Derek Jeter, Minka Kelly part ways

Three strikes years and he’s out — of Minka Kelly’s life, that is. People reports that Yankees star Derek Jeter and Charlie’s Angels actress Kelly have decided to part ways after three years of dating. A source told People, “They care about each other and it was amicable … They’re still friends.”

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  • Jen

    I thought they were engaged at some point. Guess he still doesn’t want to settle down.

    • xin

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      • Ba ba Hoey

        I was going to use your site, but now that Minka is available, I will just call her.

  • ThaManUknowAs Peterbilt

    Nice. Now is my time!!! Minka, how do you feel about pasty british guys with a beer belly and a $25,000 a year job?

    • Kevin

      Ouch… $25,000 a year? And I thought my salary was bad!

    • René De Beaumarchais

      Any job > unemployment.

      • David

        No veo por que la critican tanto, lo que ha coendguiso es con su esfuerzo, lo que lleva a pensar que el malestar de muchos es por su origen humilde, como si no tuviera derecho, ademas con su cuerpo voluptoso a coendguiso para aceptacion o rechazo estar en boca de todos los colombainos cosa que genera mas de una ampolla ..

  • wtf

    just a matter of time before they tell the world he is gay

    • julep

      Not every famous person is gay. People are obsessed with gayness. There are some people who just can’t spend their lives with one person.

  • Lorraine O’Connor

    This is very sad. I’m sorry to hear this. Minka Kelly is a terrific actress and Derek Jeter seems like a decent guy. It is a shame that their relationship has collapsed and they did not get married. Marriage, in my experience, takes work. A lot of work.
    I think my husband taught me a lot about inner beauty and confidence in myself. I’m slim but
    voluptuous. I’ve got curves and a large bust but it seemed that men were more interested in my chest than my personality. My exes seemed obsessed with my cleavage. They were always going on about my breasts, and in bed they practically worshipped them, while I wished they concentrated their attention elsewhere.

    My husband’s in love with the person inside of me, and the outside of me is just a bonus. I feel better—so much better now than I ever did in my twenties. I know who I am. And as a result, I feel much sexier.

    • Jackie

      um…good for you?

      • Bentley

        Keep telling yourself that Lorraine, and maybe one day you’ll believe it.

    • Kevin

      Yeah, this is the second time I’ve read this. The other was on the post about Maggie Gyllenhal a couple of days ago. It doesn’t seem to be spam so… I guess this woman just wants people to comment about her t!ts? I don’t get it.

      • lefty

        how does it not appear to be spam?

      • Kevin

        Because it doesn’t mention a product or a website.

      • etm

        I think she is mimicking the spam. I’ve seen posts similar to this a few months ago under several different ladies names. They were pretty funny.

        On another note – Minka Kelly is absolutely gorgeous.

      • Jackson

        Again, I don’t know if your points throw off this cmiraposon. The difference in OPS+ only means that Rose was a slightly, 7 points is a small difference, better compared to his competition. They still put up extremely similar numbers for years. The fact that Rose had tougher competition doesn’t change that and I don’t see how it would change Jeter’s future production.Also, players have to adjust throughout their entire careers, not just at the end. Jeter has adjusted very well. He’s just not a sit down and make a plan kind of guy, but he has been very adaptive throughout his career. I’m not sure I buy that argument either.

      • Ienthan

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    • Heh!

      YOU GO WOMAN! Love your good man who loves you the way you are and shows you respect. Probably 98 percent of the ugly, jealous biddies here don’t have half of what you have. That’s why they spend their lives dreaming about Brad and Angelina… all day… every day. Lol!

    • Ian

      Don’t worry Lorraine. Soon they’ll be at your knees when you’re standing and in your armpits when you lay down, and all the attention will be elsewhere.

    • Captain

      Why do you post the same thing everywhere?

  • Barney Frankenstein

    time for a new beard,

  • evan

    he finally he thought he was too pretty for her. yankees suck anyway. lets go red sox!

  • bobbyv

    Jeter is doing exactly what he should do…he’s goodlooking, rich, and famous…why on earth should he get married? The list is extremely long of men like him, who have lost a ton of money and respect, because of bad (and unneccesary) marriages. I’m not saying you can’t fall in love and/or have children, but for men like this, marraige just isn’t the best thing, and I rarely ever turns out well.

  • ajay C

    Jet’s on top of his game. If Minka’s not with him this weekend, then some other beautiful lady will be. Jet’s the king of NY, and I think Minka’s popularity will suffer. Let’s be honest, she’s known much more for being Jet’s girl than being some actress.

    • Dusty

      I knew her from being an extremely hot actress….Had no clue she was even dating Derek Jeter.

    • Steverino

      Who is this Jeter guy? Minka is that cool babe from Friday Night Lights. Isn’t Jeter that guy who is famous for winning a Gold Glove despite being the worst fielding shortstop in the American League?

      • Vince from NYC

        Yea, and the guy who has won 5 World Series, hasover 3000 career hits and is currently the second best hitting Shortstop in the AL. He’s just the greatest player of a generation in the most popular sport in the US, who happens to be super classy, dated a slew of hot famous woman and has never been assoicated anywhere near a scandal. Oh yea, and won a gold glove that is voted on by fans that he may not have deserved that year. That too dude.

      • John K

        Uh Vince, may want to check your baseball IQ there – the fans don’t vote on the Gold Glove. But good try anyway. :)

      • Ian

        If fans voted for the Gold Glove he’d probably have more, but since it’s voted on by managers and coaches, it takes the wind out of the sails of arguments by people Steverino. Now he just has to find a way to change his self-given nickname, which might be the lamest one I’ve ever heard. Steverino? Really? Was T-Bone already taken by someone in your group of friends (aka, the Low IQ Boys). Derpppppp

      • Vince from NYC

        My mistake managers and coaches, which actually stregnthens my case.. But my point still stands the same.. Jeter is great, Steverino is a dusche and you are a nerd using teh term baseball IQ. Sorry I got one wrong in my rant about Jeter..6 out of 7 isn’t bad..

      • Amanda B. Rekondwith

        And Vince…don’t forget the Oscar he should have won back in September 2010 when he convinced the ump he was hit by a pitch at a Yankees-Rays matchup. Replay showed the ball hitting the knob ot the bat. What a tool.

      • Hamish

        I lost all respect for the Gold Glove awards in 1999 when Rafael Palmeiro won it at first base and only played 28 games in the field. Jeter winning it has nothing to do with fielding his position well.

    • wino

      i think most know her as the hot actress from Friday Night Lights…thank god she got rid of Derek, maybe she can now date someone on her level.

      • PRincaess

        I don’t see how you can compare peolpe decades apart with the tail end of their careers. That’s too simplistic. I don’t see Jeter getting close to 200 hits next yr. He was always an aggressive hitter, so in that case you had better be great at hitting the fastball, which he was for a long time. Now he is not consistently hitting line drives to right early in the count as in the past. Plus, if anything, he is even more impatient now than ever. He swings at the first or seocnd pitch almost every time up. Even worse, when he swings at the first pitch, he almost always puts in in play. It’s either a hit or an out. He does not work the count like a lead off man should. At his best, he had .400 on base. I’d don’t see anything close to that now. So what I’m saying is you can’t say Pete Rose put up such and such numbers in his last few yrs, therefore Jeter will do such and such. He is only half the player he once was. I do agree on giving him only 3 yrs at most. If he walks, then so be it. Eduardo Nunez is at least as good right now.

  • sample

    Clap Clap YAY!! So glad he didn’t put a ring on that trashbag.

  • dee123

    I still say Minka Kelly Is Leighton Meester back from the future.

  • JB

    I don’t know about the rest of you people, but I’d really like to hear some more out of Lorraine O’Connor!

    • etm


    • Olivya


    • Rishi

      Book review: The Captain — The Journey of Derek JeterYanks Go YardI know I’ma clpuoe of months late on this, but I finally got around to finishing Ian O’Connor’s book The Captain: The Journey of Derek Jeter. O’Connor makes it known in the introduction that the book is his and Jeter had nothing to do with it,

  • Barney Frankenstein

    where there’s smoke there’s fire.

    • Mariana

      Problem with moving Jeter to the outfleid is that he doesn’t have the power to play the corner spots and would become a liability offensively. He probably doesn’t have the range to play center and would remain a defensive liability. At this point Jeter is only switching positions if they absolutely have a hands down better option at short. Or they have a desperate need in center.

  • kevin

    AMEN to that. Can’t wait for the Sept. 22nd premiere of CHARLIE’S ANGELS and hopefully this reboot going to be one of my fave five new shows of the season.

    • JerryL

      You already know you’ll have five favorite new shows?

      • Captain

        He’s from the future.

  • Kevin

    I have new respect for Minka now. Dating a Yankee really destroys one’s credibility.

  • huangzhenwei

    Yeah, this is the second time I’ve read this. The other was on the post about Maggie Gyllenhal a couple of days ago. It doesn’t seem to be spam so… I guess this woman just wants people to comment about her t!ts? I don’t get it.

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