Diana at 50 joins Kate Middleton on controversial 'Newsweek' cover

Princess Diana would’ve turned 50 years old on Friday, and Newsweek editor and longtime Diana chronicler Tina Brown imagines what her life would be like had she not died tragically in 1997. But it’s not the article that has people buzzing. It’s the cover, in which a computer-created 50-year-old Diana walks with a smiling Kate Middleton. Click on a link, and you can see what her Facebook page might resemble (Sample Diana update: “Sitting with Beckhams front-row at Burberry. Love the shoes!”)

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  • Matt

    Oh, Photoshop…

    • Ugh


      • Steve

        The zombie apocalypse is upon us.

      • bb

        Creepy and SICK !
        Putting a dead woman’s ghost on the cover. What are they thinking ?

      • bb

        Cripes. Did Andrew Morton make the suggestion to do this. He always said that Lady Diana liked to be the centre of attention, just like himself.

      • Jade

        Show some respect, you’re so insensitive and obviously uneducated if you speak about the dead like that! You have no class and no taste, I wonder how you would feel if someone you loved dearly was mocked by an insensitive troll like you.

      • C Men

        My biggest problem with it is that I’m sure she would have let herself go by now. I suspect she’d be about 250 lbs. They should have gone with that picture, and her on a rascal.

      • Philly

        I had no idea how to apparcoh this before—now I’m locked and loaded.

    • Alex

      Too bad it’s not at least GOOD Photoshop…

      • v

        EXACTLY. Try hiring some talent, Newsweek.

      • Tisa

        Ugh, I don’t know anyone who looks that bad at 50. Especially not a woman with her kind of money. Was Diana a five pack a day secret smoker? Why didn’t they yank out some teeth while they were at it? Sheesh, and Newsweek wonders why no one takes them seriously anymore.

      • Jennifer Tells it Like it IS

        Yeah, Tisa. YOU sure sound like somebody we should all take seriously. Shrill envious cow.

      • Rose

        @Jennifer Tells it Like it IS,
        You’re a moron. Tisa isn’t envious of Diana or even commenting about Diana herself. She’s commenting on how bad Newsweek made Diana look.
        Tisa is correct. They did make Diana look awful and older than 50.
        The fact that Newsweek would sink to such sensationalism is disgusting and unprofessional. Tina Brown has made the magazine into a joke.

      • jules

        What Rose said. JTiLiI, what the hell is Tisa envious of? Bad photoshop? A crappy magazine? Anyone who uses their name in the third person, especially on a comments board, will NEVER be taken seriously.

      • Mike

        I am confused. Tisa said the artist did a bad job by making Diana much older looking than most 50 year olds. Yeah, the joke that she nearly looks toothless is kinda lame, but she didn’t say Diana looked toothless. How is that envious or using her name in the third person? Way weird reactions.

    • litho

      I really dont get it why story from UK doing here, we dont need it EW take it back to raining country

      • K4815162342

        I really don’t get why some dumbasses post nonsensical comments. Go back to school or even better- just go AWAY.

      • dee

        You don’t own a passport do you?

      • Rose

        Newsweek is an American magazine.

      • barack

        Newsweek I no read, is bad magazine edit by crackhead prostitute. I read the Entertonement Wekly for the globall noose.

      • Adalynn

        Yes it has been raining quite a bit this year in the states but I must say that the UK is much rainier.

    • AK

      Good lord, they made her look terrible! She’s only supposed to be fifty, but she looks fifteen years older than that.

      • jules

        She needs to eat a sandwich. Or some brains, if she is indeed a zombie.

    • guetryg


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      s h o e s -35

      b i k i n i -17


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  • JerryC

    IS there a second half to this article? It seems to end abruptly.

    • Chacidy

      This is way more helpful than antyhing else I’ve looked at.

    • Kristy

      Begun, the great internet edutacion has.

      • Mesos

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      • Claudete

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  • Disgusted

    I am at a complete loss for words. No wait, found one-nauseating.

    • Jenny

      Creepy also fits. Newsweek just seriously jumped the shark and moved right into tabloid territory. But that is what Tina Brown did to a once venerable publication. Too bad.

      • Jacki

        I’m impressed by your writing. Are you a prefossoinal or just very knowledgeable?

    • KC

      I usually despise any attention the Royals get in this country, but I have to admit that Kate Middleton is incredible to look at.

      • KBC

        YES. Kate Middleton is gorgeous, but Pippa is the hottie.

    • Holly

      Me too – it makes me sick that a supposedly democratic country still is backwards enough to have a monarchy in 2011, and people accept it. What a bunch of morons.

      • Kim

        Although I respect Harry and Williams military and charity works, I think it’s a complete waste of tax payers’ money to give to the Royals when they’re not really ruling the country. The PM and House of Commons enact the laws and run the country. I don’t really see the purpose of the queen anymore except to appear at events and wave at people.

      • Sheeesh

        It’s their country, their heritage, their choice. You don’t like it, don’t move there.

    • Anonymous

      Newsweek has sucked ever since it was bought by the Daily Beast people.

      • tim

        Amen. Total garbage now.

  • Jennz


  • MSR

    The hell? Let her rest in peace already.

    • Yesusyudas

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  • PeterBilt

    wow, thats pretty lame.

  • watcher

    Have the boys, now men, not suffered enough? Great way to kick start the mariage and the hope of a new and hopefully improved monarchy.

    • Molly

      Yeah, this is a bit uncalled for. You might as well punch Will and Harry in the gut. Even though they’re royal, can we just give them a break?

    • LoveforPeace

      Newsweek, like most other obnoxious media, has crossed the line again. The ” peanut gallery ” comments are even worse. Snark is the disease. Keep spreading hate? You become responsible for more deaths than you know.

      • Rose

        The snark in the comments here is directed at the magazine for their disturbing story and fake pictures.
        “Keep spreading hate? You become responsible for more deaths than you know.”
        WTF??? Making comments on how awful Newsweek is to do this story about Diana is “spreading hate” that will lead to “more deaths’??? That doesn’t make any sense.

  • Danae

    She looks like Zombie!Diana rather than What If?Diana

  • Ben

    This is wrong and Tina Brown/Newsweek should be ashamed.

  • Ap

    Who thought this would be a good idea?

    • Amanda

      Probably the person who no longer works there is my guess!

  • kate middleton

    This is so stupid. Newsweek is truly the bottom of the barrel.

  • Mitch logN

    Great idea. Well done. Things like this should be done more often.

  • Zzzzzzzz

    Extremely poor taste.

  • Hermione

    Awful. Diana can’t even find peace in her death.

  • Lorie

    This is so wrong.

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