'Bachelor Pad': Holly and Blake are engaged

Bachelor Pad alums Holly Durst and Blake Julian have taken their controversial on-screen romance to the next level: According to People, the couple are engaged. Durst and Julian’s budding romance caused waves in the Bachelor Pad house, especially for Durst’s former fiancé Michael Stagliano, who was a contestant on the fifth season of The Bachelorette. Bachelor Pad‘s season 2 finale airs Monday on ABC.

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  • Al

    Hopefully, Michael’s moved on or it will be an awkward finale. Michael and Holly are still aprtners in the game.

    • Player87

      The finale was already taped earlier this week.

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      • Steve

        I love those two and NordicPeopleMeet was amazing.

    • Ally

      It will be awkward- Reality Steve said the Michael finds out AT THE FINALE. In front of everyone. Apparently Holly says she “couldnt get in touch w Michael” to tell him beforehand. Bachelor execs are disgusting.

      • Barry

        I loved her and DisabledMatch.net was great

    • RK

      Announced right near the finale? No way!

    • Twilley

      That does seem quick, but if they’re happy, good for them. Did anyone hear how Ella got 6 plastic surgery procedures done? It was reported on E! News. She did it because she was unhappy with the way she looked during the filming of the show. It makes me wonder if she and Kirk won, since she acted like she needed the money so badly for her son. What a joke. Any respect I had for her is gone.

      • Nea

        Erica’s dad did all of Ella’s procedures along with Vienna’s nose for free. Ella hinted at it on her twitter page.

  • Mimi

    She is a piece of work…this won’t last either

    • Rosie

      Why is Holly a piece of work…Michael broke off with her….He has a lot of nerve Michael…He waits until the show to want her back?!?!?!?!?

      • Molly

        Yes, Michael broke up with Holly, but let’s not forget that Holly broke off the engagement with Michael first.

      • bgrred

        Yes he broke it off, but remember. She broke it off with him also. Sometimes it takes a shock to the system to realize the mistake you have made and you want to go back and correct it. Holly should have waited before getting involved with another man while Michael was around. That is just a slap in the face to him.
        I hope he does move on and finds better and he will find better than Holly

      • bgrred

        If Holly breaks it off and Michael accepts her back, then why can’t Michael also make that mistake and hope that it will still work out. “YEP” Holly is a piece of work alright.. She wll do the same thing to Blake. Do it once, will do it again.

      • Juicy

        Holly sure is a piece of work. She kept saying she didn’t want to hurt Michael yet would be flirting and kissing Blake right in front of him. She had absolutely no respect for Michael’s feelings. It’s understandable that she’s ready to move on & has feelings for another man, but that doesn’t mean she needed to go out of her way to flaunt it in front of Michaels face. And now to be engaged in such a short amount of time?? I think it’s her way of getting back at Michael in the end, like having the last stab in their relationship. It really shows her true colors.

    • princesspr

      oooh Holly! WHY!!! Girl…learn yourself….just too soon!

  • Winnie50

    Wow, I give the engagement 2 months max. Haven’t the contestants on the Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad learned that relationships started on these shows are doomed from the beginning. Poor Michael though, I too hope he has moved on.

  • Ashley

    Wow if this is true, its the dumbest move since Jake picked Vienna, and that other guy picked Lorenzo Lamas’s daughter!

    Why not wait until after the finale? I would imagine that a lot of people wouldn’t be feeling Holly now…and if she and Michael are the final two…no way anyone is going to let Blake profit from that!

    • Player87

      The finale was taped Tuesday of this week.

    • bgrred

      Well at least Mrs. Big Nose is now with Mr. Nasle Nose.

  • Ann

    The four horsemen are clearly drawing nigh…

    They’ll be on-again/off-again just in time for Bachelor Pad 3, I’m sure. I can see the promos now: “Holly thought it was awkward last year…but just wait until she has to stay in the Bachelor Pad with not one but TWO ex-fiances and finds out what happens when people stop being polite. And start getting real.”

    Oh, wait.

    • Pops


    • Tpo

      Love it! Wouldn’t put it past Bachelor Pad to do this though.

      • Ann

        And wouldn’t put it past Holly and Blake to do this, either. They both have, like, ailing grandparents and pugs to feed and that $250,000 will give them all the life they, like, deserve and stuff.

  • Michael not Stagliano

    Getting engaged after knowing each other for only a few weeks is NOT smart. Their relationship won’t last! blake is an arrogant, disrespectful, a-hole. holly is a stupid, completely selfish jerk. I won’t be rooting for these two idiots.

    • Player87

      They’ve known each other since the show was taped back in May/June. Still – too short of time.

      • Bonnie

        Agree! It sounds like a Bachelor set-up. Ring was paid for, cameras “caught” the engagement. Totally ridiculous.

    • Katbyrd

      And you know these two personally?

  • RS must be really mad

    because Reality Steve was the one that posted on his blog a couple of days back the news that Holly and Blake were engaged and that was the reason Holly was moving to South Carolina. Steve also posted the winners of Bachelor Pad. Apparently Michael S. didn’t know about the engagement and found out during the final competition between the F4 which were Michele and Graham and Michael and Holly.

    • Sean

      I know right. I read it on RS’s blog on Tuesday. And now People Magazine is claiming “sources say”.


      • Velerie

        I don’t know why it took EW so long to report this. It’s been all over People Magazine’s site for a few days now. I read on wetpaint that Melissa is STILL bashing this couple after now three months? This chick REALLY needs therapy! She is truly crazy!!!

    • TPH

      Dude, I read RS, too, but why do you have to come on here and spoil it for people who don’t want to know until the show airs? It’s really rude. If you want to know the spoilers, cool, but don’t ruin it for other people.

    • Stephanie

      don’t be a tool, man. Some of us don’t read RS and I personally didn’t want to know about the final four. Thanks for spoiling it.

    • Badcelo

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  • JJ

    In all fairness to Holly and Blake there was a break of about 10 weeks between the filiming of the first few episodes and then the final 4 competition which was filmed on Tuesday. Even though the likelihood of Blake and Holly’s relationship working out long term is nill (due to Holly’s previous track record of breaking engagements) they did have some private time to get to know each other.

    • karissajoelle

      Uh…10 weeks? Not such a long time to know each other before getting engaged. No matter how much “private time” you’re able to have.

  • jenkay

    Blake bugs me…he’s always smirking. It’s like he took pleasure in sticking it to Michael. The show was only for a few weeks they could have been respectful of Michael and themselves and waited till after the show to hook up!

    • JS

      Blake has bugged me since I first saw him with Ashley. However, you could clearly see the chemistry and attraction between Blake and Holly. Lust won.
      The heart wants what the heart wants.

      • Ann

        You mean “the groin wants what the groin wants,” right?

    • Linsey

      AGREED. Holly is very inconsiderate and selfish.

  • BeBe

    Saw this coming from a mile away.

  • jessica

    think it’s really crappy of Holly…she kept saying on the show that Michael broke her heart…BUT she broke his heart first when she broke off the engagement…I don’t blame Michael for checking out after that…that had to be very difficult to try to be with someone even after they say they don’t want to spend the rest of their life with you. Needless to say Holly I think the way all this turned out will blow up in your face. Michael is the sweetest guy and I can’t believe you ran around in the house and flirted with a guy who is known as a player. I can’t imagine how much that hurt Michael and I do believe karma is a B*&!$

    • JC

      Very true about karma. And Michael is now getting his!


    They deserve each other.

  • Jessica

    Michael will be heartbroken when he finds out about Holly and Blake getting married. Michael is a good guy how could anyone not love him.

    • Wendy

      Michael is a great guy…I vote that Michael Stagliano should be the next bachelor after Ben who got it for season 16…Let’s vote Michael gets it for Season 17!!!

    • Not the Bacheorette Ashley

      Michael should be thanking his lucky stars he dogged that bullet. Holly falls in and out of love as often as the bachelor/bachelorette seasons run. She was “in love” with Blake in the short time they were in the house. Michael is WAY better off without her.

      • Not the Bacheorette Ashley

        that should have been dodged :-)

  • Shay

    Honestly I think this is great! Holly and Blake had awesome chemistry and that made me love them together. Micheal to me seems like he wants sympathy all the time. Yes, Holly did call off the engagement for only 2weeks and went back to him. When they got back together he was cold and shut off and then left her. So I think they are even and in no way does Holly owe Micheal anything. Blake may have seemed like a snake and arrogant but he was playing the game and it is not his fault that he was hated for the crazy girl and Holly. Holly was not with Micheal and you could tell she didn’t want to be with him so Blake did have a right to go after her since he sincerely like her.

    • Lisa

      Finally, someone I can relate to! I think Holly and Blake have an undeniable chemistry and have fun together and it is EASY. This is the way it should be. Holly and Michael are never going to work again because they don’t trust eachother and there’s no going back. It was painful to watch them try to “not hurt” the other by trying to stick by eachother. Michael struck me as being manipulative in trying to keep Holly and get rid of Blake. I found Holly and Blake to be honest about their intentions and feelings. I found Blake to have one of the more level heads throughout both the Bachlorette and Bachelor Pad. I’m glad he and Holly pursued their true feelings for each other and ended up together.

    • Velerie

      Melissa is CRAZY! Read her comments on wetpaint.

    • Dee*

      Yep!!!!!!! Holly and Blake!! Whoo hooo!!!!!!!!!! I love them together and so happy for them. As for Michael….OMG get over it dude, just cried too much or choked up, made me sick. I know he’s hurting, but c’mon. I felt so bad for Blake, I don’t see how he was a snake, just was playing the game. And that crazy girl?? Oh man, I felt like blake was getting bad luck!! So I’m stoked that him and Holly found love :)

  • Heidi

    Wow, Holly. Really? Have fun with your slimy, shallow, mannequinn future husband.

    I’m glad people are pointing out that Holly was the one who broke off the engagement to Michael first. Yet she keeps whining about how he left her and broke her heart.

    I maintain that Michael is a great guy. I feel terrible for him. I know Holly was feeling extremely conflicted, but to find out that she’s already engaged? To me it just says that she’s looking for a quick fix and it isn’t going to last.

    • TJ

      I find it funny how people rag on Blake. That guy was the only one telling the truth on the show. He kissed the blond crazy chick because he wanted the rose, then admitted his mistake. He and Holly obviously have some sort of chemistry.

      Holly is right to move on from Michael because that relationship didn’t work no matter how many time Michael gets weepy about it. Blake actually proved himself when he didn’t give in to the diva throwing herself at him.

      Goes to show, very few people understand relationships. Holly and Blake have better odds of lasting then any other phony baloney relationships the producers would have you believe.

      • KB

        I agree with you TJ.
        When I watched Michael tell Holly how he loved her, he didn’t even look at her. He regularly looked away. I think he wanted Holly back because he saw the connection Holly and Blake had. I wish Holly and Blake all the best!!!

      • Dee*

        Totally agree JT!!!!!!!

    • Mich

      Holly is a WHO**!!! Can’t stand her!!!

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