Fox News Twitter page hacked, falsely tweets Obama is assassinated’s politically focused Twitter page, FoxNewspolitics, caused quite a stir early this morning after sending out messages to its more than 36,000 followers that President Barack Obama had been shot twice and killed at an Iowa restaurant. The assassination reports are false and were apparently sent out after Fox’s account was hacked. President Obama and his family are currently enjoying their July 4 at the White House.

Fox News alerted the Secret Service of the breach, and vice president and general manager of Fox News Digital Jeff Misenti said in a statement, “We will be requesting a detailed investigation from Twitter about how this occurred, and measures to prevent future unauthorized access into accounts.”


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  • Sarah

    It is disgusting that somebody would do this.

    • Desmond’s constant

      What’s almost as disturbing is that they have 36K followers. Are that many people so ignorant, gullible, uninformed and just plain stupid?

      • Duderonomy

        I was just thinking that was a reassuringly low number, all things considered.

      • sam

        C’mon Desmond…don’t be a noob. Nobody is gonna take you seriously when you call everyone who follows Fox News ignorant, gullible, uninformed, and stupid. I could just say that everyone who comments on EW are fat, ugly, and stupid too.

      • LD

        Not everyone follows twitter. Some people have a life and could care less about Twitter.

      • Blorp

        Hey Sam, we get it, you’re an awesome hipster who wants to look magnanimous and level-headed, but the hell with that: Fox news is awful, and I have a hard time trusting people who use it as their primary news source – I don’t even know where to begin, it would be too much for a comment space. Suffice to say, get off Desmond’s back. CNN doesn’t routinely show violent stock footage, but present it on the air as an actual occurence for some specific event (i.e. union worker rallys).

      • centralnjbill

        I follow the FOX News feed because they’re the official public relations arm of the American right wing.

      • Veronica Mars

        I follow EW News because they’re the official public relations arm of the queerosexual agenda and every MTV kiddie show.

      • Dominic

        Desmonds comment wins.

      • Desmond’s constant

        sammy, perhaps I should have expressed myself differently. How about if I said that anyone who obtains information from a network which provides a platform to the likes of Ann Coulter, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and Bill O’Rielly is a f*cking moron? Hope that comment works better for you. Actually, I’m surprised I have the presence of mind to comment at all since I’m just REELING from the implication that I’m fat, ugly, and stupid.

      • sam

        Hey I don’t even like Fox News! I just don’t like when people make rash generalizations. Chillllllllllllllll.

      • Tom

        but again, what has the democratic party done for you lately besides wieners?

      • Veronica Mars

        Wow. This Desmond guy is sure an uptight creeper with an inferiority complex.
        What a worm.

      • Veronica Mars

        Wow. This Desmond guy is sure an uptight crrreeper with a severe innnferiority complex. What a weak minded halfwitttted babbboon.

      • Opie

        Ah, another bitter whack job that’s upset that their other choice in “news” is getting slammed.Poor Desmond, maybe you can call your mommy and get a cookie

      • Veronica Mars

        Bunch of sheep claiming they don’t watch Fox but yet they hate it so much that it makes them insane. How do you know what’s on Fox if you don’t watch it?
        Because of the small clips that the lefty networks show out of context?
        And because the queerosexuals that work at EW said so?

      • Devin Faraci

        Such a lameass troll, “Veronica Mars”. Or should I say “douchebag alone in his basement”?

      • JPX


  • Hali

    That’s effed up.

    • Sam J

      I wonder how FOX News “followers” feel about reading this news on the day that celebrates the birth of the nation? I’m sure an embarrassing amount “didn’t mind”, to put it mildly.

      • Devin Faraci

        Exactly. Fox News is the official channel of racist teabaggers nationwide.

  • wha’ever

    Fox News giving false information !!? What else is new ?
    (This one almost seems like wishful thinking on their parts…)

    • wha’ever

      Before i’m being jumped on, i know their twitter account have been hacked, my comment was ironic (sometimes it seems like you need to tell the obvious in these fora)

    • Ligniere

      Try actually LISTENING to the other side. You might be surprised at what you discover.

      • abadstroller

        If FoxNews is whom you mean for the other side, I HAVE listened and watched…and I can’t believe how some events are represented or interpreted as “fair and balanced”. I’ll listen to “the other side”, yes, but not FauxNews.

      • Wha’ever

        What exactly am I supposed to find out ? Any network that gives a show and support to the likes of Glenn Beck has no credibility to me, whatever the “other side” might be.

      • gary

        Fox is really good (or bad) at lying. Remember when they got caught using false footage spliced into “coverage” of rallies for Repub political candidates? They wanted so badly to make it appear as though more people were showing up than actually were. Fox is the lowest common denominator. Have some respect for yourselves and follow ANY news source other than Fox. Even TMZ and E have more integrity than Fox, which is really sad.

    • tiebaojin

      First thing I thought when I read this was “wishful thinking” on the part of Fox News.

      • d-bag

        What I would like to read are the Followers’ responses to the fake tweets.

      • Liz Lemon

        Same. I doubt they were even hacked.

  • abadstroller

    I don’t care how much one may disagree with another’s politics…going this far to instigate is SICK and wrong. All it takes is one deluded person….

  • maggie

    What a sick thing to do.

  • Ligniere

    We Iowans are MUCH too civilized for that.

  • Jack

    ah, who cares, it’s just a dumb hacker trying to get a rise out of people.

  • irwan

    americans…don’t you have ENOUGH presidents getting assassinated already??? why would any of u do this?? technology really IS the beginning of man’s downfall. [beat] naaaa…that’s too over the top, BUT, really…this just proves how pointless this twitter thing really is. all i hear about it is someone’s trashing others, or some other negative stuff. really, nothing good bout twitter, that’s why i never sign up for it.

    • Blorp

      You know what sucks: an american, on an american website, pretending he isn’t american. Weird.

    • Veronica Mars

      Blorp = santimonious twit

    • Mike

      How do you know an American did the hacking? Why would you think a nutjob would represent any of us, including the vile hated Fox News?

  • Paul Reiser

    This is horrible! Horrible! Look, I’m just a regular guy with 2 kids and a bunch of zany friends. I’m just doing the best I can. I’m a lot like Barack Obama in that way and it upsets me that someone would spread an Internet rumor about one of us like that. You have my full support Mr. President.

  • thomas mc

    Honestly, I don’t see what the problem is. It was every bit as factual as everything else on Fox News.

    • Josh


  • Jamie

    Well we can dream cant we? :-)

    • abadstroller

      Dream what? That Fox News is factual? Because if it’s the other thing, well…not cool.

    • Desmond’s constant

      I’m sure your comment would make Sarah Palin proud. I bet she’d consider you a ‘real American’ for wanting the black Communist dead. Now do us all a favor and go back to sticking your head up your a*s.

    • Mic

      Jamie, I think I hear your mom calling you to take the trash out. God, I’m hoping you’re some 12 year old who likes to watch the adults react to your stupid remarks.

  • lambert

    thats sick. better up your game. thats lame

    • Tom

      word up.. don’t be a hater or see you later gator

  • bla

    I was wondering what that sound was.
    36000 millionaire and Idiots all sighing in relief. “oooh Joe, we get to kept f’n the little people.”

  • Easygoing

    Yes this is just like fox news to allow someone to have access to their twitter account, spread a deplorable rumor and then say it was hacked. Bunch of corn balls..

  • Jack King

    I’ll bet Beck hacked teeh account. LOL

    BTW, only 36,000 followers? Is that because Faux News isn’t as popular as they say they are or because most of their viewers are a bunch of old cronies too stupid to know how to follow tweets?

    • LOL

      Fox: Where Truth Goes to Die ®

    • James

      That’s only one of their accounts. Their main Fox News account 800k followers.

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