'Jackass' star Ryan Dunn killed in crash

Ryan Dunn, one of the daredevils who helped make Jackass famous, was killed this morning after his Porsche flew over a guardrail in West Goshen, Pa., according to the West Goshen Police Department. He was 34. Dunn’s 2007 Porsche 911 GT3 was in flames in a wooded area near Rt. 322 and the Pottstown Pike when police arrived arrived around 3:00 a.m. Excessive speed may have a contributing factor in the accident, the police believe.

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  • Shakespeare


    • andy

      He will indeed be missed. He sent a pic tweat out last evening and he looked totally blitzed drunk. It’s too bad he took that risk. Hopefully people will learn from this. RIP man.

      • Stick Him in the Ground

        Meh…it’s not like he was one of the BIG Jackass stars anyway. No great shakes….And if the little wanker was drunk driving he deserves what he got. too bad about the passenger.

      • Lindsay

        cold first sentence, man

      • frank

        Ryan Dunn was a huge part of Jackass and the shows and movies would never be the same without him….he will be dearly missed by all who knew him or not…i hope when someone puts you in the ground they spit on your grave

      • Dee

        Psssenger? I don’t think the article said there was a passenger. What do you know that I don’t?

      • Tom

        too cool for taxis and limos.. some friends!

      • Wow

        What a thoughtless comment. He doesn’t deserve death if he made a bad choice (such as drinking and driving). I can’t believe some of the comments here.

      • lilith


      • frumpz

        Check out the news they have been reporting a passenger in the car died as well all day. This little blurb did not mention it, don’t know why. it is the first article that hasn’t.
        As far as I know, the passenger’s name has not been released yet.

      • Jess

        what you just wrote proves how much of a prick you are yourself!!!!!!! that is such a scenceless comment which is highly offencive!!!!! saying someone diserves to die is like driving the car off the guardrail yourself!!! watch wat you say before you become a huge douche!!!!! RIP Ryan Dunn

      • Jess

        that comment was for what the 2nd person wrote!!!!!

      • Rod Jones

        You’re a jerk. You don’t know that he was drunk. Jesus Christ, ass-tard, stop jumping to such outrageous conclusions based on nothing. Go to hell.

      • Steven

        cold hearted dude. I’m guessing ur going to die alone. However, ur right about the passenger, what a shame.

      • jake leatard

        aparently you dont have a good heart ryan dunn was very talented person and did you not thank about his family and friends about how they would respond you are avery horrible person rip ryan dunn

      • gabby

        no he wont

    • Matt

      You guys know, if you research on from this. It was a hoax. April ( bams mother ) Even went along with the gag to live on with jackass. Ryan had friends record reactions of family, friends, etc. And even Quoted: ” I am not sorry for making this us, I actually thought it was pretty funny. “

      • Mifty

        There is no evidence online that this was a hoax. Sadly.

      • gee

        No, Matt. Just no.

      • joe

        wtf no your an idiot

      • deral

        Hey Joe, that would be “you’re an idiot.” Its a contraction meaning “you are.” And I’m with Matt…. it was a hoax.

        Who’s (that’s a contraction meaning “who is”) the idiot now?

      • Steven

        Until I see a video of him saying he’s not dead then I won’t believe it.

      • Mike

        It was no hoax my sisters friend knew him very well. She called crying before it was even released to the public

      • jackson2007

        @deral: Its=possessive. You should have used it’s, which is a contraction of it is.

        I thought you would like to know since you are interested in explaining everything to everyone else.

      • Gonzo

        He’s gone. its not fake

      • Tim

        your stupid that was fake

      • Daddy

        It is indeed a hoax. TMZ is a dumb piece of sh!t. The media is so fuc%ed up i swear

      • Libby

        @jackson2007 Hahahahahahahahaha. I love you.

      • Catrandom

        The West Goshen PD has issued an official press release ID’ing the victim as Dunn. So I guess they’re in on the stunt too.

        It would be great (though an idiotic and possibly criminal action) if this were a hoax and he were alive. But it isn’t, and he isn’t. RIP.

      • Stef

        this really did happen… whether or not you want to beleive it, is up to you. and just so you know… it is all over the news… maybe you should take a rain check and show some respect.

        My prayers go out to his family and friends.

      • Lex

        The police report is online, so is the picture of the car, and a video of where he crashed. I’m pretty sure it’s real. R.I.P Ryan Dunn.

      • ed

        no he is dead, the hoax story was a hoax. It wouldn’t be over every news area if it was a hoax

      • amanda

        Just sick. Who the hell goes around trolling online, making a terrible situation worse? He died, you insensitive idiot. Have fun laughing at all of the comments you’ve received in response tonight, alone, in your apartment. And when you wonder why you’re alone, remember it’s because you’re an insensitive, unfunny, trolling idiot.

      • Mr Ed

        its a hoax you tard. god, how stupid can you be for a woman. pretty stupid i say! i bet you look like a troll. he’s just pretending to be dead. theyre gonna bury him an everything and its still all fake cause he’s just napping. those burns on his body are just makeup special fx. gods you lot are DUM

      • Kevin guthrie

        Him dieing i doubt it is a lie…..

      • jon

        You are honsetly retarted. how could you just say that someone died. the police found his body in the car after on fire. go on tmz news. your dumb

      • @jon

        I just don’t even know where to start with your stupidity. How deliciously ironic it is that are calling others that “r” word (which you can’t even spell correctly).

      • Snooks

        So is he dead or was it a prank???

      • grayson

        he is dead search google he really did die

      • Ashley G

        @Kevin Guthrie… That would be ‘dying.’

      • camperz

        He’s finished. Fertig! Verfallen! Verlumpt! Verblunget! Verkackt!

      • Eliza

        mr ed that would be dumb genius

      • Chet Ryan


      • Tom

        you mean to tell me this was staged for the publicity or something? that’s sick

      • justin

        what site did u find out it was a hoax…

    • kluv

      Sad to see someone needlessly die for something very preventable. These stupid shows on MTV promoting and encouraging wreckless behavior! So sorry to his friends and family.

      • T

        i’m with u on that kluv. i feel for his family.. and it all could have been prevented by calling a taxi or a friend not drinkin. And also to the tv shows that encourge such antics.

      • andrew

        he will be missed he was a huge party of jackass rip man and to all that read this take this as an example

    • blake beard

      he was the only one that had the clever comments, so it WILL never be the same at all. he was hilarious

    • Rob T

      When I read some of these comments I just can’t help thinking how sad a state of your affairs we have in this country, and just plain mean-spirited people. I really do hope it’s just people hiding behind keyboards and monitors, and not what’s really happening. We won’t get one more house built or bridge fixed if the case is the former.

      • Sam

        Neither will disrespecting authority and laws…and for what? To be the biggest ‘jackass’ on MTV? He previously flaunted speeding recklessly and twitted a picture from his drinking at the bar. The odds that this man was going to die prematurely were huge. I’m just thankful he didn’t take more innocent victims with him. Steve-O, Johnny, & Bam better watch out.

    • Romy

      Dam I could never look at jackass cuz Dunn was right on top will all miss you :(

  • tcrab

    RIP Dunn. Thanks for making me laugh throughout the years.

  • Brandon

    In absolute shock right now. I am a HUGE fan of “Jackass” AND “Viva La Bam” and all I can say right now is that my thoughts are with his friends and family today from this tragic news. :( R.I.P. Ryan. You WILL be missed.

  • Elle

    This is awful he was always my favorite on Viva la Bam. He will be missed! RIP.

    • Nicky

      I’m crying!!:(

      • Chet Ryan

        I’M NOT.

      • Sam

        Please get a hold of yourself. Sheesh.

    • Liz Lemon

      I know. So sad!

  • harry

    R.I.P. Ryan!!

  • Not a troll just sayin what were all thinkin

    This is going to sound soooooo insensitive but wasn’t it a matter of time before a Jackass person died? Tempt fate long enough and isn’t it going to bite you in the butt. I am so sorry to have to say this, but this obviously wasn’t someone who wanted to live a quiet responsible life. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

    • Dude

      I don’t think it’s insensitive, I actually thought the same thing. I went on to Facebook & saw someones status “R.I.P Ryan Dunn Jackass won’t ever be the same”, & my thought was he died during a stunt.

      Doesn’t make it any less sad though. RIP bud.

      • Lisa

        Some things are better left unsaid and I do believe that this was one of those things. Our prayers are with his family and friends right now. That is what you should have said.

      • Sam


        Please get off your high mighty horse. Telling us what should be said. The guy was a first class speed demon who loved to drink. Now, I’m not saying he deserved to die, but the odds are that they won’t make it to old age. Now, you can ‘pray’ for him and his family all you want. BTW, I’m glad you weren’t in car that he may have hit on the way home from that bar….your family would’ve been praying for you now too.

      • Saneesholavara

        pro bono:he is the preeminent adcvoate for cataract prevention and general eye safety.anti bono:he has a son named Elijah Bob Patricius Guggi Q.he sang on that horrid “do they know it’s christmas?” song (which, despite its good intentions, is still awful)overall: he wins the steve-O award.

    • Tom

      What a horrible person you are. Your comment doesn’t even make sense, because it’s not like he was killed doing one of those Jackass stunts. I wasn’t thrilled about these guys risking their safety doing all those infantile pranks, but jeez…can we be at least respectful? Mey he Rest in Peace.

      • AN

        Hey, Troll, you’re not a horrible person, despite what Tom here says. It’s a sad story. I feel for the family and the others he left behind.

      • Leslie

        I do not think it is insensitive at all. He obviously lived and played on the edge. My dad is the same way and says if he dies on his motorocycle or flying a plane, that is the way he wants to go – living on the edge. RIP Ryab

      • Max

        Respect is one thing, but in these difficult times all one can do that is progressive is to learn. It may well be that risk taking behaviour for profit can bleed into one’s everyday life. When does one suddenly flip the switch and return to, say, sober driving within the speed limit?” Let’s all learn from this tragedy and become a little more careful with our lives and the lives of those around us. Including those we may leave behind.

      • Spanky McFarland’s Ghost

        No, he didn’t die doing a stunt — he died by drinking and driving! Which is far worse. More than that, he took someone else with him. Where’s the sympathy for the family of the passenger? He’s lucky he didn’t more than himself and his passenger. Nope, you won’t find much sympathy for him from me — I do feel badly for his family and his friend’s family, though.

      • K8e

        How does their comment not make sense? Although he didn’t die while doing a stunt on Jackass, he was allegedly driving over 110 mph while drinking. How is that not “living on the edge” or “tempting fate”? He was a funny guy and I am sorry he had to go so soon. My thoughts and prayers go out to his loved ones. RIP Ryan!

      • Stef

        Lesson learned: You play a jackass on TV… you live like a jackass in real life. It was bound to happen, either in a stunt with cameras rolling or when the cameras were turned off. And you know what else? Don’t give me that “oh, this is so insensitive” crap. He was a grown man, he made his choices in life. He wasn’t forced to drink then forced into that car. Unfortunately, he died, and his actions even cost the passenger in this car to die as well. Yes, he was funny and yes, it’s sad ; he will be missed. But just let this be a lesson to everyone out there, young and old… you can’t act like a jackass all the time and you won’t always get away with it.

      • Sam

        Respectful???? Hah! When were all these jerks respectful to authority and laws? He wasn’t just randomly killed…he was drinking at a bar and was most likely speeding in his um…er…Porsche. Dunn previously was cited for excessive speeding. You don’t have to be dum-dum to figure out he was on borrowed time. Just be thankful he didn’t crash into a house or a group of kids. Thanks MTV…you contributed so much to society.

    • Art

      So because he lived a wild life it’s ok that he’s dead? You’re dumb.

      • Jones

        Pretty sure that’s not what he said.

      • Obi

        Let me just first off say that this is a sad situation. He was one of my favorites <3
        Secondly, they never stated that it was 'Ok that he was dead.' They just pointed out the obvious – the members of Jackass, CKY and Viva La Bam pull stunts that most of us wouldn't dream to do, mainly because of how painful/dangerous they were.
        Exactly what troll said – live by the sword, die by the sword.

      • K8e


      • Chet Ryan


      • Sam

        Please look up the word ‘dumb’ in the dictionary. Mr. Dunn was the epitome of dumb. Drinking at a bar, getting into his car (which was a Porsche…which are not known to go just 40mph), and excessively speeding. Yeah, that pretty much defines dumb. Just be thankful you or any of your family were in a car that he may have hit. Good to know that being a ‘celebrity’ makes ones mistakes go poof.

    • j

      seriously, as a person who knows him, he was a good kind hearted person. and as far as the person who wants to post about someone being a a-hole…..look in the mirror. regardless you do not know the situation and innocent people did die. ryan and a passenger. they didnt do anything to anyone for people to be making rude comments, and if you are making them, you cant honestly say you live by every law abiding rule and youve never done wrong. so therefore ryan, ive got ur back.

      • jake

        you dont know him

      • Fred

        Its sad that everyone keeps saying he was innocent!!! He was not!! He made the choice to drink and then get behind a wheel of a car!!! Just because he took risks, doesn’t mean he had the right to take that risk with other lives!!! Yes its sad that a life was lost but, it was at his own hands.

      • @j

        Dude, I may not be perfect, but I know better than to drink and drive. And I think Ryan would agree that he made a terrible mistake, “good person” or not. This was not innocent.

      • SprCch

        Sorry for your loss, man. My condolences to his family and friends and to the family/friends of the friend that died along with him. We all make mistakes and use poor judgment at times, so all of you hating on this poor guy need to back the “F” off…he and another man are dead. From the looks of 2 of the photos, more than one car was involved and it looks as though they may have been racing and missed the exit. So I’d venture to say, that if that turns out to be true, someone has a hell of a lot of explaining to do. Leaving the scene of an accident is pretty damn serious. Another poor choice, I might add…

        RIP Ryan, you’ll be missed by many!
        (thanks for having your buddy’s back, j!)

      • realist

        hey fred… your an idiot. you assume he was driving but where in any of the stories does it say he was driving?

      • sad princess

        I do not even believe how much s**t u all are talking! jeez get the f over it! it obviously wasnt a hoax. he did pass away. now is not the f***in time to be speakin ill of the dead. believe me… karma will get u, and when it does ryan is gonna be laughing his a** off at u up in heaven. love u ryan.. rest in peace :(

    • M&M

      Very insensitive. He did not just get injured or got a broken arm, he is DEAD. He did not even die during a stunt for you to say something like that. If you put it that way, we all put our lives at risk by driving (we can all get hit by a drunk driver and die), by going out at night to work or the store (we can get shot). That doesnt mean we’re going to stop doing all those things. He did this for a living! Yes he did risk his life but cops and firemen risk their lives everyday too and no one is judging them. It’s part of their job! Only God decides when it is your time….May he rest in peace.

      • Bonzo

        the difference between the two was a factor of BAC

      • camperz

        not insensitive at all. He wasn’t working … he was partying. He lived the lifestyle by choice and he took someone with him which is sad. Have you looked at the pics of the car.

      • Ally

        Please don’t compare Dunn’s job with that of a cop or fireman ever again.

      • … really?

        I have three problems with this:
        1) He was probably the drunk driver, not the person hit by one.
        2) Do not EVER compare an entertainer who gets his money by beating the crap out of his friends with a policeman or a firefighter. Ever. That is so insensitive to those professions that it is almost unforgiveable.
        3) God doesn’t care when you die, life dictates that. If you believe in God, he’s waiting there when you die, but to imply that he is some giant puppetmaster pulling our strings doesn’t fit in with any actual religion’s belief in God.

        on the actual subject here… it’s not insensitive to make an honest statement, a guy who lived like that would probably respect what you just said. It is unfortunate that he passed away, but I’m sure he lived every moment like it was going to be his last.
        Twice as Bright, Half as Long.

    • devin

      you guys he is dead no matter what even if it was a hoax who were the dead bodies and he would get arrested for faking his death he was driving way to fast and probobly trying to show off to his friend why would he want to die he had everytihing good friends and good life so he is gone but he can rest in peace and i hope it was a hoax

    • simon

      he’s dead and although it’s tragic, that picture of him, drink in hand looking fairly sloshed, might indicate that he recklessly got in a porsche and killed himself and a friend..i wonder how we would feel if he would have taken out two innocent teenagers or a family in their car as many drunks do…sorry to be so insensitive people and by the way, please don;t compare someone who does just about anything idiotic for the purpose of making money with a policeman or fireman who risk their lives to save others for a modest wage…

      • Dexter

        Very well said! I would have been much more vivid so thanks for being politically corrext, even though I hate that word.

    • D;’s Advocate

      “wasn’t it a matter of time before a Jackass person died? ”

      Unless you know something I don’t, it’s only a matter of time before *anyone* dies.

    • kluv


  • trim

    Dont know him but sad news cause that crew is close!

  • L

    Wow. 34 is too young, but judging by the pics on that article, he probably wasn’t in any shape to drive. There’s nothing left of that car.

  • racefan111

    3 am? Excessive speed? Just glad this a-hole didn’t kill any innocent people.

    • Mago

      Excessive speed? Tells a lot about your name…

      • racefan111

        The “race” in the screen name is for the “Amazing Race”. I think auto racing is stupid. I also think getting plastered and driving is stupid and dangerous.

        No sympathy here – he made poor choices and the results are predictable.

      • Stan

        Let us all bown down to racefan111 (aka, Giant D0uche)!!! He is better than everyone here and so can judge the actions of others when he sees fit, because we all know he is perfect and has never, ever made a mistake. All hail the GIANT D0UCHE!!!!

        P.S. – Being a fan of the unreality show, The Amazing Race, does not make you any less of a d0uche.

      • Adam

        How is he a giant douche for being against drunk driving and being glad that nobody else died because of his reckless behavior?! Stan, you’re the douche.

      • Sam


        Wow…maybe we can all bow down to you. Dunn won’t be making any more mistakes. He’s dead. Any slight mistake in life may just maim or kill you too. How is that being what you so elegantly put it, being a ‘douche’? Dunn lived his life flaunting his disrespect for laws and authority. Lets see who you would be calling a ‘douche’ if his car smacked into your family’s car. What a hero right?

    • kizz

      effin hater! i hope when u die ppl say the same for ya! whatever he did, you don’t know him.his shows don’t picture the real him. f u

      • Bonzo

        he chose to drink, he chose to drive, he chose to speed…why are we feeling sorry for him? Sincerest condolences to the families of the young men.

    • Stef

      unfortunately, he did kill someone else… the passenger in his car.

    • g

      oh, you want to disrespect the dead? ill be sure to call your mom a c*nt when she dies then, you f*cking idiot.

      • simon

        no one is being disrespectful by pointing out that at least for now, it pretty much looks like he was drunk and speeding and a; every driver is responsible for the people in their car and b; you selfishly put others at risk when you drive wasted just go ask any one of us that has lost someone to a drunk driver…sorry some of us don;t want to erect a statue for a guy whose own reckless actions cost him his life…

      • Sam

        Wow G…disrespecting the dead?! Are you kidding? I find it ironic that someone who can use the word ‘disrespect’ throws around such vile language. Karma’s a #$%@ OK? By the way, Mr. Dunn is the one who disrespected himself and his family, not to mention any innocent people he may have killed (the passenger in his car being one). He choose to drink & drive and those odds are not going to be good. I guess it was worth it, to behave like a first class jerk on TV, thinking it was cool to flaunt authority and laws…and get paid for it to boot! MTV should be ashamed of itself for creating such neanderthals and the viewers who follow them like the fools they are.

    • caitlynn

      ok just cause he was irresponsible doesnt make him an a hole. like youve never made a huge mistake. sadly his costed his life and that of a friend but everrybody does stupid stuff and calling somebody who has passed away an a hole just makes you the worlds biggest a hole around? ok? he has friends and family who love him and if they saw people calling him an a hole dont you think that might just put salt in the wound? or are you just a jerk w:ho is incapable of caring of others feelings.

    • Chet Ryan

      @racefan111….He did dude, re: the passenger in his car.

      • Kendell

        Bonjour on m’a becaouup parle9 de toi. j’aime becaouup ton blog aussi. Je suis content que ton cadeau t’ai plus. J’ai du tuer mon fils pour le faire. je lui ai tranche9 la teate. M’a femme m’a quitte9 Enfin bref. Je suis d’accord avec la jeune Flore: ce n’est vraiment pas tre8s gentil de ne pas avoir mis son dessin. Bon, je retourne dans ma bogue pour passer l’hiver. Je suis aussi che2taigne e0 mes heures perdues. Comme e7a tu as un blog et moi j’ai une bogue. Marrant, non? oui, je sais, on me le dit souvent. Bon, j’arreate de dire des e2neries, excuse moi e0 Bientf4t Melek.

  • Nicole S.

    This is just so sad. I loved the dynamic between him and Bam on Jackass and Viva La Bam. He was so funny and will be greatly missed.

  • tomm

    Maybe this will teach a lesson to wanna-be ‘Jackass’ imitators to watch it.

    • andrea

      It’s not like he was killed doing a stunt…It was a car crash, no where related to Jackass.

      • Stef

        Play a Jackass on TV… act like a jackass in real life…

    • keith

      your an idiot tomm

      • grammarpolice

        “you’re” an idiot keith.

      • Anna

        “You’re” an idiot, grammarpolice.

      • Ryan

        Anna idiot, an “You’re”

      • Tom

        when are you gonna grow up ppl

    • colby

      tomm thats how i met my bestfriend and now were practilly brothers and honestly your acting more like a jackass than anybody else

      • Chet Ryan


  • Matt D

    Miss you buddy! Thanks for the laughs

  • Ali

    Ryan dunn R.I.P I have known 7 people to die in car accidents. I feel horrible for his family & friends

  • samantha

    It is, in fact, very insensitive. He had a family and friends who loved him, and because he did crazy, wild, stupid stuff for a living, you can justify his death and say that it was gonna happen eventually. Idiot.

    • wakeforce

      Drug addicts live dangerously too, and they are vilified for living dangerously. He chose to speed, and drove recklessly. Not insensitive, just stating facts.

    • Spanky McFarland’s Ghost

      If he loved his family and friends — perhaps he wouldn’t have decided to drive while so impaired. He “tweeted” his drunken behavior just hours before his death. Seems to me that he knew exactly what he was doing, and still made a conscience decision to get behind the wheel of a car — he took his own life, worse, he took someone else’s life.

      • jen

        You stupid ppl. We have all done things in our life we`re not proud of. And if you say you haven`t your a liar. When ppl get drunk they don`t make the same judgement calls they would if they were sober. It`s a sad sad thing that has occured. But maybe all of the young kids out there who idolize Ryan and the gang. Will learn from this tragedy. And will learn the respect you should show the family and friends of the deceased. And pray that this tragedy may save at least one life in the future. God bless the family and friends of all the parties involved. R I P

    • camperz

      living on the edge …
      sad that he took someone with him while drunk driving.

    • @ samantha

      It’s not like his family is reading this. Shut up.

      • camperz

        LOL … was his parents reading when they shoved that car up his arse??? proud I’m sure !!

    • Sam


      • Satyam

        Thank you for the Jane’s Addiction DVD. I have put it safely away to send in a care paagkce to an ADF officer in Afghanistan. Should I be fortunate enough to win this great paagkce, it will be Secret gifted there also.Sacrilege, I know, but these people deserve something else to listen to than an RPG.

  • Troy

    He tweeted pictures of himself drinking with his buddies two hours before the crash. I’m just glad the idiot didn’t kill anyone else.

    • Chris

      Unfortunately Troy it appears ‘the idiot’ did kill one of the guys he tweeted the pic with…

    • Jimmy

      One picture of one drink doesn’t make someone a drunk driver. Heck the police haven’t even said if he was the one driving. Not the time to jump to conclusions.

    • Stan

      Too bad you weren’t involved, Troy!

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