'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans arrested for simple assault


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Jenelle Evans, who appears as one of four mothers on MTV’s Teen Mom 2, was arrested Sunday in Oak Island, N.C. for simple assault and simple affray. In a video that TMZ posted Friday, the 19-year-old reality star was shown physically fighting with another woman, reportedly over Evans’ boyfriend, Kieffer Delp, who also appears on the show. Police, who previously had a warrant out for Delp, 21, also arrested Evans’ boyfriend on Saturday for cocaine possession. Evans is set to return to court April 26. Delp will report today.

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  • Bill

    Stay classy, MTV!

    • LOL

      More Republican trash.

      • judy

        You, who said more Rep. trash. Look what just came out of your trashy MOUTH. That’s how fight’s get started.

      • Kate

        Judy, are we supposed to be afraid?

      • stan

        Don’t feed the troll, a-hole!

      • judy

        Nope, 67 years old. To old to fight. Kids today are brain dead because the parent’s can’t teach them right from wrong or they get into trouble & call 911. And I,m married into a police family so don’t even go there. You cannot spank a kid today. I say smack the crap out of her & lock her but in her room until she can act in the right way. Hands are for spanking.

      • Jess


      • Tom

        put her in a caged wrestling match with snooki on pay per view

      • Crystal

        @Judy Because the answer and solution to violence is always more violence.

      • ViciousCircle

        @Crystal Spanking isn’t abuse. My mom spanked me and I turned out just fine. I learned to respect others and my elders. The biggest problem with youth nowadays is the lack of respect and the knowledge that they can’t be punished by adults. They have no fear. I’m not saying they need to be beaten into submission, but there needs to be some respect. Just the other day I saw two teenagers, one girl and one boy, shove and threaten an elderly man because he didn’t get his bike out of their way in a parking lot fast enough. I had my phone out, 911 dialed, and I stepped between them and the man. The girl called me every name in the book, and I just stood my ground and backed her against her car until the cops arrived. She was more than willing to shove around an old man…but had no balls when someone stood up to her. Kids run rampant these days…fighting, bullying, pregnancy…with no consequences. These things weren’t nearly as much of a problem when parents were still aloud to spank their kids without fear of child abuse charges.

      • Linda

        I love her, so pretty, and TallPeopleMatch was amazing

    • ash.

      Lol Bill! Nice! Poor Janelle… I think I’ve all but given up on her chances for rehabilitation and the hope that she will ever become not just a biological mother to Jace, but an actual loving, caring, nurturing mother. Oh well…

    • RebeOT MAD kah

      HOW CAN U CALL URSELF A MOM. wHEN I FOUND OUT I Was preg with my first child and i no relationship with my baby daddy my mom was there every step of the way. no questions and i had a very questionable past. but my mom had my back, no matter what. and i hope every daughter has that one friend that is there and just b there 4 ur daughte. thats the love and support they need and deserve

  • Stu

    What great role models. How sad and pathetic we actually glamorize these people.

    • MeMe

      I’d usually agree with you. But this girl in particular is in no way glamorized. Her story is told more like a cautionary tale. You watch the show to see which way she will mess up on that current episode.

      But that said, I do hope they stop filming her so she can seek some mental help.

      • Jay

        It doesn’t matter if the show is telling it like a cautionary tale… she is still having her story told on TV. Clueless teenagers think these losers on reality TV shows are actually “stars” and they are getting rewarded with paychecks for their deplorable behavior.

        It doesn’t matter how bad they try to spin it, they should never have put her on TV

      • Ian

        One of these skanks gets $30k an episode. If that’s not encouraging this moronic behavior, than what is?

      • LDP

        Jay, how do you know what these so called “clueless teennagers” are thinking. Most teenagers know this is ridiculous behavior, and watch only to get a good laugh

    • rUBY

      trASH Azz WhItE FOFo.iBReAt jEnNeLLe AZz in 1 hand

  • SLB

    What a surprise. White trash Jenelle arrested again.

    • Alexavier

      A mniute saved is a minute earned, and this saved hours!

      • Aineeddin

        Aww tankhs everyone. I am dying to see it! Viewing party sounds fun, I wish I knew in advance when she will wear one!

  • jerzegirl


  • pie thrower

    Glad to hear that her life is working out for her. :)

  • jamie

    trash thats all i have to say even on the show you look like trash just think about what you are doing

  • ks

    WOW! wtf

    • Saleem

      ok- I can make so many comments here. Firstly, I don’t wear tonhgs cause I don’t get the butt wedgie thing. Secondly, it’s not just young women wearing them, cellulite filled old-women love to show them off. My pet peave is seeing them on women through their workout pants-yuck. What’s worse than sticky wet workouts clothes? I’ll tell you what- looking at females with thong wedgies while working out!!! Why do men like to look at them?? I sure wouldn’t want to see a man with a string in his butt, why do men want to see a woman in that? I don’t get it!! Will someone explain?! I get some fashion fads, this one I just don’t. Poor Larry!!!! not

  • rey

    my wife forced me to watch teen mom. now i cant get enough of it. it is funnier than the office, modern family, and 30 rock combined.

    janelle is such a basket case and so pathetic, i can help but laugh. she doesnt realize she is an atrocious mother. she has no business coming in 1000 ft of her son.

    birth control and abortion was invented for people like janelle, sad but true.

    • stan

      The same might be said for those who can’t type or spell…

      • Liz

        widrgarl22 on March 16, 2011 @Creolebway-my kids have no idea what i do for a living as dont most of my friends or family.i enjoy a life style most cant afford.& sleep-well me & my wife spent about 4 grand on our bedroom so actually i sleep great.thank wondering about that though.oh & btw, here a newsflash pal-you work for a lawfirm.I have a lawyer that works for me!you think lawyers or law firms are any better than collection agencies?BAHAahahaha-Look here the bottom line.I can guareentee my net worth is prob equal too

  • miss k

    Sheesh again?!

  • etm

    It’s so unfair that some women who’d love to have a child can’t get pregnant and this animal has a sweet little son and wants nothing to do with him.

  • Dave Arket

    this is the simple solution:

    give her a gun to put in her mouth and toss her into the ocean

  • Ty

    Did you see the video…I couldn’t believe her stupid she is her friends totally goaded her into it. She needs to suffer some consequences for her actions. I can only watch a train wreck for so long and MTV really needs to quit filming that girl…her mom needs to permanently kick her out and she needs some serious counseling for her mind and possibly for drugs…

  • Joyce

    Mom of the year! Trash…with an equally trash boyfriend. Feel bad for her kid.

    • stan

      Let them eat coke!

    • Amanda

      she couldn’t face vitsiing her without my Dad. I felt sorry for her alone in a home, but my Mum said it was what she deserved, awful, really awful. My Grandmother passed away 15 months after my Dad, and to be honest, I think my Mum was relieved to have the burden of guilt lifted. Luckily I managed to save some of my Grandmother’s belongings, its so sad you didn’t.Vxxx

      • Luana

        ^^ fat? Dude-Risako is not fat. Not even close. She’s not even on the same continent as fat. She’s faltasticanly curvacious (And boy do I feel like a dirty, dirty man for talking about a teenager like that, but it is so very true) She clearly takes excellent care of her body (how can you not, with the punishing schedules of an idol?) I need to introduce you to some fat women so you can learn to tell the difference. I think these dirty, dirty lies about her weight stem from the fact that she doesn’t seem to fit into the usual idol body type, which tends to be either skinny, or athletic (I should mention that I also have a deep appreciation for these body types as well) so comparatively speaking, she stands out. Even though she’s not one of my metaphorical top five’, she’s in the top ten, and a beautiful, beautiful girl. Um, now that I’ve gotten completely sidetracked, I loved the post, and agree quite well!

  • Captain Obvious

    Instead of paying her, MTV needs to put her in treatment along with that mother of hers…

    … or find Jace a decent home.

    • Dgently

      Uh, Captain…you’re giving MTV an awful lot of power.

  • Roxanne

    thats what she gets. maybe she’ll open her eyes and grow up before its to late for her and her son.. she needs to get rid of loser keiffer…. he the problem…

    • Angela

      I disagree. She was causing trouble and was out of control before Kiefer entered the picture (though I do agree that she needs to get rid of him). The girl needs help!

    • sarah

      Perhaps certain individuals should work on their GED’s before wasting time watching MTV. At least take a remedial English course!

      • Lady Die

        Why are you such a sarcastic b1tch?

      • Dgently

        @Sarah: You mean GEDs, don’t you? No need for the apostrophe.

      • Terrence

        True but do we really need to get all grammar police about it?

    • Latisha


      • Suhaib

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