Sean Bean stabbed in bar brawl, doesn't let it ruin his evening

EW has confirmed that Game of Thrones‘ Sean Bean was injured in a brawl that took place at a London pub Sunday night. (The incident was first reported in London’s Daily Mail.) Bean was smoking a cigarette outside with 22-year-old model April Summers when a passerby made suggestive comments. The British actor confronted the heckler, who left at first. But he returned later and a scuffle erupted, leaving Bean with a facial bruise and a stabbing wound from broken glass. Bean, most famous for playing Boromir in the first Lord of the Rings, opted against a trip to the hospital and patched himself with a first aid kit before reportedly ordering another drink.

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  • Blake

    No surprise here, if he could continue fighting with two arrows inside him, you think some glass was gonna stop him from having a good time?

    • James D

      He patched himself up after getting stabbed and then ordered another drink. Awesome. Guess they based Boromir and Eddard Stark off of this man. haha

      • Michael

        He is such a bada**!

      • Tim

        For people fretting over Baelor, Sean Bean ordered a re-write for the finale where he’ll stick his head back on, and kill the Lannisters with fire from his eyes and lightning from his @ss. He felt staying dead at this point wouldn’t be believable to the audience at home.

      • Xenu

        Tom FTW

      • Tom

        Xenu, you’re a dumb@ss. His name is Tim. I’m Tom!

      • Blake

        And Xenu for the loss

      • Tom

        All in a days work. Twas nothing. You should have seen what I did to his face. Ha ha!

    • Nathan

      Overall, a pretty tough Sunday night for Sean Bean.

      • Hen

        You misspelled average.

  • Ken

    This is absolutely awesome.

  • Ian


    • D


  • Cordy

    Perfect timing

  • Kaelyn

    This is either untrue or the most awesome celebrity story in a long time. First of all what the hell are you doing hanging out with a 22 year old model Sean Bean. Secondly, where did the first aid kit come from, the pub, did he have it on his person? How does said first aid kit have the right kind of supplies for a stab wound? Thirdly, I hope that drink was on the house. And please get a tetanus shot.

    • K

      The first aid kit came from the bar, the cut must not have been that bad, and what’s wrong with hanging out with a 22 year old?

      • Ba ba Hoey

        Why was he hanging out with a 22 year old model? Because he can. Lucky dog.

      • SLB

        He’s 52. That’s a little creepy.

      • Nathan

        There’s nothing creepy about young trim.

      • hru

        having a cig like the article says. lol

    • jj

      Fist aid kits in restaurant/bar establishments have more than bandaids you know. Most places have portable defibrillators nowadays.

    • Jennifer

      He’s probably shopping for the next ex-Mrs. Bean.

      • Angela

        I guess the 5th time’s the charm :)

      • Stick it in the Ground

        Nah, why buy the cow these days?

      • @Stick it in the ground

        Based on his past matrimonial history, Sean Bean seems pretty committed to cow-buying as it were.

    • Bob

      Keep in mind he was “stabbed” with broken glass, not a knife. My guess is the cut wasn’t too deep.

    • Quirky

      Why don’t you just click on the Daily Mail link and read the story yourself?

    • karen

      Im 24 and id hit that in a heartbeat

      • Sarah

        I’m 21 and would too. That Man is pure sex.

    • Charlie

      Hey – If he can get the interest of a 22 yr old model – Good on Ya! RE the first aid kit – SB seems the kind of guy that probably just dribbled a bit of whisky on the cut before bandaging.

    • Tom

      Kaelyn, because all the old gold diggers and bitter has-beens were busy getting botox and counting their alimony.

  • Tom

    Sean Bean seems like a pretty big dude. Maybe I’m wrong, but he looks kind of rough. I don’t know that I’d yank his chain if I saw him out.

    • Tom

      Oops, no, never mind, according to IMDB he’s 5’10”. That’s not exactly short, but certainly not tall either.

  • Josh

    Wow. You cannot keep this man down can you?

    • Ba ba Hoey

      Only if you cut off his head.

      • MM

        So he’s a Highlander, then?

      • orville

        Or a vampire.

  • cj

    And here I thought Sean Bean couldn’t get any more awesome!

  • crispy

    Wow, those fans weren’t kidding when they said they were done with this show!

  • Ben

    At least Bean wasn’t decapitated because…that would have just been too ironic, wouldn’t it, Game of Thrones fans?

    • Nik E

      Hahaha! That would have been too ironic!!

    • Hooch

      Yes that would have been soo “ironic”. And “hilarious”. “hahahahaha!” What is wrong with you?

      • Sharpe as a tack

        It didn’t happen relegating it to funny.

      • Magen

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    Sean, Sean…what happened to wife number four?

    • Bob

      Let’s see. First wife – 9 years, Second wife – 7 years, Third wife – 3 years, Fourth wife – 2 years. I’m guessing if he decides on a Fifth wife, he should just file the divorce papers right after the wedding ceremony.

      • ANITA MANN

        Once, I wanted it to be me. Once. After some one has had two, I think there is something wrong with them.

  • Joe

    This is pretty awesome. Bean gets stabbed and then goes and gets another drink. Epic

  • Will J

    That’s a man rite there.


    They all seem so very civilized in England. I was watching this special on TLC or one such channel about sex slaves in England. Everytime the cops would approach the offenders they would not argue and fight. The offenders would just go with the police officers. no guns are drawn and no handcuffs are used. It was so civilized it was almost humorous. I imagine that is how this scene took place. The attacker and Bean probably sat down for a pint when it was all done.

    • Trenton

      In england police are not allowed to carry guns…they do have special tactical units that do, but every day coppers as they are called are not allowed guns

    • Mel

      Wait, this article is about a guy getting stabbed and you feel compelled to point out how civilized they are because they don’t have guns? Have you done ANY research on knife crimes in the UK??

      • SHELLY

        Well actually it was an observation of how different people react there. In America someone would be dead. And had you actually read this you would have seen that this was not actually a stabbing it was a cut with glass not a knife.

  • Bob

    Guess he lost his head over the comments about his date.

    • Bob

      Oh, c’mon, how could I resist????

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