Natalie Portman rips John Galliano

Natalie Portman, Best Actress winner and celebrity spokesperson for Christian Dior, released a statement condemning the alleged remarks of Dior’s suspended fashion designer, John Galliano, who’s been accused of spewing anti-Semitic vitriol at multiple people in a Paris cafe. A video of one such encounter features what appears to be Galliano endorsing Adolf Hitler and insulting a nearby couple with Holocaust taunts. “I am deeply shocked and disgusted by the video of John Galliano’s comments that surfaced today,” Portman said. “In light of this video, and as an individual who is proud to be Jewish, I will not be associated with Mr. Galliano in any way. I hope at the very least, these terrible comments remind us to reflect and act upon combating these still-existing prejudices that are the opposite of all that is beautiful.”

Portman reportedly was planning to wear a John Galliano-designed gown to Sunday’s Oscars, but she ultimately decided to wear a purplish dress from Rodarte instead.

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  • Marisa

    I love Natalie Portman! She is a beautiful actress and one of the few in Hollywood with any integrity! (I’m looking at you Charlie Sheen)

    • Larry

      Give me a break. So someone got drunk off their a$$ and said some crazy things….who hasn’t done the same? The Jews in the entertainment biz need to lighten up.

      • Carlos

        There’s no feedom of speech anymore. Didn’t you know this Larry?

      • taco

        actaully, he is being tried in france for this, because it is ilegal. so by your reasoning, if someone gets drunk, its ok to break any law, bc he was drunk, and we all drink.

      • @ Larry

        I haven’t done the same thing. If you don’t think those things you dont say those things. You need to admit who you are, in addition to being a moron.

      • Pete

        Well, crazy things like “I’m totally into that girl down the hall” or “I think you’re kind of a d**k” – sure. N word, or holocaust stuff? Nope. Listen, he was totally free to say what he did – but there are consequences for your actions. And in a PC business like fashion, going off like that and getting caught is a one way ticket to early retirement.

      • Nikki

        He got drunk off his ass and then his true self came out. When you’re drunk, it’s not a license to be a mean person, and things don’t come out that aren’t truly in your heart. Yeah, you can go around saying what you want – but that doesn’t mean that anyone has to still like you, want to employ you, or be associated with you.

      • Wanda

        I’m so tired of hearing drunkeness being used as an excuse for vicious statements and racism and anti-Semitism! Just like Mel Gibson,this guy is a bigot. I’ve seen many people intoxicated and they didn’t start spewing filth about other religions out of the blue! Stop being an apologist for this kind of behavior and call it what it is: bigotry and hatred.

      • Tom Boston

        I believe everyone has to live within the law, and mega stars and politicians, have developed their own moral code, outside or as they think, ‘above’ the law. As in degrees of rudeness and meanness, defaming anyone for who and what they are is wrong. There is very little support for the “gay” word used as a negative, “that’s so gay.” Mickey Rourke, Vince Vaughn, Palin’s reality daughter and Palin,Emminem, most rappers all defend their right to slam gays. Natalie isn’t upset there either I guess. It’s a tough world, and everyone has to speak up and stand up for themselves, hopefully within the law and good manners, respect.

      • Susan

        There is freedom of speech dear Whack-a-Doo and action as well SOOOOOO Natalie having Freedom gave a public smack to the ignorant man…sorry but unless you have those sort of thoughts in your mind on a good day you do not shout them when drunk…She is Jewish and he is probably a bigot so…

    • Julie

      Natalie is also a staunch supporter of convicted rapist and pedophile Roman Polanski. This is a great lesson in Hollywood morals. Galliano gets drunk and says some crazy sh*t about Jews: Natalie responds “I am…disgusted”. Polanski rapes and sodomizes a child: Natalie responds “Free Polanski”.

      • @ Julie

        While I don’t support Roman, what does one have to do with the other? Look in a mirror fool.

      • UncleWalty

        Polanski wasn’t convicted of rape. He pled out on “unlawful sexual conduct with a minor” or something like that.

      • Emma

        What an oversimplification of the facts. Being disgusted by racism is a natural reaction, especially to those belonging to the race in questions. Although it should be noted the people pressing charges are NOT Jewish.

      • Lily

        he never raped and sodomized a child. you should really get your facts straight about that.

      • TC

        Selective morality.

      • ChefDulce

        If you don’t see the connection then you are the fool

      • Marianna

        So what do you call it when a man in his 40’s repeatedly penetrates a child of 13 vaginally and anally as she pleads, cries and begs for him to stop? You must be one of his lawyers. Every normal person calls it rape and sodomy of a child.

      • Amelia

        Natalie Portman is Jewish. It’s completely reasonable for her to speak out against anti-Semitism.

      • Le HIROSHI

        @Anyone that happens to read this,

        – –

        JULIE’S POINT IS RELEVANT. She was pointing out the so-called HOLLYWOOD MORALS. Or as TC has put it: SELECTIVE MORALITY.

    • milli

      Yes, she has such a great integrity she stole her baby’s father from another woman.

      • !

        You can’t steal someone who doesn’t want to go. A human being isn’t a possession.

  • Brett

    Natalie Portman thanked everyone under the sun when she received her Oscar… except George Lucas. Sad because she was excellent in the Star Wars prequels that made her a household name.

    • Jake

      So she should have thanked a man who put her in his movie 10 years ago? I could see if they were good friends or if Star Wars made her a major player in Hollywood but lets be honest, shecould have easily felloff he face of the earth after those movies (Hayden Christiansen anyone?) it was her steady, critically acclaimed body of work that made her a major player in hollywood. Not a series of high profile movies that were well recieved by no one.

      • taco

        ya, didnt she win for black swan, not for being a household name

    • shay

      Wow, ignorance is bliss. How about “The Professional,” which put her on the map some 10 years prior?

      • Vivckey

        She thanked Luc Besson, who directed The Professional. Her speech was very gracious.


        Wow the Professional what a movie You were so right damm…and as far as Natalie in that movie,she was excellent. Not to sound gross, but i could see her in the movie that she was gonna be hot,she was kinda sort of pretty hot in this movie, not sure her age but whateva

    • RP

      Unless she thanked the producers and directors of every other movie she’s been in I don’t see a problem with her not thanking Lucas. Most people thank the people who helped with the film that won, the people who provide constant support, and maybe the people who gave them their *first* break. Even if she wasn’t a household name before Star Wars she was hardly an unknown.

      • TorontoTom

        I would rather hear them thank people who shaped their career instead of undoubtedly estranged family members, kids who are tended by nannies and soon-to-be ex-spouses. It’s not a lifetime achievement award for being an Outstanding Human Being. It’s for your work in movies – thank those who influenced your MOVIE CAREER. I agree – she should’ve mentioned George Lucas.

      • @ Tom

        Lucas should have thanked her. BTW, did you want an even longer speech. Sheesh. She thanked who she wanted to thank. When you win you can thank Lucas.

      • Nikki

        @Tom – Tell you what, when you win an Oscar, you can thank whoever you want. This was Natalie’s win, she gets to thank whoever she wants. Deal?

    • Tory

      She was a recognized actress before Star Wars. I remember her from “Where the Heart Is” with Ashley Judd and she was pretty young then, too.

    • Andrea D

      Household joke is more like it. She is successful now in spite of those films, not because of them, imho. Her talent has contirbuted more to her success than those horrendous films.

    • Littleton

      Oh, good grief. George Lucas was lucky to get *her* for the prequels, not the other way around. Don’t go causing trouble where there is none to be had.

    • Johnification

      Much like Leo with Titanic, Natalie’s career has evolved in spite of her blockbuster film, not because of it.

    • really?

      wow you are a nerd

    • UncleWalty

      Natalie Portman was pretty well known when she was cast in the Star Wars prequels. And honestly, I think her role in those in better left unmentioned. It wouldn’t be fair to single her out completely, since there were a slew of dreadful performances all the way around, but man…she wasn’t good in that series. At all.

      • Pete

        That was a horrible part, horrible scripts, and directed by a lapsed storyteller. Lucas hasn’t put out one decent storyline since he ramped up ILM.

    • dee123

      Excellent Star Wars prequels? What the **** are you smoking?

  • CeeCee

    Was she aware of the comments when she was asked about him in the Oscars press room?

    • Kris

      She didn’t get to answer the question, it was immediately shot down by officials. Plus, not exactly something a person would want to talk about the night they won an Oscar.

      • Littleton

        Good point.

  • Nick

    She didn’t owe Lucas anything…she was a household name waaaay before Star Wars.

    • Ryan

      agreed. she can’t thank everyone who ever gave her a job. She didn’t win for Star Wars, she won for Black Swan…. therefore she thanked those related to the film.

    • Brett

      No, she wasn’t. She was barely sixteen when she was cast in Star Wars and no one knew who she was before that because she stared in one or two movies before that.

      • K

        She was in 5 movies before she was in Star Wars Episode 1.

      • K

        She was also 18 when Star Wars episode 1 was released.

      • Jane

        Yes she was. You just weren’t watching her movies before Star Wars. Go watch “The Professional.”

      • Stuart Dooley

        I remember her from The Professional, Beautiful Girls, and Mars Attack

      • Julius

        Yeah I recognized her from way before the crap Star Wars trilogy ;) I think the prequels actually introduced me to Kiera Knightley instead.

      • Pete

        Beautiful Girls was an amazing, if smallish, part in a great movie. I was just hitting my middle age thing as I saw that and what her role represented really struck a chord with me.

  • carla

    Guess Nicole Kidman doesn’t feel the same, she wore Dior to the Oscars.

    • Stacie

      Somehow not surprised.

    • RP

      It’s possible she hadn’t heard about the statements Dior made or the video.

      • RP

        Sorry, Galliano’s statements

      • Marianne

        Or it’s possible she already had the dress and couldn’t find another one in time.

      • Or

        or maybe she is just not into Jews. Or maybe he didn;t design her dress.

    • Ru

      So we’re all supposed to ban Dior, even though Dior suspended the guy who made the offensive comments? Jeez, taking it a bit far, don’t you think? Why don’t we all just ban everything related to something offensive – no more Jodi Foster movies for me, she’s friends with Mel Gibson.

      • RP

        When Dior puts out some clothing not designed by Galliano even Portman may be wearing their clothes again. They have actually fired him now and Portman was supposed to be the new face of their Miss Dior Cherie fragrance. Since her statement was not made against Dior as a whole I don’t think she wants to cut ties entirely.

  • Carol

    Oh yeah, long before Lucas. She made a huge splash in The Professional as a child, that’s where I knew her from. She was well famous before those crappy Star Wars prequels.

  • Jerv

    Um, I agree with Nick. For people like me, who loved the original Star Wars Trilogy but were well aware that the scripts left so much to be desired, were more interested in the film Because Portman was in it. Lucas probably actually hurt her career a little. Anyone who hadn’t seen her work before the prequels probably thought she was an emotionless robot who can’t deliver a convincing line.

  • Jerry

    And we care what this dumb ho thinks why?

    • Sunsetsnow81

      She is a very smart, talented, and accomplished lady.

    • HoneyB

      Are you asking about yourself, for you come across as stupid. She’s Jewish and the spokesperson for Dior, who suspended Galliano. It’s relevant.

    • RP


  • asher

    She was terrible in the Star Wars movies…and I am not really knocking her so much as the awful dialouge she had to spout. Her and Hayden are good actors, but not in those films.

  • Meli

    I always hate the ‘who so-and-so didn’t thank’ BS after the Oscars and all the speculation on what it means. Guys, the poor person is standing up there, they’ve got a clock staring at them along with a few thousand people in the theatre, the TV camera is literally up against their face, and they’re supposed to remember EVERY SINGLE NAME OF EVERY SINGLE PERSON ever in their life? Get real!

  • Nadia

    I was just impressed she remembered all those names to begin with. It’s probably a nervous situation. Give the girl, a break.

  • Al

    And yet, she has no problem signing a petition asking for Roman Polanski to be freed.

    • Or

      Relevance? none.

  • sam

    Charlie is the Man. I agree there is truth in what Charlie is saying. And as for the girlfriends, 90% of straight men would do the same think if we could get away with it. Also, most women would love to be one of those girls just to hang out with someone with Charlie’s wealth. Women will deny it but we all know how differently people act when this much money is involved.

    • give it a rest

      Money is spent quickly, but herpes lasts forever.

  • Tameka

    She signed the Roman Polanski petition. She’s always being self-righteous and getting on a high horse. She didn’t need to issue a statement at all. Dior has fired the man, so he’s no longer associatd with it.

  • lilia

    Maybe Galliano and Jesse James can be best friends now…his fashion career is surely over………….

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