Fantasia Barrino announces pregnancy

American Idol season 3 winner Fantasia Barrino announced Sunday that she is pregnant with her second child. She broke the news to a crowd at a Jacksonville, Fla., concert, saying “I share this with you because I can relate to you. And for a while, I walked around figuring out what they will say and what will they think about me. But now I tell you, I don’t live my life for folk.”

Barrino, who has a nine-year-old daughter named Zion, has admitted to battling depression and has said that negative publicity surrounding her personal life drove her to attempt suicide a year ago this month. Yesterday in front the Jacksonville crowd, she affirmed, “God has given me this child.” Barrino has yet to comment on the father’s identity.

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  • Alex


    • jay

      I’m suprised this pig didn’t abort this baby like she did the other one. Is the father married?

      • Ba ba Hoey

        Nothing is better for depression then an out of wedlock baby. That poor baby.

      • Ceilj77

        Right! Great Examples for us folks… Sarah Palin, Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears and please don’t forget the Prince William and Kate, they lived together before marriage (awful). As I always say, welcome to America because we all decent!

      • Ceilj77

        Okay, go look in the mirrow at yourself and at your family/friends… NONE of US have the right to ‘Belittled’ anyone. RIGHT?!

      • RAP


      • Tasha

        u r a pig

      • aedriyuna

        how you gonna call somebody a pig??? you probamly look like one, she can take care of hers…her flow is steadily coming in. You sound like a man mad that he is on child support…ignorant idiot.

      • parker

        shut the hell up. Dont worry about what she do with her life,u dont have to take care of it so go kiss a ass.

      • brittany

        there r some stupid people commenting on this singer she has a daughter that she already been taking care by her self and is doing a great job at it and making her money she is stable and have the money and love to take care of her kids who r u to judge anyone u people might not have nothing going for yourself its her life she can do what she want with it and so what she dated a married mad that said he wasnt with his wife no more jus like he was lien to her her was lien to his wife get out her with yall stupid ignorant comments

    • Ceilj77

      Right! Great Examples for us folks… Sarah Palin, Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears and please don’t forget the Prince William and Kate, they lived together before marriage (awful). As I always say, welcome to American…

      • shastar23

        Not fair for you to bring in Kate and Will…They didnt get knocked up prior to thier wedding…and most people who are sane will make sure to live with a person prior to marriage. You have no idea who that person is until you live with them. You have a lot to learn Ceilj77

      • Huh

        If you need to trawl through famous people’s lives in order to figure out how to be “decent”; then you have issues far deeper than can be addressed on a celebrity gossip site…

      • Ceilj77

        But, they were having SEX before marriage! You got a lot to learn about life..and how do you know she did not get knocked up. Blech! BLECH!

      • Ceilj77

        Exactly that is my point to the ugly comments, go look in the mirrow at yourself and at your family/friends… NONE of US have the right to ‘Belittled’ anyone. RIGHT?!

      • Ceilj77

        shastar23 and HUH.. according to whoes standards… did I hit a nerve (SMILE)?!! As I stated, NONE of US have the right to ‘Belittled’ anyone. RIGHT?!

      • MayC

        Yeah, shows how much you know. Britney Spears was definitely married before she got pregnant with her first child. Married in September (officially in October) of 2004. Had her baby in September of 2005, which means she got pregnant in January of 2005. Britney was expecting 4 months after her wedding ceremony. I don’t know why people assume she had children out of wedlock. & even if she did so what? As long as she can provide for her kids financially & emotionally that’s what’s important. Do your research before you go spouting off at the mouth.

  • whatevs

    I love how obviously unfit mothers are the ones who pop out the most babies. Not surprising at all.

    • Ceilj77

      Right! Great Examples for us folks… Sarah Palin, Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears and please don’t forget the Prince William and Kate, they lived together before marriage (awful). As I always say, welcome to American

  • batgirl

    Yet another disturbed unwed unstable woman is proud of being knocked up. Blech!

    • Tasha

      It’s amazing how judgmental u all r when u don’t have Fantasia fame, fortune or pride. Get a life, get off the computer and continue to be the deadbeat computer sucker worried about someone else joy when u probably have kid that u can’t even afford. I love Fantasia, you go girl. You are still my American Idol.

  • J C

    Don’t forget unwashed.

    Seriously this woman is completely unfit to be raising children. I feel sorry for her kids

    • Ceilj77

      Turn around and go look in the mirrow at yourself and at your family/friends… NONE of US have the right to ‘Belittled’ anyone. RIGHT?!

      • RAP

        Try using proper English next time instead of just cutting and pasting the same misspelled crap over and over. The sentence is “None of us have the right to BELITTLE anyone” And guess what? When you announce your out of wedlock baby to the audience like it’s a prize – you get to be belittled.

      • Ceilj77

        Are you Sure?!! Did I hit a nerve (SMILE)? I LOVE AMERICA!

  • Marissa

    This is sad. Wasn’t she just hospitalized only recently for a suicide attempt? How can anyone think that having a baby at this time is a good idea?

    • Wake

      So you think she should abort it then?

      • Marissa

        I think she shouldn’t have gotten pregnant in the first place, but thanks for attempting to twist what I said. And if she wanted to abort the child, that’s her legal choice.

    • lette

      Leave her the f*** alone

  • Chris

    ‘I don’t live my life for folk’, where folk is apparently birth control…

    • Ceilj77

      Are you Sure?!!

  • cameobrooch

    Clearly, this baby is the second coming of Christ. After all, Fantasia did say, “God has given me this child,” and the baby will be born in 2012, to coincide with the scheduled end of the world.

    • michelle pinkney

      i’m not judginging but god didn’t give her that child, sin did.


    First of all we judge people because they are “famous” as if they are not human. I am sure that all the people who made negative comments about her didn’t have SEX until they were ready to bring children in the world right. YEAH RIGHT, you just didn’t make a mistake and get pregnant right WOW you all are so pedictable. Since nobody can see the mistakes you make you badger those who’s flaws you can see on the news. Let someone follow you with a camera and see how many people drag you through the mud. The judgements from people like you made her attempt suicide in the first place. You have never been there so put yourself in her shoes.

    • whatevs

      Depression is one thing, which many people do suffer from, and of course she is not judged for that. However, most of us know better than to ever be in the shoes of a woman who purposefully has an affair with a married man, and while knowing she is suicidal, decides to get knocked up for the second time.

      But I’m sure your explanation will suffice for the child who’s clearly going to have 18 kinds of psychological problems.

      • jrsells

        where the hell you been at.. People judge this girl for everything..EVERYTHING…She said she has some issues reading, they called her dumb…. She said she battled depression and love self esteem, that called her crazy, and a hoe, she said she’s feels beautiful, they continued and still do call her ugly! Whats funny is all you lame low lifes speak about this woman as if you walk her walk and live her life… You don’t know whats best for Fantasia no more then she knows whats best for me…So stopping F u c – N hatinG! you Mf’s are sooooo low!! Lastly, your pre-determining that her child is going to have psychological problems but you just said that people don’t judge her for that… you just did.. Go F yourself dumb a$$.

      • jrsells

        And before somebody gets happy to correct my spelling i meant * Low self esteem, they called her…..

        and i meant you don’t know whats best for Fantasia no more then she knows whats best for you!!

    • kesha

      I agree with u mesha….people are so quick to criticize someone else when their life is far from perfect. I don’t see where she is no different from the next person. Sweep around your own front door before u sweep around someone else’s.

      • ALL4TY

        I agree with mesha & kesha, it’s amazing to me that these computer creeps have nothing better to do than berate people who are struggling in the public eye for whatever reason. Fantasia can take care of herself and her children(be it 2 or 12) without all the added pig comments and such. I’m sure none of the rest of the world has never some form of depression or had a child out of wedlock. People need to get a grip and clean up their own houses.

      • Sickofstupidpeople

        Really? I mean REALLY!!!! Are you people crazy? That’s the problem with the world right now. Everybody looks the other way. No one says hell yeah it’s wrong to sleep with married men and it’s wrong to get pregnant by them. What is wrong with yall? She was WRONG!!!! She IS WRONG! God didn’t give her that baby but He gave her common sense which she is NOT using! She already has ONE baby out of wedlock and she ain’t 15, 16 or 17! She is a grown a woman who KNOWS better. If she didn’t WANT to get pregnant WHY was she having unprotected sex with a married man, IF he is the father. People we bring our own selves down and people on this blog Condoning what she has done because “she making her money and can take care of it” only bring us down further. She should have more pride in HERSELF first of all. She shouldn’t be sleeping with any one else’s husband. While all yall talking bet it wouldn’t be so OKAY if it had been YOUR husband she decided she wanted because she got her own money! Please she needs to grow up and so does everyone on this blog cheering her own. She made herself and her race look like a fool when she stood up and said God gave her that baby. No He did not. She did what you do to get babies and got another one. Great she can take care of it monetarily, but that’s not all it takes to raise a child. I’m not judging her. I don’t have to. The facts speak for themselves. She needs to get a good dose of FACTS. Like the FACTS OF LIFE. The birds and the bees facts and stop embarassing herself. It ain’t cute and it sho ain’t right!

    • Manali

      The best way to go about it is to find out what types of rings she likes and doesn’t like; i.e. cuts, bands, settings, sizes, etc., and then use that aqriuced knowledge to design your very own ring for her without her knowledge. Although receiving an engagement ring in general will surely make her happy, receiving a one of a kind ring that was designed especially for her and not merely picked out of a case, will make it just that much more meaningful to her, and it is sure to make you look like a prince. Not to mention she will realize all the hard work and effort you put into it making it even more meaningful to her and it will be something she will not sonn forget. You don’t have to be a ring designer to be able to design your own ring. Just make SURE to do your homework on the 4 C’s before making any hand selections on the diamonds, and any respectable jeweler will be more than happy to sit down with you and help you decide what type of ring to design based on her likes and dilikes. I did this for my wife and although she would have loved me for it regardless, she couldn’t get over the fact that I personally designed the ring just for her. Not to mention her astonishment on wondering how I could have done this without her finding out. There aren’t too many surprises left in the world, but a proposal should always be one of them. Above all, the look of pride on her face when showing the ring off to her her friends telling them that it was a one of a kind ring designed by her very own fiance9e is something that will stay with me forever. After all, she’s giving you her heart forever, so she is surely worth the few weeks of extra effort in creating something just for her.

  • marnie

    How nice of you all to come on this site and dump on this woman. All this talk of her being an unwed mother is disturbing. Its 2011 not 1950.

    • Who craig

      I’m assuming since she said “god gave me this baby” that she believes in god, and from what ive heard, according to gods law it’s a sin to raise a child without marriage.

      • maka

        You might want to check your facts.

      • Hope

        First of all the bible actually says that the act of fornication is a sin not being a single parent.It also says not to worry about the spect in someone elses eye while you have a log in your eye

      • jrsells

        Who Craig!! PLEASE shut the hell up and check your facts! If that were the case half the population would be going to hell! Also before you go quoting god’s law,,, He did say THOU shall not judge ! Sweep in front of your front door before you sweep someone else.. That means…don’t comment, be critical of someone’s business until you got your issues str8.. AGAIN… Go sit down somewhere bastard!

    • Grace

      I think the reason a lot of people are dumping on her is the fact that this is her second oops pregnancy in as many years. As you point out this is 2011, one of the things women have gained since the 1950s is easy access to birth control. I think the frustration comes from the fact that a woman who is obviously so troubled (attempted suicide in the last year, had an affair with married man, etc) didn’t prevent this from happening. To me it’s not whether she is married or not, but why are you having another kid when clearly you’re struggling to take care of yourself let alone the kid you already have?

      • RAP

        A reasoned and well thought out reply. What the heck are YOU doing here.. :)

      • marnie

        How do you know she wasn’t taking precautions when she get pregnant? You do not personally know this woman and therefore have no idea what her current mental state it. It is very possible she has treated her issues or is currently doing so. It amazes me how total strangers know exactly what is going on in someone elses life, mind and body.

      • Jamie

        My husband (before he was that) got me exeictd about some rings, so I went with my mom and picked out several PROMISE rings .when we were first dating. Very small, very simple rings. Then, when he went to buy mine, he took my mom and bought me and ENGAGEMENT ring. I saw the ring and it was way BIGGER than I had even thought about looking at. So, there was a lot of surprise in that. He did a very good thing in taking my mom, she knows that I like white gold, princess cut, and what not. So, I think you should drop a hint, have her look, and then take her mom. It works perfectly. I also picked out my wedding set, but he did a better job on that for me too!!!

  • Stacie

    Wow, lots of hate. Good luck Fantasia and baby!

  • lori

    The world is not ending in 2012 wow ur dumb!!!

    • cameobrooch

      And you don’t know sarcasm when you see it…

  • wtf

    Oh boy! So are my sister, niece, 3 friends, 2 neighbors and wife. What’s the point of this article? News? LMAFO


    who cares

  • Wake

    It is the same person making all these comments under diffrent names. Haters gonna hate.

  • Imari Manu Adams

    You people need some help. Very judgemental, very sick society that attacks an already fragile person.

    • Devon

      Yes, and it’s a wonderful thing that a “fragile” person with mental health issues has decided to bring an innocent, FRAGILE life into this overpopulated world. It’s not called “judgment,” honey. It’s called common sense.

      • jrsells

        Devon.. Quit Judging and acting like you shi t don’t stank.. Worry about you and your household boo..not passing judgement on behalf or on someone you don’t know. She obviously has taken, care of her child with what you call “mental” health issues and all!

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