Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony to divorce


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Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are planning to divorce after seven years of marriage, reports People. The couple released the following statement to the magazine: “We have decided to end our marriage. This was a very difficult decision. We have come to an amicable conclusion on all matters. It is a painful time for all involved, and we appreciate the respect of our privacy at this time.”

The 41-year-old singer/actress/American Idol judge and the 42-year-old Latin pop star are the parents of three-year-old twins named Max and Emme.

Sources tell EW the split will not effect their planned reality series Q’Viva — about finding the best Latin American muscial talent “from remote villages to major cities” — although the show has not yet been sold in the U.S.

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  • jen

    Whoa. Actually kind of shocked.

    • Kate

      I’m a little stunned myself. I remember when they first got married everyone assumed it would fail, but they’ve been together for a while. And you don’t hear many rumors about trouble in their relationship.

      • Clara

        7 years is awhile? LOL. Oh, Kate. Silly goose.

      • Kaci

        It’s actually a while in Hollywood terms, especially if you look at Jennifer Lopez’s previous relationships.

      • Caren

        7 year itch almost to the day…..after seeing them perform on Idol I thought maybe they would last a long time. But I know they both have GINORMOUS egos and bank accounts so no one has to do anything for the other, so in that sense does not surprise me. I wonder who wore the pants in the relationship.

        You also have to wonder if she just went after him to have kids, and then dump him.

      • Sue1

        In Hollywood seven years is quite a while actually, and I’ve got to say I’m surprised too.

      • AB

        Jeez, Caren. YOU may “have to wonder” that, but you’re a cynical witch.

      • To Carin

        To Carin: I don’t think anyone would pick Marc Anthony just because they wanted to have their kids. Any guy in any street corner is more handsome than this buffoon.

      • AcaseofGeo

        1. Yet another straight couple with kids makes a mockery of marriage. 2. Uhm, so all that hoochie hip moves and public appearances this year were LIES. 3. They couldn’t stay together for the kids??? Its not like they hate each other or are abusive. 4. What did she ever see in that greasey ugly man anyway? I wouldn’t let him put that thing anywhere near my body let alone inside me. 5. I bet they’re both already sleeping with other people. 6. But they were SOOOO IN LOVE…. (puke).

      • Jenn

        EW gets off on this stuff. Sickening.

      • Veronica Pixar

        This is all about tacos and burritos and you KNOW it!

      • Vajinal Discharge

        Somebody’s looking to get it stretched out from a different source.

      • Yolanda

        Nah, we all saw this coming..

      • AK

        Wow, that six stages of emotional breakdown “AcaseofGeo” just went through a couple of comments above is a hell of a lot more interesting than this relationship ever was.

      • b

        I’m surprised. She was just dancing hot next to him at the American Idol finale. Looked like they had heat.

      • CIP

        Veronica, They are both Puerto Rican and tacos nor burritos are part of their/our diet.

      • kayla

        CIP, im pretty sure tacos and burritos is a south park reference not a remark about their or your heritage

      • cyborg sweden

        Cant wait to see thier new show. What a wreck after all that help in organizing a charity to help kids. Damn.

    • Ummm

      Me too !! That came outta left field !

      • Namie

        Really? It’s Friday afternoon, and they conveniently announce their divorce after all the news outlets have taped their Friday show. Think they’re right on time actually.

      • Jon

        Yeah I’m surprised because they lasted so long. But it makes sense; he’s not interesting or attractive and waaaay too skinny for that woman.

      • PN

        Maybe they broke up in a private manner and decided to announce it before the paparazzi tried to reach them or when Entertainment Tonight and others taped their Friday shows. To not have too much mess on Friday itself and not have their publicists have to deal with crowds of paparazzi and cameras about What happened with J. Lo and Marc, silly stuff like that.

    • Ana

      I’m rather surprised myself. She, at least, seem to finally be content in the relationship. He never smiles so I couldn’t tell with him but I assumed it was the same.

      • Cat

        Always felt differently – that she could be like Liz Taylor, just a hopeless romantic looking for the perfect partner.

      • etm

        I agree, Ana. I remember the rumors about their constant fighting a few years back, but I thought they were on better terms now. Though, Cat, I thought of the Liz Taylor comparison too!

      • Dan

        If that’s the case Jennifer let me be your Larry Fortensky.

    • abadstroller

      Does it makes sense for me to say I’m stunned but not surprised? The news dropped my jaw…but I have to say that I never thought that she and Marc seemed right together. Not sure why it seemed like a mismatch to me. Maybe his previous history…maybe hers…maybe because her star power is so much greater than his and that it takes an certain man to be okay with that…IDK….Thoughts?

      • Demond

        I have to agree that I was stunned but not surprised by this news.I can’t believe they lasted this long.You have to feel sorry for the kids.I have a feeling that the next man she picks will be black.I always felt that she should be with a black man.I don’t like Diddy as a person but she did kind of fitted with him better than Marc Anthony.

      • Lois

        Marc Anthony is a much bigger star in Latin America and in the Spanish-speaking communities in the US. He’s a huge singing star and has more talent than Jennifer.


        @Demond– you were stunned but not suprised??? Huh?

      • cyborg sweden

        Jlo was forced by the fem powers to ditch him for his younger men escapades. She retaliated on something that was pardoned and now her family is slammed. She joined the force just to get publicity. She is devious. Watch the view and ellen. Now her sis is down and so is thier marriage.

    • Dee

      her career finlly got boost (it’s been a while since J Lo released anything as heavily played as “On The Floor”), so I get the feeling maybe her diva juices started to flow again. It just seems that a lot of Hollywood marriages end right when one of the partners starts gaining more media attention.

      • Kat

        But sometimes that because the less successful one gets jealous. Its not a big secret that Marc is overbearing and possessive.


        @Demond– you were stunned but not suprised??? Huh?


        Oh yeah? Juices flow? Well Joe Gorga will make it POP POP POP like a pimple!


        @Lois, Marc’s and Jennifer’s talent is like night and day. He runs circles, laps, leaps, miles etc etc around her. He is not physically attractive but I believe many women find him sexy because of his voice and music.

      • PN

        This new album she’s got now has a lot of energy on it and I think she put more focus on that than her marriage with Marc. I really don’t know what made them decide to break up.

      • Carol

        We can all guest and make different comments but we don’t know the actual problem which obviously lead to their separation. However, I presume J-LO wants to test a different kind of man, just like many western women, who are very controling, especially those with lot of money. Macs seems like a great guy even if he is not as handsome to the class of J-LO, but beauty is located in the heart. Is J-LO going to have a fourth marriage or spend the rest of our life dating? Or single?

    • Liz

      So sad, especially for the little ones. Actually, quite surprised, thought they might have had a chance.

      • Maureen

        I agree! Feel bad for the children… :(

      • Wanmt

        Sam Posted on absolutely aeergd it’s probably more appropriate to have a Best Idea Executed Across More Than One Channel, Including At Least Two Digital category or if you want to be succinct Most Versatile Idea but you’ve got me thinking about how best to evaluate integration

    • Yo

      “Sources tell EW the split will not effect their planned reality series Q’Viva” EW, it should be “…’affect’ their planned…”; The word “effect” used as a verb essentially means “to create,” “to bring about,” and it needs a noun afterwards, whatever it is being created or brought about (‘he effected a change within me’ ‘that new research will effect a cure for the disease, which will affect millions of lives’). In other words, you could say “…the split will not effect any change in their planned reality series Q’Viva” or “…will not affect their planned…” You’d think a reporter for a major magazine would know those things.

      • Fog cue

        Yo? More like H0!

      • Cate

        Classic grammatical error.

      • holly

        emm … Effect is a noun. Affect is the verb.

      • Aew95

        What you said makes absolutely no sense. Effect is never a verb. It’s a noun! Affect is the verb and effect is the noun, jsyk.

      • Yo

        Hey, you took my name and I don’t do grammar.

      • Sammy

        Effect can be a verb too. Look it up in the dictionary.

      • Laura K.

        Both words can be both a noun and a verb. The noun use of effect and the verb use of affect are far more common, but not exclusive.

      • Yo

        Thanks, Kate, Sammy, and Laura. It’s amusing to me how people jumped to “correct” me without having a clue as to what is it they were supposed to correct. I am also surprised that still hasn’t fixed Snierson’s mistake. You would think that a national (entertainment) news magazine would be more cognizant of grammatical errors.

      • @Holly and Aew95

        You are both incorrect, look it up in the dictionary. Both “affect” and “effect” are nouns and verbs, depending on context. And even if you were right in saying that “effect” is always a noun (and YOU ARE NOT), it definitely would not make sense to write, “…the split will not effect their planned reality series…” If it’s ALWAYS a noun, how in the heck would it go there anyway?

      • Willa

        God, I hope Aew95 is not an English teacher.

    • WHOA

      I am suprised! Hate to get racial but after dating outside of her, I thought Jennifer had come home and found her Latin prince and they were a perfect match. Guess not.

      • WHOA

        *outside of her race*

      • cyborg sweden

        Him and diddy are allegedly GAY. See youtube diddy`s trip to vegas with russell brand. It sucks that because of the presidents task force jennifer chose to protect mexico and slam the children of americans. Even mexican americans. GIRL POWER!

    • SallyinChicago

      If you’ve followed the gossips (Cdan, dlisted) it was all out there. He’s alleged to be cheating on her while she works on AI…and Howard Stern had a blind item about them. He’s been having money problems, and she probably got tired of carrying him.
      Plus, to me he looks like an alcoholic.

      • butp!

        Rumor here in the Bronx is he’s a coke head…

      • Jon

        OOOH… now that is interesting. My initial reaction was, “they looked so happy on American Idol, what did he do wrong? I bet he cheated.”
        Although I also think she just wanted to get married and have babies and he’s lusted after her for a long time so she went for it. Now she can go be with P. Diddy. (And it’s probably better anyway!)

    • Emma

      I’m shocked too. They really seemed to have it figured out. I also liked the idea that the couple that spawned the her name+his name tradition of bennifer went on to have two successful marriages with other people.

    • Shiva

      Neither of them are true Christians so this immoral behavior doesn’t surprise me at all. Always putting their own selfish, immature desires ahead of what’s best for their children and the family.

      • teresa

        Only Christians have morals?

      • Jen

        Shut up Shiva.

    • Bill

      Completely saw this coming.

    • Jenn

      I’m actually surprised to. They seemed good together to complement each other.

    • Alexa Nicole

      Ok that was like her fourth marriage. Who’s next on her list?!?!?

  • Lishan

    I am sorry to hear of any divorce. However, I don’t know why, I am just not surprised about this one.I wish them both success and future happiness.

  • Kat

    J.Lo’s officially back!! In all seriousness tho this is sad, and I hope they stay friendly for their twins’ sake.

    • Jess

      J.Lo was never back. She died along with her film career in 2002.

      • Kat

        Riiiighht. Thats why On The Floor is one of the biggest hits WORLDWIDE (so you cant use AI as an excuse) of the year. She’s having a great year. Stay pressed.

      • Jess

        Ok, so she had ONE hit in the past eight years. Her album still tanked its first week in sales. How can you be on a show with 20 million viewers and only sell 88k the first week? That’s embarrassing even by J.lo standards.

  • Anonymous

    Did not see that one coming…

  • S

    Wow. I’m shocked myself Jen. I thought they’d actually last. Everyone always would say she wouldn’t last with him but she kept proving haters wrong so I just wonder what went wrong? they looked happy together. Maybe its more of a friend relationship for them.

    • dawne


  • Hey Zeus

    She’s over 40; the bloom’s off that rose…

    • Claire

      And I can bet that at her age, she’s hotter and thinner than you’ll ever be.

      • Luis

        claire, you’re comment is pretty catty, but pretty awesome.

      • Jess

        Anyone can look good with plastic surgery and tons of make up

      • @Claire

        I am guessing she is also straight so you can go back to matrubating in your basement now

      • Just Someone

        Claire can be a boy’s name.

    • dawne

      Hey Zeus: you’re an idiot!the closest you’ll ever get to someone like her is your blow up doll!

  • Voice of Reason

    Jennifer is a shrew. He is Skelator. A match made in Heaven…

    • cyborg sweden

      Jlo shrewed her way through bags filled with coca-cola and homosapiens. Hahaha

  • Ap

    I thought this one was gonna stick…at least longer than this.

  • Me

    Wow, all that lovey dovey stuff on American Idol. Just goes to show you don’t know what is really going on behind closed doors. I wish them both well.

    • WHOA

      @Me, that is so true! That’s why I never get why people waste time on envy. The person you waste time envying could very likey be a miserable b*st*rd behind closed doors.

    • jodipo

      i guess she is a better actress than people give her credit for ;)

  • Brandi

    Sometimes I think celebrities get married only so they can plan their divorce.

    • Misspriss_1

      Okay, that was truly funny, Brandi… And of course, I was drinking when I read your post!! You owe me a dry clean!!

  • Will

    can’t say I’m surprised…JLo has every job on the planet, I don’t even think she sees her children

  • kate

    Affect. Not effect!!

    • Triumph the Insult Comic Dog


      • anto

        Aumont. I think Galvis’ improvement is nice, but he’s still a year or two of (uncertain) demleopvent away from the big leagues, while Aumont has pitched himself into consideration for a significant bullpen role next season. It’s the old proximity vs. potential argument if Galvis’ becomes a regular MLB ss, he’s got a lot more value than Aumont as an 7th-8th inning guy but I think the latter scenario is a lot more likely to actually materialize, and fairly soon.

    • Dodger dan

      Haha! Exactly!

    • Kiki

      Kate, I was thinking the same thing!

      • mark

        it’s Affleck!

      • cyborg sweden

        What is the moral to this story? When in america rep. For america or move. All colors and races we are reppin for ameria!

  • Doug

    For some reason I had a feeling this was going to happen. Their “vibe” seemed strange throughout J-Lo’s time on Idol. It was subtle.

  • Candace

    This explains why J-Lo looks like she’s shopping at Forever 21 lately.

  • gojie

    It’s called the 7-year itch.Plus, there’s a rumor that Jennifer Lopez is actually Marc Anthony’s punching bag. Hope that it’s not true, though.

    • Scott in NYC

      Seriously? No way – should would take him out with one swing and she’d never put up with that. Not my JLo! :-)

    • ENOUGH?!

      She should’ve used her moves from Enough to keep Skeletor in check!

      • toni

        That’s hilarious. Hats out to you…

      • Carlos

        I’m a recurrent auecdnie of your respective websites. I liked the current a single along with other articles on your own weblog much that I possess enrolled in the actual blog’s Rss in Thunderbird. Perhaps considering stealing some ideas and place results. Retain every one of the great work indicators putting up a lot more informative articles. Thanks a lot. Time spent well for this submit.

    • abadstroller

      If the punching bag thing has any truth to it, she should leave and good riddance to him. No one should put up with abuse–physical and/or verbal.

    • Blonde South

      I think that’s one of those Ted Casablanca’s rumors that started on a Blind Vice, and it’s probably one of the worst because he’s making people guess which celebrity is beating their wife and in the process smearing someones name who might be innocent because he isn’t revealing who it is. I mean, don’t you think Jennifer Lopez could take Marc Anthony down in like a second?

      • donvdon

        I always wondered how someone as beautiful as she is could be physically attracted to him. I mean he has the body of a ten year old.

      • cyborg sweden

        No he is wirey and kicks her ass along with all the mens asses.

    • Marianna

      Well, since they were hardly ever in the same room together I think the rumor might have to be false. I hope so anyway. It’s a pitiful excuse for a man that needs to pound on his wife.

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