'The Hobbit' gets official titles

Peter Jackson’s two-film adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit — to be released on Dec. 14, 2012 and Dec. 13, 2013 — now have official titles: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and The Hobbit: There and Back Again.

The news first surfaced on Facebook, which reminds fans that “both films are set in Middle-earth 60 years before Tolkien’s The Lord of The Rings.” It will not only reunite Peter Jackson with the character of Bilbo Baggins (played by Martin Freeman), who in this story is on a quest to reclaim the lost Dwarf Kingdom of Erebor, but with many of the director’s Lord of the Rings stars including Orlando Bloom, Cate Blanchett, Elijah Wood, Andy Serkis, Christopher Lee, Hugo Weaving, Ian Holm, and Ian McKellen who have already all signed on.

Weigh in on Hobbit titles! See our take at Hobbit titles: Tolkien touch or Lifetime drama?


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  • Inkedlawyer

    I hadn’t heard that Christopher Lee had signed on. I thought there was an issue with him flying to New Zealand because of his age. I’m glad that they found a way to work it out.

    • deedeedragons

      I heard that too, depending on what he had to do they could just green screen him in London.

      • lindagewwn2

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        —Such a long wait! Good to have so many LotR cast members back, though I can imagine it’s a stretch to come up with ways to get some of them back in there, story-wise.

      • Barry

        I was disappointed that Tim Burton didn’t sign Lee for “Dark Shadows”. He would have made a great Rev. Trask!

    • HD

      Those titles are not very interesting and a little too matter of fact and on the nose. Oh well, I’m sure the films will be awesome!

      • TeoNYC

        Read the book. There and back again is the subtitle, and an unexpected journey is a chapter title.

      • Lissa

        Actually, the chapter title is An Unexpected Party…

      • Mike

        i.e. a play on words of a chapter title.

      • dumbstopper

        Yep! Titles from the book itself, how stupid was that!!!

    • chris

      his healt has gotten better, he’s signed on last i read

    • Douglas

      Christopher Lee is doing the voice of Smaug the Dragon, which he will record in England, as he is too frail at 89 to go back to NZ. LOVE Sir Christopher!

      • MCS

        he actually announced on his website that he has agreed to play Saruman.

    • Lily

      @Inkedlawyer ~ Thanks to you I looked up when Christopher Lee was born—in 1922! WOWZA. 89 years old. He rocks.

  • Katie

    Such a long wait! Good to have so many LotR cast members back, though I can imagine it’s a stretch to come up with ways to get some of them back in there, story-wise.

    • Jennifer

      If you’ve actually read The Hobbit, it’s not a stretch at all.

    • maerlyn8

      Actually, the only character who I can’t see fitting pretty smoothly into the story is Galadriel…unless there’s something I’m forgetting. The rest of the characters all are either in The Hobbit or have a plausible connection that allows them to be present.

      • dante254

        galadriel is on the white counsel. i think the story will include the battle with the witch king (which occured during the time of the bilbo’s journey).

      • t

        Do you mean the Necromancer? I thought that’s who the White Council fought.

  • Woot

    While I wish it would open tomorrow, I guess I can wait a year and a half for this epicness.

    • David


  • frank

    Im glad that he is doing the Hobbit. The Lord of the Rings trilogy is probably the best trilogy since the original star wars trilogy. Cant wait to see what he does with the Hobbit.

    • Trenton

      How can you forget the Underworld Trilogy!!!

      • :D

        Underworld is easy to forget because Underworld was awefull.

      • LOL

        Your spelling is awful, too.

      • Tom

        Underworld: The Battle for Waterworld

      • TeoNYC

        Underworld is good-bad. Not Beastmaster or Red Sonja bad, but still good.

      • M. Singer

        What are you talking about? “Beastmaster” is GREAT-bad!! You must not be a child of the 80’s….

      • Troy

        Since you’re talking about Underworld – just a reminder, There is a fourth Underworld movie being made called ‘Underworld: New Dawn’ and is slated to be released in January.

    • David


  • Kal

    I’m so excited but also a bit sad because the first film will be released on my last day of finals . . . Sorry college, I’ll be attending the midnight showing anyway.

    • Mike

      wow, your finals get scheduled pretty far out :-)

    • Bruce

      You shall not pass!

      • Allen Schiano

        Best response of this thread!

    • jay

      glad you have your priorities in order :)

  • stutzbearcat

    Looking forward to this, like everyone else. They have to be better than “The Lovely Bones,” right?

  • Charlie Sheen

    The subtitles are awful. Why not just Hobbit Part I & II???

    • DTO

      Because that would imply these films were as epic in scope as THE HANGOVER films. LOL

      • Mark

        LOLing at your own jokes just makes you sound like an idiot.

      • Mike

        Disagree with Mark. LOLs also help to imply that you are kidding and not actually serious. And on these boards it wouldn’t surprise me if someone were to say “THE HOBBIT WILL NEVER BE AS ‘EPIC’ AS THE HANGOVER PART 1 or PART 2!” Of course, this is coming from someone who overuses LOLs everyday! LOL (see?)

    • Tom

      They could have just hired some normal irish people and they could saved so much money.

  • DTO

    Peter Jackson directed the hell out of the LOTR films, and I’ll be anxiously awaiting these.
    Still, the initial director was Guillermo Del Toro, so I was quite excited to see what the guy behind Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy would do with Tolkien. I’m not complaining, just wondering what might have been.

  • Mat

    For anyone complaining about the subtitle-read the actual Tolkien books!

    • MTA

      yeah I know! These titles are great. There and Back Again HAD to be used for one of the movies, my biggest concern was the title for the other part, but An Unexpected Journey is similar to the name of the first chapter of the book, so I think its wonderful.

    • LOL

      Nerds everywhere just creamed in their tighty whities.

  • Mayu

    Why exactly is Legolas and Frodo in the Hobbit?

    • thin

      Because this isn’t The Hobbit as written by Tolkien, it’s The Hobbit: Prequel to Lord of the Rings as adapted by Jackson and New Line Cinema.

    • Nick

      It has already been reported that Frodo will bookend the stories as sort of a narrator. Yes, it’s a stretch, but it is a good transition. As for Legolas, since he is a wood elf and immortal, it is within the realm of reason that he would be present at the activities within Mirkwood. I have no problem with his inclusion… Tolkien himself may have included him if h ever thought The Hobbit would be anything more than a story for his children.

      • Lissy

        Not only that, but Legolas is the king’s son, and although he is not mentioned directly by name in the Hobbit, it is more than reasonable to expect he took part in the major happenings in Mirkwood.

      • Alan Carver

        Seems to me that what Jackson stated about how Orlando Bloom hasn’t aged since he first worked with him during the filming of LOTR, was the right fit to bring him back. Apparently since the ELVES don’t age he is the perfect fit.

  • Mark

    And so, admitting defeat, Peter Jackson returns to the only good thing he’s ever made.

    • Stevex

      Looking forward to seeing your impressive credentials, Mark. Or would you like to show us your shortcomings?

      • Mark

        I don’t need credentials to have an opinion. Neither do you otherwise you wouldn’t have been able to respond. Try responding with actual thoughts instead of jsut insulting. Jackson’s films outside of LOTR, which I happen to love by the way, are garbage. The man made a self-indulgent 3 hour remake of a 90 minute cheapo horror movie. He wrecked The Lovely Bones. The Frighteners was junk. Take him out of Middle Earth and he sucks.

      • Dave

        Heavenly Creatures. Mark, you are dumb.

  • Angel

    Mark, and that is a bad thing…how? Unless your a bit pompous or too “mature” to enjoy splatter films, Bad Taste, Meet the Feebles and Dead Alive were enjoyable in their own quirky way. Frighteners was half way decent and Heavenly Creatures was excellent. Every director makes flops. Of course he will always (as he should be) be remembered as the master of the LOTR and Hobbit Films…but why is that a bad thing?

    • Mark

      It’s not a bad thing in as much as it means more LOTR movies. It’s not a good career move, however, because it shows once he’s done with Middle Earth he has nothing going for him.

  • Dwarves Everywhere

    So, no John Rhys-Davies / Gmili?

    • Marph

      Gimli is not in The Hobbit, although his father, Gloin, is one of the dwarves who travel with Bilbo to the East.

  • Grolin

    He originally said he didn’t want to do it. Now in the last few weeks or so he’s changed his mind. Haven’t heard whether he will be included or not though.

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