Controversial doctor Jack Kevorkian dies


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The Detroit Free Press has reported that controversial doctor Jack Kevorkian passed away Friday at the age of 83. He died following struggles with his heart and kidney.

Kevorkian, who has been nicknamed “Dr. Death,” was an advocate for assisted suicide for terminally ill patients, and even helped over one hundred terminally ill patients in the 1990s end their lives. As one could imagine, this practice wasn’t embraced by all: Kevorkian found himself convicted of second-degree murder in 1999 — and lost his medical license — after a 60 Minutes segment featuring him euthanizing a patient aired on CBS. (Authorities had previously attempted to try him four separate times, but the trials resulted in acquittals and mistrials.)

His story, however, was still of interest ten years later. After Kevorkian was freed in 2007, Al Pacino played the embattled doctor in an HBO movie, You Don’t Know Jack. Pacino also picked up an Emmy win for his work, and thanked the “brilliant and interesting” Kevorkian, who was sitting in the audience.

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  • Jennifer

    Rest in Peace, Jack.

  • Ben

    We’ll miss you Jack. Too bad you never got a chance to meet the Kardashian family.

    • Nathan

      that’s a BINGOOOOO!!

    • Ms. Dipesto

      NICE!! I concur!

  • bog warrior

    Today we have lost a true humanitarian. The history books will remember this man as he stood out in a fog of stupidity, indifference, and ignorance. In the immortal words of Kurt Vonnegut: God Bless You, Dr. Kevorkian!!!!

    • Sandra

      I totally agree with you.

      In the furture he will be considered a Saint!

  • Tania Roberts

    There’s no peace in hell.

    • bog warrior

      There’s no hell in peace!

    • crispy

      And also, there’s no hell. Or a Santa Clause.

      • bog warrior

        while perhaps the case, this shouldn’t be s pissing match between us and them. Let those of us who see his greatness and humanity praise a man that was ages beyond the status quo and try to do better to further a just cause.

      • crispy

        You realize the morons who believe in fairy tales like heaven and hell had Kevorkian imprisoned? I think “pissing match” is an understatement.

      • bog warrior

        again, I agree, but that’s besides the point. some people you’ll never convince. And those that may be won over won’t be won over by throwing Sh@t in their face.

        We have to use the logic and decorum that helps us make decisions we’ve made. When we are fueled by emotion, we sound as illogical to them as they do to us.

      • crispy

        I’m way too cynical for that!

      • Me

        If something is true or not true, your belief or disbelief in it doesn’t change whether it’s still true or false. If God or Satan exists (& I believe they do), a persons unbelief in them doesn’t change the fact they still exist, if in fact they do actually exist As is true with anything. & what if they actually do exist? What are the consequences of turning our backs on the create of the heavens & the earth, of ignoring Him completely all of our lives & thereby following Satan. Because IF there is a Satan, you can be sure he really doesn’t care if you believe in him or not. He would just want to drag you to hell along with everyone else who doesn’t give a crap if him or God exists & they just live however they want. Sounds crazy I know- but IF it is true it’s not going to matter whether you believe it or not.

  • crispy

    A hero for human dignity.

  • not sure how to react

    He was a brave man for doing what he believed was right and offering assistance to people who wanted his help. What he did still saddens me and makes me uneasy, but mainly because the patients were in such pain that they wanted to end their lives, not because I think he’s a “murderer.” I respect his compassion and his dedication in the face of legal trouble. Take care, Dr. Kevorkian.

    • Ap

      I was always *for* him but when you’re on the other side trying to save a loved ones life, I definitely understand their frustration with the Doc. But it’s also selfish of them especially if the person is in extreme pain.

      • Ms. Dipesto

        That’s very true. People who don’t condone what he did should try living with crippling pain and have to rely on being hooked up to machines to keep them alive. I don’t know of anyone who would want to live that way, and Dr. Kevorkian took care of what they needed. If he didn’t, then they would have found a way to end their lives no matter what.

      • ks

        true! we can put animals out of their pain when their quality of life is no longer there-we are more humane to animals in that respect. I watched my mom loose her quality of life from cancer, not a pretty thing.

  • ruby

    Rip jack. You were a comfort to countless people.

  • Mellissa

    RIP Jack. You seemed like an extremely interesting human.

  • Nigel

    This man had great compassion for those in pain. It’s a pity that he served years of jail time for this quality.

  • Kurt

    Anyone who opposes this man has never, ever watched a loved one die of pancreatic cancer like how I watched my father die. End of story.

    • Adalynn

      I agree 100%. My grandfather died a terrible death from lung cancer. He begged my mother every day to kill him. RIP Dr. Kevorkian, I hope your work will continue.

  • Jackee

    My career was his first test patient.

  • will g alvira

    Our society is completely full of crap. The legal system convicted the Doctor for the simple fact that our health care system is a blatant rip- off organization. And, they didn’t like the fact that there was someone out there giving people a quicker way out. Because it meant that the health care system would lose money with people in a hospital being there less time.

    • ks

      I totally agre with you! seen to many friends go through numerous tests and tests they didn’t need.

  • Lynx612

    I wonder if he ended his life himself? Or went naturally. He did have heart and kidney problems.

  • l

    God bless you, dr. kevorkian

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