Lindsay Lohan's grand felony theft charge reduced to misdemeanor, but she's sentenced to 120 days in jail for probation violation


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UPDATED: After a two-picture movie deal, Lindsay Lohan scored another victory — and a major setback — today in court: One day after snagging roles in Gotti: Three Generations and Mob Street, the actress’ grand felony charge has been reduced to a misdemeanor. In Los Angeles Superior Court Friday, Judge Stephanie Sautner decided to give Lohan “an opportunity,” saying she had seen more severe cases become misdemeanors. The actress was charged with the felony in February after allegedly stealing a $2,500 necklace from a jewelry store in Venice, Calif., in January.

Judge Sautner did, however, rule that Lohan had violated her probation, after the prosecution presented evidence and testimony from jewelry store employees and two police officers who handled the case. The judge sentenced Lohan to 120 days in jail and 480 hours of community service in a L.A. women’s center and the county morgue for the violation. Lohan appealed the ruling and posted $75,000 bail. A pretrial hearing has been set for May 11; if convicted of the misdemeanor, Lohan could face one year in jail. “I see the intent here,” Judge Sautner said during Friday’s hearing. “I see a level of brazenness with ‘Let me see what I can get away with here.'”

Lohan had pleaded not guilty to allegations of theft, and has turned down two plea deals that likely guaranteed jail time. Following the hearing, she told the Associated Press that she looked forward to beginning work on her two films, which include Gotti, the biopic about mob boss John Gotti Sr., in which she’ll play Kim Gotti. (She was previously being considered for the role of Victoria Gotti before producers announced she was no longer in talks for that role.) “I’m really excited to be back on set and clear up all the misinterpretations about me and show this is what I love to do,” she said. “I think in the past, I had a lot of distractions … I’ve learned a lot. I’ve lived a lot. When I’m on set, it’s about the film.”

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  • LOL


    • Loch Ness

      CNN is reporting that she was just taken to jail.

      • Brittany

        I love her body, she has gorgeous lips, and a beautiful smile with luscious lips and IndianMarriageMatch was amazing

      • tom

        she just doesn’t get it for some reason

    • tom

      CHECK Supposedly Lindsey is already headed to jail for 120 days!

      • Jennifer Tells it Like it IS

        NO CHIT, tom.
        The 120 days is for her GUILTY CONVICTION on the probation violation.
        The misdemeanor charge is the one STILL TO BE DETERMINED.
        Learn to read.

      • How stupid

        Hey, Jennifer, dumba$$, Tom posted that before the story was updated.

      • Charlie Sheen

        Jennifer has Sheenis Envy!

    • Amanda Seyfried

      Great coverage once again, EW. This week she snagged a bit part in a guaranteed turd of a movie, and now she’s headed back to jail. That’s quite a “victory” – she’s “winning” like Charlie Sheen (at his first show in Detroit)

      • Devin Faraci

        Amanda, I want to penis you.

    • Razor

      Why do they keep doing favors for her? Do they not realize that this is actually the worst thing they could do, to help her overcome her addictions?

    • JPX


    • cici

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  • Drew

    It was changed to a misdemeanor because the necklace wasnt valued high enough for it be a felony. But you can bet the comments here will all be about how she was treated differently because she’s Lindsay Lohan. People only want her to be treated fairly if the outcome of it is bad.

    • whatevs

      That’s the only meaning of fair.

    • Miley Cyrus

      this is not true. People don’t want her to be treated fairly only if the outcome is bad, they don’t want her treated fairly AT ALL – because she is a repulsive, irresponsible, self-centered person with a hideous sense of entitlement. And she’s a horrible actress as well.

      • Cami

        I had no idea how to approach this before—now I’m loekcd and loaded.

    • Rachel

      lol you’re wrong, grand theft is $400

      • Debbie

        Any way you look at it shes serving 120 days for Violation of her probation as well of 300 hrs community service in the LA Womens center and The morgue total of 480hrs

      • Liz

        She may be sentenced to 120 days, but she’s not serving 120.

    • jts

      Do you REALLY think that if you had done this the charge would have been reduced? I DON’T THINK SO!!! money talks. period.

      • c jones

        So you think she didn’t do it but let her money talk and get her a jail sentence?

  • Barry

    This bytch gets away with it again. What BS this is!

    • Jennifer Tells it Like it IS

      Barry = Moron.

      She’s doing 4 months in the clink for breaking probation. Plus 500 hours of work in the morgue.
      That’s a LOT of BS over $2500.
      Barry, you callous moron.

      • Tsk Tsk

        Jennifer = even bigger moron. She got bailed out after less than 5 hours.

      • Barry

        Do you think that she will even do 1 hour of that 500 hours? She should be in a mourge undergoing an autopsy for a drug overdose.

  • Meryl Streep

    Awesome. Maybe now they can reach a plea agreement where she will serve no jail time but will be barred from making any more movies. Now that’s a fair deal for the entire world.

    • Le HIROSHI

      While I think I can’t argue with Ms. Streep, a talented actress herself, wasn’t she also another one that praised LILO’s performance a few years back? Just say’n. : )

      • Amanda Seyfried

        What can I say, I’m a great actress. Along with Sophie’s Choice & Kramer v. Kramer, saying that Lindsay is talented was probably the greatest challenge of my career.

      • Dan

        Wow, I never realized that Amanda Seyfried was in Sophie’s Choice and Kramer vs. Kramer. Keep your aliases straight, troll.

      • oh gosh


      • Kurt from Glee

        Reooowww @Dan… catfight! Easy girls!

      • Caroline

        LMAO!!!!!!!! The Streep/Seyfried troll was sooooo busted!

      • Carrie Prejean

        Momma Mia troll is one & the same! I must give her kudos for being a better entertainer than Lilo. Keep it going troll!!

  • Andy

    If she was Hispanic she would been charged with Grand Janitorial Duty and had it reduced to Drive-Thru Employee.

    • Wilmer V

      If she was Hispanic, I might actually like her

    • andy2

      if YOU were Hispanic, you would actually know better

  • Hugh G. Rekshun

    Yes EW, this is quite a “victory.” She’s a real winner now.

  • GoodLooking

    It’s good to see fellow good looking people treated well. All of these negative comments are from fat and ugly people who should be shot.

    • Haywood Jablowmi

      Many of those people actually shot themselves after watching one of her movies

    • etm

      Lindsay is good looking? Not since 2004.

    • Snooki

      She looks good for a woman in her late 40’s-early 50’s



    – –

    Thanks for updating, Kate. I hope she will take her film career seriously as she did claim; all the best.

  • Dee

    She will post bail and get out of serving jail time, at least for now.

    But she WILL have to do the 480 hours of community service.

    No matter what, chance are high she will mess up again before the year is over.

    • Jennifer Tells it Like it IS

      She has been CONVICTED to face 120 days in jail for breaking probation.
      There is NO BAIL any longer, you insipid fool.

      • How stupid

        Wrong again, moron.

      • Tsk Tsk

        Wow. Jennifer’s ignorance knows no bounds.

      • LMFAO

        She’s already out on bail.

    • Sarah Palin

      Wow, you guys are dumber & more pathetic than Lindsay Lohan!!

      • Glenn Beck

        Look who’s talking.

  • oh gosh

    Why would she plead not guilty when she was caught on tape and she never returned the necklace. If it was an accident surely she would’ve returned it as soon as she realized what she’d done. LOL i wonder what will happen to the movie roles now? She’s gonna end up on a Vh1 reality show.

    • Tsk Tsk

      Nah, she’s too trashy even for cable reality. VH1 would be a step UP for her right about now.

  • Del Taco

    Lohan is too good looking for jail
    The court system should be more lenient when sexy people are involved.

  • Zoe

    Good riddance to her!

  • Soap on a Rope

    Lindsay is so cute. I want to soap her up

  • 4theniteowl

    The more she gets away with the greater the danger to her in the future. I do hope she has to do the community service (part of the appeal that was filed) as the judge picked appropriate places that might teach her something. I think she did get a break on the felony reduction and being allowed to post bail on a probation violation. For anyone else a probation violation means jail with no bail

  • Mike

    Give her 120 years. Then we won’t have to hear any more about her.

    • Lamar Kardashian

      Somehow, i don’t think that will be enough time

    • JMJ


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