Arnold Schwarzeneggar's son changes last name on Twitter

Following Arnold Schwarzeneggar’s revelation that he had fathered a child out of wedlock with a member of his household staff, the actor and former governor’s family is commenting on the widespread news. Not only did wife Maria Shriver release a statement about her “painful and heartbreaking time” and appear during a taping of one of Oprah Winfrey’s final shows, but Schwarzeneggar’s children have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts about the scandal. Seventeen-year-old Patrick Schwarzenegger tweeted Tuesday, “some days you feel like s—, some days you want to quit and just be normal for a bit, yet i love my family till death do us apart. #family”. More interestingly, on Wednesday, Patrick changed his name on Twitter from Patrick Schwarzenegger to Patrick Shriver.

The actor’s 21-year-old daughter, Katherine, also touched on the news on her Twitter account: “This is definitely not easy but I appreciate your love and support as i begin to heal and move forward in life.I will always love my family!”

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  • Eve

    Poor kids–all of them. AS is an a@@. It’s one thing to have a kid, but it’s another to keep it a secret for so long. What a betrayal on so many levels.

    • Arnie

      Hear me now and believe me later, I porked the housekeeper.

      • Mark

        Get to da housekeepa!

  • Helen

    I bet when she found out, Maria hit Arnold in the head with a telephone and then kicked him in the ribs calling him a pig and a bastard like Jamie Lee Curtis did to him in True Lies (1994).

    • Arnold’s Spin Doctor

      That made me choke on my soda. Thank you.

  • M&M

    I don’t care about this.

    • Brian

      yup, me too.

  • Sparky

    If family is so important…it will be very interesting to see if these kids talk to their new half sibling!

    • test

      Their dad sleeping with the maid does not equal family. That other kid is an after thought, they have the four of them to worry about right now. They owe that kid nothing.

      • pdd

        I agree! This poor child isn’t part of the Shriver family. (I do feel bad for the boy as he didn’t ask for any of this. His mother is a slut.) He is Arnold’s offspring, not Maria’s. Arnold has shown what he thinks of his immediate family. Which is that they are not as important to him as he is to himself. Maria Shriver is the epitome of elegance and taste. She’s a Kennedy and they stand taller and stronger than most. Arnold’s loss.

  • McBride

    EW might want to change Schwarzeneggar’s name too – to Schwarzenegger, you know, the actual spelling.

    • Steve

      Ha nice

    • RK

      Maybe that’s why he changed to Shriver — he couldn’t spell Schwarzawahtever.

      • DogBoy


  • Matt

    I think its awesome that Patrick’s supporting his mom and censuring his Dad; anyone else catch the Fort Minor quote in his tweet?

  • John

    Who cares! This happens to hundreds of people every single day, Women expect men to be faithful, women would be much happier if they just excepted the facts instead of trying to change a mans natural behavior. Try to teach any Animal on Earth to mate with just one female, yes its impossible.

    • Rach

      Good to know – expect all men to cheat, people are the same as animals. Wow – you’re full of all kinds of great knowledge.
      I picked the wrong day to give up cynicism with “John” around.

    • Tibo

      Yeah, except for all the men who manage to be monogamous. Many animals do not have relationships, they merely reporduce. But of the animals who reproduce, here are a few that mate for life: •Gibbon apes
      •barn owls
      •bald eagles
      •golden eagles
      •brolga cranes
      •French angel fish
      •sandhill cranes
      •red-tailed hawks
      •prairie voles
      •black vultures
      So, get over yourself and keep it in your pants.

      • M&M

        lol – Who the h#ll needs to retain
        this kind of information?

      • Juneau

        You forgot Orcas.

      • Naw

        So case solved.Just get married to a wolves or termite my friend .. lol

      • M&M

        This is BS. I have a friend who’s a barn owl and he cheated on his wife…

      • Osprey

        I fertilize whatever I can hit. Don’t believe the hype.

      • Termite

        We’re not associated with “wood” for nothin’. I get around.

      • Beaver

        Not true. Everyone like a little extra beaver on the side, if you know what I mean.

      • Prairie Vole

        People have never even heard of me, and I can creep any night of the week.

    • Rick

      As a married man who has been faithful, I would just like to say John, you are an idiot.

      • Vince from NYC

        Go easy on the boy, he’s probably a pimply faced teenager with raging hormones who has never been in a meaningful relationship.

      • Alice

        John’s comment is such BS on so many levels. Simple example: Does this make more sense in “nature”–There are 5 males, 5 females. Each male fathers a child with each female. (Because it’s his “nature.”) Each male is then taking care of children in five different families. Each female has five children who are half siblings with five different fathers. Every child has 8 half siblings out of a pool of 25 children. On top of the incredibly mixed families, there is considerable genetic intermingling among siblings in the next generation. This is called, well, you figure it out. It’s only fun for one man if he’s the only one playing.

    • Juneau

      I’m so sick of hearing all this garbage about men being genetically engineered to cheat and women being genetically engineered to nest and settle with one man. If that were remotely true than all men would cheat and women would not. Women cheat in nearly the same numbers men do so your stupid bio-hard wired arguement doesn’t hold water. I’m sick of hearing it. It’s selfishness plain and simple. Man or woman!

      • Lori R


    • mags

      Let John’s post serve as a warning to any woman involved with John. He’s a cheater and isn’t going to change.

    • vabs

      accepted. Not that I expect you to get the exception.

  • Joe

    What a pathetic excuse for a son. Man up, kid. One day maybe you’ll understand.

    • Tyesha

      So if your father cheated on your mother, you would not be upset!!!! I find that hard to believe and he doing what any normal kid would do and support his mother. He is definitely being the best son a woman could ask for right now and that dumb man up comment was not called for.

      • McCoy

        I remember when I was 19 and my father confessed to me he was having an affair. He wanted to tell me about his new lady friend but I told him he was being unfair to me to ask me to side with him against my mother. I kept his confidence (although my mom found out about it a month or two later and they separated). It is a difficult situation to put your kids in but the reality is we live for ourselves first. I learned you just have to accept that not everyone will behave the way you wish they would. You can get upset about that all you want but it won’t change the reality. Life is easier if you learn to accept people’s foibles.

  • ann

    Maria should have left the first time. Ok, she gave him another chance, then she should have left the second time. My heart goes out the Maria and her children. what a horrible act of lies, cheating, and betrayal to the family arnold claims to love. Men are human, which means that can control themselves and make the right choice. Animal are instinctly, so therefore they do things by instinct. Arnold deliberately, when out and comitted adultery knowing it was wrong. He was even lower than that, he did this horrific act with someone that maria trusted. Both Arnold and the housekeeper are loser and the lowest form of trash.

  • drrragon

    They say this won’t affect his career, the producers don’t think that this will affect his career. Maybe a boycott of his movies will get the producers rethinking that idea.

    • DAVE

      He betrayed a Kennedy, who cares!

  • k

    it is a natural thing for the kid to side with mom due to dad’s betrayal….i think changing the last name is something many kids in his position would do….if arnold was a good dad, eventually the relationship will be restored but it will take time…i’m sorry for the kid, hopefully he will learn from his mistakes

  • cindy

    we all love a little gossip it makes our boring undane insignificant lives feel a little more normal when we see that the upper classes suffer like us, we’re not all Jerry Springer candidates like he tends to make the lower eschelon feel like. At least he didn’t screw his daughter or adopted daughter.

  • Big T

    Only changed to Shriver because he doesn’t know who his Daddy is! Grow some webboes, boy, you can’t be Arnolds kid!

  • Geore

    Respecting privacy? How about delete your silly twitter account, that was designed for attention wh0re$

  • Steve

    Man what a weak-sauce son. He wants to be more of a Kennedy. This is so lame I can stand hearing from all the poor saps. Get over it move on.

    • mags

      He’s using the name Shriver, not Kennedy.

      If you found out your father not only cheated on your mother, but had a kid by the other woman, I doubt if you would get over it so easily. At least any normal human wouldn’t get over it so easily.

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