CORRECTION: Duke and Duchess align with stars in Los Angeles


Image Credit: Rex USA

CORRECTION: As the result of an error by a freelance reporter at an event in California yesterday, erroneously attributed a series of remarks to actor Jonah Hill.

Upon a review of the tape recorded conversation between the reporter and Mr. Hill, it is now clear Mr. Hill did not state the exact remarks attributed to him by the reporter and subsequently published by deeply regrets this error and apologizes to Mr. Hill.

Celebrities like Nicole Kidman, Tom Hanks, Barbra Streisand and Quentin Tarantino gathered at a Los Angeles theater Saturday to celebrate Brits in the biz and — if they were lucky enough — to rub elbows with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Kate wore a lilac Alexander McQueen gown and jewels from the Queen while William donned a black tuxedo for the event dubbed Brits to Watch that was sponsored by the British Academy of Film and TV Arts. The event, which also attracted celebs like Blake Lively, Jason Bateman, Kristin Chenoweth, Jennifer Lopez, Elizabeth Banks, Zooey Deschanel, Paul Rudd, Jennifer Garner and Jack Black was held at the Belasco, a classic theater located in an otherwise seedy section of downtown L.A. (Pay no attention to the barbed wire in the background, Wills!) Click through to see what J. Lo and Zooey Deschanel wore to meet the royal couple.


Image Credit: Krista Kennell/Sipa Press


Image Credit: Krista Kennell/Sipa Press

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  • Ahab

    Royals + Hollywood “Royalty” = one big circle jerk.

    • Realangst

      That would prove interesting to watch since the women are carrying the big equipment while the men are lucky if they at all. They better get the circle on film. Title suggestions? “Chicks With D–ks” already taken.

      • Veronica Mars

        Too much yap. Not enough photos.

      • Jenn

        Too much YAP.
        Not enough PHOTOS.

    • franky

      Jonah Hill didn’t say any of those words. He tweeted it. Damn EW you guys suck!

  • Jerry

    Ummm, maybe I am getting the theme of the event wrong … but where were all the BRITISH actors?

    • Karl


    • Strepsi

      Seriously! And re: the “next generation of British talent” — where the f&^% is the list?

      Where’s Dan Radcliffe, Carey Mulligan, Andrew Garfield, Kit Harington, and Richard Madden?

      • Shadowcat85

        Talulah Riley, Juno Temple, Jessica Brown Findlay, Harry Lloyd, and Owain Yeoman are some of the actors that went.

    • Jay

      Probably at the Harry Potter premiere.

  • Sara

    who cares the they just did a ten day tour of my country. they are my countries future king and queen and we honor our monarchs and tradition. why do americans care? and why didn’t america cover prince alberts wedding to charlene last week. i mean he actually has ties to america with his mom being grace kelly. and also being of pure british descent with ancestors coming to settle canada i question what is being done to honor the british here? where are the actors that are british?

    • Captain

      Because America only cares about one thing, Celebrity. The only reason they cover Will and Kate so much is because she’s a beautiful, fashionable woman with an attractive husband, she reminds them of a Hollywood star. It has little to do with the fact she’s royalty. If Prince William was 52 and she was in her late 40s, they wouldn’t care. It’s the young, beautiful woman becoming a Princess fantasy.

    • jets

      It strikes me as so strange that Canadians love the idea of being lorded over by the British monarchy. But a modern monarchy strikes me as strange as well. So Canadian’s aren’t citizens of Canada, but rather subjects of the Britsh Queen? All of Canada is just Will & Kate’s backyard vacation home, full of “little servant people”? …weird.

      • Josh Taylor

        Canada was founded by Loyalists, I.E the British colonies who chose not to fight the war of independence. We made our bed. We are part of the British Commonwealth.

      • Strepsi

        Yes we are citizens of Canada.We are a country that is part of the Commonwealth, of independently governed countries under the crown. The Queen is our monarch, but we have a Parliamentary Democracy (that is in many ways more democratic than the U.S., i.e. the prime Minister must attend Parliament, we have 5 parties not just 2, etc.)

      • Matt

        We “love” the idea? Haha don’t know who the hell you’ve been talking to us, but a vast majority can’t stand it. It’s a giant tax grab.

      • tom in canada

        See, we have tea party knuckleheads up here too! Matt, you drop more change in the street in a given year than you spend on the Queen and her representatives via your taxes. You want to be mad about taxes, complain loudly about foolish spending on useless fighter planes…
        Josh, well done shouting out to the Loyalists, who were every bit as American as Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson et al. Samuel Adams actually freely admitted only about a third of Americans were in favour of the revolution. Anyone who spoke out against the Patriots risked being tortured or having their property destroyed, so they either stayed quiet or fled north. My family didn’t come to Canada until long after that, but I show respect for the royalty out of respect for those who founded the English half of our country.

    • tyler

      we didn’t tell them to come here

    • Em

      Yeah…and why do people around the world go to American movies about Americans in America…I mean come on it has nothing to do with them…I mean you’re right – we should only care about the country we are originally from…

  • hughster1

    Yes, let’s give more jobs in America to people from countries that won’t extend the same courtesy to Americans.

    • Tindall

      Are you mental? What has that got to do with anything?

  • Larry in NoHo

    Jonah Hill? A fat guy with a bad fro? Hollywood royalty? Really?

    • alyssa

      @ larry in noho to bad jonah hill is skinny now so ya ur wrong.and obviously kate and william like back off

      • Captain

        I don’t think they personally invited everyone from the event. Will was going to attend the event anyway as a member of BAFTA so they decided to fill the event with Hollywood stars to give them an impression of American culture. Cause that’s basically all Hollywood culture boils down to.

  • Mary

    Jonah Hill just sent a message on Twitter saying that he said none of those things. From Jonah: Entertainment weekly made up quotes from me. Never said a word of this. Then he went on to post the link which led me to this article. Might wanna get your facts straight EW.

  • captain kirk

    Jason Bateman? Who??

    Did you mean Justin Bateman?

    • Tulip

      Hahaha, Captain Kirk. You’re trying to be all smart, but you are just full of fail.
      The actor *is* named Jason Bateman. His *sister* is Justine Bateman.

    • anonymous

      Michael from Arrested Development you tool.

    • Karl


    • Bob

      What a maroon.

  • Stew

    Jonah Hill is saying on Twitter that those quotes are made up.

    • Brett

      Jonah Hill is made up.

  • Dale

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    wipe my butt hole! wipe it real good! wipe my butt hole! just like a butt wiper should!

  • CT

    Who on earth picked the Belasco?

  • My son is also named Bort

    Jonah Hill, Blake Lively, Jack Black?
    Kate has more class in her pinkie finger then that lot!

    • Daily

      Very true. And there are pics on tmz. What the hell was Jennifer Lopez wearing? She was meeting the future King and Queen of England.she could’ve dressed more civilized.

      • My son is also named Bort

        Don’t judge J-Lo too hard LOL! I’m thinking she’s not to familiar with it NOT being all about her.

      • @MysonisalsonamedBort


      • perfecto

        My thoughts exactly. “The most beautiful girl in the world” my ass! No class JLo, none at all.

      • passionlessdrone

        That is civilized for JLo

      • Susan

        J-Lo was being J-Lo. People expect her to go all out. Nobody wants to see her in a loose fitting, poofy dress.

        William didn’t seem to mind!

  • William posey

    I am very SORRY these people got married. Now we are all going to be tortured to death by a press that reports every little thing these two absolutely useless human beings do. A tragedy.

    • Mel

      I would rather them, that have actual jobs, then speidi, though.

    • anonymous

      Guess you don’t have a romantic bone in your body. Pity.

    • dee

      I’m sure Will’s job as a search & rescue pilot is a lot more then you do Posey.

    • Sassyfras

      You have a very skewed idea of what constitutes a “tragedy”.

  • Jerry

    Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Lopez AND Blake Lively in one room. No wonder Ben Affleck stayed home.

    • Karl


    • Hermione


    • GG

      Jennifer Gardner and Ben Affleck look so unhappy together. Jennifer Lopez has been apart from Marc Anthony for quite some time too. Reunion of Bennifer 1.0 soon? XOXO Gossip Girl

      • Trixie

        Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have been married since 2004.

      • jayjay

        God I hope not, it was nauseating enough the first time.

  • deedeedragons

    Hahahahahahaha. I doubt he’d get out alive!

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