Hollywood reacts to the Casey Anthony verdict on Twitter

In the moments following the not guilty verdict read by the jury in the Casey Anthony case, many in Hollywood responded, overwhelmingly with outrage, on Twitter. Anthony was acquitted of first-degree murder and other charges regarding the 2008 death of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, but was convicted on four misdemeanor counts of providing false information to law enforcement officers against her, reports People. The result brings a controversial end to the high-profile case. Read the reactions from celebrities on Twitter below:

Holly Marie Combs (@HDonoho): “Outraged. Out. Raged.” … “Hold up. They found her guilty of lying. Lying to covering up something she didn’t do? Fascinating.” … “If not reporting your child missing for 31 days is not aggravated child abuse I dont know what is. I really don’t. #JudicialSystem”

Roseanne Barr (@TheRealRoseanne): “miscarriage of justice…our system is broken and it sucks–death penalty should be removed–that’s why she got off”…”victory for all child murderers!”…”casey-you were so smart to hide the body in the swamp! You got away with killing your baby!”

Kaley Cuoco (@kaleycuoco): “Nice justice system. I can’t breathe. I can’t think. I’m sick. God help us.”

Carson Daly (@carsonjdaly): “That jury better get into hiding.”

Rainn Wilson (@rainnwilson): “Dear Florida, THANK YOU for freeing Casey! She’s now available for partying and babysitting!”

Sharon Osbourne (@MrsSOsbourne): “Casey Anthony not guilty??…..it’s a disgrace. She’ll probably get her own reality show now.” 

Kim Kardashian (@KimKardashian): “WHAT!!??!! CASEY ANTHONY NOT GUILTY!!!! I’m speechless!!!”….”Reading the comments here &its nuts people think just bc I was close to the OJ trial I can’t have my own opinion on the Casey Anthony case?”

Mandy Moore (@themandymoore): “i’m from orlando and have been hooked on the trial the last few weeks. the defense team was abysmal! this is shocking! poor, poor caylee.”

Jason Biggs (@biggsjason): “I guess the glove didn’t fit.”

Fred Savage (@thefredsavage): “It’s a great day for people who kill their children.”

Emmy Rossum (@emmyrossum): “Casey Anthony admitted that her daughter died on HER watch. Isn’t that the very definition of abuse/neglect? #JusticeForCaylee”

Patti Stanger (@PattiStanger) “have been watching Casey Anthony trial from the beginning. Did the jury just lose their minds? She chloroformed her kid, need I say more!”

Kristen Schaal (@KristenSchaaledd): “We are in a new world where DNA trumps COMMON SENSE.”

Chad Lowe (@ichadlowe): “I haven’t been following it, but I wonder if the media would be paying as much attention if #CayleeAnthony had been a minority?”

Aubrey O’Day (@aubreyoday): “They said she’s Not Guilty guys. The jury was her maker & that’s the law. I don’t know,my heart hurts. I don’t feel like justice was served.”

Lo Bosworth (@lobosworth): “Casey will forever be a pariah even though she got off. Eww.”


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  • kate

    I’m glad the jury found her not guilty. I would have done the same too. From what I learned, the state had very little scientific evidence that Casey killed her daughter. I mean, the M.E. couldn’t even rule a cause-of-death.
    I say the justice system worked just fine!

    • Brian Wallace

      You’re an un-educated, extra chromosome idiot, Kate. Bless don’t breed. Or breathe for that matter. Stay out of the gene pool.


      • Brian Wallace

        PLEASE don’t breed.

      • JackieB

        Uneducated is one word. Bless don’t breed? Shut up.

      • LOL

        America loves crap. Fast Five was great! Oh wait—wrong thread.

      • Brian Wallace

        Truth hits home, JackieB? I’ve forgotten more than your white trash mind will EVER know. What’s it like being a beautician who attends The University of Phoenix? Shut your stupid mouth. Who told you could have an opinion? Keep your head down and you’ll be fine, sweetie.


      • LOL

        You still don’t know how to use a hyphen, Brain. I mean, Brian. And we’re waiting for you to show us how exactly the “truth hit home.” It’s not really the most powerful example, Brain—I mean Brian. Nope—not at all. Try again, honey.

      • LOL

        Oh, and I meant to ask—is she a beautician who is attending the U of P to change careers, or is she taking some specialized courses, like color, blunt cuts, to go along with being a beautician? Could you clarify that for us, please? Because it’s not really a great insult—not really a classic zinger that others will repeat for the rest of the week at the water cooler (or is it water-cooler, you tell me, Brian) or on Facebook. You know, I bet that the U of P probably has one of those courses on how to do the metaphor/simile thing. It’s probably not very expensive, but I think they’ve already passed the deadline to get your FAFSA in.

      • LOL


      • LOL

        Oh and one last thing—you don’t need to sign your posts “Brian,” when you’ve already put “Brian” under the “Your Name” field. That’s why it’s called “Your Name,” because it tells readers your name. I know English is a hard language to learn—it’s got so gosh-darn many words, like “idiot,” and “hypocrite” and “your name.”

      • LOL

        I’m so cool!

      • Sara

        @LOL: yeah, thanks!
        Brian – Your arguments are pointless. Plus it’s unfortunate how passionate you are without the intelligence to back it up.

      • Brian Wallace

        You see “LOL”, Brian Wallace is my REAL NAME. Ok? I have a LIFE. I don’t post on EVERY SINGLE Entertainment Weekly message board saying “Americans love crap.” I KNOW you THINK you are SO clever and witty. But you’re REALLY a poor, pathetic virgin. Ok? Now watch this. I am going to sign this with my REAL NAME.

        Brian Wallace

        There. Maybe if you stepped your bloated carcass away from the computer and WENT OUTSIDE life would be a lot better for you.

        And where did I specifically misuse a hyphen in my second post? Or, for that matter, attempt to use a metaphor or simile? I know you are a master of the English language, “LOL.” I’m sure you’ve even published a few letters in Penthouse. But, please. Go right ahead. Critique my grammar, he-who-is-such-a-coward-he-won’t-even-sign-his-real-name.

      • Brian Wallace

        Also, “Gosh darn” isn’t hyphenated, idiot. I mean, most normal, educated people don’t try to use “gosh darn” in a sentence but go for it, “LOL.” You’re a trailblazer.

        Brian Wallace

      • Also Brian

        Brian, you are sadly mistaken if you think you have a life. Your online actions prove otherwise.

      • D

        Its obvious this jury were there for themselves and to be on tv and not to serve justice for this child. What a shame that they are so lame. The evidence was overwhelming. the videos and pictures of this so called mother were outrageous. Today is a sad day where no justice for this baby was served over a bunch of ? May this jury live with not doing the right thing for this child. Justice has not been served and this jury was broken. It was a broken jury in la la land.

      • Chad

        Brian Wallace…YOU’RE the uneducated one, and it’s a good thing you don’t sit on a jury. The law says you must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that murder was committed. In this case, it wasn’t. Before you go around calling someone uneducated, you should probably brush up on the constitution, and what “beyond a reasonable doubt” means.

      • Brian Wallace

        The concept of “beyond a reasonable doubt” isn’t even mentioned in The Constitution, moron. So NOW, who is trying to come off as educated when they really are not?
        Don’t give this “I know what ‘reasonable doubt’ is and you don’t”, o.k.? You’re a moron who has watched too many “Law & Order” and “C.S.I” episodes. I HAVE sat on juries. I have MANY lawyer friends. I know how the process of law works. Look at the Scott Peterson case. There was probably LESS physical evidence in that case than in the Casey Anthony case. They convicted and sentenced him to the death penalty. Go back to watching NASCAR and reading comic books, Chad. Don’t try to pass yourself off as educated EVER AGAIN!

        Brian Wallace

      • LOL

        Oh Brian! I WOULD love TO hear THE way IN which YOU speak IN real LIFE, what WITH all THE odd EMPHASIS you LIKE to PUT on EVERY other WORD. It MAKES me KINDA dizzy, AND reminds ME of THAT damned IAMBIC pentameter.

      • Colette

        You’re the uneducated one. Kate is 100% right. How can you convict someone of murder if you can’t determine the cause of death. Everyone thought the Ramseys killed their daughter too-until the prosecutor proclaimed their innocence. The legal system is suppose to be above emotion, the mob mentality, and hollywood. It worked the way it was suppose to. If you don’t like it, move to China!

      • LOL

        @Colette: Sadly, I agree that they couldn’t convict her, because they couldn’t prove how the child died. But we all know that CA’s actions were not the actions of a typical mother, and it’s highly likely she had something to do with the child’s death, or knows who does.

    • K Cooper

      The cause of death was MURDER. The reason forensics couln’t specify was because of the state of the remains. So, I guess from now on if you’re going to murder someone, just make sure they decompose enough before the body is found so that cause of death can’t be determined-then you’re off scott free.

      • DarthMall

        “Bones” would’ve got her convicted.

      • AcaseofGeo

        The only solace everyone with common sense will have is that EVERY DAY of Casey Anthony’s life, someone will shout out “MURDERER” to her when they see her. And they will be right.

      • julieB

        KCooper, you are absolutely right! How can everyone not see that decomposition got her off scot free? What a bunch of idiots those jurors were. America is sick to it’s collective stomach and saddened that there is no justice for little Angel Caylee.

      • R

        No they would probably have another jury, a more common sense jury.

      • tnsmoke

        That’s the whole reason she was hiding from her family for 31 days, to give the body time to decompose in the hot Florida heat. She would of kept lying way into August and beyond if she didn’t have to answer to Cindy and George’s determination to show them Caylee NOW. The State might not of showed proof of premediated or 1st degree murder but we’re all upset because at the least Casey should of been guilty of gross negligance and child abuse. Also, why would George, a former cop, put a dead body in the trunk of a car? Any cop would of known how to cover their tracks with no trail of evidence blaring out like smells etc.

    • unreal

      wow. good for you. youre THEE ONLY ONE!

      • unreal


      • Squishmar

        No, Kate’s not the only one. Any objective person can see that it’s clear the prosecution did not prove their case. She may very well have done it, but they in no way, shape or form proved it beyond a reasonable doubt.

      • Max

        Did she do it? Probably. Was there enough evidence? I didn’t think so. And just because the media found her guilty and only showed one side of the case doesn’t mean anything when you are sitting on a jury.

      • Anya

        There has got to be something more serious that they can charge her with with all that evidence, even if they can’t charge her with first degree murder. There is too much evidence supporting that she had something to do with this for her to just get off scott free.

    • scott

      Are you kidding me you idiot?! The only reason they couldn’t rule on a cause of death was because the remains were hidden while Casey lied for so long!! That was NOT a flaw of the prosecution you daft moron!! Stop watching CSI. Real life doesn’t work the way it does on TV.

      • tvgirl48

        Your last two sentences should be emblazoned on every entrance to every courtroom. CSI effect in motion. No DNA? Then clearly nothing happened here! We all know murderers always leave DNA evidence behind, always!

    • b.y.

      i do agree.

      • Sam J

        I believe Casey did it, but I don’t know HOW she did it. Neither do any of you. That’s why she’s walking. Innocent until PROVEN guilty. The downside of Freedom.

    • LMFAO

      If Casey was an ugly black woman, she’d be on Death Row already.

      • BobS

        Oh get over yourself! When did this become a race issue? Celeb comments…Chad Lowe? turning it into a race issue? Based on what?

      • whatevs

        Well, O.J. was an ugly, black man.

      • julieB

        Absolutely right, LMFAO!!! Oh, and OJ was a beloved football star and celebrity back in the day, not an ugly black man.

      • T. Johnson

        Mike Vick,kill a dog, go to prison. Plaxico Burress, shoot yourself, go to prison. Casey Anthony, kill your daughter, go home. Casey Anthony has the right paint job that’s why she wasn’t convicted.

      • TRH

        Chad Lowe is right. If Caley had not been a white child, there never would have been a trial, and if there was, people would not have been breaking it down 24/7. (Yes, I’m white, but let’s face facts. Even Ennis Cosby’s murder didn’t get a fraction as much attention.)

      • Chelsea

        I completely agree. From both sides. If Caylee had been any other race than white, she would have been convicted, quickly and quietly. If Casey had been any other race than white, there would’ve been no trial, no media, nothing.

        P.S. I’m white, too.

    • sandy s

      Casey didn’t tell anyone her daughter was missing for 31 days…that alone is CHILD ABUSE!!!

      • Boo

        @Bobs you know he’s right stop being in denial. He’s not making it race related. He stating fact. love ya

      • SMD

        I agree…..that is child abuse not knowing where your child is.

      • lenscrafter

        Right!!! That’s what I keep screaming!!! How can it not be, what is the law on that?!

      • Annie

        I haven’t been following the case. Was she charged with child abuse?

      • annie

        I couldn’t agree more!

    • If it looks like a ho

      Your an as$hole Kate

    • Cody

      Your an idiot Kate! If I ever wanted to kill someone and get away with it, then I know who to speak to… Casey. This is not how the justice system is suppose to work. I know that they showed resonable doubt but that term is broad that it needs to be clarified in the legal system.

      • Vickie

        It is defined on law library sites. I looked it up and it is much different than most people, including the jury, interpret it. It says that there doesn’t have to remove all doubt but that it is proven where any reasonable person does not doubt it AND THEY KNEW SHE DID IT. They did not doubt that!

    • Boo

      you’re kidding right? please say you forgot to take your meds this morning.

    • doodoo

      Kate…your a moron

    • Sdm04

      Please don’t breed so that more uneducated dumbasses can walk this already f’d up world!!!! She deeserves to rot in jail…but than again free her and she’ll recieve worse from whoever gets ahold of her…

    • UuUuuuu

      But there is certainly sufficient evidence of child abuse.

    • not guilty isn’t innocent

      she was acquitted, not exonerated. the proof wasn’t conclusive enough, apparently, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t do it. i’ll never be convinced this woman is anything but a murderer, but the failure is not on the part of the justice system. if the prosecution didn’t meet the burden of proof, the jury had no choice, unfortunately. what REALLY sucks is double jeopardy…

      • Thank you…

        …for the first sensible comment on any of these threads.

        No one is happy here, folks, but if they can’t find guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, there’s no guilty verdict.

      • Lyndsey

        I concur! Thank you for a reasonable comment that doesn’t resort to calling people names or ignoring the law. I doubt there’s anyone who really believes Anthony DIDN’T murder her daughter but in a court of law the prosecution has to PROVE that the defendant is guilty beyond all reasonable doubt. The prosecution was hoping that the jury would be ruled by emotions in the absence of overwhelming forensic evidence. Personally I think she should rot in hell for what she did (or at least get thrown into the general population of the roughest women’s prison in the country for a few days) but I can’t fault the jury for following the law. After all, our justice system is rooted in the belief that it would be better that a hundred guilty men go free than one innocent man be falsely convicted.

    • pam

      Kate-are you insane or drunk?? did you used to party with casey?? she did it, but since the evidence was not enough due to her lies and the police not finding the body months earlier when the meter guy first called, she got off. why don’t the two of you go to the gyn surgeon and get two for one hysterectomies. people like you and casey give real, caring moms a bad name.

      • annie

        PERFECTLY put!

      • Aaron

        Pam, good with words aren’t you? There was nothing in Kate’s words that should cause this much vitriolic anger. She was simply saying that the prosecution did not prove sufficient evidence that would persuade the jury beyond a reasonable doubt that she murdered her child. There was nothing in Kate’s post that supported Anthony or anything in that degree…she was saying the justice system worked the way it was supposed to. There’s no need for this catty, obnoxious and rude banter of yours. Get a life.

    • Faith

      Our justice system has failed that poor child. It makes me sick to think of what Caylee went through and to know that her killer will probably not spend any more time behind bars. Casey played the court system and won, which is horrible but true. In an interview tonight one of the people that was previously on her legal team stated that her actions in court were “planned” to make her appear as if something was wrong with her so that the jury would not give her the death penalty. She also stated that her lawyers “never” thought that she would be acquitted, they just wanted to avoid the death penalty.

    • Henry

      You have just won the award for the stupisdest thing ever said….If she didnt do it then why lead police on a wild goose chase….why go out and party and get tattoos??? You must be trying to get people riled up because everyone knows it was an injustice and a little girl lost her life to a person that was supposed to protect her!!!

    • k

      You’re glad she got off? Don’t you mean you’re not surprised she got off. Why would you be glad? She caused the death of her daughter and that is a fact.

    • Titus77

      Yes, it did. People just can’t handle it when their worldview is shattered into a million pieces.

    • Helena

      This “angel” mother denied Caylee of the basic right for a medical care and chance to live by not calling 911 (after the “accident”) , and possibly dumping a child that could have been STILL ALIVE in woods!!! This should be a mistrial because obviously the jury couldn’t be mentally competent if the believe that this mother-of-hell did nothing wrong.

    • Betty

      Kate, it sounds like you have all the makings of a Pinellas juror.

  • Lauren

    The jury wasn’t given enough proof! The prosecution dropped the ball. It is their responsibility to prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt and they definitely didn’t do that. You can’t convict somebody just because their family is weird. Our just system is based on proof and rightly so.

    • Lauren

      And all the celebs are basing their judgement on all of the media coverage from the last three years and not the trial, which is how someone is convicted. I think that’s where most of the strong reaction is coming from.

    • JackieB

      The prosecution didn’t drop the ball; the body wasn’t found for months and THAT is why there’s no evidence.
      I agree that they couldn’t convict her on the crap evidence. I called it days ago.

    • doodoo

      Trailer trash loser. Get a clue. Better yet crawl back under your rock. Moron

    • maddux31

      Please don’t blame the jury. Blame the prosecutors for not presenting their case properly. Having served on a jury where I knew someone was guilty and couldn’t convict for lack of evidence is not fun. I am sure the jury wanted to go with their gut but couldn’t if the evidence wasn’t there.

      • annie

        Casey’s smarter than that jury. Thanks to their lack of common sense [because how else does a child last seen with her end up dead…not drowned in a swimming pool, as she intimated, but in a nearby SWAMP]…and she’s not involved? There was no evidence because she probably used gloves and the body was under water. But that’s too much thinking for the jury to have to do. Did anyone videotape Casey committing the act? Well, then there’s no proof. Go home, Casey. Go party again. It’s all good. Bella Vita, Baby.

      • Helena

        The verdict was a betrayal of justice!
        If the jury felt that there isn’t enough evidence, why weren’t they decent enough to walk away with NO verdict and let someone more competent to make a fair decision. Lack of evidence does not mean not guilty. At minimum, the jury should have vote for a child abuse to prevent this liar from cashing on the death of the poor child. Dumping a child into woods and not giving her a chance for medical care, is ABUSE!!! Caylee could have been still ALIVE in the bag for hours, maybe days!!!

    • Andy

      I agree. The prosecution did a terrible job of proving her guilty. It’s too bad that they wasted their chance on speculation and the hope that they could play on a jury having an emotional reaction. I think she’s guilty but the prosecution didn’t prove it so she goes free. That is the justice system in America, love it or hate it. Innocent until proven guilty, not innocent until decided guilty by Nancy Grace.

      • MereP

        The problem here was that the prosecution went for 1st degree murder, when it would have been much easier to prove 2nd degree or manslaughter(mens rea or forethought is not as large a component in the latter 2).They chose to go big or go home and lost.That’s the way the justice system works and while I might not agree with the outcome emotionally, from a logical (legal thought) standpoint the worked they way it was supposed to work.

      • lenscrafter

        mereP, they declared her innocent of Manslaughter and Child Abuse as well as murder. There were a bunch of separate charges they ruled on individually.

      • Nigel

        It should be pointed out that a defendant found “not guilty”, is not therefore found “innocent” by the court. A “not guilty” verdict results from the prosecutor’s failure to meet burden of proof of guilt. A defendant never receives a verdict of “innocent”. Thank you Vincent Bugliosi!

      • annie

        Andy, I’m so curious. What would have been proof to you?

    • B CASner

      well i guess they did there job but i wonder why they left town so fast.

  • Hey Now!!!!

    WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!How long does everyone think it will be before she gets pregnant again? I bet a month. I heard the defense team was celebrating with champagne. What a bunch of morons!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sharon

      The defense lawyer’s speech to the press never mentioned the dead child at any time. Karma needs to intervene.

      • Lauren

        Ummmm yes it did

    • BobS

      Just a some child molesters have been rendered “surgically sexless”, shouldn’t someone like this woman be forbidden from further procreation?

  • Roland

    Welcome to Florida, new kook capital of the world. Hey, we have a known criminal as governor, why shouldn’t a child-murderess walk free as well?

    • Dgently

      OMG. Shocked and LOL at the same time. : )

  • Hey Now!!!!

    Can her Dad sue for defamation? The defense team ripped him a new one during closing arguments. They accused him of burying Caylee and of molesting Casey when they had NO Scientific evidence to back that up. Just the word of a 4 time convicted liar. He has to sue!!!!!

    • MissMel

      Why would he want to do that? If I were him I would want to stay OUT of the public eye not sue my own daughter for defamation and have my entire family dragged through the media even more.

      • turka turka

        I’d do it to attach a judgement to any future earnings she might have. She NEVER needs to profit from what she has done.

        Hopefully none of her family nor friends take her in. She can sleep in the swamp where she dumped her daughter.

      • annie

        That’s probably because no one excoriated you in public. I’d bet it doesn’t feel the same once that happens…

    • julieB

      It sucks that you can use defaming your father so you can get doubt cast on your guilt. He’ll never be on trial, so it worked out great for them all!

      • Squishmar

        Her father is not as innocent as he claims. His whole story stinks to high heaven.

    • Diane

      I think George should sue Casey for wrongful death on behalf of Caylee just like the Browns and Goldmans sued O.j, you don’t need as much evidence and she can NEVER make money based on the case!

  • Dicazi

    The prosecution was critizied for not arresting her earlier. Now, they’re being critizied for not having enough proof. I think it all came down to not being able to detrimine cause of death.

  • Dicazi

    If she ever has another child, child protection services should watch her like a hawk.

    • Nathan

      Her hole should be sewn shut, nothing goes in, nothing comes out!

      • Dicazi

        I’d settle for her being sterilized, but without even a conviction of child abuse………

    • julieB

      I hadn’t even thought of that; she could be pregnant again before you know it. Interesting to see what the state of FL would do then.

      • annie

        I wonder if this time she’ll actually know who the father is…

  • Tranzchick

    OH MY GOD! This is all just too funny.

  • kiwi

    A gross miscarriage of justice, for sure. However, that entire family’s life is over. They will be pariahs forever. Even if they move elsewhere and change their names. So, the taxpayers are spared the expense of appeals and death row incarceration. She will suffer forever. It’s all good.

  • yah

    God bless America. Now excuse me while I plot my child’s murder. Hee hee.

    • Nathan

      Just make sure you do it in Orlando, they have a real Mickey Mouse judicial system over there I hear.

  • 37

    Dear people – while I too think Casey Anthony is guilty, the state did not present a winning case. This is our justice system. If you were on trial, you’d be hoping the jury ruled on evidence over emotion as well. For every Casey Anthony there’s probably some schmuck on death row who doesn’t belong there.

    • An American Refugee

      @37, Ummm Casey Anthony’s own actions, words and videos is evidence. How can a mother allow their child to be eaten by maggots and animals for 6 months while saying she’s alive knowing she’s not? How can a mother party and live a care free life right after loosing her baby even to an accident? My biggest question is how the hell can a mother go 31 days without reporting their child missing and be innocent of aggravated child abuse.???This country is so backwards.

      • Denise

        Casey did not report her child missing at 31 days – the grandmother called the police when Casey could not produce her child. Only then did Casey say she her missing.

    • BobS

      Screw our justice system!!! Run by attorneys whose only job is to confuse issues and cover up facts! The woman killed her kid! Face it! Hopefully she will at least be reduced to the status of total social pariah! Won’t do the kid much good though! She’s dead…remember?

    • annie

      I wonder of that line of thinking makes sense to you. Someone who’s innocent is probably in jail, so it’s okay if Casey Anthony gets off after killing her daughter? Ya win some, ya lose some? Is that how it’s all AOK with you? I sure hope you never get called for jury duty.

    • Gwen

      The question becomes-did the DA offer manslaughter or negligent homicide as a charge? If not then the ruling of the jury was correct (as much as it sucks). If it was offered and she was acquitted after admitting that she caused her daughter’s death, then Floridians should sue the educational system (Cause those jurors are idiots). If it wasn’t offered, then they should sue the DA’s office. I know it improves careers faster to convict on homicide but any win would be better (better Capone in jail on tax evasion than OJ free on murder).

      • cyndi

        Yes they offered lesser charges of manslaughter and child abuse. Why they didn’t convict her of those I don’t know. Not reporting your child missing for 31 days and misleading police to her body seems like child abuse to me. Also throwing your child into the swamp sure sounds like it.

  • Shurly

    “Hold up. They found her guilty of lying. Lying to covering up something she didn’t do? Fascinating.” … “If not reporting your child missing for 31 days is not aggravated child abuse I dont know what is. I really don’t”

    She’s SO RIGHT !!!

    • @ Shurly

      Is it neglect if you know the child is dead?

  • mags

    A stipulation of her sentencing should be “hysterectomy mandatory”!

    • Maia

      THIS. so much.

    • Marcy

      Yes. She should never be able to have another child or be near any child under the age of 18, near schools or parks! Major disappointment and injustice for Caylee. It’s obvious she was the last person with Caylee who could have done this. With this verdict,
      it sends the message, any child who is abused or murdered, the killer can go free as long as they lie. VERY SAD DAY FOR INNOCENT CHILDREN WHO DIE AT THE HANDS OF PARENTS OR GUARDIANS. I wonder now that Casey has her freedom what is she going to do? I’m pretty sure her parents aren’t going to let her live with them after the alleged family secrets have been revealed in public. I wouldn’t doubt now that Baez and the think tank are going to try to get her into witness protection, so she can have a normal life again with a new identity. I strongly believe she may be the most hated mother in America. Caylee is better off than with Casey!

    • Anya

      That’s exactly what I was thinking!

  • Meli

    I guess it’s Open Season on toddlers now. After all, Casey got away with it.

  • Tb58

    It was so wrong her parents got up and left the courtroom.

    • LMFAO

      If George Bush and Dick Cheney are still free, then can America really be that upset? Criminals rarely do time.

    • Just sad

      Or the realization that when they lied on the stand for her they made a deal with the devil set in…

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