Rapper Bow Wow discusses fatherhood, suicidal thoughts

Rapper Bow Wow, who was selling records and making movies when he was in his early teens, is a father. In a reflective letter to his fans posted on his official website, the 24-year-old artist revealed that he has a 3-year-old daughter. “For the past 3 years i been batteling life. Even thought about taking my own. I felt like as a kid i did everything and saw everything too fast which spoiled my adult years. I felt as if i had no purpose to live(Thinking selfishly) until god gave me the illest gift of my life,” he wrote. “My lil girl is getting BIG fast. i love every minute of it. She inspires me to go harder. Even made me treat my mother better, its like it made me into a man over night.”

Bow Wow does not live with his daughter or her mother, and that has become a source of frustration. “I want her to live with me so bad. Jus us 2,” he wrote. “Thats my dream man but fellas yall know how it go. Baby gotta stay with they momma and all dat bull. I hate that! So i have to fly 5 hrs away to see her. I find myself going into my i phone book jus lookn at pix of her. Sometimes i tear up cuz i just cant believe it brotha be emotional. All in all im good.”

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  • @JohnANalley



      Did that midget really say ‘illest’? Didn’t that word get thrown out in the 80s or 90s. This person always has been a joke. No one cares about his fatherhood. Little shrimp always trying to act hard. Please.

      • Jessica

        if you dont care why did you read it and why did u comment on it thats mean u care

      • the new kid

        Man bow wow will merk u so if I was u I would calm that down

      • the new kid

        man shut up and stop haten

      • T.H.

        He was always a joke to you and you don’t care about what he’s doing, but you commented on his article like three times. LOL it tickles me how haters do.

      • rm

        leave bow wow alone, maybe he is trying to be a good dad. which we need more of. hats of to you bow wow!

      • jessicalewis

        why are u worring about it is not u so don’t say anything else about it

  • Aprilcot26

    Bow Wow needs to go back to tenth grade English, and quickly.

    • Clete

      But he spend all those years stuck in the fourth grade.

    • whatevs

      Hmm… I would say more like 6th grade, if he was ever there in the first place.


      Why did I respond? Because I love to blog—ha!

    • jessicalewis

      stop hateing haters????????????? :|

  • Petey

    Way to live up to the stereotype Bow Wow.

    • Translation

      For the past three years I have been battling through many struggles in my life. At times, I have even considered taking my own. I believe that growing up in the entertainment industry has left me jaded — I saw and did everything too quickly. This has had the effect of disillusionment. At times, I have selfishly felt as if I had no purpose to live. But God has blessed me with the most precious gift of my life – a little daughter, and she is growing so quickly. I love every minute I get to spend with her. She inspires me to strive and persevere. The experience of fatherhood has even made me treat my mother better. It’s like it has transformed me into an adult man overnight.
      I desperately want her to live with me, just the two of us, like Will Smith’s song. It’s my dream. But you very well know how that goes in the modern judicial system: children almost always stay with their mothers when the parents are not together. I hate that, but that’s the way it is. That leaves me in a situation where I have to fly five hours just to see her. I find myself often looking at pictures of her in my iPhone because I miss her so much. Sometimes, I’m so overcome with emotion that I begin to tear up in my eyes. It’s hard to believe that I can be so emotional about something, especially for a young African-American male. All things said, however, I’m in a good place.
      Regardless of whether you take the time to listen to what he has to say, I believe it’s a touching piece of commentary that’s he’s just sharing with those who stop by to read his words.

      • larryh

        great publicist dude! when did america start wondering “whats lil bow bow doin”

      • natasha

        if he takin care of her and goin to see her like he should he aint got nothing to worry about

  • Dee Jones

    I didn`t know he had a kid? Now the baby mother gonna be out on TV running her mouth. As long as he taking care of the child. Bow Wow peaked too fast and is burnt out. His music career is probably over, so maybe he has a career in the movies.


      @Dee— not really. No one is interested in him let alone his baby mama.

    • i’mjustsayin

      now she the bm will have a reality tv show and make a name for herself like the rest of them do

      • *sunshine*

        lol so true

  • McProphet

    Can someone please provide an Ebonics Translator for those of us that graduated grade school? How is this even newsworthy? A black rapper became a negligent young dad after living a deluded life in the spotlight acting irresponsibly. Isn’t this like EVERY artist on BET?

    • Ana170

      Where are you getting that he’s a negligent dad? He’s clearly devoted to the kid.

    • Amy

      Judgmental much? No where is this article was there an indication that he was a negligent Dad. If anything it sounds like he is a part of her life.

    • levelheaded


      You graduated grade school and can’t understand what he’s saying?

      I get it, you think Ebonics is worse than ‘proper’ English – which doesn’t exist if you think abou it, every area of America has slang/phrases that aren’t “proper”. England does too for that matter.

      But really, it’s not that hard to understand. At least he loves his child and is using it as a reason to think about life in a grander scheme.

      Maybe you should try that. Whether you use Ebonics or not.

    • i’mjustsayin

      dont be so qucik to judge especially if you cant READ AND UNDERSTAND what your reading

    • Msdiva1

      You are a a$$ for that. Why do it have to be all that cause he black. If so than you are a a$$hole

  • Mallo

    Really? The baby has to live with the mother? In what fantasy world is that a must? Clown. Must have heard some more rumors of being gay to release this info.

  • Shelly

    Where in the heck did it say anywhere in the article he was negligent. Maybe he didn’t know until recently, or maybe he and the mother made a choice not to go public. Either way, it sounds like he loves his daughter.

  • Jose

    Didnt he also get raped by his limo driver?

    • taadaa

      I’m about his age and I remember watching MTV after school one day and Gideon Yago breaks into the middle of some stupid MTV thing and said breaking news Bow Wow got raped in the back of a limo by his driver or body guard or something. Then there was a retraction. My guess is it was probably mutual and his depression is due to not being accepted by his community for being gay. The mother of his child probably hates him for not being attracted to her and he probably has some severe psychological issues. Poor thing he should really stop whining though and move closer to his child go to college or back to high school if this letter is any indication of his education and be himself.

      • randy

        What are you talking about…and you got all of that out of him saying he was depressed? this whole scenario you just made up in your head…and he has issues???

      • taadaa

        @ randy. I think you only glanced at what I wrote. I stated the scenario was a guess, Dude. So you right it is in my head based on assumption. I did however see this news report when I was a tween I was a fan and it really shocked me! Which is why I remember it so vividly. Now I’m just speculating on a blog based on that news report rumors that have seculated sayinf he’s gay and him now having suicidal thoughts its just a guess based on some inference but mostly assumption . Maybe I’ve followed the old saying and made an ass of myself. Or maybe I hit the nail on the head. Sorry if I offended you.

    • jessicalewis

      first of all why are yall putting bow wow info on blass uh if yall don’t have nothing to say nice don’t say anything at all okay because he is doing the right thing being a father

  • fly me with baloons

    “Baby gotta stay with they momma and dat bull”
    I would like to say that Mr Bow Wow writes/spells like a retarded person, but that would be an insult to many mentally challenged adults.
    The thing that makes this worse is the sheer number of people who have no probably reading his letter and think it is the correct way to communicate.

    • Msdiva1

      Like u because u read it as well to then respond. Wow

  • Ellen

    Really?? “Retarded”? I think his article is filled with errors but spelling errors don’t denote mental retardation. Why not be fair and realize that he is writing in slang?

    Over all, it’s disheartening to see cruel disregard for the emotional truth of his letter. Why can’t he be rewarded for his bravery in speaking his truth?

    The man had a child out-of-wedlock. Sad. But, how many famous politicians, barons of industry, etc. haven’t done the same?

    Do people criticize Brad Pitt for fathering kids w/o marrying Angelina Jolie?

    • whatevs

      I’m pretty sure that “batteling” isn’t slang, as much as it is stupidity, but ok.

  • Ellen

    BTW, I think Bow Wow has made more money in his short life than anyone writing here .

  • Ellen

    And, no judge is going to take a baby away from her mother unless there is child neglect or abuse.

  • kindra rogers

    Your always in my prayers. theres a god an he sits high án looks low!:-)!

  • Jes

    This article has many flaws. His daughter isn’t three years old. She was just born in June. I think these writers and editors need to research and proof read before they post an article. This happened when a Hugh Hefner article came out that said his sons were 9 and 7, when they are actually 19 and 17, I believe.

  • AshleyBrooke

    I’m just confused. I know he either is or was really bright and getting straight A’s or something in school, so why he’s writing a letter with spelling errors and such is beyond me. That is a bigger shock then him having a daughter.

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