Lindsay Lohan handcuffed at hearing, sees probation revoked


Image Credit: Mark Boster/AP Images

Lindsay Lohan will be headed back to court — yet again. During a hearing in Los Angeles Wednesday, Judge Stephanie Sautner ordered the actress’ probation revoked, and ruled that her next hearing would be set for Nov. 2.

Lohan was led away in handcuffs at the end of Wednesday’s hearing (though a bondsman was also in court to bail her out), which delved into whether the actress was following through with her probation, which stems from a 2007 drunk driving charge. She was let go from her community service job at the Downtown Women’s Center after failing to show up for scheduled appointments; Sautner ordered that Lohan now work at the L.A. County morgue, and refused to give Lohan credit for her time with the Red Cross. (Lohan volunteered at the latter organization after she had left the Downtown Women’s Center.)

The Nov. 2 hearing could determine whether or not Lohan returns to jail. She could face up to a year and a half in custody. UPDATE: Lohan’s rep issued the following statement to EW: “Lindsay is hoping this matter will be resolved on November 2 and the Court will reinstate probation and allow her to continue fulfilling her community service.”

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  • enviroman63

    Send that Dipstick to prison, she needs to feel some real pain and only then she may learn somthing

    • SaraS

      Yes, just please let her go to jail and sober up. She DESERVES JAILTIME. How many chances are these LA judges going to give her?
      Maybe when she gets out she can go to school and get away from the cameras.

      • annah

        She looks like a bloated hot mess….this pig needs to go to jail…love the way the judge blasted her today..she thinks the law doesn’t apply to her…Holly said she has to support ‘her’ family…Dina can go on the street corner and make money, if anyone will do her

      • jmo

        Okay, this is just speculation but I think she tried to do her community hours at the woman homeless shelter and she probably though she’d go in thinking these women would be star-struck that a “big” star like her was helping out.

        BUT I think she got there and it was all, “boo hoo, you think you’ve got it bad? My husband broke my arm twice and knocked my teeth out so stop whining get your skinny ass out of my face and go back to cleaning the toliets”. And that was hour 1 of a her 400+ hours of probation.

        Am I wrong?

      • Liz

        Agreed! She isn’t taking her probation seriously b/c she knows she hasn’t been placed in jail after so many yrs of drama and probation violations. It’s time for some real jail time (like Downey Jr.) and maybe she’ll get her s— together.

      • Of course, that was at 3pm

        It’s now 4pm, which means she’s already been booked, served time, and been put back on probation.

      • Fishpaw

        At least working in the morgue, they only people there to impress are dead!. Put her behind bars. Maybe in the big house she can get her teeth fixed.

      • Lindsey

        Oh how the world likes to watch them fall. Anyone else and this would be a non-story.

      • bill

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      • hates crackheads

        send crack head to prison! shes had enough changes..only reson crackhead got probation was cause its $$$ if that was the average joe thed be locked up! she cant act & is just ugly

      • Not Your Mom

        I wish the beeyotch would just OD and DIE already! That’s the only way we’re all going to be spared from continually seeing her walk in, and out, of court.

      • Bobby

        @ Not Your Mom: If you are trying to be funny you have failed. You are just another example of a wimpy anonymous person hiding behind their computer. Say something like this face to face and see how people react to you.

      • Fernando

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    • LOL


      • D


      • Aaron

        LEAVE LINDSAY ALONE!!!! :(. . .

      • me

        Lindsay deserves to be treated like everyone else. She needs to go to jail.

      • Lindsey

        My scarf will be used to lower me from the 2nd floor barred window.

      • Phylogeny

        You spelled your own name wrong sweetie.

      • JPX

        “FREE LINDSAY” Why? I’m really curious. She’s a repeat offender. If you did what she did you would be in jail an no one would be yelling inanely about freeing you.

      • LOL

        FREE JPX!

      • Lindsey

        At least I don’t have far to walk to take a pee. I would just go right by the bed usually.

      • sara

        the comments on this thread are hilarious.

      • Shut your piehole!

        LOL must be a Jew.

    • Prison Break

      If they send her to prison i will bake a cake and put a file in it. she does not need to got to the big house and get raped with a broom she is too classy for that kin of pain

      • Mr. Moloko plus

        You’re obviously uneducated. I hope reality smacks you around a bit.

      • meme

        the last thing i associate hohan with is CLASS. she has none and neither does anyone in her family. white trash.

      • me

        Classy???? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

      • Lindsey

        When I get out of here, all of you poor miserable people will have to suffer through Mean Girls part II. Don’t tempt me.

    • Fake DiLo

      Poor Lindsay! Judge Sautner is being unfair to her! She was trying really, really hard. Just give her a few more dozen chances… I’m sure she’ll turn around all by herself.

      • k

        There are thousands of innocent people that are prosecuted harshly under the system that deserve your sympathies before Ms. Lohan. Lindsay has a disturbing sense of entitlement (her probation work was not “fulfilling”?!?!?!?!?!) and needs to understand that she is not invincible in the eyes of the law.
        And now a letter to Ms. Lohan . . .

        Dear Ms. Lohan, aren’t you supposed to be an actress? Couldn’t you have ACTED the least bit remorseful in court as opposed to rolling your eyes and talking under your breath every five minutes? Shameful.
        You’d think you’d start acting right so that you can stop paying Shawn Chapman whatever’s left of your Mean Girls money and instead pay somebody to fix those Meth-y teeth of yours. But whatever.

      • Laura

        Did you really not get the sarcasm there?

      • Lee


      • Quirky

        Hey k, that whoosing noise you’re hearing is the sound of DiLo’s joke going over your head.

      • Fake DiLo

        How insensitive, k! I’m astonished that people like you can be so mean-hearted and selfish. Lindsay has given us proof that she is trying! I mean she went to the clinic – a few times. Granted, she didn’t stay long but she went. But where is the credit for her effort? And when she got kicked out for not showing up, she took the initiative to go elsewhere volunteer somewhere more fulfilling – out of the kindness of her heart. No one required her to find another place to volunteer the time she isn’t using partying. Poor Lindsay has already paid too much for this insignificant little charge. Before you start judging, you should remember that she has already spent about a day of jail time and another 35 days of house arrest! K, she has served her time, so go bash on those not protected from jail by fame and money.

      • lisa g.

        Wow “k” is SO FREAKIN DUMB!!!!!!! SUX to be YOU “k”!!!!!!

    • lisa g.

      when are they going to lock this too too blonde, brown toothed skank up once and for all?! and her sister needs to be jailed for walking around looking like a complete weirdo!

    • Dan

      That’s an insult to dipsticks everywhere 8)

    • jet thro keepn it real

      Ole pale weeve wearing doo doo toof beotch. Aye lind- zay go shoot a lethal injection of black tar hair-ron ya filthy slutpig.

  • toof fairy

    Yikes. Jail is gonna mess up her stank grill even more.

    • lisa g.

      lmao! good. she needs a ‘H O sit down’ card!

      • Lindsey

        I’m sure you know all about that lisa g.

      • lisa g.

        Why u filthy slut- pig! Heard ur granny is the HHIC!

  • steph

    Lindsay Lohan back in jail? Color me shocked!

    • Nshi


      • Seriously?

        Was that sarcastic? Color me purple.

      • Loyalty

        @steph – . . color YOU stupid. that’s not racist just stating a fact

      • Steve

        Pretty sure that’s an expression-

      • Arnie

        Nowadays, you just don’t know if it’s just an expression or somebody’s flashing the race card. What a dumb society we’ve become…..

      • Of course, that was at 3pm

        @Steph: They are idiots, honey. Ignore them.
        @Nshi: “Racist” isn’t the word you’re looking for, dear.
        @Seriously: Seriously.
        @Loyalty: You’re the idiot mentioned 3 lines above.
        @Steve: You’re exactly right.
        @Arnie: I know—right? Sigh.

      • The Original Nshi.

        I did not type that.

    • steph

      lol WOW guys….that’s an expression. Look it up, dipwads.

      • hyj


  • Phnam Ngyuen

    All of the peoples not nice to person that making mistakes. We humans we make bad thinks. Life is such like that.

    • Snickers

      Awww, Phnam Ngyuen, you are so sweet and naive. That being said, you must learn English.

      • umadbro?

        To quote Nshi, THAT’S RACIST!

      • Reality check

        umadbro, you must learn to use a dictionary. Look up “racist”. It has nothing to do with telling someone that their language skills stink on ice.

      • Dicazi

        I rather admire people who are brave enough to post in another language then their native one.

      • wilhemena

        here my pigdin: Lindy gonna be two-dollah hump-hump girl in da pokey toot sweet, honey!

      • Nina

        From my own experience, usually people who speak only one language are yelling loudest that others need to learn English when any foreigner makes mistakes. (Or they blast own people with dyslexia). As a person whose native language is not English, polyglot fluent in several languages, I can only say I admire people who learn a language that is so different than their mother tongue: here we have Vietnamese and English. I am learning Arabic now, and it difficult, I can relate to Phnam Ngyuen. Hostile attitude toward people who speak tongue which is not their native doesn’t help in building up skills fluency . I wonder why in the US people are so eager to point out is hostile way that the others need to learn English? Maybe because so many people are mono lingual? Fore ex. in Germany people are very friendly, often compliment the efforts, and correct in a polite way when asked to do so. Maybe because in Europe foreign language is compulsory part of curiculum, and people who have exposure can relate more?

      • lisa g.

        hey nitwits- im pretty sure the THATS RACIST line was a joke! some of u…. boy i tell u!

      • Richard

        @Nina – I applaud your profiencey in your learning many languages, however, THIS ignorant American only speaks English because I do not live in Europe where basically the next state over speaks a different language. It is a matter of opportunity and necessity that European’s learn different languages, and I am sick of people putting us down because we only speak one language. It works for most of us pretty well. I learned French in high school, but since I haven’t had the chance to use it in what – 30 years or so, I lost the ability.

        Additionally, Snickers was not yelling or being hostile, you just wanted to turn the comment into a forum where you could make English speaking only people feel inferior.

      • Dennybop

        Nina-You’re wasting valuable time trying to explain learning a second or third language to people who barely have a grasp on English. Most of those people have no experience of the world outside their community…and most don’t even have an understandiing of how that works.

      • Lafe Rufo

        @Richard. No free pass. Americans ARE IGNORANT. And happy about it from what I can tell.

      • Lindsey

        I love how Nina is trying to somehow make this a positive experience for me. Thanks Nina!

      • lisa g.

        NINA….these ppl jump on ANY n EVERY kind of error there is on this page! Stop ur overanalyzing!

    • tom


      • @Tom

        So when you travel to a non-English speaking country to do take the time to learn that language fluently before you go or do you demand that they all speak English to you? Lighten up, Tom.

  • Bones

    Big surprise. (sarcasm) When is enough, enough with this girl?

    • Forwsrddad

      When the judge remands her to a real rehab not a celebrity rehab. This girl is an addict and it is about time they really treat her.

      • these people

        Someone’s getting paid off. If she’s sentenced they’ll find some way to release her early.

      • Lindsey

        I’m Irish so like never.

      • The Original Nshi.

        It’s LindsAy!!!

  • sorella

    She is pretty much done at being hired as an actress, so she has lots of free time now to do her community service and jail time. Serioulsy, who would hire her when so many of her peers are better and come with far less drama.

    • annah

      Heard that!

    • Fred

      Are you kidding? I would hire her in a second … she comes with tons of free publicity.

      • me

        Bad publicity.

      • The Original Nshi.

        There’s no such thing.

      • tom

        agreed FRED…..however….If she got her stuff completely together…..and was drug free, I would hire her in a second…..we know she can act……and the benefits of being the first to give her a chance….priceless….again though drug free first

  • AuntieMM

    I just don’t get it. This girl gets chance after chance to get herself whole and she just throws it all away. She gets opportunities that others in her situation would kill for. The looks on her face said it all…she alternated among boredom, indifference and contempt. And it’s at taxpayer expense.

    • MrNiceGuy

      It’s called addiction. She doesn’t get it either.

      • Hmm

        You can blame Dina for the state of Lindsay’s mind. She [Dina] belongs in jail.

      • Lindsey

        I’m addicted to being a princess. Why must you hate me for being so out of touch with reality? Wait, I don’t like reality, scratch that!

    • Paloma

      If she was poor she’d be in jail by now. Does California have a three strikes and you go to jail for life law like some other places?

      • Coki

        notsodomesticated September 20, 2011 I love this! Thank you so much for taking the time to write such an aazming comment, Katie. And it’s so true our marriage is our greatest ministry, which is also why Satan always seeks to attack it! We need to stay strong in the Word and protect our marriages, which you and your husband are obviously working to do!! Can’t wait to check out your blog!

  • Ggdjdb

    That thing is still alive?

  • Peanuts

    Was that a picture of LL??? I didn’t even recognize her. Jeeze, stop with the plastic surgery already.

    • Ariane

      My hardcopy of your book came today so etecxid to start reading. Five pages in and laughing my guts out already.Hubby was extra impressed by the quality I think you have inspired him to do some self publishing! Will be posting my amazon review by weeks end. Very happy for you and your success with your book.

  • j

    Why are we still pumping money into this case – sentence her and be done with it. She needs to learn a lesson and get clean – maybe prison will help. While we’re at it take all of the other messed up celebrities and force them to visit her there so they can see what they will be facing too.

    • a.el.

      if she was forced to be clean shed shoot herself. personal mental health checks for the world. and respect for judges who are witnessing so many people who do not follow simple directions.

  • TinLV

    Unfortunately all the jail in the world won’t help this girl. She is clearly bi-polar or suffers some other mood/personality disorder. Think Robert Downey JR up until a few years ago. Without comprehensive treatment for the disorder coupled with treatment for the substance abuse problem ( and about 65% of people with bi-polar are also addicts of some kind), she won’t improve and she may well wind up dead. Community service and jail isn’t the answer.

    • jj

      Jail isn’t the answer for most of the people that we have locked up right now. but it’s the law of the land. that being said, in Lohan’s particular case, she doesn’t seem to have hit her bottom or to really fully realized that there are consequences to her action. I believe that is why so many people are saying “jail her, already”. no amount of treatment will help if she doesn’t want and accept the help that is available.

    • abadstroller

      Agreed, TinLV. I wish someone like RDJ could talk some sense into her and her family. He was a disaster, spiraling down the drain, until he hit rock bottom and got the right combination of help. He’s a testament to the fact that even the most hellacious mess can straighten up and fly right.

  • PN

    She needs to do the time! She needs to stop getting a free ride and be in jail for that limited time along with the other inmates. Maybe only one or 2 years and that’s it! She needs to straighten herself out and stop thinking she’s so privileged to everything!

  • msw

    Geez … she already has a serious case of pillow face. Shes what … 24 and already showing signs of way too much botox.

  • jasmine

    lbr, if she does go to jail. she is only going for two weeks, not a year and half due to “over crowding”

    • Lindsey


      • mags

        Dear ‘Lindsey’ with an “E”
        If you are going to spend all this time making fake posts, you should learn that Lohan’s name is spelled “Lindsay” with an “A”

  • Jen

    Stupid girl.

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