'Lost' actor Doug Anthony Hutchison marries 16-year-old girlfriend


Image Credit: Courtesy of Doughutchison.com

Thirty-five may not have been one of the cardinal numbers on Lost, but you can bet it has incredible significance to former star Doug Anthony Hutchison. For that’s the number of years separating the 51-year-old actor, who played DHARMA honcho Horace Goodspeed on the hit, and his new wife, 16-year-old aspiring country singer Courtney Alexis Stodden.

The newlyweds said their vows last month in Las Vegas. The actor broke the news only his personal website, writing, “Doug Anthony Hutchison and Courtney Alexis Stodden became husband and wife on Friday May 20th, 2011, at 12 pm in The Little Chapel of Flowers in Las Vegas, Nevada.”

He added, “Mr. and Mrs. Hutchison live together happily ensconced in their Hollywood Hills home with their lil’ pups, Everette and Tuna.”

Hutchison has addressed the three-and-a-half decades age gap between himself and his new bride, telling E! Online, “We’re aware that our vast age difference is extremely controversial, but we’re very much in love and want to get the message out there that true love can be ageless.”


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  • davey

    She’s 16…ugh…I’m all for marrying at whatever age you want but shouldn’t you be an adult first and foremost? Isn’t this sort of considered rape is some places? Where ARE her parents?

    • Maggie

      Not sort of rape, definitely statutory rape if the “adult” is more than three years older than the juvenile and would be prosecuted if the “father” didn’t condone and give permission to the pedophile to marry his CHILD!

      • Ba ba Hoey

        Sounds good to me:)

      • saint of E. 69th st.

        relax, the whole age thing is a 20th century social standard…

      • Jenn

        So are showering and vaccinations. Maybe having age limits is…I don’t know…progress?

      • C Men

        Lucky man. I would tear that 16 year old kitty apart!

      • Me


      • mekka

        @ jenn those are not the same, you can name a hundred things either way in those type categories, saint is right we place value on the way society tells us to live without thinking that perhaps we are wrong

      • m

        Pedophile relates to little girls. This girl could be mistaken for a 30 year old. Dude isn’t a pedo. he’s at most an ephedophile (sexually mature females under the age of consent).

      • C Men

        How in the world is that chick only 16. In any other situation she’d have jailbait written all over her.

      • Homer

        I have a sixteen year old daughter and believe me, she is in no way old enough or smart enough to make such life choices. She can barely drive a car for petesakes. Pretty sad all you dudes saying raunchy crap too, future pervs of America.

      • jonny

        CMEN is a troller! of course the same could be said for me:( but at least im not a cesspool of negativity

      • Sam J

        Every civilization throughout history, the Romans, Greeks, Persians, Sumarians, even biblical civilizations like the Israelites; all saw youth as a sign of greatness. Their rulers would have usually more than one bride and they would be younger than 16, but the ruler could be any age. Every western religion records this. I do not believe in religion, and the rest is all Greek to me. No thanks.

      • Greg

        LOL @ all the jealous fat cows commenting.

      • Gina

        Sam J, that is crap. Romans absolutely did not practice polygamy. Nor did the Greeks. Very young people were often married — but most often *to each other.* Young bride/older grooms marriages happened, but not nearly as commonly as some people believe. If you’re so into the ancient world, maybe learn something about it.

      • Sam J


        Roman emperorers like Caligula and Tiberius were extremely depraved. Tiberius built a private “getaway” on the island of Capri where he raped children. Caligula would have sexual affairs with women or girls. Roman emperors would mary brides of very young ages. Same with Greeks. Polygamy is NOT what the article or my comment is about. It is about marriage and/or sex with girls under 16. All throughout history this has been the excepted practice. Only in the latter part of the 20th century has it been taboo.

      • thin

        For anyone interested, statutory rape laws actually vary from state to state and are not simply contingent on one party being three years older than the other.

      • Justin P.

        Who cares, Sam J? It’s absolutely disgusting.

      • Mr. Burns

        I think you guys are missing the point. There is no way…absolutely no way this chick is 16. I saw multiple pics of her on another site, and she has to be at least late 20’s if not in her 30’s. This has to be some bizarre publicity scam.

      • C Men

        I’m with you Mr. Burns. Assuming she looked anything like this a year or two ago, if she had hit on me (likely I know) I would totally have gone to jail, because I would have been balls deep in that.

      • yawn

        That’s the oldest looking 16 year old that I’ve ever seen.

      • jay

        ok seriously you cant call him a pedophile.. she doesnt look 16… though the age difference is vast you cant classify this as pedophilia

      • Terence

        @Gina You are lambasting people with your version of history which is WRONG, because yes there was POLYAMOROUS relationships in those cultures and many older men had relations with young girls and boys. It is our SOCIETY that makes its guidelines. But dont put falsehoods on other societies that had practices that you disapprove of.

      • nicolette

        marrying a sixteen-year-old doesn’t make him a pedophile. people who feel a sexual preference for adolescents around 15-19 years of age are actually ephedophiles. that being said, it’s still gross. ugh. i give it until she graduates from high school — or gets her GED (which seems the more likely scenario, given that she’ll be too busy picking up his viagra at the pharmacy to attend classes).

      • Damion

        Oh whatever, it’s not ANY sort of “rape” if its concensual. As much as I think this is WAY out there and I cannot begin to understand it, if everyone involved was perfectly accepting, then the rest of us should shut up and mind our own business.

    • Jerz

      Ain’t no way dey could get marry with out da parents say so

      • teddy

        Learn correct grammar.

      • BREACH

        Um, except for the fact that legal age is 16 in Vegas. Go back to school retard

      • Mon

        I bet you we find out later she’s really 36. I mean COME ON. She cannot be 16. It’s prolly a hoax.

      • Patrick

        @Spmmer Lydia: The term is ephebophile, and it relates to late teens (up to and including 19).

        Pedophile isn’t “little girls”. It is prepubescent children of any gender.

        So yes, the guy isn’t a pedo.

    • JJ

      Dude, she married Tooms from X-Files!

      • Ferniesfreckles

        Tooms!! That is where I remember him from. Creepy character.

      • thetwilightsown

        Dude! She married Percy from The Green Mile!

      • Annie

        I remember him as Obie in “The Chocolate War”, couldn’t he have waited until she was at least 18.

      • Ugh

        In that photo he looks like he’s younger than her. Except he’s not. By 35 years.

      • Deborah

        Those Dharma folks always were ahead of the curve.

      • Josh Taylor

        Indeed. Where the hell are you Mulder? Eugene needs to get his quota!

      • Terence

        @Homer Those are contraints you placed on your daughter by keeping her that way. A hundred years ago she would have been married and had babies by now. The babying done by todays parents amazes me and prevents the real maturing kids need to do.
        I was at my sons college for orientation and the Dean said (mainly to mothers) stop babying your kids! He said the professors actually have parents call them up and ask: “Can you please email me little Jimmy or Julie’s assignments so I can please follow up to make sure they get done?” I about choked. One of the stupidest things I have ever heard. No surprise though with our “reward for mediocrity” our society had become. NO SCORING IN T-Ball because they are too young to have their feelings hurt” barf or EVERYONE DESERVES A TROPHY TO FEEL SPECIAL well guess what NOT ALL KIDS ARE SPECIAL!!!!! The continuing infantilism of our children will be so dangerous to them and our society.

    • Loyalty

      Next stop – Reality TV. The show will cover both D – listers and ho’s looking for fame. Where’s TLC?

      • kat

        @Loyalty: “ho’s looking for fame”. Just look at any of her videos and one can see this is what it is all about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Meli

      @davey: in most states a 16-year-old can legally marry if he or she has parental consent, or if he or she is considered an emancipated minor by the court system..

      • Delon

        Heteros are f-ing perverts. They should all be burned on the cross!!!

    • Annie

      In Nevada, the age of consent is 16, as it is in most states. It’s considered statutory rape is the partner is more than 5 years older unless the parent gives consent to marry, which the father did. So, no, it’s not illegal.

      • Delon


      • Randy

        If she is of age of consent and her father allows it-then 16 isn’t too young. I do think she should probably wait till 18 to be sure, but if she wants too, the father allows it and her husband is willing, than what business is it of ours to say no? because it offends your sense of morality? We live in a country of multinational backgrounds, customs and beliefs, where we all have the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. You don’t have to agree with what they did, but its none of your business. (this reply is in response to Delon)

    • JustAPedo

      I think that men who do this are nothing but pedophiles. They like children, period.

      • Grandpa Energy

        dude 16-year olds are not children, some 16-year olds have ruled countries

      • Terence

        Why dont you learn what that means? it is not pedo that is the attraction to pre-pube children which she is obviously not. I will give her hair and make up people a thumbs up though. That is the real reason she looks so good and older

    • JustAPedo

      Oh – and associating him with LOST is gross, stop it. He’s no LOST actor. He had a bit part that could have been played by anyone. This guy will only be known now for being a pedo. His career is akin to Ferris Bueller’s principal, Mr. Rooney. GROSS.

      • Happy Daddy to Be

        I love how you idiots are actually buying that she’s 16.

      • Mon

        Right, Idon’t like how the title suggests “LOST alumns,” which btw you’re right on, Happy Daddy – he’s too good for that title, are somehow skewed and disgusting.

      • dave

        I’m with you. I bet she’s 26 and they’re just saying 16 for the publicity. Then they’ll just blame it all on a mistakenly read birth certificate which actually says 1985 and not 1995.

      • Blonde Ambition

        If she’s 16, the Pope is Mormon – LOL!

    • frumpz

      Both of her parents gave consent and are giving interviews about how happy they are about the marriage. Seriously whacked parents

      • Delon

        Kill all the heteros!!!!

      • @Delon

        Shaddup already, troll.

      • Terence

        @happy daddy to be she is the product of good hair and make up people that is all I could take any 14-16 yo and make them look 25 do you realize many models you see in fashion mags are 16-17? get with it

    • 13.7

      @ justin p it may be disgusting to you that is your right but to many now and most through history it is fine

      • Justin P.

        Wow, there are a lot of pedophile defenders on ew.com.

      • Legal def

        you need to check what that word means

    • Rush

      Better not go to California where the age of consent is 18.

      • dog day afternoon

        just because we choose to treat a 16-year old like a child does not make it right we treat children as individuals their whole lives (all develop, walk, school, other stuff at their own pace) then when they get to be teens we lump them all together, we are the first society to do this that is recorded…it is very wrong one 16-year may be ready, one 19-year old may not be, the age standard is the problem

    • saint of E. 69th st.

      @ jenn we love our kids treat them as the unique creatures they are until 16 then we dump them into one big vat and say you can do this you can o that but not that any wonder they rebel? they should still be treated unique maturity comes to some at 16 some at 19 some 25 some never

      • Satin

        careful you heathens stop using my name like that i like hot young stuff too you should see what I have kept for myself

    • Delon

      Let me get this straight(!), this middle age a**wipe can marry a CHILD but gay adults can’t marry each other?!?

      • Tammy

        Yes, a man can marry a woman, as God intended. I’m sure you’ll be allowed to marry whoever you want in hell. Repent now, sinner. Our church sponsors camps for men like you. I pray one day you see the light and attend one so you can find the strength to cast out Satin and find a loving relationship with God and a woman.

      • bake6798

        @Tammy- why would anyone cast out Satin? It’s sooo smooth and soft. You can’t even spell your own boogeyman’s name right? Delon has been obnoxious with his kill the hetero thing- but I’m pretty sure he’s joking. You on the other hand are truly deranged.

      • Shannon

        I agree on that casting out of Satin – that material is so unforgiving on anyone! It should no longer be allowed in society.

      • Tammy

        Sorry I had a little type-o. There’s only been one perfect person on this earth and that wasn’t me ; ) Bake6789, it sounds to me like you may influenced by Satan yourself a little. What was wrong with anything I said? Everything I said is a fact and you would know that if you read your Bible. Come back to the fold!

      • Tammy

        It’s a petty person who critizes someones type-os. If I were that petty I would point out that you can’t even spell so! LoL! I’ll pray for you (and your spelling LOL).

      • disgusting parents

        Down with Satin! Up with Cotton! oh that is too white Am i a racist…damn…

      • Tammy

        I’m glad to see there are so many mature people here today. Insecurity is a sign of Satan’s influence as well. In fact for most gays that’s the root of their problem. I pray you can find strength in Jesus.

      • Michelle

        It’s a sad, petty person who bashes us over the head with their religious beliefs. I am a Catholic and I support gay marriage. Now, call your bible study group and pray for me too.

      • ChristianLady

        Riiiight, because Hetero men and women, married or otherwise, are so holy and sinless?

        Sin is sin in God’s eyes. The married pastors having affairs with the women in their churches, are sinning, but they’re not going to hell right?

        the husbands who watch porn behind their wives backs are sinning… but they’re not going to hell either right?

        The “church-going,” PTA/Soccer moms who lie and spread vicious gossip about eachother are sinning, but they’re not going to hell?

        no, no only Gay people right?

        Sin is sin. So get off you’re hateful high-horse and let God do the judging.

        and, for someone so knowledgeable in religious matters, you sure spelled, ‘Satan’ wrong.

      • Michelle

        Careful there ChristianLady, Tammy thinks people are petty who correct typos. She may damn you to hell for that one!

      • Kim

        @bake & Shannon- don’t do that when I’m drinking coffee. I almost sprayed it all over the screen :). @ChristianLady- Exactly! Thank you!

      • Tammy

        Christian Lady, when did I ever say any of those things weren’t sins? Of course they are. I completely agree with you on all of those points. It’s too bad you’re on the wrong side of gay marriage though. You should speak with the leaders at your church and hopefully through prayer they can show you God’s true path. It sounds like you’re a lot closer than most people here. Good luck to you.

      • Tammy

        Man that girl is hot. I could spend hours between those thighs. Oh crap, did I just type that?!?!?!

      • Tammy

        I know I don’t need to point this out but that was not the real Tammy. I suspect it was bake6789 having some fun at my expense. That’s nothing to joke about though and I don’t find it funny.

      • An unknown Diety

        can I get some press if I wipe out a segment of humanity? hmmm..which sector should I choose…none of you guys you are all too entertaining oh and by the way their are far more important things going on in your little world than worrying about how old someone is wITH is spanking someone else WITH CONSENT

      • Tammy

        I love hot teenage kitty!

      • Tammy

        Whoever is pretending to be me should stop now. I suspect its a gay person who wants to prove some kind of point. Well too bad for you no one is fooled by your impersonation. LOL. It’s just kind of pathetic. This is what I was talking about when I said being gay stems from being insecure. You don’t believe in yourself and you end up making bad choices because you think they will make you happy. Well guess what, no one is happy in Hell. I pray you get back on the right path and join the rest of His flock where you belong. We’ll receive you with open arms.

      • Tammy

        I found a picture of Courtney Stodden in a bikini and just rubbed one out!

      • Shannon

        It must be so difficult to sit upon your lofty perch in judgment of everyone. At least you appear to be Satin-free, so you wont get those unsightly wrinkles or look to shiny while you are up there.

      • Tammy

        I’m not on any lofty perch. I love God and want everyone to live an eternal life like I plan on doing. I may be stronger than a lot of other people because of this but that’s not something I should be or am ashamed of. You can make fun of the “Satin” type-o all you want. I’m not insecure about my intelligence. I’m practically a Phd for crying out loud!

      • Me

        Tammy- seriously. Shut-up. I’m a very devoted christian myself but you are giving us all a bad name right now. You can’t go around shooting off at the mouth, telling everyone what they’re doing wrong or what you think they’re doing wrong. How is that loving? “& the greatest of these is love”. Geez- I feel like making fun of you myself & I’m supposedly on the same side as you.

      • Tammy

        That’s a great attitude “Me”. FYI, while insecurity may lead to sinning, envy is a sin. Somehow I don’t believe your really a “very devoted christian”. Telling me to shut up and then wanting to make fun of me. If you were really a devoted Christian you’d be trying to save people too. Instead you just stand your glass house and cast stones. This is America I think I can still say what I want. I don’t tell people to shut up. I for one, still believe in freedom of speech.

      • Radelta

        Do us all a favor and just shut up. Your god has no place in society anymore. When you die you are just going to be a lifeless corpse in a box, you will never come back to life or goto “heavan”. Make the most of your time on earth since thats all you get

      • Tammy

        Radelta, it makes me so sad that you think that. Tears are running down my face right now. I will pray for you at our service tonight. Whatever hold Satan has over you now, God still loves you and when you’re ready to put aside your sinful ways he will welcome you into his Kingdom.

      • Radelta

        Prove to me he exists. Can’t do it, can you? Also if your really “crying” over a comment on the internet, LOL. I dont think you even goto service you sound like a troll to me

      • Radelta

        Also “God” is a very hateful being if he does exist. I wouldn’t want to be associated with him

      • An unknown Diety

        hey! I exist, but u people are too busy arguiung about stupid stuff like what age people should do each other, leave that to Mother nature that is her job, if you are old enough to know you want to do someone you can NUFF SAID!

      • Tammy

        I have to go help prepare for our very real Wednesday service which will praise our God who I know is real when he confirms it for me everyday in my friends and family and the beautiful world around us. Evil is necessary in this world to keep it from turning into Sodom and/or Gomorrah. People have to know there’s a consequence for their actions.

      • Annonymous

        @ Tammy (the real one.! lol) I am also a christian, but I would never react the way that you have.! the bible never calls us to judge, in fact it tells us NOT to judge because that is saved for ONLY God on judgement day. You can’t tell someone they’re going to hell, because no man knows the state of someones heart, ONLY God does.!
        Showing yourself as a true christian would have been just sharing your opinion and not judging anyone for what they have said on this discussion.
        With that being said, I am also in no way judging you but as I was reading this, I was appalled, because of how you portrayed Christians to be when in fact by us doing that to people, we are sinning.! That’s all I need to say now.! Have a good day.!
        P.S.- I’m sorry this comment is so late, but I just happened to stumble upon it just now…

    • She-Ra

      Never even heard of the guy. Couldn’t pick him out of a lineup. Sounds like he was just an extra and now is looking for publicity. Lameness personified.

      • C Men

        Yeah, cause extras score quality tail like that. Go away troll.

    • RobV

      Her parents gave consent to the marriage

    • Mark Taylor

      They marry twelve year old girls in some islamic countries, nobodies getting all bent out of shape over that.

    • evan

      her mom signed a thing saying its ok, she supports that creep marrying her daughter, i jus thope they don’t have a baby!!!! and they’ll break up when they learn they have nothing but sex in common

    • Pamela J

      watch any clip of her, it is totally obvious that she IS NOT 16.

  • Richard

    I think her dad, who consented, and the pedophile husband should be thrown in jail. This is disgusting.

    • Sven

      It was the mother who signed the actual consent forms. But the father also was in favor of the wedding.

      • Richard

        Yes, I stand corrected. It was the mother who signed off but it was the dad who said how happy they are and that this pedophile is a great guy. What a joke. I hear banjo music.

      • hillbilly

        you are a anti-hillbillite! where is the outrage? heck 16-year olds are old maids around here

      • 16-YEAR OLD

        AW SHUCKS!

    • jodipo

      while I think this is beyond gross and disgusting, you really need to stop using the word “pedophile.” To quote a great movie character… “You keep using this word, I do not think it means what you think it means.” Pedophilia is the attraction to prepubescent children and that girl is not that.

      • Brad

        Inigo Montoya? (Princess Bride)

      • Michelle


      • Legal def

        I could use a nice mutton sandwich

    • Steve

      Not a pedophile, he’d be an hephebophile. Huge difference. Pedophiles are sexually to girls under 10, Ebophiles are girls 10-15 and Hephebophiles are usually 16 plus. Nothing wrong with hephebophilism either. As really there is no difference between a 16 year old and an 18 year old. Besides, she is over the age of consent. Parents couldn’t do anything to him if they tried.

      • Aggie

        Actually, they could. Statutory standards read that the victim (the girl) needs to be under 17 and the perpetrator (51yo creep) needs to be 3+ yrs older than the victim, consent or not, to prosecute. However, her “parents” are too preoccupied w the publicity and promoting her new “singing” career to really give a flip.

      • corkstar

        steve – i hear chris hansen is looking for you. pervert. anyone who has done that much looking into definistions spends too much time fixated on something. like in chate rooms with other perverts. It’s not pedophelia, it’s hephebophilism!

      • Lucy

        @Steve, actually they live in CA where the age of consent for sex is 18 with no exceptions (probably because of the large porn industry here), unless the parties are married. If they weren’t married, he’d be in jail, period.

    • Delon

      They are happy because they SOLD their daughter to a rich pervert!

      • sarah

        lol thats what i thought.

      • Tammy

        They’re happy because she’s clearly in a loving relationship with the man she’s going to spend the rest of her life with. Good for them and their commitment to each other and God.

      • fg

        @Tammy, I must have missed the part of the article where they said they were committing themselves to God while getting married in a Vegas chapel, probably by a man dressed like Elvis.

      • Elvis

        well they did pay in jelly donuts and I am on deck for Sainthood in three island nations that worship rocks, flowers, and such

  • jules


    • boston butt

      yum..how old is too old jules? stop judging let them have their fun

      • jules

        Not judging. Reacting.

      • boston butt

        cool you are entitled to your reaction, but live and let live…wow i think i have a hit song…lol

      • Maureen

        I’M judging. ;)

      • boston butt

        @Maureen careful about judging why not just let people do who they want?

  • Matt W.

    In many countries 16 is an adult. Her parents I’m sure signed off on it.

    • Matt

      I would need to know exactly how much “many” is, and I wonder what percentage are 3rd world countries.

      • elitist

        you are an elitist snob looking down at third-world countries because they have a different society structure than the west, it wasn’t so long ago that young women began marrying at 13-15 in the west

      • Jenn

        I look down at those societal structures because they’re oppressive towards women. Children are sold into marriage and raped. So um…let’s stop being so idiotically pc, yes?

      • Me

        Yes. What Jenn said.

      • Anonymous

        Elitist, you sound really dumb. Maybe you should only talk about what you know. Which I doubt is much.

      • elitist

        I happen to have a doctorate and consider each issue on its merits not some basis based society standard but I support your right to disagree

      • Ka

        @ elitist, have you taken into account that that the average life expectancy back in the day was 35 years old? Times have changed and there are reasons that laws are in place to hinder such “love connections” namely to protect stupid young sl!?y girls from being taken advantage of.

      • Kevin

        @elitist, you can’t even write (“basis based”… what the HELL does that even mean! Do you mean BIAS?), so I doubt you have a doctorate.

      • Steve

        Jenn, not all third world countries are oppressive towards women. Besides, a third world country isn’t third world because it is poor. It is third world because its political system is neither communistic (second world) or democratic (first world). So even if the United States becomes the poorest nation on the planet. As long as we remain a representative democracy, we will always be a first world nation.

      • Steve

        Jenn, actually the majority of sexual slaves sold on the black market come from America. Usually girls traveling alone over to Europe that get abducted and sold. Or even in larger cities such as LA or New York are major hubs of human trafficking. Maybe you should take off your rose coloured glasses and open your eyes to the truly disgusting way this world works.

      • Gina

        Yeah, elitist, I bet that doctorate is 100% genuine. Also, if you think all third-world countries practice child marriage, YOU’RE the one who is stereotyping, and you’re ignorant, to boot.

      • chester

        steve needs to stop watching taken

      • elitist

        @ KA, well I do and I am sorry you do not understand basis based

    • Me

      You know- if you people want to go back to “old fashioned” times we can. Just be prepared for what else that will bring. Issues about homosexuality, womens rights, african americans, etc etc come to mind. You think those are issues now- but compared to back then…. You can’t have your cake & eat it too.

      • zod

        no, but you can also look at things critically, not just accept that the way we do things now is the best way in some areas

    • corkstar

      steve knows all about sex slaves because he’s bought like 5. but he’s a a hephebophile aspiring to be an ebophile. but he’d never be a pedophile, at least not in this country.

  • Aunt Sassy

    Just wait and see how young his next wife is, because let’s face it – this will never last. And as the pedophile gets older I am sure his victims will get younger.

  • Matt

    In the state of Nevada, if the minor is 16 or older, they can get married but must have parental consent. What kind of moronic stage mom/dad would let their child marry a 51 year old, let alone one of the creepiest characters in Lost.

    • Shells

      At 16, she may be legally old enough to marry. But that means he was dating her (sleeping with her?) when she was 15 (or younger!) which is statutory rape, I suspect. What 50 year old man dates a 14-15 year old and why didn’t her parents press charges? Oh, opportunistic parents – shame on me, I forgot. These 2 have outdone Mom and Dad Lohan.

      • Nick

        Her parents were quoted as saying she was a virgin and a good christian girl. Completely sick though, I would imagine the whole family is far from normal if this was allowed.

      • taco

        ya, all good christian girls marry men old enough to be their father

      • Me

        Ha! I’m a very devoted Christian & myself & the people I know would not let that man near our children. Good Christian my a**.

      • Bobo

        @taco: I think you mean “grandfather” :P

  • Flyer

    What caught my eye on this isn’t so much the 35-year age difference. It seems silly, but hey, that’s about the same age difference between Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas. If both parties are mature adults, it’s certainly possible that they can make a marriage work. But the issue here is that Hutchison’s new wife is SIXTEEN. As in STILL IN HIGH SCHOOL. Is this a relationship or a fetish?

    • elitistandwrong

      That is what I don’t understand. How can someone who has lived 51 years be interested in someone who is in high school and has no life experience? Granted she looks like no one I went to high school with. To each his own (at least legally) but be open to criticism.

      • C Men

        I haven’t lived that many years but I would still kill to wreck that chick every night for at least the next 6 years.

  • Jay

    It’s sad, really. I give it 5 years, tops. (and that is being generous)

    • taco

      2 yrs… in 2yrs she will be too mature for him

  • Jenn

    So who more creepy: Doug Hutchison or the character he plays in The Green Mile…?

    • jules

      Good question…Percy was pretty awful…

    • commentor

      or… Eugene Toombs from the X-Files?

      • dee

        Yes!!!!!! Eugene gave me nightmares when I was a kid. I used to stuff papers in the door cracks for a while.

  • the world

    good on him!!!

    • beaver

      Totally. 16 year old vag is tight and cozy.

      • Lisa

        “beaver”….you’re a sick f&*ck. And no doubt a child molester!

      • zod

        hot 16 and 17-year olds love to shag…how quickly people forget…the whole age thing is a 20th century social contruct for all of human history girls married..shagged older dudes many of the grandmas around today married at 13-17

      • beaver

        @Lisa, I may be a sick f&*ck, but I’m only saying what every 17 year old male, like myself, thinks deep down. Also, do I qualify as a child molester if I’m only 17? Even if it does, I think it beats the hell out of being the resident grumpy cat lady of these boards.

      • Power to the Phallic

        right on beaver, right on, I am an older guy who dates younger girls, there is so much hate out there just let people get their freak on if they both agree I dig young chicks of all races too

      • Me

        So zod- you want to go back to that? Really??? Because that will bring a lot of other things you might not be so happy with. Some of you people are serious morons. Because that’s how the world works. Let’s complain about how one group of

      • Me

        people can’t accept that the world is changing & they need to come into the reality of the 21st century. Then let’s complain that other things are ok because they used to do it in “the-olden days”

      • zod

        @ me I respect your right to have your opinion, but because I differ does not make me a moron, I simply believe that we have made children of some that for all of history have been adults look at the way we treat 18-year olds die for your country but no you can’t have a beer, plenty of 16-year old girls are ready for adult life

      • Homer

        I am disappointed to have to read such drivel.

      • Lauren

        You guys are all disgusting.

      • elitistandwrong

        You’re ridiculous and clearly out to get a reaction. @zod, my grandmother was 15 when she got married in the 50s; my grandfather was 21. That’s six years, 60 years ago and they still admit it was a little wrong. But they’ve been married for almost 60 years, so who’s to judge if it works for someone?

      • @ Homer

        Why, you think the high school kid (or is he in college?) plowing your 16 year old daughter doesn’t agree?

    • young pie

      @me babies and kids are given individual care and are told they are unique their whole life until they get to be 16 then our culture wants to treat them all the same because of a number (age)it is sooo wrong some 16-year olds are ready for adulthood, some 20-year olds are not

      • wait for it…

        well said young pie we want to stick people in a group because of age because it is easier on those over 25 so they do not have to think instead of addressing us individualy

      • C Men

        I have never been so jealous of another man in my entire life.

    • Satin

      young pie is the best pie

  • Troy

    The girl’s mother signed off on the marriage. So she’s legally pimping out her daughter.

    • elitistandwrong

      …in order to boost her singing career so her daughter can get rich and support her parents, no doubt.

  • Thomasina

    Ehh–he just needs one more liver before he can hibernate for another thirty years.

    • T2

      AWESOME X-Files reference, Thomasina!

    • Greywolf

      actually this whole marriage is just distraction Cancer man came up with and forced Toombs into in order to cover up the most recent alien abductee cases.

      • elitistandwrong

        Perhaps she is Mulder’s sister, kept in hibernation in an alien spaceship and brought back to Earth on orders from CSM to bring destruction to…country singing? I’m with it.

  • Baked waker

    Uuuhhh… how old was she when they started dating?
    Oh well, in her case, might as well get that first car-wreck of a marriage out of the way as soon as possible, that way she’ll have plenty of fuel for a country career.

    • Flyer

      My husband just predicted her first single will be “He Made Me Call Him Daddy,” followed up by “Get Your Hands Off Me, You Old Coot.”

      • Stevo89


      • AliMic


      • Simple

        third single “wow that thing still works!”

      • Me

        Simple- lol!!

      • Gabe

        Flyer and Simple’s comments were the only ones worth reading on this post.. Thanks you two!

      • helencrump

        OMFG flyer–>hilarious!

      • Simple

        Just signed them to my label Viagra Records they will be the NEW Sonny and Chair

  • tcrab

    My husband and I would be climbing over top of each other to get to this guy first and reek havoc on him for getting anywhere near our daughter. At what age did they start to date? Judging by their wedding picture though, she looks like a 24 year old stripper, so I guess parental influence has not really been beneficial for most of her life.What on earth would a 51 year old man have in common with a 16 year old? Bieber? tweeting? Gossip Girls?

    • gossip guy

      i am 52 and love GG! and hot young thangs! knowing their shows helps alot!

    • Skeptic

      Is this girl really sixteen? In the photo she looks like a 36 yr old who’s had plastic surgery. Those do not look like a young girls arms.

      • Jen Jen

        My thoughts exactly. Where is her birth certificate because that is not a 16 year old in that photo.

      • Justin P.

        Don’t be naieve. A lot of girls dress up to try to look older. This marriage is a disgrace.

      • dave

        Don’t be naive says the guy who actually believes she’s 16. I bet you believe she’s a virgin too.

    • old perv

      Hey Gossip Guy do you have a “watch list” of shows and songs I could check out this guy has got me wanting to plunge back in the kiddie pool

  • Troy

    The mother also claims that the girl was a virgin and is a “good Christian”. I’ll have to change my definition of that term.

    • MnTrek

      Ok…if her current age is 16…and if I did the math right…that means he had to have been dating her when she was 14 or 15. This isn’t the 1800’s where girls got married young to bear children…this is 2011 and that’s just not right.

      • Me


      • dave

        Where are you getting the numbers for your math? I haven’t seen anything yet that’s said how long they’ve been together.

    • Huh

      I wonder how her mother would know that she is a virgin? Is there some reliable test for that? Absolutely not! Even if the hymen is intact; that does not signify virginity. And believe it or not, church-going, “good Christians” somehow manage to have pre-marital sex, too. Especially if they are priests…

      • Tammy

        There is a reliable test, it’s called being a good parent and talking to your children and raising them properly in a good Christian household. You should try it, you’ll like it!

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