Friends and family mourn Ryan Dunn at funeral

Ryan Dunn was remembered yesterday in West Chester, Pa., as his family and many of his famous friends paid their respects to the actor after his sudden death early Monday morning. Jackass co-stars Johnny Knoxville and Bam Margera attended, as did Knoxville’s wife Melissa, Margera’s parents Phil and April, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia actors Glenn Howerton and Rob McElhenney.

Overseas, Caleb Followill and his fellow band mates in Kings of Leon paid tribute to Dunn at their concert in London’s Hyde Park last night, urging fans to raise a glass to “a friend of ours who’s passed away.” Followill added, “This is for Ryan” before playing the Kings’ song “McFearless.”

According to reports, Dunn will be laid to rest in his home state of Ohio, with a public memorial to be announced in the near future. In lieu of flowers, Dunn’s family requested friends and fans to make a contribution to Garth Brooks’ Teammate for Kids nonprofit, which pairs professional athletes and celebrities with charities benefiting children.

Friends and family of Jackass crew member Zachary Hartwell, who also died in the crash, have planned a private memorial Saturday at 1 p.m. in West Chester.

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    Very sad. But hey, this what could happen when you get loaded and decide to drive. RIP.

    • ain’t no fun

      “Dunn’s family requested friends and fans to make a contribution to Garth Brooks’ Teammate for Kids nonprofit…”

      Shouldn’t they have asked that contributions go to MADD?

      • Bob

        Why? Because he drank and drove? Why not to DAMM? The charity listed was his favorite, as he described on ‘Minute To Win It’ a few weeks ago.

      • Sleepy in Seattle

        Ryan Dunn spoke about Teammate for Kids many times and helped raise funds for the charity, so it makes sense that they would give money to that organiztion as a tribute to Dunn. It may have also been stipulated in his will.

      • ed

        you trying to be cute if so you arent

      • Kelley Bender

        I think that comment is a little premature have some respect..

      • robin daniels

        No! They can have donations sent to anywhere in the F**K they choose!!!!!

  • GaboonViper67

    Can we all move on now?

    • Bamm FAN

      When your morning a friend or family member and your crying and whaling rember your own words, lets move on or Wrap it up!!

      • whatevs

        Hard to feel pity for someone who did this to himself.

      • Dgently

        Hey, Bamm. You’re not allowed to vote, are you? In a single sentence, you made seven grammatical and spelling errors. Try to find them, why don’t you? Learn from them. Write coherent posts in the future.

      • Bamm FAN

        Do you always show up to people you dont like funerals? Simple maners by thumpers Mom “If you Don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!”

      • Bamm FAN

        Dgently, you must be a teacher.
        those who can’t make it in the real world, Teach

      • Noah Webster


      • Noah Webster

        Do you always show up to people you dont like funerals? Simple maners by thumpers Mom “If you Don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!”

        The first sentence makes no sense at all so we’ll leave it alone.
        *don’t (at least you spelled it correctly)

      • @Bamm Fann

        1. This is not a funeral; this is a posting on an entertainment website. No one commenting here is bothering any funeral attendees. 2. “Gaboonviper’s” comment WAS rude, but apt: Ryan Dunn really asn’t very famous; why is his death getting SO much media attention? 3. The fact that you would say something so ignorant about teachers, combined with your pitiful writing skills, leads me to believe that you had very, very poor teachers yourself. I feel sorry for you, but, hey – at least you’re a “Fann” of someone who has made millions by skateboarding and performing pointless stunts.

      • JAM

        he did it to himslef. Bam Margera is next, I hope. PS, it’s ‘manners’ you also messed up the whole teacher thing. lets face it, you. are. a dumbass. Also proven by the fact that your handle is Bamm Fan, derp derp derpa derp

      • JAM

        Lets examine: When your morning a friend or family member and your crying and whaling rember your own words, lets move on or Wrap it up!!
        Mourning, youre, wailing, remember. This is the intelligence of Bamm Fan. Heck he’s a fan of Bam Margera, nuff said. (and i’m not a teacher)

      • DGH

        are you idiots really arguing about grammer and spelling errors on the internet?

      • creative

        I only found 6 mistakes. please identify all 7

      • Embarassed to be doing this…

        When your morning a friend or family member and your crying and whaling rember your own words, lets move on or Wrap it up!!
        1. When you’re mourning a friend or family member and you’re crying
        and wailing remember your own words, let’s move on or wrap it up!

      • Embarassed to be doing this…


      • anne

        Bamm Fann– what is your problem? It’s great to defend your friend but why the insults? It’s tragic whenever anyone dies–you’re making it about you and not Dunn. You might also remember the other guy who died because of Dunn. Get a grip—-

      • Jennifer Tells it Like it IS

        Bamm Fan can’t even spell BAM. And Bamm Fan’s buddy DGH can’t spell the word ‘grammar’.
        Too good.


      • vtecfed

        Hey dgenitaily…quit being such a douche…did I spell that right? I hate people like all of you who can’t just show some respect to a dead man.

      • Kelley Bender

        Exactly hats off 2 u for saying it…He made a mistake & paid 4 it people need to get over it.

    • Pissed off

      Seriously the guy was loved he was funny and a good person and ur disrespectful to ask to move on he passed away monday and ur a real jerk

    • only human

      REALLY!!! I never comment on sites like these but ignorant people are just going overboard so I felt compelled to put in my two cents.

  • eli

    so Kings of Leon asked their concert goers to RAISE a glass. Wasn’t glass raising exactly how this all came out?

    • Molly

      Glass raising, then driving. Nothing wrong with drinking, as long as you do it responsibly.

    • Steve

      Eli, your pathetic attempt at a clever quip failed miserably. I’m sure it will take you a while to look up all of those multisyllabic words I just used… In the meantime, I sincerely hope that the demise of yourself, or your loved ones, is met with an equal amount of shallow judgement and ridicule. *sshole.

      • Peter

        As with Ebert’s comment, there was no judgement or ridicule in eli’s comment.

      • Betsy

        I believe he was being ironic, not judgmental.

      • Jennifer Tells it Like it IS

        Steve is a bitter troll.
        Somebody speaks out against the issue of drinking and driving, so he wishes condemnation on them even if they die as an innocent rather than through an act of vile stupidity.
        Real braniac.

      • Jane

        Really guy. Get a grip. These are just postings not an fing book. Get the F over yourself. Stop correcting grammatical errors. Jack off!!!

  • Bobby

    He died like he lived. A true jackass. Double the legal limit, speeding and killed an innocent passenger. Lucky he didn’t take anyone else with him.

    • D;’s Advocate

      He did.

    • Ding

      very sad for both of the deceased. I’m sure both will be missed greatly. This comment is more of a general one, but in respone to “innocent passenger”… How is he innocent? he was there drinking with Dunn? He knew how much Dunn had to drink? I’m pretty sure he got in the car willingly. etc… etc…

  • chris

    bad decision to drive, yes. a bad guy, not at all. dunn didnt do anything worse than a westboro preist would have done.

    • Steve

      Except he did kill someone.

  • jamie

    Correction, Melissa is Bam’s wife.

  • Bamm FAN

    Everyone here are such Angels and have never done anything wrong, had a few drinks with dinner and drove home? Come on be honest with yourself and the rest of us! You clearly have no idea who Ryan Dunn is and how he lived his life, your all Monday morning quarterbacks sitting on your fat asses while guys like Dunn have done more with his short lived life than you will ever do because you have been to scared to live life to the fullest!

    • Jason

      Bamm Fann – shut up, no one cares what u think

      • Monty

        He didn’t learn his lesson when he got his first DUI. This is not a ‘mistake’. Woops, I accidently got smashed and drove my porche at speeds of 130 mph. Really, it could happen to anyone!

      • DGH

        if you don’t care why are you posting on his comments?

      • Jennifer Tells it Like it IS

        Hey Bamm FAN,

        At the very least, learn how to spell BAM before you try and lecture people, you babbling half-wit.

    • Joey CR

      Actually, I have NEVER driven drunk. Thank you.

      • HTC

        Neither have I. Bamm Fann probably does it on a regular basis, which is why he keeps making excuses for Dunn.

      • Adalynn

        Nor I. I would never drive after drinking. EVER! That’s how people get killed. I could never live with myself if I got behind the wheel drunk and killed another person, a totally innocent bystander to my stupidity. That is why there are whole campaigns AGAINST drinking and driving.

      • tomb

        Agreed HTC, and I would like to add my name as another who has never driven drunk. No matter how many drinks I have had, I guess I kept the good sense NOT to get behind the wheel. I do feel badly about the loss of these lives and send my condolences to friends and family, but that is tempered with a sense of relief that nobody else was injured or killed by Mr. Dunn’s actions!

      • amy

        Ever talked on your phone while driving or run a stop sign or red light? Cut someone off? People get killed that way too.

      • @amy

        No comparison between those things and speeding at 130mph while wasted. Analogy FAIL.

      • Chet Ryan

        Uhhhh Amy, the answer is NO!!!!! And even if I or anyone else has does it excuse what this alcoholic moron did?????????? Didn’t think so.

    • Noah Webster

      But we do know how he lived his life. He jumped into sewage, shoved stuff up his ass, and thought it a good idea to have a few drinks before driving at over 100 MPH on suburban roads. I see that you’re quite emotional about this, Bamm FAN, but for your own sake please stop posting. You come across as an uneducated dolt and that’s not helping you.

      • ibanker

        @noah webster

        ha. youre such a loser, guy. im sitting here at goldman sachs with three of my buddies after lunch at la grenouille. my paycheck every two weeks, net of taxes, is $80,000. i came here to read about an entertainer who died tragically and i see your BS about spelling and grammar mistakes? dude, kill yourself. seriously. no one cares about you. i make more money in one day than you make in a year. and so did ryan dunn. get out of your mom’s basement and meet people. loser. ha ha.

      • JAM

        @iBanker, you sound like a total Frakking douchebag. You eat at a restaraunt that means frog, you name dropped goldman sachs and apparrently you think pretty highly of yourself. Youre a douchebag. You are the walking definition of douchebag. have a drink, get in a proche and go kill yourself. Thats not a recomendation, it’s a public service.

      • @ibanker

        Doubt it. And even if you DO make that kind of money – So what? That makes you better than others? You’re obviously not very smart, as evidenced by your inability to form a complete sentence, and the glipse of your personality you’ve just given us makes you sound like a massive tool. You’re wealthy? Big whoop; that doesn’t make you special.

      • Lorrie

        ibanker is Bam Fann trying to play grown-up and failing miserably!

      • ibanker

        jam — too funny. i have pieces of people like you in my stool. i literally buy and sell idiots like you on a daily basis. youre no one. youll never be anyone or anything. youre a zero. ill be in st. barths next week and youll be rotting away in middle america in your nothing life with nobody.

      • @ibanker

        You “literally” buy and sell people like him? Are you in the slave trade? (And how are you “anyone or anything?” What value do you bring to the world? Someone who has no personality traits beyong bragging about money is a zero in my book)

      • Alfie

        Wow, ibanker, I sure hope your illiterate a$$ has someone else write up your reports for clients at Golman Sachs, because you are damn near illiterate. Your spelling and syntax is almost as bad as Bam Fann’s… oh, wait – That’s because you’re the same person!

      • @Alfie

        Don’t you make fun of ibanker! He makes lots of money! That means he’s better looking, smarter and more spirtually evolved than the rest of us!

      • mark

        @ibanker…everyone is a bit shot online. You certainly showed us all.

      • ibanker

        thanks guys — its been really fun spending a part of my afternoon bantering with you heathens. now if youll excuse me, im boxing at the harvard club followed by drinks at the four seasons. ill be sure to brush up on my grammar and syntax while im drinking my blue label scotch. im sorry that you people are poor and unsuccessful. im also sorry that the glipse (sic) of my personality has soured some of you. bottomline (all that matters): i am better looking, richer and happier than you will ever be with your nothing lives. RIP ryan dunn.

      • Alfie

        Whatever, “ibanker.” Of ALL of the comments on this board, the one you decided to take over and start bragging about your paychecks was the one making fun of “Bam Fann”… And you wrote it exactly like Bam Fann. Nice try. I hope you have a good English teacher this fall in 7th grade, and also that you develop new heroes besides guys who stick Hot Wheels up their butts and drive drunk.

      • imodel

        Oh, ibanker, you almost had me going… Until you said you were better looking than us. I’m sitting here with some of my friends from Ford models laughing at you. Now I’m going to go have dinner at The Ivy and then shop for my upcoming trip to St. Tropez at Fred Segal, Dior and other places that popped up in my Google search…

      • kbailey

        who cares about all this grammer Sh!t!! You are all idiots trying to make yourselves sound cool and outwit the other person!!! Yes, Ryan Dunn did a couple of dumb things that obviously a majority of modern america loved to laugh at including me, but yes he also drove really fast while intoxicated! The man is dead. Did he deserve it? Hell no, no one deserves that. His friend didn’t deserve it, and neither would anyone that any of you people know. Get over yourselves. This comment thread is for Ryan, not for “Ahahah I’m soo cool, I sure called out that guy’s gramatical error :D”, or “Yea, I’m cool because I have lots O monies!! :DDD”
        grow up

    • Joey CR

      Furthermore, driving 130+ mph with a blood alcohol content DOUBLE the legal limit is in no way “a few drinks with dinner and driving home.” I’m very sorry this man and his friend died, but instead of excusing the behavior that led to this tragedy, his fans should be disappointed in his bad judgment and learning from the example.

      • Betsy

        Thank you for a SANE comment.

      • Nikki

        Self-destruction is what they do for a living. It’s not like they are in denial. They honestly think that this is OK.

    • Scott

      “…and have never done anything wrong, had a few drinks with dinner and drove home?” — Yeaaaaah, no. I’ve never been a complete moron and done this, thanks.

    • Peter

      Dunn did not simply “have a few drinks with dinner and drove home”. I’m sure everyone here has broken the speed limit as well; that doesn’t put us in the same neighborhood of what he did.

    • Dgently

      @BammFan: Jesus, is Western Civilization crumbling all around us? This guy swam in sewage and stuck toys up his butt for a living, and after at least one previoius arrest for DUI, he gets hammered, drives home at speeds topping 130 miles per hour, and dies – along with a passenger. How much am I supposed to mourn?

    • PJ

      I’ve never had a few drinks and then driven at 140 mph, no.

    • JB

      Despite what you think everyone does NOT drink and drive.

      So anyone as myself who wants to say that it is foolish to drink and drive which in thi case led not only to his death but someone else has all the right in the world to.

    • listerine

      just because you drink and drive BAM FAN, doesn’t mean the rest of us do. Maybe, unlike Dunn and the rest of the Jackass crew and fans, we have morals and don’t want to kill someone by getting in a car and driving 140 mph drunk

    • Squishmar

      I think Bamm FAN is trying… I counted only five grammar and spelling errors in his post at 2:03 p.m.

  • CB

    It is beyond belief that this guy is considered a celebrity.

    Only in today’s dumbed down (to the point of idiocy) culture…

    • turka turka

      this is why THEY hate us

  • quimby

    No one sets out to drink and drive. Poor decisions amplified by lowered inhibitions plus an infrastructure that has strapped us all to personal transportation. It doesn’t excuse it, but unless you are an angel who has only ever driven totally sober of all drugs, legal or non, perhaps you should realize that we are all one poor decision away from the same fate.

    • Yeah, right. . .

      Keep making excuses.

      • Jennifer Tells it Like it IS

        He didn’t make ONE poor decision quimby.
        1. He’s had a prior conviction for DUI.
        2. He’s had 2 prior convictions for street-racing.
        3. He knew full well he was going out drinking that night and that he’d be driving home.
        4. He childishly tweeted a photo of he and his boys drinking.
        5. He chose to drive a Porsche instead of an easily affordable limosine.
        6. He didn’t drive at regular speeds (as even most drunk drivers do in order to not draw police attention)
        7. He chose to consort with at least one other person who has an equally ambivalent feeling towards drunk driving and had no problem hopping in the passenger seat.
        8. He recklessly raced the car on a known treacherous stretch.

        I respect that you’re trying to be a voice of reason here – BUT THIS ISSUE SHOULD NOT BE SUGERCOATED.

        The “don’t throw stones” angle rings hollow.
        It’s important to harshly judge this issue so that at least SOME people listen and learn.

    • Another yeah, right…

      He posted a photo of himself partying online shortly before he drove. This was not a poor decision, but a conscious choice. Dunn would have probably bragged about crashing his car at 130 had he lived.

    • anne

      Quimby–believe it or not–there’s a lot of us who haven’t driven drunk or drugged–amd have had to watch out for the drivers that are. We’re tired of being put at risk by idiots.

    • billy

      props quimby on an intellectual post. sucks we are all fighting. i hope we can all learn about ourselves a little more. regardless if he did pranks for a living or was a Dr. it was his personality. there’s room in the world for everyone. we don’t want anyone dead and the bad decision to drive took two lives and robbed the loved ones of their family. its all just sad.

  • EbertRules

    I guess jackasses do let jackasses drink and drive.

  • ‘Lish

    i buried my husband of only six months on our wedding anniversary when i was only twenty five years old.. he did not pass of the same thing as ryan dunn, however, i find it completely grotesque that people desecrate a person after he’s only very recently died, or at all for that matter.. what is wrong with some of you people? those without sin can cast the first stone.. when you’re gone, would you like for people to disrespect the extinguishing of your life by defaming you and trashing your name? a light went out, a fellow human being left this world, and instead of empathizing and showing some humanity, you choose to judge.. everyone’s a ~!@#$%^ critic.. walk in ryan’s girlfriend’s shoes, or a widow’s like mine for a day, and let’s see how you feel then.. people like you only serve to remind me why the world is nothing but sh!t anymore

    • Paul

      He killed another human being. I have absolutely no empathy for this POS or his enabling, apologist “fans”.

    • Deke

      @’Lish; I am sincerely sorry to hear about your husband. Let me tell you about my friend. He was 26 and on his way to work at 5:AM when a girl who had been partying all night ran a red light and slammed into his driver’s side door. He died at the scene. She walked away without a scratch. All drunk drivers, including Ryan Dunn, deserve to rot in hell.

      • DGH

        no such thing as hell but good try

      • muneca

        @deke The same thing happened to me. Drunk driver hit my driver side door. I’m lucky to be alive, but my life will never be normal. I’m with you, drunk drivers can all rot.

    • Scott

      Yeah, like Deke, I’m extremely sorry about your husband. But comparing this to the situation though, your husband probably didn’t kill someone with him when he died. My grandmother got hit and killed by a drunk driver who walked away perfectly fine. So it’s hard for me to have sympathy for someone who does something like this. I feel horrible for his family. But this was his own choice.

    • AJ

      @’Lish I couldn’t agree with you more. Comment sections of pretty much all online forums are just evil. Why do people feel the need to be so cruel? I’m left with the only conclusion that there life is so terrible that an attempt to push their misery on others is the only happiness they find. To hell with em….RIP Ryan Dunn as well as your late husband, I’m so sorry for your loss

    • Brit

      I’m so sorry for your loss but am confused. You say he was only your husband for 6 months, but you buried him on your wedding anniversary…what am I missing?

      • Dr. Taint

        She be lyin she aint be burying nobody cept maybe some weed.

      • tomb

        Maybe their 6 month anniversary? Same day of the month?

    • Peter

      If any good comes of this, it’s that people see how stupid and foolish it is to drink and drive. He can’t be ridiculed enough.

    • Jess79

      ‘Lish, I think everyone who have been commenting on this story feels bad or sypathetic to Ryan Dunn’s family. However, Mr. Dunn made the stupid decision to get behind the wheel after drinking and not only killed himself but an innocent person as well. While it’s tragic that you and your husband didn’t have much time together, you seem a little depressed by stating that “this world is nothing but sh!t anymore” while I’m no therapist but it sounds like you might benefit from some grief counseling or therapy. Good luck to you sweetie.

    • billy

      respect lish

    • Jennifer Tells it Like it IS

      It’s a shame about your husband and I’m sorry for your loss.
      But it’s a also a shame that you are blindly missing the point and you’re lashing out at the world in a scattered way.
      NOBODY here trashed Ryan Dunn’s name. He trashed his own name with his vile behavior.
      The world isn’t a bad place because people have strong opinions AGAINST drunk-driving.
      It’s a vile place because despite A MILLION warnings about the consequences, entitled idiots still feel like they are untouchable.
      Of course it’s sad. But you are clearly projecting your own feelings of loss into a situation that’s very different.

  • Jack

    It’s tradgic to end a life in such a stupid manner. Because of his jackass antics and booze he had a false sense of security. I feel for his family and friends.

  • Fed Up

    What I find to be absurd is the fact that a real legend and someone who contributed to this world, Clarence Clemons, isn’t even mentioned…but a guy who made a living sticking toy cars up his ass…is mourned and loved and defended for drinking too much, driving at 130 mph, killing his friend, and almost killing other people. Great job world…keep it up!

    • Pierce

      The Big Man probably would have given anything for a chance to play just one more show. Dunn flushed his life down the toilet. RIP, Clarence.

    • Squishmar

      There are lots of remembrances and sharing of nice memories of Clarence on the board devoted to him after his death.

  • WifeBeatnPuscEater

    Good Riddance, one less drunken idiot who will kill another child, husband, mother, father, wife, brother, sister and ect. It’s too bad he had to take out his boyfriend in the car though.

    • Jennifer Tells it Like it IS

      His boyfriend knew the risks. He’s an adult.

  • conor

    Does no one care that he murdered his passenger? Messed up.

    • Marianna

      People care. There is, however, a very viable arguement to be made that the passenger knowingly climbed into a car being driven by a drunk driver. He played Russian Roulette and lost.

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