aren’t marriage material, Kim is one of those women. Superficiality and romance do not mix. Sad to see the marriage so soon and money can’t buy you love, ‘nuf said!

    • Color Me Impressed

      God what a selfish, shallow, superficial wh*re…sad thing is I know girls like that: they were the cheerleaders in my high-school, the wh*res at the parties I go to who make out with 4 guys in one night. Kim and all of them are going to end up sad and lonely.

  • Annie

    We all knew it was coming, but 72 days!!! Come on!

    • Lorie

      I know. Right?!

    • Eshia

      Seriously! I was totally betting on at least 90 days.

      • Cynthia

        I was betting at least one year so she could “prove” something.
        But yeah she made a mistake with that one. He was a total dud, and even though I’m not a huge Kardashian fan, she could’ve done a million times better.

      • etm

        ITA, Cynthia. He was so ugly and seemed to be hated by her whole family.

      • ba’al

        HAHA me too, but longer than the expected 45 days.

      • lisa g.

        He looks like Herman munster!

    • fancypants

      P90X lasts longer than this marriage did!

    • Sylvia Brown

      I knew. I told Montel as we laid in bed smoking cigarettes.

      • etm


    • shameka

      im with you anne!! i wish they would just go away withall this foolery!! they all just want attention and without that money they are just average joes im not hating but their show is pointless!!!…im sick of the kardashian clan!!

  • Michael

    This family is ridiculous. I, personally, don’t find any of them to be the slightest bit entertaining…just ridiculous. I mean, talk about predictable!

    • @Michael you don’t matter

      ridiculous and filthy rich. I’ll take that. I can live with “Michael” thinking I’m ridiculous as I’m sure they can.

      • stan

        Wow, you’re a terrible, awful person! Go drink some bleach.

      • @stan

        and you’re any better trying to inflict death?

  • Xeras77

    First! Being honest, there are women in the world that aren’t marriage material, Kim is one of those women. Superficiality and romance do not mix. Sad to see the marriage so soon and money can’t buy you love, ‘nuf said!

    • Xeras77

      Guess I’m not first. LOL!!! Oh well. :-P

    • Xeras77

      Not first, oh well! :-P

    • you a dummy

      Um huh

  • Shay

    They couldn’t tough it out life a year to just make it look legit? Seriously?

    • Remerdre

      That was my first thought. I thought they’d make a big drama about the marriage slowly falling apart for the ratings.

      • April

        I think the husband was naive and didn’t know what he was getting into. Poor guy.

    • @Shay

      look at how you sound! encouraging people to live alie due to pleasing other people. LAME and YOU SUCK for saying that!

      • Shay

        OMG YOU JUST MADE MY DAY!!!!!!!

      • @@Shay

        You do realize you are talking about people who are part of a reality show. Did you really think this was legit? The marriage was a prop for the show and for E! and considering the press coverage, it worked.

    • kate middleton

      Seriously. You’d think they could have at least stuck it out a year and milked it for the show. I mean, 2.5 months is just insane.

      Definitely gives a lot of credibility to the report last week that E contacted Danilo Gallinari before Kris and asked him if he wanted to date Kim for the show.

      • Lola

        I had no idea! LOVE Gallinari and so happy that he had better sense than to join this three-ring circus. Guess they just had to go with a crappy player who wanted the publicity.

  • Erin

    Shocking. Totally shocking. LOL

  • Rob

    What a big case of bunk. Will this sham bring down Ryan Seacrests empire? His production company is responsible for the Kardashians and did he know anything? Talk about scripted. Kim will probably endure the divorce as part of another series of shows that will be broadcast on E. Thank goodness I didn’t send a wedding gift!

    • PN

      Sometimes I think that Ryan Seacrest’s got too much stuff out there. And I’m sure that this divorce is going to cause a nosedive in the Kardashian’ shows’ ratings, all of them! No one’s going to trust them anymore. I was waiting to see if bad boy Scott Disick was going to sucker punch Kris in the face and tell him to stay away from Kim!

      • hru

        Are you really serious, Trust them ? Really its a somewhat reality star not a family member it entertainment( or something on that order) Who really trusts entertainment people?

  • k


    Oh, wait, I thought this was the post about the anniversary of the deaths of Lily and James Potter, characters slightly less fictional than this marriage, so never mind.

    • Aprilcot26

      For as much as I dislike everything Harry Potter, this really made me chuckle.

      • Kenzi

        It’s long past time for the etinre family to go away, how much more can we hear about them. The hilarious part to me is her mother calls what Kim does work .

    • Gwen

      Good one!

      • Jess

        Best comment I have ever read on EW! LOL!

    • Dav

      Ha! Your comment made reading this stupid article worth it.

      • Ramshidmk

        Linds Posted on my only thought on the color shecme is Jesus loves His enemies? swell pics, bro very swell. (ps- you should feel special. your blog is pretty much the only one i ever check regularly.)

    • Traci


    • mydogzdrool

      That was awesome…thank you for actually making me laugh out loud.

  • The guy that hit Witherspoon

    I was really hoping for more of a murder/suicide type thing instead of a divorce, too bad.

    • ann

      there you go!

    • Micster

      This is funny!!! Me too.

  • Tammy

    Could I get the four hours back that I spent watching her “Fairytale wedding?”

    • Abe Froman

      You actually wasted time watching those idiots? Have some respect for yourself.

      • Sgt. Peterman

        The sausage king of Chicago?

      • Bif

        Camron Fry?

    • Shannon

      I taped the wedding special but haven’t gotten around to watching it yet. Glad I can delete it now and make room for real shows that are actually entertaining!! :D

    • Ralphie

      You don’t deserve them back. Shame on you for watching!

      Somewhere that plastic-faced freak Kris Jenner is laughing while she rolls in piles of money and Bruce Jenner tries to cry at what his life has become and what his evil wife is planning for the youngest two

    • Valdez

      You should have known better. Has anyone told you yet that Fairy Tales are not true?

  • Adalynn

    Yes but if gay couples were allowed to marry it would destroy the sanctity of marriage.

    • orville

      And the thing is, I probably would have watch a 2 hour special on the wedding of, say, Ellen and Portia instead of this huge debacle.

      • orville

        *watched* (sigh, Monday brain)

    • @ Adalynn

      Don’t you go there beyotch. Let’s not turn this into the great gay debate. Got it, beyotch?

      • Jinx

        She is absolutely right so stfu.

      • Conor

        She was being sarcastic lol. She’s saying Why is this pathetic marriage allowed but not gay marriage?

      • @connor

        everybody and their momma already understands that. got it?

      • Holly

        This is a perfect example of why it is ridiculous that gay marriage isn’t legal. Kim Kardashain can be married twice, and just for 72 days, yet loving gay couples aren’t allowed????

      • BobR

        we should ban “celebrities” from getting married!

      • @ holly

        Ugh ugh don’t you go there! Stop using this debacle as some example for advocating gay marriage, agenda having beyotch!

      • jdr

        I am for gay marriage but what she said is a fallacy. Both Kris and Kim divorce and gay marriage can be bad for marriage. The same people that advocate against gay marriage is anti-divorce anyway.

      • .

        Stop saying beyotch. It’s not a word and it’s making you look ridiculous.

    • AKP


    • G in PA


    • Lah Tee Dah

      This is what is wrong with the world in general. Reality “stars” invade our tvs and think they are celebrities & marriage is no longer marriage.
      Go post some where else…Yuck to you!
      Marriage is created (and unfortunately) ended every day. Just because she can capture headlines is why she’s bashed/talked about/hated/loved. Money talks and bs walks.
      Absolutely sad. So glad I’m raising my daughter away from the tv.

      • Dav

        Wait…you’re raising your daughter away from tv and yet you not only read an entertainment website you take time to post on it. I think you just lost your right to preach to anyone about anything.

      • Alex

        thank you for your comment. very realistic point of view. we are just giving them what they want. as much as i love watching the kardashian family, they are taking their fame and fans for granted.

      • @Dav

        I agree completely.

  • Brian

    It’s so refreshing to see straight people really nail this marriage thing.

    • @ Brian

      See comment to Adalynn.

      • Rob

        Wow…judging by the other comments you must be typing like a fiend. Please see the light from your parents basement OK? Awight?

      • @rob

        drink a bleach martini

    • Karen

      Ha! Love it Brian. Well said.

      • @ karen

        What? You can’t get a man so now you’re being hateful towards straight couples? Yeah that’s what I thought.

  • Kellie

    It seemed like she was only getting married because her little sister had and her big sister had a baby. It was all for attention and only makes her look worse in the eyes of the general public. Guess she shouldn’t have married a guy she hadn’t been dating for all that long.

    • Abe Froman

      Yuh think?

    • @Kellie

      how long did it take you to come up with all of thesse thought-provoking observations? Wow, you are so smart.

      • Kellie

        Wow, attacking someone’s opinion on a blog post. Now THAT is cool. I should take lessons from you.

  • Carmania


  • Adam

    EW got this story up pretty fast, yet recaps of Dexter and Walking dead alluded us. So how long before her next wedding on E?

    • you are

      A whiney beyotch. Get a life beyotch boy.

      • Jackson

        Aww…how cute. Little kid just learned how to spell beyotch and now has to plaster it all over the web to show how cool he is.

      • @ jackson

        Shut up frog lips.

      • Shut your gaping tw@t!

        I’m just saying.

      • Bif

        I prefer berhatch to beyotch. Trying to get it to catch on…. pay it forward

      • hehe

        Lmao at Bif

    • Javadude54

      I don’t think “Alluded” means what you think it means.

      • christina

        People need to lay off Kim and whoever said she’s white trash should get a foot up the @ss. The whole family are smart business people and shouldn’t be hated on for having money or being superficial, especially when they do lots of charity work. Come on people do you really blame her Kris is such a tool! Just cause shes in the spot light doesn’t mean people should point their dirty fingers at her

      • Sue

        Krus should be glad to get out of that crazy family. all the guys are whipped! They cannot make a move in that family without Kris Jenner sticking her nose where it doesnt belong. Kim will never have a lasting relationship as long as she lets momma interfere! Kim is in love with EVERYONE including herself. Good Luck to Kris, ans hope he finds someone who loves him for him, and not to compete with a sister!

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