'Smallville' actor Sam Jones III is headed to federal prison


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Superman himself couldn’t save him this time. EW has confirmed Sam Jones III, the actor best known for playing Clark Kent’s high school friend Pete Ross on Smallville, was sentenced to a year in federal prison on Wednesday for conspiring to sell more than 10,000 pills of the painkiller oxycodone. The actor’s Canoga, Calif. home was raided in 2009 after local police learned of Jones’ possible connection to a prescription drug ring. He was found guilty last December when it was confirmed that Jones was indeed the “Hollywood connection” the police had been searching for, and initially faced up to 20 years behind bars. Jones will also face three years of probation once he has completed his prison sentence.


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  • LMAO


    • Ba ba Hoey

      What ever happened to Sam I and II?

      I hope he has some extra Stride Gum, his prison husband likes fresh breath.

      • jasper

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I was totally thinking about the gum episode on Smallville. Amazing you said that.

    • Rock Golf

      My understanding, and I could be wrong, is that he was able to plea bargain down from 20 years to 1 year by promising to keep Superman’s identity a secret.

      Man, talk about a fortress of solitude!

  • LMAO

    Come on Pete…LOL

  • LMAO

    Come on Pete WTF?

  • Barry

    Now we know why this clown was released from the show.

    • Matt

      Maybe, or maybe you just wanted to judge someone and talk like your favorite TV pundit.

      • Devin Faraci

        Stupid comment.

    • Stan

      Barry typed this as he wiped the greasepaint from his chin and removed his red nose and giant shoes…

      • Stan the typical liberal

        It’s not OK for Barry to make a comment or heaven forbid make a personal judgment but it’s wonderful that Matt & Stan can say what they want as they far know better. Please Matt and Stan save us, the little people of the world with your wisdom, Tell us how it should be in a world that is fair (by your definition, that is) I’ve already counted your votes for the messiah in 2012.

    • Mr WHITE

      Confirming that all black people in the Superman universe are bad. Gotsa headache there Sam? Whatta douche.

      • Jill

        Cyborg wasn’t bad. And if you’re going to say Cyborg was a part of the Smallville world but not the Superman comics…well, Pete is white in the comic books.

      • WatchesEverything

        Jon J’onzz wasn’t bad, either. But then again, he was Martian. You know their type.

      • Rock Golf

        Once you go green, you’re spoiled.

  • johnny law

    don’t me with me, druggie. i come for you.

    • Concerned Citizen

      Were you on drugs when you wrote that comment?

      • Nash

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  • Rolo Tomasi

    Where’s the support for Sam? Ryan Dunn kills another guy and gets more support.

  • Idviceroy

    I agree with Rollo. Sam made a poor choice. But his choice to sell prescription drugs could have resulted in a death.

    • Cleetus

      Or could have resulted in someone being relieved of pain.

      • DGH

        yeah cause everyone I know who buys pills off the street are just looking for pain relief.

    • Rashy

      people dont od on oxycodone its generic percocet. People in Hollywood need relief, and he got it with a year instead of 20

      • Serena

        Tons of people die of oxycotin overdose every year. Google Khaleya Ahl and Derek Boogaard.

      • stephen

        you are a complete idiot… oxycodone is one of the most addictive opiates on the market. it is very addictive, very potent, and people overdose on it everyday. i have personally had three friends die from oxycodone. it also is not “generic percocet” it is the narcotic pain medication in the “brand name” medication percocet. the pills he got caught with are oxycontin which is a brand name for a pill which contains large amounts of oxycodone unlike percocet, which has between 5-10mg of oxycodone mixed with tylonol. oxycontin contains only oxycodone and each pill has 10-80mg of the narcotic in them (depending on what mg pill you have). theres a reason this pill is a schedule 2 narcotic…. so next time you decide to write something please think first. also this sam jones guy got extremely lucky, look up some federal drug case, no one goes to federal court and only gets a year… especially for a drug charge as serious as this.

  • Solange

    One of the few black people on the show and he has to go and do this *sigh* Comon!

    • Blorp

      Thanks white dude pretending he’s a black chick.

      • valerie


  • Daryl

    Total loser.

  • Jim

    @lydia You spammers need to get the hint that we’re not going to buy your goods and services when you pretend to be real people. Your tactic is equivalent to trying to get people to buy hot dogs by ramming their cars with the wienermobile.

    P.S. – Little guy + Prison = He’ll need an inflatable hemorrhoids doughnut when he gets out.

  • Kalie

    I realize his only prominent role was probably on “Smallville”, but I wish the headlines would just refer to him as ‘actor Sam Jones III’. He left the show almost 8 years ago, and it’s too bad that he’s even associated with “Smallville” after what he did.

    • Ryan

      People may not make the connection without the reference.

    • TJ

      Nah, he also had a role in a sex tape.

  • Jeff

    Somebody SAAAAAAAAAAVE me!

    • deedeedragons

      LOL! Jeff wins!

    • Valley Girl


  • Summer Bay

    “Poor Choices?” poor choices are jaywalking or littering not selling drugs.

    • mallah

      Poor Choices; driving drunk and killing yourself almost killing someone else.

  • JPX

    Wow. Pathetic. WIth the paycheck he was making From Smallville why would he stoop to this level. Pathetic.

    • Steve

      First..Sam’s paycheck from Smallville dried up in season 3 when he left. He only worked sporadically after that. My guess is that as a supporting actor in the show he was probably only making 25 or so an episode if that. Take 10% for his agent and then tax it, it’s not as much as you think. Of course it’s more than we make, but it’s relative.

      I’m sure he was helping out people and family with money and before he knew it, he ran out. The kids got talent and he can come back from this. I’m glad he only got 1 year. Sam, after this year is up, please make good with your life.

      • Brian

        How can you even try to defend the guy’s idiocy? There are millions of people desperastely out of work who don’t turn to drug trafficking to make money. He deserves everything he got.

      • Girly

        Thank you Brian. Common sense.

  • Bubba

    Total loser? Did you not see him in the Karissa Shannon video? Have you ever banged a playmate before? Stupid maybe, but a loser? I don’t think so.

    • MM

      Dude’s facing years of prison time. Regardless of his previous accomplishments (and I use that term loosely in regard to banging Playmates), that’s pretty much the definition of “loser.” Though I can’t say I find much funny about the situation.

      • dd

        Actually, he’s only facing ONE year in Federal prison. Not, “years of prison time”

        Usually, it helps to read the actual article before you go shooting your mouth off.

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