Lindsay Lohan will play Kim Gotti opposite John Travolta in 'Gotti: Three Generations'

Lindsay Lohan will play the daughter-in-law of late mob boss John Gotti — and wife of imprisoned mobster “Junior” Gotti — in the film Gotti: Three Generations, according to a press release from Fiore Films. (A Fiore representative for Gotti had earlier told EW that Lohan was out of the running to play another role in the film: Victoria Gotti, the daughter of Gotti Sr. and sister of Gotti Jr.) As part of the deal, Lohan has also agreed to star in another Fiore film, Mob Street, written by Chazz Palminteri. Lohan joins a cast that includes John Travolta as Gotti Sr. and Joe Pesci as Gotti subordinate Angelo Ruggierio. The film will shoot in the fall, with an expected release date of late 2012.

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  • rumours

    The Lindsay comeback begins here!

    • Rashad

      I TOTALLY agree!!! I’m VERY happy for her :)

      • Krystal

        I really hope you’re right. She is a great actress. I hope she stays clean!

      • Razor

        I will be so glad when EW finally adopts some real sort of spam blocking software that keeps these a-holes from being able to post and then they all go bankrupt and slowly die from hunger and despair.

      • Brittany

        I love her body, and was amazing

    • Nick T

      It took Britney a while too.

      • MysterWright

        No comparison. If Britney starred with these guys and pulled any of her shenanigans then she wouldn’t keep it up for very long. Lindsay knows better. If she misbehaves then there’s always the courts to deal with her. No offense to anyone but I’ve dealt with girls that got daddy issues fairly recently within the last few years. Its like if they see you’re hung up, find them the least big attractive, they try wrapping you around their fingers. All you gotta tell them is that this ain’t a flophouse and one of two things occurs. Either they see that and straighten up or they don’t listen, go to schmuck friends for advice and burn themselves by listening to people that only want to see them show off and fall down by making themselves look bad to everyone else. Its just a power trip. Like nobody will ever care about that person except the sleazy ones currently taking advantage of them and their fragile egos. Like the cokehead skateboard management team Emile Hirsch’s Jay Adams had in the film Lords of Dogtown. Didn’t Lindsay used to know one of the stars of that movie or something? >.<

    • tom

      Bring it hun…..we all deserve to get our demons taken care of and a second chance! Much Love….be well!

    • Loyalty

      Imagine that she gets the part and some media attention. Wow brillant!!! now it give me another reason to skip this movie. Long live the D-lister.

      • trim


    • Rush

      John Travolta as Gotti Sr? Is this a comedy?

    • Perez Marriot Courtyard

      YAYY!! Now she can continue her streak of cinematic masterpieces! And co-starring with Travolta & Pesci, two other gifted talents who have churned out nothing but quality film work in the last 10 yrs! O happy day that they can all unleash their amazing gifts together now in one great big piece of art!!

  • Jude

    Good for her. I hope she doesn’t blow it.

    • Sue1

      I hope so too. This is her shot at redemption…perhaps her last one.

      • Van

        Sad, though, that in order to get into the movie she has to take a much smaller, less important role – plus she needs to appear in another movie that sounds pretty low rent. Oh well, seems appropriate.

      • A

        True, Van. But that’s the price she has to pay. Anyway, she did some smaller roles in ensemble films before her descent into crazytown anyway, like in A Prairie Home Companion and Bobby. She needs to do more stuff like that.

    • A

      I agree. This is her chance. She needs to do well in these smaller roles to get people to trust her again.

    • Joe Pesci

      I hope she doesn’t blow Joe Pesci


    Wishing her well.

    – –

    But how could we be so sure about the legal issue on her side? It sounds like they already knew what’s goin’ on tomorrow; “will play” denotes too much of confidence, IMO.

    – –

    PS: I’ve got a feeling you both (or all of you) are working on first-come-first-served basis. Speaking for myself, if “she” exclusively takes care of this topic, it would look more organized from a reader’s POV. Just say’n. Anyway, thanks for updating, Darren.

  • Drew

    I’m happy for her. Now don’t screw this one up.

  • VLh

    I heard that it was a small part so small they offered it 2 Kim K first.

  • jets

    First thing: take off that other “poor Lindsay what should she do now” article.

    2nd: She can’t do the role if she’s in jail. Which she most likley will be.

    3rd. Pretty sure the mob now is the undercover owners and oporators of Fior films. A sympathetic Gotti biopic, then something called “Mob Street?” …yeah.

    4th: Ugh. Lilo’s been an attention whore/liar/drama queen/ overall b*tch for over a decade. How about she go away for awhile now?

    • Jack King

      So have most of the other young actresses out there. And I’d much rather see her in a film than listen to you whine about it.

    • Haywood Jablowmi

      You know, in regards to 4th point above, you could say the same thing about Travolta & Pesci

    • Peter Thompson

      Brooke, be nice.

  • buddymoore

    I would like to know who is in charge of casting these movies and what the hell they were thinking.

    • Jack King

      That they know a hell of a lot more about casting movies than YOU do, obviously.

      • stella


      • Joe Pesci

        Gee you really got him with that one

      • Jack Mehoff

        Raaaoooww!! Catfight! You can almost see the gayness coming off the comments here. Go!!

  • Jack King

    Good for Lohan. Let’s hoe she has several nude scenes.

  • Mary K.

    Did they make an offer she couldn’t refuse?

    • Kurt from Glee

      Yes, they said, “Ok you can appear in our low quality, small budget movie but only in a small role with little screen time. Oh, and we can’t pay you any money.” SOLD! Best offer in months!

    • messy

      Poor Marcia Strassman. It took her six years to get from Honey, I Shrunk the Kids to its Z-Grade rip-off. I’m sure the Welcome Back, Kotter conoersativns between her and Joey were amusing.

      • Jessica

        How does everyone keep from feleing caged up/ under-worked on rest days? Goats? : Not sure what this is? From the context I guess it is weakpoints or difficlut areas. So goats : proper running form, getting MWOD in, Muscle ups, timing for DUs, HSPU, and snatches (probably form on all Oly lifts) and resting on thursdays.:)

  • TZ

    Cool, the making of the best f’ing movie in over a decade. Joe Pesci rocks! Travolta is well Travolta and throw Lindsay’s comeback in the mix? Can’t f’ing wait!

    • TZ

      If Gary Busey doesn’t play Joseph Coffey Sr I’m gonna be a pissed off Philly boy!

    • Peter Thompson

      Evedybody it seemed thought Travolta was washed up until a small little role in some nondescript movie called Pulp Fiction came along. That was ages ago … I know.

      • Kourtney Dash

        And look how well that turned out… Travolta now consistently makes nothing but quality films with subtle acting that are always praised by critics and make lots of box-office

    • Jack Mehoff

      If by “rocks” you mean “can’t act”, if by “Travolta” you mean “horrible over-acting, closeted gay man”, and if by “comeback” you mean “making turd movies again”… then I TOTALLY AGREE

  • TJ

    I wish she would go away. Just grab her drugs and move in with Sheen.

    • Paris Radisson

      I really don’t think that would be fair to Charlie

      • Anali

        John Ryan Recabar – I’m a sedtunt in Vietnam, but I’m going back to my country next week. I’m going to miss Vietnam. Wedding pictures always remind me Hanoi because the city seemed to be obsessed with weddings.

  • Haywood Jablowmi

    Awesome!! Now all they need are Paulie Shore and Madonna to complete the star-studded cast! Are those Oscar nominations I hear? I think so!! What a great day indeed.

    • Van

      Madonna may not be a great actress, but she is not exactly some b-list has-been like Paulie Shore. Stupid comment, Haywood.

      • Perez Marriot Courtyard

        Yes, Madonna is a great actress. Just look at all the stellar reviews and acting awards she wins in every film she makes. And all her films are box-office gold too.

      • Kurt from Glee

        Both Madonna & Lilo beat Paulie Shore out for most Razzie nominations & wins, so it is actually not fair to lump him into the same list as them

      • Shokun

        Quyen – I’m a Vietnamese and I can’t help but went tourhgh all of your pictures. They are beautiful, both the couples and the natural sceneries. Vietnam is such a beautiful place, I love it. I have been to Ha long Bay once, in fact, I have been too all places that you took pictures of. I love your pictures and certainly will comeback for more. Thank you for these wonderful images of vietnam and its people.

    • Kourtney Dash

      Madonna would actually be perfect in this movie as Victoria Gotti. Considering the caliber of acting talent in this pool, she fits right in

      • Patricia

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  • Perez Marriot Courtyard

    I heard they offered the role to Andy D*ck first, but he declined.

  • TV Is Your God

    Lindsay will do a good job in a gangster flick, she could pull it off. I don’t think I want to see a movie glamorizing crime, however. Does she get the electric chair in the movie? That would be a great ending, to see her smoking and smoldering and jerking around in the chair as 50,000 volts zap through her. Hey, I think I just wrote the ending to the movie.

  • palmstring

    I hope that Travolta besides the cast & crew boldly gets Lohan on her feet for this blockbuster worth fighting for us in the audience to watch.

    • Peter Thompson

      Yeah…if it happens it’ll put a whole new definition on the term: nose bleed seats.

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