Mia Amber Davis, 'Road Trip' actress, dies at 36

Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

Mia Amber Davis, an actress and plus-size model who appeared in Road Trip, passed away at 36 years old. According to Fox News, the actress died from complications from routine knee surgery. Along with acting and modeling for companies like Ashley Stewart, Davis also served as a producer: She worked for such programs as The Ricki Lake Show, Change of Heart, and Divorce Court. Davis, however, is most well known for her memorable turn in 2000’s Road Trip as Rhonda, a woman who romances DJ Qualls’ Kyle Edwards.

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  • Cmac101


    • tom

      i mean this with heart….HOW THE HELL DO YOU DIE FROM KNEE SURGERY! RIP HUN! so sad!

      • Ally

        i know right…scary

      • Liz

        Sometimes people have a hard time under or coming out of anesthesia. So sad.

      • steve-o

        it could have been a blood clot that turned into a pulmonary embolism…usually fatal…fortunately i survived mine

      • Jeanne

        Like steve-o said, it could’ve been a blood clot turned pulmonary embolism. That’s how my sister-in-law’s father died during his appendectomy.

      • michelle

        when i had knee surgery, the nurses had me up and walking after 1 hr. i now know it was do i didn’t get a blood clot.

      • Tamar

        Let’s be sensitive about this, any one can throw a blood clot, remember Gwen West, Kanye West mom…let’s be sensitive, the family will be reading these comments

      • Jinda

        WorkoutAustin on February 24, 2011 Man, so many naietgve people out there! Yes being a trainer he does have some form and range of motion issues. As far as the building muscle comments. This not only burns tons of calories to get you shreded but this will also build lean muscle. He as you can tell is over loading the muscle with in turn will cause hypertrophy. Some of you should check on the meaning of this. Good job man! I bet not one of these naietgve commentors could do what you just did even if they tried in 20 mins!

  • Kat

    Wow, what a shame. That’s far too young for anyone to pass away, especially from a routine procedure.

    • etm

      ITA. How sad.

    • bird

      Wow. Very sad. My thoughts are with her friends and family.

      • ks

        me too, so young how sad

  • Sean McNally

    Even in this girls obit. you have to call her fat…

    • baj24

      This isn’t an obit and I don’t see mentioning her career as a plus size model akin to calling her “fat”.

      • LNW

        Agree, no where did this article mention the word fat. RIP Mia.

      • Not Moby

        Also agree. In a strange twist of fate I learned of this death before the media because I happened to be car pooling to a training with a colleague (yet stranger to me) who used to do plus size modeling with Mia. She received a text message and passed along the news. She was very open about life as a plus size model and didn’t seem ashamed of it at all. I don’t think it’s the same as using the loaded term “fat.”

    • Sara

      Wow, someone passes away and your first instinct is to make fun of them? How do you sleep at night?

    • sfday

      Well, yes, if you’re an a$$hole..

    • Darth Vaders Mistress

      Dip@#$% what color is your heart? Voluptuous women are in now anyway. You dont have to be a toothpick to be attractive. Step into your local anorexia clinic and see if you have the balls to say that ” F ” word. Otherwise shut up.

    • If it looks like a ho

      Your a jerk in everyone’s orbit.

    • Ryan

      Wow, I guess only a couple people took this comment the way I did. He was complaining that the article was calling her fat, or at least that was how I took it.

      And ho, maybe you should read a little closer the comment said OBIT as in obituary, not orbit.

      Too many overly sensitive freaking people in this world these days and it seems the more sensitive, the less comprehension exists…..

    • tom

      WOW how rude…..i bet your not perfect you a s s ……do you have any compation!

      • Lynn

        It’s COMPASSION, not compation.

    • pam

      Your a disgrace and very ignorant…

      • Mark

        He was blasting the article for calling her fat (which it didn’t). My god you people are stupid.

  • Gupta


    • Bob


  • DTO

    That’s a shame. That’s pretty young to go. She was a likable enough presence in ROAD TRIP.

  • Eric

    I remember her from Road Trip..
    It’s a shame she passed.


  • JPX

    The “complication” was that she was morbidly obese, which is what killed her.

    • Dwight

      Your A-hole is morbidly obese, but I guess it has to be since your head is stuck up there.

      • Alison

        Hahahahahha Dwight is awesome! hahahahahahah

    • wg

      He’s right. Her heart prob gave out. I don’t want to be rude but we shouldn’t pretend her lifestyle was healthy. Healthy 36 year olds don’t die from complications from knee surgery

      • @wg

        Who is pretending her lifestyle was healthy? A young woman is dead. Maybe some of us have enough compassion to not speculate on why/how she died.

      • Peter

        Whenever someone died young, there are always those commenters trying to reassure themselves that it can’t happen to them but trying to blame the victim.

      • lesfull

        What amazes me is that people come on here thinking that we aren’t aware that she was overweight, number one. And two, they feel the need to turn every article about someone who was overweight into a chance to preach about how bad fat people are. Give the girl a break. She is dead. Can people not comment on the tragedy without having Captain Obvious and his friends reminding everyone that she was overweight? We get it. Now shut up and let us be sad that a 36 year old woman is dead regardless of her weight.

      • Sleepy in Seattle

        My brother-in-law had a simple knee surgery and almost dies because of a blood clot. You shouldn’t jump to the conclusion that her weight caused her death. Grow up, jerk.

      • Josh

        Being overweight has nothing to do with complications. Sooo many things can go wrong…

      • olivia

        Actually, healthy people die from complications of surgery all the time Simply receiving anesthesia is far more dangerous than most people realize. Fact is, you don’t know what the prime cause was, if there even was one, and you’re just being a jerk on an obit notice.

      • LNW

        Automatically it was her heart as a result of her weight. It could of been anything such as a reaction to sedation.

      • tom

        is your fat ass alive….is your mama’s…..everyone has their own health issues….grow up!

    • Jack

      Actually there are any number of complications that could have resulted from the surgery that have nothing to do with her weight. Maybe educate yourself before posting such thoughtless and mean post regarding the death of another human.

    • @JPX

      Morbidly obese? HARDLY. “Plus-size” model means she was a normal-sized woman; not some emaciated, starving size-0 starlet.
      Regardless, how the h*ll do you know what killed her? Were you the attending physician?

      • Gupta

        have you even seen her in Road Trip? Definitely obese.

      • Lo

        Yeah, and that movie was freaking ten years ago! We have no idea what killed her.

    • Alex

      wow, you’re a terrible person. good luck with that.

    • Darth Vaders Mistress

      I was a CNA, and took about 7 medical classes and almost went into Nursing as a college major. I can tell tell you there are many things that can contribute to a sudden death during surgery

      1.Blood Clot
      2.they just go-under the anesthetics
      3.wrong dosage of IV fluid
      4.heart gives out
      5.yes being a little overweight doesnt help, but her blood levels could have dropped.
      6.other way being cut open for surgery her blood pressure rose too high
      7. there was a freak accident, we dont know all details.

      So dont assume things. You know what they say about the word assume.

      • Monty

        Your d!ck falls off?

      • Barbara

        This is really too Young to Die , I have heard that infections run rampant in hospitals nd That could be it. Also isnt aneathesa the thing that killed Micheal Jackson ? It can cause death

      • Darth Vaders Mistress

        Anesthetics are very dangerous and come in many forms, they can drug you with IV fluid that slowly puts you to sleep, laughing gas, a shot, but the drug if not measured correctly could be fatal. That is why anesthesiologists get paid a crap load of money. But they also have to pay alot in malpractice.

    • pam

      It was probably a blod clot stupid.. when you have bad luck you’ll know why…what comes around goes around..

    • AltDave

      JPX, you are still a low-life a$$hole. You need to die a horrible lingering death so the world will be rid of your diseased BS.

    • Mary

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  • Liz Lemon

    That’s so sad. :(

  • wg

    What would those complications be jack and how likely are they?

    • Jack

      Septicemia, gangarene, any number of infections that come from having any type of surgeries. The surgeon could have made a mistake, she could have been given the wrong kind of blood, she could have reacted poorly to any of the procedures that are used and the list goes on.

    • Dr. Linus

      She could have had a PE as well, especially if she was immobile with her knee surgery. That’s what first came to my mind.

      • steve-o

        yep…i had PE as a result of foot surgery and being immobile…i was one of the statistically lucky ones to survive.

    • olivia

      Not as likely as the odds that you’re a jerk.

  • Deb

    An embolism, perhaps? Freak things happen to people regardless of size, age, gender… She will be missed.

    • Billy

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  • Zeke

    Such a young age as well.

  • Rolo Tomasi

    Some of you are so naive if you think her weight didn’t play a role in her death

    • Peter

      If it keeps you from facing the fact that people can die from a routine surgery, keep telling yourself that.

    • daisy

      some of you are so naive if you think not being overweight means you cannot die

    • Darth Vaders Mistress

      Rolo-it goes both ways, look up Karen Carpenter.

    • Rolo Tomasi

      Ok, what does Karen Carpenter have to do with anything?

      • Jeanne

        She died from heart complications caused by her anorexia. It’s just to show that not all people with heart problems have them because they’re overweight.

    • Darth Vaders Mistress

      you and many people think that being overweight is the only ” Weight” issue you can die from.

      When I said it goes both ways, people can become OBSESSED with being skinny and die. Karen Carpenter did, she died from being too skinny. Our society doesnt put enough emphasis on both ends of the spectrum. There needs to be a medium of balance. NO toothpicks but no severely overweight people either.

    • Mark

      And you’re an idiot if you think that automatically means it was the reason. A good friend of mine’s brother went in to have a simple shoulder surgery. He jogged daily, was a vegetarian, never drank, didn’t smoke, wouldn’t use drugs if his life depended on it. He had a heart attack on the table and died. He was 32. In other words, FU you arrogant know-it-all pig.

  • sprewell

    Wow, I can’t believe people would come on the board and make fun of her weight. That’s messed up.

    • Rolo Tomasi

      Who’s making fun. It should be a warning to people, turning a blind eye to it is irresponsible.

      • Peter

        No, lying to yourself and pretending it can’t happen to you is irresponsible.

      • Rolo Tomasi

        Keep living in denial Peter.

      • Peter

        No thanks, but if it works for you.

        You have no idea what happened, and it scares you to think it could be you who dies in a routine surgery, so you have to find some other cause. Don’t feel bad, lots of people do it. The teen who died in an accident *must* have been foolishly texting because accidents don’t just happen; the shooter *must* have been provoked by the media because no one is just plain crazy; the woman *must* have died due to her weight because no one just dies in routine surgery. Anything to help you believe it can’t happen to you.

      • Rolo Tomasi

        lol…it can’t happen to me, I’m not overweight.

      • geek

        @Rolo Tomasi
        It could have been a blood clot, sepsis, torn trachea (from intubation), wrong blood, wrong doc, wrong surgery, knicked artery, and oh so many more

        My healthy, marathon runner uncle nearly died at the age of 42 from a routine knee surgery. He wasn’t overweight, he ended up getting a blood clot in his lungs. It could happen to you so get off your high horse.

        blood clots are a serious complication that can occur after any kind of surgery- they kill people after surgery irregardless of weight, gender, or age. there’s nothing to substantiate your claim her death was because of her weight and there’s nothing preventing the same from happening to you.

      • pollie

        In your case, Rolo, we can only hope for a premature death. Though yours might be more likely to be caused by you doing something stupid, as you’re already so good at saying something stupid.

      • Ryan

        Good lord, again with the overly sensitive people.

        Rolo may not be correct that her weight had anything to do with the complications, but that’s also not to say he’s wrong.

        How’s about we all admit it COULD have been weight related and it MAY not have been. Unless more details are released there’s no way to tell which side is right or wrong.

      • Peter

        Ryan, how about: there’s no point in speculating. Which Trollo isn’t even doing, he’s asserting.

      • Rolo Tomasi

        LOL…did I say anything negative. Name calling because I have a different opinion and not ignoring the fact she was overweight and obesity is a problem in America, yet now people wishing death to me. Hilarious the amount of hypocrites you find on here.

      • Peter

        No one has wished death on you. I do wish you were more educated as to the risks of surgery, any surgery, for anybody.

      • Peter

        (oh, wait, I guess one person did. Well, I didn’t)

      • Rolo Tomasi

        I am educated on risks of surgery, and I know that obese people have a higher risk during surgery.

      • Rolo Tomasi

        Obese people have a much higher risk of potentially deadly complications following surgery, a new study shows.

        Researchers found obese patients had a significantly higher risk of postoperative complications, such as heart attack, wound infection, nerve injury, and urinary tract infections.

      • Darth Vaders Mistress

        I too am educated in the medical feild Rolo, and you can have a heart attack from being too thin.

        Being too thin causes as much complications as being too fat.

      • Peter

        But you’re saying this ONLY happened because of her size, and that it would not have happened if she were smaller. Since it can happen to anyone of any size, there’s no possible way to know that.

  • jt

    I don’t know her, but how horribly sad. :(

  • Allie

    No matter how she died, or what complications might have been, the fact is that someone who had many talents to contribute and offer has passed away. Be respectful of that.

    • marie

      I agree 100%. What she dies from should not be the major concern instead she died too young leaving much behind to be complete. My heart goes out to her family and friend. May she rest in peace.

    • Tamar

      Right on Allie….something this country has lost in more ways than one….respect

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