Gerard Depardieu urinates in plane cabin

Gerard Depardieu reportedly relieved himself in the aisle of a plane cabin yesterday. According to People, the French actor’s flight was delayed on the tarmac; when Depardieu asked to use the restroom, he was told by flight attendants to wait until the plane had taken off. At that point, he apparently urinated in the aisle. A spokewoman from Air France-KLM told the AP, “I will only confirm that he, in effect, urinated in the plane.” Representatives for Depardieu did not immediately respond to EW’s calls for comment. Lest we judge too harshly, let us all remember the old adage: When you gotta go, you gotta go.


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  • Rock Golf

    Be grateful he didn’t make Depardieu-dieu.

    • beaver

      Puke, piss and sh!t, that’s all EW writes about these days.

      Fun fact : puke, piss and sh!t also go by the names glee, twilight and harry potter, interchangeably.

      • LOL

        I couldn’t agree more. If I see another story about pee, glee or twilight, I’ll know it’s EW

      • K4815162342

        Hey beaver- you forgot to throw your momma in that list…

      • Capt. Obvious

        Well . . . at least, he’s not dead . . . cause that’s what I thought.

      • Derrr

        The French pee on everything. Why is this news?

      • Tom

        More like.. Depart ewwww

      • JPX

        what a pis_er.

      • Vellane

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    • harry


    • Sockmonkeynurse


    • Who Hasn’t?

      Oh, who hasn’t done that in the aisle of a plane?

    • Ryan


    • Tom

      It should have asked for a cup first, at least.. Bonjour!

      • Silvia

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    • Jean Guy Levesque

      Back off all you losers. They treated him like crap and he urinated on their authority. Good for him. Vive la Quebec!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Tom

        my dog knows where not to pee even

      • Randi

        noeedkmon145 on June 18, 2007 The reason it wasn’t presevered as well. They had to move it when they remodeled down town tulsa.

  • John

    He asked. They said no. What are you going to do?

    • Dicazi

      Cross your legs.

  • Um

    The French are pigs. How is this news?

    • MesoSoup

      Americans are arrogant, anything else to share?

      • Mr. USA

        French are arrogant cheese eating surrender monkeys. If it weren’t for America you would be speaking German right now.

      • Jeff

        He writes the French are unclean animals and your remark is your confident. Nice come back. :\

      • Uh-huh

        We are arrogant because we are better then everyone else.

      • LarsOnMars

        If it weren’t for the French we’d (Americans) be British.

      • Darlene Arrivillaga

        Americans, French. Who’s more arrogant? I just returned from Paris and although I love the city and the food, the French people are more unfriendly than the Dutch. At least we Americans know how to make eye contact, smile a bit, and say good morning.

      • Boys Boys Boys

        Ladies, you’re both not pretty at all, so there’s no point in fighting.

      • @Darlene

        Your comment just proved Americans are the most annoying, rude, obnoxious, loud people on earth. And the Dutch are cool, leave them alone, stupid b*tch. BTW, the “speaking German” comments are just stupid beyond words. The Nazis never wanted take over the world and have everybody speak German. I’m French btw AND I speak German aswell, got a problem with that? Monolingual idiots, oh wait you’re not even that since your English sucks as well.

    • Holly

      If it weren’t for Canada, they would be speaking German, you mean. Canada was fighting the Nazis when the Americans were still saying Hitler was “a good leader.”

      • Sally

        To give Canada the credit for winning WW2 is either the height of blind arrogance or incredible ignorance. And before you state that the Americans thought “Hitler was a good leader” educate yourself and look up Prime Minister Mackenzie King, who by the way is the ONLY North American leader to have met with Hitler and read up on King’s insights on Hitler…

      • Holly

        Well, I am just saying we should get more credit than the US, not all the credit – Britain and the USSR would get more than anyone. But the Americans were the least-responsible of all the Allies for “saving France.”. And yes, Mackenzie King admired Hitler at one time, but that was long before the outbreak of war. When the chips were down, Canada stood up to Hitler right from the beginning, whereas the Americans yawned, and waited 2 years, only grudgingly getting involved when they were attacked by Japan.

      • Canada, France, Russia, & England

        Holly, shut the hell up and educate yourself. You’re talking out of your ass.

      • Holly

        Typically American comment – “yer tawkin outa yer ass, yawl, duh…” No, I’m not, thank you anyway, Gomer. These things are true, and they are in “books”. Now, go on and start calling me all kinds of ugly names, just like a good American talk-show audience member.

      • alan of montreal

        No, Holly’s right–the US stayed out of WWII until Pearl Harbour. It wasn’t until US interests were threatened that the US decided to get involved–they were latecomers. Check your history books.

      • Miffy

        Holly, you are completely delusional. Notice how the war wasn’t one until the US entered it. Canada’s military might was and is just plain laughable. And Canada is the blandest country on earth, just searching for a national identity and so insecure about the fact that they aren’t the United States. So pathetic.

      • Holly

        Actually, you are wrong again, Miffy. The war was well on the way to being “one” by December of 1941, when the US finally entered. The Russians had begun pushing the Germans back in the East, and the backbone of Hitler’s army was broken. It was just a matter of time before Hitler surrendered, with or without American involvement. Now, the entry of the US did speed up the Axis defeat, I will agree to that. But it was not a deciding factor in the War. And Canada played a much larger role, proportional to our population, than the US did in liberating Europe. So you can call me “delusional” or whatever else, but in fact I am not delusional at all – facts are facts.

      • J

        Wow! You never heard of lend lease? The only thing that kept Britain alive? Churchill was sweating his nads off nearly begging the US for entry into WW2. Love Canada and Canadians but you are out of touch sweety.

      • LOL

        Why is a story about a French dude peeing on a plane turning into a history hate fest? Sorry, but you all look like morons.

      • Nerwen Aldarion

        Um actually the US was actively fighting the Germans well before Pear Harbor. We had several sea battles in the Atlantic because the military was sending supplies to the British. I even interviews a WWII veteran whose ship was sunk by the Germans before Pearl Harbor and he was in the water for 15 hours.

        Brush up on your history…EVERYONE.

      • Greg

        Cheeseheads go home

  • Kim

    “I will only confirm that he, in effect, urinated in the plane.” What else is there to confirm? The guy peed in the plane.

    • Captain

      That’s exactly what I was thinking. “Did he piss on the plane?” “I will only confirm–yes”

      • Monty

        I dont know…that may be a backwards way of saying, “yes he pee’d, but he also did something else ‘too’…

      • Louise

        You’ve impressed us all with that poistng!

    • cameobrooch

      The phrase “in effect” leads me to believe that the rep was trying to make a distinction between urinating on the floor and urinating in a container while standing in the cabin of the plane.

      • JLC

        Or, in his pants.

    • abadstroller

      “Oui, oui. He went pee-pee.”

    • Neil

      Haha… Corpo-speak FAIL

    • Dgently

      How do you pee “in effect” ? : )

      • To clarify

        Effect was the name of the stewardess.

  • Charlene


  • Ceballos


  • SI

    @Um “French are pigs?” REALLY I’m french and I do NOT cosider myself like a pig

    • Um

      I’m an American of French descent. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time in France. Trust me, they’re pigs.

      • Neil

        I am Canadian and I can tell you for certain… let’s all be nice to each other!

      • @Um

        Sure, we believe you. NOT.

      • Tom

        Paris Airport reeks of urine

    • teddy

      i know u and i think you are a pig – oink!!!

    • Alan

      Just to remind everyone that infamous story about that drunk businessman who shat on the food trolly of a plane a few years back, was AMERICAN.

  • freedom! at the end of braveheart

    teach the airlines to stop their oppression!

  • William the Conqueror

    Gerard Depardieu’s Snake on a Plane

    • fabz

      LMAO! You should work for EW! I almost peed myself!

      • Tom

        Inchworm on a paperplane

  • Obvs

    Snakes on a Plane II: Fat Alcoholic Boogaloo

  • Katherine Heigl

    He’ll always be My Father the Hero!

    • Tom

      Or the reason why inbreeding isn’t a good idea.

  • amy

    My first thought was, Who? Then, thank God there’s no video! lol

    • Tom

      They don’t have microscopic lenses for video phones so it’s all good

  • Jay

    LOL, the airline gave him no choice. He TRIED to go to the restroom and was denied.
    When someone tells you they gotta pee and you refuse to let them go, YOU are then responsible for what happens when that bladder cannot hold any more

    • JPX

      Most grow-ups can hold it. His behavior was reprehensible.

      • mae

        at a certain point you can’t hold it anymore. the plane crew should be ashamed. also, he’ s old. i can’t imagine what i would do if i was told i had to wait – wait i can, i’d pee in my pants.

    • Jay

      Hey, Im a US Marine… and even at Parris Island for boot camp you would NEVER be denied a bathroom request. Its viewed as inhumane.
      If a pee break cannot be forbidden in BOOT CAMP, I dont think an airline has a right to refuse it

  • JPX

    Wow, this is just the ultimate example of narcissism. What a selfish, entitled jerk. I hope he receives some punishment.

    • Um

      He’s French, selfish and entitled are redundant words.

      • Charlie Adams

        Were you born this much of an a**, or do you just work at it?

      • inverse137

        @charlie adams, based on the level of @-holiness demonstrated, I would say he has worked at it.

    • CV

      If you gotta go you gotta go. They should have respected his request..

      • JPX

        That’s utterly ridiculous. People know when they have to go to the bathroom and don’t wait until the last second before doing so. This is the height of narcissism. If he had to go that badly than he should have insisted that it was an “emergency” or he should have gone in his pants. To openly pee on the floor, which makes everyone else on the plane suffer, is pure arrogance. He’s lucky no one clobbered him. I can’t believe that there are actually people commenting here who support his disgusting behavior.

      • @JPX

        I really think you need to look up narcissism…perhaps you mean arrogant? Either way, they had no business denying him the bathroom, not everyone can hold it, and why the he** is this news?

      • JPX

        I’m an idiot. I’m sorry, you are absolutely correct.

    • Karl

      Google this guy… you’ll see that this type of is not unusual for him. Intolerable for the rest of society, but not surprising for Depardieu.

    • marge

      Finally a post that makes some sense. If this had happened here in the States he would have been taken from the plane and arrested for indecent exposure. Ridiculous sense of entitlement, indeed.

      • Hatice

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    • Gregre

      His punishment was listening to American music.

  • Nelly68

    Dear Mr. Dépardieu,

    I was recently made aware of an unfortunate incident on your flight from Paris to Dublin. The newspaper article drew my attention as I, too, have had a urine-related incident on an Air France flight recently.

    On a flight from Paris to Ho-Chi-Minh in March this year, the steward would not allow me to use the ‘business class’ toilet which was two metres away from my seat, but insisted that I used the toilet all the way at the back of the aeroplane. I was genuinely not aware that the extra money I paid to enjoy the (relative) comfort of “Premium Economy Class” specifically excluded the exciting possibility of rubbing shoulders – toiletwise, at least – with the high-flying celebrities that avail themselves of full “Business Class”. Instead I was expected to make a midnight hike all the way down to the seventh circle of hell which – as I’m sure Danté would agree were he alive – has its best modern-day manifestation in a coach-class toilet after seven hours of heavy and largely inaccurate use by three hundred small-bladdered Vietnamese passengers.

    Whereas I can accept that even socially-challenged people such as AirFrance stewards have to make it their job’s worth to oversee the correct usage of places of urination at 30.000 feet, I do believe that such an endeavour should be possible without so much of what I can only describe as a ‘nazi concentration camp attitude’. The defender of airborne etiquette in this case was a short, podgy man with a bald head, glasses, and severe halitosis, who exuded a pungent odour of rain-soaked carton boxes. (the kind tramps use to sleep in). I believe his name was Napoléon. At least, that’s what I called him when I left the plane.

    Mr. Dépardieu, please, PLEASE, tell me that Napoléon was the steward on your flight, and that you managed at least to score a direct hit – in a urinatory kind of way I mean – on one of his poofy loafers.

    I think you are awesome, and hope you manage to remain in good health for a long, long time, so that you may “enjoy” many more AirFrance flights, with all the in-flight entertainment that comes with them (or that you choose to generate yourself).

    Spray on !

    Nelly de Zwart-Meiboom
    Saint Oyens

    • Daily News

      You overwrite as badly as Kathleen Woodiwiss.

      • Monty

        *Slow Clap*

      • Dan

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    • Stevex

      Well, now we know where the center of the universe is.

    • William the Conqueror

      Run-on sentences much?

      • Holly

        There is not one run-on sentence here, but it is way over-the-top for a web site comments board!

    • rob

      highly amusing !

      I expect Gerard use the aisle in the first class compartment, so this would not have bothered me as I always travel in the cheap seats :-)

    • Devil’s Playground

      Wow, somebody has A LOT of time on their hands.

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