Conrad Murray trial: Prosecution rests

Prosecutors concluded their case Monday against the doctor charged with Michael Jackson’s death after questioning 33 witnesses, including an expert who said the physician committed numerous violations of medical practices that made him solely responsible for the singer’s death.

Defense attorneys quickly called their first two witnesses.

One was Dona Norris, a records custodian for the Beverly Hills Police Department who briefly discussed the timing of the 911 call received on the day Jackson died.

They also called a police surveillance specialist who retrieved grainy surveillance footage shot outside Jackson’s home on the day of his death.

The specialist, Alexander Supall, told jurors he only collected a few minutes of footage taken around the time Jackson arrived home after a June 25, 2009, rehearsal for his comeback concerts.

The witnesses were among 15 expected to be called by the defense over the next few days.

The final prosecution witness against defendant Dr. Conrad Murray was Dr. Steven Shafer, an expert on the anesthetic propofol that authorities say killed Jackson.

Shafer, a Columbia University researcher and professor, said Jackson had been receiving propofol almost every night for more than two months, according to a police statement by Murray. The Houston-based cardiologist has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter.

Shafer previously testified that he thinks a propofol overdose killed Jackson. But he said Murray kept no records about how much of the drug he gave the singer.

Shafer told jurors that it’s difficult to know the precise effects of the drug on the singer because he had been given so much of it in the months before he died.

Shafer made the statement while being cross-examined by lead defense attorney Ed Chernoff, who noted the risk that Jackson would stop breathing should have been low after the first few minutes the drug was administered on the day he died.

Chernoff based that conclusion on models and research done by Shafer.

“In Mr. Jackson’s case, it’s harder to have that certainty,” Shafer replied. “There’s very little, almost no precedent for this level of propofol exposure.”

Shafer has said the only possible explanation for Jackson’s death based on the evidence was that Murray put the singer on an IV drip of propofol then left the room after the singer appeared to be asleep.

Murray’s attorneys will try to counter four weeks of damaging testimony from prosecution witnesses who have cast Murray as an inept, distracted and opportunistic doctor who repeatedly broke legal, ethical and professional guidelines.

Murray’s attorneys have not publicly revealed whether they will call him to testify.

Jurors have heard from the doctor through a more than two-hour interview with police, and it seems unlikely his attorneys would subject their client to what would be blistering questioning from prosecutors.

Shafer never retreated from his position that Murray is solely responsible for Jackson’s death and that the cardiologist committed 17 egregious violations of medical practices that each could have either led to Jackson’s serious injury or death.

Out of sight of the jury, the defense’s theory has shifted in recent months from arguing that Jackson swallowed propofol and gave himself the fatal dose to suggesting the singer had swallowed several pills of the sedative lorazepam that led to his death.

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  • john

    I thought I would watch the whole trial, but I couldn’t stomach whatever trash the defense is about to talk. Here’s a doctor who clearly violated every iota of the accepted precautions for diprivan, who didn’t comply with the first rule of CPR/ACLS—calling 911 first, who stocked up (secretly) on diprivan in order to “wean” MJ off of it, who didn’t TELL the paramedics and doctors about the diprivan…..but everyone’s out to “get” Murray. He’s praying for the prosecution. Right. Lock him up.

    • jackwe

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  • B

    I support Dr. Conrad Murray and pray he will be acquitted! Michael contributed to the distruction of youth. Used drugs most of his life with out Dr. Murray. If it hadn’t been Dr. Murray it would have been someone else. the trial is about who gave the last dose, was it Murray….who knows who cares. I’m tired of the boo hoo’s of the Jackson family. Let Dr. Murray and his attorney’s present their case before you convict Dr. Murray. I say good bye to Jackson, i’m tired of hearing how sad it is. He was a menance to society!

    • Me

      Michael Jackson was not a menace to society, he was an exceptional entertainer to millions for the vast majority of his life.
      The trash you believe from the so-called “news” papers about Michael’s personal life is irrelevant. The fact of the matter is he was being treated with strong medication by an incompetant Dr (a Dr so incompetant that despite allegedly being a cardiologist he didnt even perform CPR correctly on his patient) which caused his death.
      As a rule people trust Drs to make them better – not kill them with their incompetance.
      Mr Murray (I wont call him Dr as I dont believe he should be one) deserves a long stretch in a short cell with very unsavoury company & to have his licence to practice medicine revoked permanently.

    • Jujitsu

      @B…….Would you let Murray be YOUR doctor? No?? Didn’t think so.

  • Dicazi

    I doubt propofol’s been tested with all the other sedatives and drugs that Murray gave him. But without a record of how much and how often Jackson was given in that time period, Murray has NO defense. Jackson stopped breathing and Murray wasn’t there and did not call for help when he did return.

    He’s guilty of malpractise to the point of manslaughter.

  • irina

    Combination of Propafol and Lorazepam has synergistic effect . Therefore, even 25 mg of Propofol can cause apnea (stopping breathing). Chernoff is doing a great job, but Dr. Murrey did not follow a basic requirments for PROPOFOL PROTOCOL.

  • luul

    Conrad Murray supplied “a great performer” with drugs to help him realise his dream and hide his addiction from the outside world. He knew it was wrong, but felt he had to help Michael. He made a human error but does not deserve to be disgraced in this way.He was trying to be an understanding friend, and failed.
    Would we send people to jail who keep on feeding obese friends? Or those who supply drugs to their addicted loved ones?
    Come on….get real!!

  • tresorparis

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  • paulsmithsale

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  • paulsmithuk

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