Arnold Schwarzenegger admits fathering child out of wedlock

Arnold Schwarzenegger fathered a child more than a decade ago with a member of his household staff, and Maria Shriver’s decision to separate from her husband was precipitated by his admission of paternity, according to the Los Angeles Times.  “After leaving the governor’s office I told my wife about this event, which occurred over a decade ago,” the actor said Monday night in a statement issued to the paper. “I understand and deserve the feelings of anger and disappointment among my friends and family. There are no excuses and I take full responsibility for the hurt I have caused. I have apologized to Maria, my children and my family. I am truly sorry … I ask that the media respect my wife and children through this extremely difficult time. While I deserve your attention and criticism, my family does not.”

The staff member and her child have not been identified, in order to protect their privacy, but the Times reports that she voluntarily left her position with the Schwarzeneggers in January after 20 years.

UPDATE: In a statement to People, Maria Shriver said, “This is a painful and heartbreaking time. As a mother, my concern is for the children. I ask for compassion, respect and privacy as my children and I try to rebuild our lives and heal. I will have no further comment.”

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  • cmp

    As if commuting the sentence of a convicted murderer and then making light of it wasn’t embarrassing enough for his family, now this? What a liar and a LOSER!!

    • JR

      And not so long ago they wanted to change the constitution so this man could run for president.

      • Paul

        Yah… cause the guys from the US are so much better at it… Kennedy, Nixon, Clinton…

      • Razor

        How awesome would it be if the child’s name was “Shriver” or “Kennedy?” I mean, if you’re going to stick the knife in—you might has well twist it a few times.

      • tom

        At least he took care of the child. Most of you would have disappeared like flatulence in a wind storm.

      • Juneau

        @Tom – and you’re so naive as to think he took care of the child out of a sense of responsibility. Hush money is more like it.

    • Miss Talk

      I feel really bad for her and I hope she will take all the time she needs to heal but I don’t expect her to divorce if Arnold is remorseful and willing to make it work.
      They have a beautiful and loving family, Arnold made a stupid mistake like most men do. An innocent child came out of that, they still can work it out. She seems to be a family woman, I don’t want her to be all by herself raising teenagers and in a near future dealing with their twitter and their NSFW pictures because their famous Dad is not around anymore. There are just too many disrupted families out there and unfortunately children are paying the big price.

      • @Miss Talk

        Are you high?? He cheated on her and has another child with that other woman! See ya Arnie – and don’t let the door break on your big ass while you’re leaving.

      • Not most men

        You say he made a mistake “like most men do.” Most men don’t cheat on their wives. Real men are faithful to their families.

      • Newsflash

        Actually “real” men do all sorts of things that their wives don’t know about, such as hire other men (like myself) for “private counseling.” And I would be inclined to say that most men DO cheat.

      • Anon

        @ Newsflash, just because you are a whore and cater to men of a certain clientele, doesn’t mean all men are so inclined.

      • Ian

        I know about 10 people who cheated on their spouse or partner. ONE of them was a married man. The other NINE were ALL women, so Newsflash and Miss Talk can blame heir opinion on the type of men they associate with, are attracted to, and the type that they attract. Most men do NOT cheat.

      • Sue

        He is just as bad as Tiger. He and the baby mama have been laughing is Maria’s face for ten years. She did trusted him. He violated that trust! And, kept the truth from her for over 10 years. Their marriage was a joke for over ten years. She needs to take him for everything, she and her four children can get for his committing adultery and lying about it for so long. The old fart!

      • Newsflash

        Go ahead and pat yourself on the back there, Anon. I love spending your husband’s money.

      • Tim

        @Newsflash- Men who hire male prostitutes don’t make a representative sample of men in general. Maybe if you go back to school you’ll learn something about statistics.

      • Ian

        @ Newsflash — Anyone with half a brain would know that asking a male prostitute for stats on the average married man would be a pointless gesture. If you need info on closeted gay men who are trapped in lifeless sham marriages, or info on the bathroom stalls at seedy bus stations, THEN there would be a point in asking them. Otherwise, I have no interest in what a male prostitute can tell me.

      • Anon

        You love spending my husband’s money? Lol, as if he had any.

      • tom

        most husbands think about cheating.. some do.. some get their lovers pregnant.. few actually pay child support for those children like he did. Oh but lets not look on the bright side naturally.

    • pie thrower

      Okay. So he fathered a child out of wedlock, but can someone tell me why Maria and Arnold are separated?????

      • Showtime

        Apparently they aren’t fans of “Big Love” or “Sister Wives.”

      • Miss Fine

        He should have focused on pumping iron instead of pumping the help.

      • LOL

        @Showtime – I’m sure Arnold is!

    • Buster Cretin

      Preach it! That sentence commutation stands as one of the most horrible abuses of power I have ever seen in California. I have ZERO respect for this loser. No… less than Zero. Please just make him go away.

    • Cap’n O.G. Weedmore

      Dude she totally sat on the Governor’s staff! Get it? It’s recycled Lewinsky joke!

    • Jen

      Nothing like good old-fashioned Republican family values.

      • pie thrower

        Much like John Edwards’ democratic family values, right Jen?

      • pie thrower

        or Billy Clinton’s democratic PRESIDENTIAL family values, right again Jen?

        You are closed minded idiot to be taking a political angle to a private domestic problem between a husband and a wife. Grow up.

      • Cathleen

        Jen…evidently you have a closed mind. You might sit down and take a minute to see how many democrats have participated in relationships outside of marriage. Edwards, Jesse Jackson, Bill Clinton, John Kennedy, Johnson and on and on. I know that there have been Republicans too just be fair.

      • Karl

        Jen, you might want to try getting out of the house and away from MSNBC before you say anything else about “family values”.

      • Juneau

        To be even more fair, it generally isn’t Republicans dictating who can marry and yelling about gay marriage devaluing traditional marriage. You know…the kind of marriage where one spouse goes off and has a love-child with the help or marries 4 times (Rush Limbaugh, anyone?).

      • Furthermore

        Jen’s point is, I think, that most Dems don’t run around talking about *family values* as a code for forcing *their* values on other people–as do so many Repubs, who then violate their own stated family values. I haven’t been keeping count, but it sure seems more Rs are out there cheating and living closeted gay lives than Dems. The list is long and apparently unending. I would feel sorry for these obviously unhappy people if only they did not make it their business to intrude their so-called values on the lives of others. So much for small govt. types. Off my soapbox now. A quick google has lots of info on this BTW.

      • Columbus

        @ Furthermore

        You’re deluding yourself if you think any politician is anything but a liar. Anecdotal evidence like “well it seems more Rs…” doesn’t help to carry the argument, either.

        The hideous truth is that elected officials care more about getting elected than anything they espouse, and if they have to pander to fundamentalists to collect a vote, that’s what they do.

        This has nothing to do with Republican’s vs. Democrat’s and it never has. Politics is a power grab, and in this case specifically, it’s another case of a celebrity living the celebrity lifestyle and getting caught. End of story.

  • Jen H

    Well, yeah… that would be a reason to break up the marriage. Yeesh. He fathered a child with another woman and continued to carry on like nothing happened for over 10 years with this woman still working for them?! I don’t blame Maria for leaving him. She probably should have done so a lot sooner.

    • Karate Pants

      That’s what I’m hung up on too. I mean, very few are likely shocked that he cheated, but how could that woman continue to work for the family and look Maria and her children in the face for 10 YEARS after having his child?
      But does anyone really believe this was a one-time only isolated incident? Slimy.

      • Jen H

        I sure hope not. He’s always set off my slimeball radar, so I can only expect more women will be coming out of the woodwork. Probably repped by Gloria Allred… LOL.

      • Karate Pants

        LOL! Yup, Gloria’s probably drawing on her eyebrows *extra* hard in nervous anticipation of the arrival of the Sperminated.

      • Arnold’s Spin Doctor

        Whoa, there—partners. Let’s take a realistic look at this situation before you all destroy Arnold’s future box office drawing potential. First, maybe he had needs that weren’t being met with Maria. 2) Maybe she’s bad in bed. 3) Maybe they fell out of a sexual attraction to each other. 4) At least he owned up to the child being his—and it sounds like he supported them. There are lots of reasons why people cheat. And as for being a “slimeball,” it’s not like he’s Mel Gibson.

      • Anon

        @ ASD, you must know that the public holds people in office to a higher standard, if it were acceptable, we’d elect any old dumbass that came along… Oh, wait, there goes my argument….

      • Karate Pants

        If needs are no longer being met, if someone’s partner is bad in bed, if attraction is lost, then a reasonable person ends the relationship, NOT retaliate by poking the housekeeper. Duh.
        But I am having a good case of the LOL’s about your concern with his box office potential, and I thank you for that.

      • Buster Cretin

        Yeah, well Mel Gibson didn’t commute the sentence of a murderer, so yeah, Arnold IS a lousy no good slimeball.

      • Jen H

        So, if she was bad in bed or he wasn’t getting what he needed, why not break up a long time ago? If they had divorced before he screwed the maid, it would have just been a blip on the radar of his overall career and none of this scandal would have been a big deal. Now his image is becoming even more of a joke, and he his so-called ‘career comeback’ is going to be put on hold- and also his ‘family values’ will be questioned as they should be. For the recored, I’m an independent- formerly Repub and never considered this guy a conservative- more just someone on a power trip who picked a side he thought he could win with. I suspect most Repubs thought the same.

      • Jen H

        Agh… *record*. Sorry for the typo.

      • Arnold’s Spin Doctor

        So we’ve all agreed that Maria Shriver is bad in bed then?

      • Jen H

        No… I think Arnold’s a big prick, he’s always been a prick, and Maria was stupid enough to think that marriage to him could somehow be beneficial to her if she stuck through his douchey-ness. I really do feel sorry for her. She obviously chose to stay with a loser for a long time and wasted years on him. No wonder her health has been so bad. Keeping all this junk under wraps must have been eating away at her.

  • I’ll be Back

    The sperminator jokes will fly like crazy! Rightly so in my book. Add Arnold to a long list of Republicans who whine about the lack of family values but do the opposite in their own lives. I know Democrats do the same but at least they’re not preachy and holier than thou about it. Quite a bummer for the man in the Hummer!

    • Pat

      I’ve never understood this argument. Democrats are sleazy, therefore it’s okay if they cheat.

      No, cheating is wrong no matter what political party you belong to. Even if somebody points out that it is wrong, then does it himself, does not make that person more wrong than the other person.

      • Flyer

        You’ve missed the point. No one is saying it’s okay for Democrats (or anyone else) to cheat. I think we’re all in agreement that cheating is wrong. But being a cheater AND a hypocrite is even MORE wrong.

      • Anon

        Being a hypocrite is wrong. Cheating is wrong. Therefore, being both a hypocrite AND a cheater is doubly wrong. So yes, the person who is both a hypocrite and a cheater is more wrong than the person who is a cheater.

      • Annette

        that’s correct, they are no more guilty, they are just HYPOCRITES. Most of us can understand human failing, because we all fail at one time or another, but it’s hard to feel sympathy for someone who says one thing and does the other. That’s the difference!

      • Cathy

        Hypocrisy starts from the fact that our family values are supposed to come from Bible where men had many wives, slave girls, and out of wedlock children.

      • EastCoast

        “Add Arnold to a long list of Republicans who whine about the lack of family values but do the opposite in their own lives.”

        This is what you have a problem with? I mean, it’s not like he had the kid terminated! He apparently did take care of and is now still taking care of the kid.

        Democrats suck…but so do republicans.

      • I’ll be Back

        East Coast,

        Yeah, that’s what I have a problem with. If the republicans make it policy that dictates what I can or can’t do in the bedroom, then I CERTAINLY CAN COMMENT ON THE HYPOCRISY OF FAMILY MAN ARNOLD. Do I take glee when this happens to repubs more, heck yeah! How are democrats more slimy??? Cheating is bad regardless…why they just can’t divorce or separate is beyond me…politics be trumped (Oops…sorry!). This means Arnold lied to the state of California for 10 freakin years…but that will probably get shoved under the rug. How you thought I advocated cheating in my initial comment is mindboggling. My main point was the hypocrisy Einstein.

      • Arnold’s Spin Doctor

        You know, cheating is only bad because modern society has dictated that it’s bad. You know, the same modern society that says every woman should be a fairy tale princess for a day at the low, low cost of $50K. And that pregnant women get “push presents” or their husbands don’t love them. People used to get married because it made sense, from standpoints of procreation and finance. I would imagine that Arnold cares deeply for his family—Maria included. Obviously something wasn’t there, and that’s what made him look elsewhere. So he broke his marriage vows-big deal. If he had gotten a divorce without cheating, he’d still be breaking his marriage vows.

      • Preggers

        What the he’ll are push presents because I need some of that. Now I feel like I’m missing out on something.

      • Cyberian

        Do Libertarians cheat on their wives?

    • Simon

      I agree. This is why Bush going to war is okay because he always said he would. But Obama going to war in Libya is hypocritical. After all, the liberal anti-war jokers are against war, right?

      • Annette

        He is, and that’s why he has been such a disappointment to his supporters like myself. But in the end, I cannot see supporting current Republicans over Obama. The devil you know versus the devil you know you don’t want to elect!

      • Lois

        your logic is flawed. Liberals aren’t against all war. They only want to make sure that there is a good reason for putting our troops in danger.

      • Zak H

        Look, I know your PR firm is paid heavily by the Republican Party to troll every forum on the net and spew anti-obama hate, but are you seriously trying to tie him in w/ the current Sperminator woes? FAIL

      • Tesla

        …another hypocrite trying to make this about Obama. Give it a rest, Bin Laden.

      • Woot

        God you are so right! I mean people say things they think will be true, but then unforeseeable events occur and you have to take it back…SUCH CRAP. Besides Barack Hussein Obama hasn’t done anything since he’s entered the white house… wait… he’s done a lot… and people aren’t giving him enough credit?… Stop trolling a forum about Arnold with your anti-obama crap.

    • cs

      Democrats not preachy and holier than thou?? C’mon!! John Edwards wrapped himself in “family”. Look, each party is filled with people every bit as slimy as those in the other. Claiming the Republicans are more hypocritical because they tend to espouse family values is just the Demos hypocritical way of justifying their bashing of the Republicans for things they give their own pols a pass on.

      • Annette

        No, it’s because the religious right has chosen to affiliate with the Republican party. One word “abortion”.

      • Lois

        John Edwards may have wrapped himself in family, but he never preached how others had to live. That’s the difference. Republicans preach that they have the superior morals. They try to pass legislation regarding how others can live. Things like “the Defense of Marriage Act” and attempts to defund Planned Parenthood.

      • I’ll be Back


        When one wraps policy around the bible, like repubs and tea baggers do, those candidates should be scrutinized more so. By no means am I defending people like John Edwards but come on! It seems Arnold lied about the child for 10 years!!!! That’s OK with you? There is a reason for the separation of Church & State. Moral failings effect everyone, but the repubs/tea baggers seem to want to legislate them. Why do you think gay marriage is so important to conservatives? Not jobs, terrorism, flooding…just freaking gay marriage….because of their religious beliefs. Family, family, morals, morals get barked at us daily by the conservatives who seem NOT to live that way. Yeah, Arnold wasn’t the most conservative (thank goodness!) but he still used his Hummer to pull that bandwagon.

      • Cyberian

        Regardless of political affiliation, Arnold cheated on his wife, kept his mistress in the house, in Maria’s face, for ten years,perpetrated a lie, only admitted the truth when confronted by Maria, and permanently damaged his children. From personal experience I believe it is highly likely Maria’s children will never forgive their father. They will hate his mistress. No child should have to be exposed to such emotional abuse. As for Arnold’s career, give it a few years. Like most men who cheat, Arnold will rebuild and appear unscathed, while his children suffer.


      You were doing good until you inserted ‘Republicans’ in lieu of ‘politicians’, but nice try anyway.

      • Annette

        o.k. I’m sorry, how many religious right wingers are Democrats? Please done bring up Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, they are liberals who support abortion rights.Politicians works for me.

    • Margaret

      And Dems don’t cry, “Save the environment!” but drive SUVs and have personal jets? Com’on, you can find hypocracy in just about everyone so I don’t think it makes the offense worse.

      • I’ll be Back

        One can’t seem to find correct spelling either.

      • Cyberian

        What is Al Gore’s carbon footprint? He sought to profit from the global warming farce, even trying to legislate how many breaths per minute an individual can take. According to the United States Geological Survey, the temperature of the Earth and our atmosphere has been steadily dropping over the last 100 years.Maybe we should be fretting ourselves to death over the next ice age, as if there is anything man could do to stop it. Anyway, back on topic, If I were Maria I would divorce Arnold and take him for everything he’s got!!!

  • GHB

    With this revelation, Arnold has now officially become a Kennedy!

    • Cap’n O.G. Weedmore

      Ask not what your nanny can do to you…

      • Cyberian


    • jimmycrackedcorn

      lol. thats messed up.true, but still messed up

    • CandaceTX

      from Terminator to Governator to Sperminator…

  • Le Japanese Japanese HIROSHI

    A bit disappointing, isn’t it?


    Anyway, in the featured quotation, suddenly Arnie sounded like a well-articulate US-born professional writer of the American English language. I’m not saying he didn’t write it on his own; I’m just praising him for his good English command. : )

  • Just a post


    • Reality

      Maybe it’s time to admit that monogomy simply isn’t viable for the vast majority of individuals. With the divorce rate at 50% and both men and women cheating, why we should expect something different from our politicians is beyond me.

      • Karate Pants

        If our natural instinct is to ‘cheat’, how do you explain that half of couples somehow overcome these innate urges and remain committed to their partner?
        ‘Cheaters’ are simply selfish people who make impulsive choices without regard to the consequences. There’s no other explanation for it.

      • orville

        Especially when you’re preaching “family values” quite loudly in your public life.

      • @Karate Pants

        I agree!! Also I think men in a big position of power become brainwashed into thinking they can cheat without consequences (actors, athletes, politicians, etc).

      • ArnoldLayne

        This isn’t about lifetime monogamy, it’s about cheating on your spouse. Don’t get married or get divorced first.
        And BTW ‘divorce rate’ figures include couples that have married 30, 40 yrs and up.

      • Jack

        @Karate Pants

        Correction, the cheaters people know about are only the ones who get caught by spouses who care … many have spouses who are indifferent, many spouses forgive their philanderer if and when they catch them cheating, many couples are mutually adulterous and perfectly ok with it. Clearly, all divorces aren’t caused by infidelity, and just because two people stay married doesn’t mean one or both aren’t cheating.

      • Karate Pants

        Jack, while I’m sure there are partners who are indifferent (which would be more of any open marriage/relationship anyway) or forgiving of ‘cheating’, I think it’s a scant minority. The overwhelming majority consider it to be a deal breaker.
        But I doubt ‘cheating’ is as common among the population as some might assume. Most people are evolved enough to remain committed to their partner or to end the relationship if their feelings change. I would guess that no more than 10-15% of those who are married or in a committed relationship ‘cheat’.

    • umdala

      There are plenty of other explanations for it and saying that those decisions are made without regard to the consequences is pretty narrow minded. People take risks all the time knowing full well what can happen if something goes wrong. And your reference to half remaining committed is incorrect: about half stay married; it doesn’t mean there hasn’t been or there isn’t any ‘cheating’ going on. Get real!

      • Karate Pants

        LOL! YOU get real!
        So you think before someone cheats, they carefully and rationally weigh the outcome of their actions, they completely consider every hurt feeling that will radiate as a result of their behavior, THEN they bend someone over a desk?!?

  • Lorraine

    This is very sad. I’m sorry to hear this.
    My husband and I are just really open and honest with each other. We tell each other everything that goes on and everything that we’re feeling everyday, and we’re just really there for each other.
    I think my husband taught me a lot about inner beauty and confidence in myself. I’m slim but voluptuous. He’s in love with the person inside of me, and the outside of me is just a bonus. I feel better—so much better now than I ever did in my twenties. I know who I am. And as a result, I feel much sexier.

    • Kelley

      um, ok, way to make this about yourself!

      • TJ

        Right on Kelley!

      • Just a post

        Lol kelley!

      • Marc

        I was expecting another ad for a dating website lol

      • CandaceTX

        thanks Oprah, er… I mean Kelley…

    • GHB

      Oh, STFU already! Do you do this on every thread about cheating? I bet your husband is getting it all over town!

      • Tesla

        Hate Hate Hate on Lorraine! The Sperminator knocks up his maid and you guys hate on Lorraine? Way to Go, America! … American hates real women; even the women hate real women.

      • JMB in FL

        @Tesla: this “Lorraine” person has posted the same exact thing, word for word, on multiple threads across this site (and probably others). So, yes Hate Hate Hate on “Lorraine” (or whatever she is).

    • Le HIROSHI


      I wouldn’t normally do this kinda thang; but you sounded like a ’bot, or a broken record (cutting and pasting). Or even like . . . the ’Tube trolls who wrote inventions that sounded sentimental just to gain thumbs-up from the viewers.

    • Brian Wallace

      Lorraine is awesome. “Slim, but voluptuous” is a great description.


      • wetowne

        Lorraine is delusional.

      • Celeste

        Lorraine’s voluptuous breests hit her knees when she walks and she’s got bony knees. HAWT

      • WePresidentNow


      • Yvonne

        Outstanding points by you, geaentmln. There are go through your current goods prior to along with you are just also wonderful. I love what you have acquired right here, appreciate precisely what you happen to be stating and the way anyone declare this. You’re making this interesting but you just find a way to keeping it sensible. I can’t wait around to examine a lot more by you. This really is a real superb web log.

    • MS. HAPPS :)(

      Seriously Lorraine, seriously. You are still lost hun.

    • bob

      @ Lorraine – too bad your husband didn’t teach you any humility or modesty.

    • So Happy

      Lorraine, thank you so much for your fine words. I don’t know what I would do without your postings. Sometimes the only reason I get out of bed in the morning is to read about how wonderful your marriage is today.

    • Don’tusethatname

      Why do you post this all the time?? Tedious. Stop using my mom’s name for your tripe.

  • Wowza

    I knew something like this was gonna come out.

  • Joy

    Yeah,he is a slime ball. That’s awful,but a very odd thing that Maria would have had no clue at all,esp if Arnold provided for the child. Just creepy,but yeah,Lorraine appears to post that same comment iin a lot of threads these days,lol.

    • Lois

      I read on another site that the woman was married at the time of the birth, and her then-husband was listed on the birth certificate as the father. I’m wondering if that guy had to pay her child support after the divorce?

      • Ty

        I bet someone like the National Enquirer got hold of the story and threatened to print it. He’s probably a few days in front of some tabloid.

  • tony

    this sounds like he is polygamous yeah?

    • Kelley

      no, tony, just a cheater. Pologamy means he is married to more than one woman.

      • Kelley

        oops, i mean polygamy.

  • tommymommy

    So Arnold was pumping his iron in someone other than his wife. What a douche. Team Maria!

    • t

      Why she ever married that douche is beyond me, kinda like Bullock marrying that sleaze ball whoever. What do these women expect? You get what pay for, it’s in the fine print.

      • Canan

        Huh.I guess they don’t know the meaning of the term.Set them sthrgiat, dude. Send them your intro piece there at the top of the week.I wouldn’t in any way, shape or form put them in the same bucket as YES, Crimson Can’t think of any other Prog Rock bands at the moment. I guess Can and early Genesis (of course; that was Monday), Rush. Who else?I’ve always felt Floyd was a blues band at heart. Or at least since Gilmore joined the band. -Corey Original message From: I wouldn’t, but on every Prog Site on earth they are listed. They were on Harvest records in the U.K., which was a prog label.Karma Chameleon

  • cc

    he’ll be back

  • J. Schlitz

    The Sperminator…

  • Joe Williams

    Family Values! Good Republican Family Values!


    Moral of the story… Do not marry or have sex with Republican Scammers.

    • liamgallagher

      Dumb post. Arnold never ran as a “family values” candidate.

      • kremzeek!

        i’ve long since noticed that all these “family values” candidates are the main one having all kinds of illicit affairs.we can all be hypocrites on occassion,but we don’t put ourselves on a high horse(well,i do,but that’s because i’m a hell of a guy)nyuck-nyuck-nyuck)

  • Dean

    What a weird and awkward headline on the front page news briefs. Staffer child his? Come on!

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