Katie Holmes files libel lawsuit against American Media Inc.

Katie Holmes’ rep has confirmed to EW that the actress has filed a libel lawsuit against American Media, Inc., in Los Angeles Tuesday. The suit claims Star Magazine — owned by American Media, Inc. — defamed Holmes by suggesting she is addicted to drugs in a recent cover story. (The headline: “Katie Drug Shocker.”) Holmes filed the lawsuit after American Media, Inc., declined her request to retract the story. Says Holmes in a statement: “Of all the fabricated stories that continue to be published about me, this instance is beyond the pale. The publisher knew this outrageous story was false and printed it anyway to sell magazines.”

American Media, Inc., has issued the following comment regarding the suit: “Star fully stands behind the editorial integrity of what we have published concerning Ms. Holmes’ controversial use of the Scientology ‘e-meter.’ The physical effect of the e-meter on its users is a matter of significant public concern and we plan to vigorously defend the suit filed by Ms. Holmes. Many ex-scientologists have testified that the e-meter sessions have mood elevating effects. The cover and the inside article discuss these effects. Our attorneys look forward to deposing Ms. Holmes about her experiences with Scientology and the e-meter, and expect that the case will be promptly dismissed by the court.


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  • Jen

    I think she has a case! I hope she wins!

    • Betty

      This is going to be the most awesome trial ever!!!! I can’t wait to hear all about Scientology, straight from the mouth of its greatest alien lovers.

      • am

        I don’t belong to any religion, but its much easier for me to believe in aliens than the Bible or the Pope or Islam. Additionall Scientologists haven’t repeatedly perpetrated the rape of children so I’d jump to criticize other religions first.

      • Gen

        Do you know the actual story behind Scientology though? It’s not just “There are aliens out there, and we have e-meters”.

        From Wikipedia: “Xemu, was, according to the founder of Scientology and science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard, the dictator of the “Galactic Confederacy” who, 75 million years ago, brought billions[4][5] of his people to Earth in a DC-8-like spacecraft, stacked them around volcanoes and killed them using hydrogen bombs. Official Scientology dogma holds that the essences of these many people remained, and that they form around people in modern times, causing them spiritual harm.”

        That’s right. Some paranoid sci-fi writer with an interesting criminal record said one space alien took a bunch of other space aliens in passenger planes to earth, tossed them into a volcano, and that’s why you feel sad… if that’s not AT LEAST as crazy as the bible, I need some of what you’re smoking.

      • Wzrd1

        Gen, you missed the part about scientologists from their intelligence arm infiltrated the US government and IRS, attempting to remove evidence in tax evasion cases against Mrs Hubbard and some other “church” leaders, but got caught.
        Or their bizarre threats and attacks against anyone who speaks against their sci-fi cult.
        Or the necessary pyramid scheme to “attain higher levels” in the church, costing millions.

      • Ben

        AM – Scientology was created by a man who was a complete failure his entire life and also admitted that he called it a “religion” for financial purposes. I would suggest doing a little research before insinuating it’s better than any other cultish nonsense out there. By the way, the Bible is real. The only thing most people who spout its rhetoric do not know is how it was actually formed, meaning what was left out, by whom and for what purpose. Pretty cool considering they have no idea what the full story is but continue to push their views on the world as though they’re educated enough to do so, huh?

      • hunnykins

        It’s funny, I just don’t have the urge to mock other peoples beliefs the way non-believers hack on christians. I guess even people who don’t have beliefs are still obnoxious and want to force other people to think like they do. Looks like its a human thing, not a religion thing.

      • Louise

        Exactly, hunnykins. What tolerance we see here!

      • benreplier

        BEN – you might want to get educated about christianity… There are literally dozens and dozens of chapters (aka “gospels”) that aren’t in the current version of any modern bible. All kinds of stuff that has been edited out by church leaders over the millenia. Yup… that makes your comments seem…uneducated at best, blinded by religion, or … a simple lie at worst.

      • Holly

        I think it is very bold to proclaim how “crazy” one might think the Bible may be. If you do the research there have been hundreds of prophecies fulfilled since the beginning of time. I would have to agree with other posts about doing your research first. It’s one thing speak from an educated perspective, but it’s another to speak from a judgmental perspective cursing other religions (speaking from a feeling standpoint).

      • twiz1

        To whoever the moron was that said they would believe in aliens before they would believe in christianity (because all christians rape children apparently) or other religions is well idiotic. Scientology was created by a FICTION writer. It was created like 50 years ago versus 2000 years ago. Now more death and destruction have occurred in this world because of religion so I can see not adopting their views (I sure as hell don’t anymore) but lets keep your thoughts on point. Scientology is, in probably the same manner as all other religions, a load of crap. If I had to choose which was more likely to be true…I am going to have to go with one of them that is at least a few thousand years old and assume we have managed to screw it up and make it what it is today.

      • benreplierreplier

        BENREPLIER-you might want to get educated about Christianity. The accepted Biblical canon has remained unchanged since the early 3rd century. Considering even early Christians had a reputation for being prolific, pedantic writers it seems rational that quite a bit of “editing” as you call it would have been necessary. That makes your comments seem…you know the rest.

      • lant

        You certainly have a point there. It would be hypocritical to invalidate one religion based on a work of fiction while upholding the validity of another.I am in Air Force and seek ing someone .I need a woman who can love me back …I also got a username mason66 on UniformedMate.Com It’s the largest and best club for seek ing Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Police Force, and the admirers of those who wear the uniform.I just hope you don’t mind me being a soldier …Please Check it out!I’m serious..

      • AltDave

        This is directed to benreplierreplier. The fact that the Bible hasn’t been substantially altered since the 3rd century doesn’t change the fact that it is a product MEN and not THE WORD OF GOD, as religions try to claim. God didn’t write a word of the Bible; He didn’t choose what writings to include and which to exclude. Rich and powerful MEN did this, and their motives were not as pure and selfless as religions would have us believe. It was crafted to impose a male-dominated, church-dominated culture on the masses with the intent of concentrating power and control within the hierarchy of the churches and royalty. While there is much good to be found in the Bible, there is also much to be wary of.

      • N

        if youre not willing to go and find out information for yourself, it is best you say nothing. scientology takes a strong stand against ANY drug usage. the e-meter is merely a measuring technique to determine if there is an emotional hold on the person regarding, for instance, a particular traumatic event in their lives. there are no substances involved. the “mood elevating” is not caused by the e-meter. the e-meter simply shows if the event still adversely affects the person. know your facts before you speak combatively and ignorantly.

      • money money

        She’s not a druggie she’s just obviously a gold digger(:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Michael

      Scientology has a right to exist as a church. They deserve all the considerations that the larger religions recieve. What they believe is no crazier than a burning bush or talking snake. If there is a large enough population following Scientology’s teaching they are a legitimate religion bottom line.

      • Paul

        Bottom Line: Thats what Scientology is all about. No other “church” outright forces members to pay. Scientology is a heck of a smart business at best, more likely a cult. Good try though.

      • vincent

        Actually. Paul, I was forced by my catholic priest to pay a tithe. He insinuated my children would not get confirmed if I did not demonstrate a greater and con$i$tent comittment to my pari$h.

        I do not appreciate the men of God holding forgiveness over someone’s head for cash. And yes Paul, it does happen ALL THE TIME.

      • nyc


      • jloome

        I think you mean “as crazy as”, not “no crazier than.”

      • jeff

        Paul, Vincent: Another example, when one of my grandparent’s children died during the depression, their Priest refused to give last rites unless my grandfather gave money to the tithe that he needed to purchase the seed for the following year’s crop. I’m happy to say that he chose to leave the Catholic Church and deny them any further chance to harm his decendants.

      • Will

        ‘i’ before ‘e’ except after ‘c’

      • Teri

        The Baptist church is just as bad about demanding $$. They will actually send you a bill if you don’t tithe enough.

      • douglas

        No it is crazier because it’s origin’s do not lie 2000 years ago, in a place which we cannot find answers. One could say that Christianity is crazy because none of it can be proven. But if it is crazy…Scientology is crazier.

      • mark

        ALL religions are cults. None crazier than the other. You’re all crazy for following a religion…

      • Wzrd1

        ANY “church” that makes a concerted effort to insert agents into our government for the express purpose of destroying evidence against their leaders has forfeited ANY rights under the constitution of the United States of America in my view. Such activities are known as sedition, treason and espionage.

      • Weewaa

        @Will: Then how do you explain “protein”?

      • Mike S

        The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster has a right to exist. However, no church has a right to tax-exempt status, or any of the other advantages given by government to “religious” organizations.

      • Evan

        Not in protein, Will.

      • Aaron

        Scientology is as crazy as Mormonism and Jehovah’s Witnessism(?). Both are cults.

      • Name

        I dearly love how if enough people agree something absurd is true, hence, it is true. By that (dubious) reasoning, A-Rod is a great athlete, Michael Jackson was a great musician, and gold is a great investment. :) Madness. By the way, the DSM-IV, the “Bible” of the mental health care professions, calls “magical thinking” a hallmark of certain mental illnesses. Unless other people agree with you.

      • Marky

        What on earth are you talking about; the Baptists demand a member tithe and will send a bill? I’ve been a Baptist for years, and even if I don’t give anything at all, I don’t get a bill, let alone does anyone demand I tithe! Make sure you have the facts straight…..

      • Holly

        It saddens me to see so many lost souls. I don’t know what I would do without my God. The only thing I can say is that I will pray for those of you who have blinded.

      • twiz1

        Vincent, that is messed up. I knew some of the other religions did the tithe thing but I have never seen that in a Catholic church. Does anyone else’s parish do that on here? I think if I was given that “suggestion” I would happily shove my tithe up his a$$. You should have said you dropped a $1000 bill in the basket the previous Sunday! Where did it go? I dunno but one of the old guys doing the collection looked a bit shifty to me… :)

      • Bsol9791

        You certainly have a point there. It would be hypocritical to invalidate one religion based on a work of fiction while upholding the validity of another.

      • Tom G

        Holly, if you’re going to pray for anything, how about asking God to work on some of the REAL problems in this messed-up world? He/She/It can surely think of better ways of making this a better place to live. We “lost souls” will take our chances. You sound pretty judgmental yourself, so I DO believe you are a Christian though.

      • Sherry

        Teri, I have been a baptist all my life and never heard such a thing. As for the person who said it can’t be proven: It has been proven that a man named Jesus (Emmanuel) lived and had followers, it has been proven that some of them died horrific deaths because of their belief in him. It has not been proven however that aliens ever existed.

      • Matthew

        I agree with you that the Catholic Church is as corrupted as the Church of Scientology since the Vatican was responsible for over 170 million christians slaughtered during the dark ages.

      • Swiss Cheese

        Oh yes, some of the larger Baptist churches do (sent tithe bills). I know quite a few. Get YOUR facts straight.

      • Miss teacher

        Michael, it’s i before e,EXCEPT AFTER C

    • Bull

      She has no case.She needs to take off her cloths,get back in the kitchen and bake me a pie.

    • Lee Bartholomew

      I really don’t think she has a case. Now star isn’t that reliable, but they aren’t the only ones saying the use of an E-Meter is problematic. Mental patients would have a bigger case suing Tom for negligence on claiming medications don’t work. Scientology is a cult and tweak wikipedia on every chance they get.

      • Ru

        Yeah, but an e-meter isn’t a drug anymore than a treadmill or blowdryer is a drug. It’s a machine, and regardless of whether it’s wacky to use one, Star knew there is a difference between machines and drugs when they insinuated she’s addicted to DRUGS on their cover. If they wanted to say, “MENTAL HEALTH SHOCKER!” or something else, that would have been accurate. Instead they basically called her a crack head on their cover, and then turned around and only wrote a story about e-meters. And saying they plan to depose her about Scientology? They’re just trying to intimidate her into dropping the suit. Sleezy.

    • John

      Simply because something has an elevating effect “like soda does” does not qualify someone as addicted to drugs. I hope they pay out the nose for that one!

    • dave

      If you followed what’s been going on lately, you would know she has no case and doesn’t deserve one. These are weird people.

      • Ru

        Weird does not equal drug addicted. Call her weird on the cover, don’t say she has a drug problem.

    • igor

      This is not merely about mockery of belief. Even though I find most beliefs in some personal deity or alien immortal souls tainted over the millennia silly, I also firmly believe that anyone should freely hold any belief no matter how silly. Scientology however does active harm by discouraging its members from enrollment in standard drug rehabilitation programs. They also view psychiatry as pesudoscience and deny psychiatric treatment to its members when same is highly indicated. That’s how you get an ex member with an obvious mental illness wielding twin samurai swords and getting shot as the result. And that’s not counting monetary extortion requiring people to pour their life savings into this cult just to advance onto the next level of “knowledge”.

    • Fran

      Scientologist org probably made her do it. They smelled a big $$pay out and wanted it

    • Mike

      Actually, she probably won’t win. She’s a celebrity so she has to prove absence of malice (That is, she has to prove the reporter knew he/she was publishing false material). Very few court cases actually prove this, because it becomes her word against his.

      • Ru

        Except in this case they’ve kind of shown that for her – they claimed she was addicted to drugs on the cover, and then wrote absolutely nothing about drugs in the story. Why? Because they have no proof she did drugs, otherwise they’d have a story about how she did drugs. How is that not actual malice? The story itself may be completely accurate, but slapping a title about drugs on the cover was a bad move.

      • jennrae

        Actually, Katie has to prove that Star magazine wrote this story with the specific purpose of hurting Katie, as in they wanted to keep her from getting work or they wanted to split up her marriage. It’s nearly impossible to prove here, particularly considering how we’ve come to define tabloids as rag mags who will write anything TO MAKE MONEY. Period.

    • James

      Mark, You are just crazy.

    • N

      she will.. just you wait :)

    • Louanne

      She did win! Star issued an apology today!

  • Kate

    LOL.. When has American Media EVER gone all the way to Court in the last 20 years. Lawyer hyperbole aside, America Media will do just what they ALWAYS do: fall all over themselves to find a way to get Holmes to settle because they pay up now or pay up later and it’s cheaper to pay up now.

  • Richard, Chattanooga

    Until the combined cost of lawsuits comes anywhere near to exceeding revenue, these rags will continue to write whatever they want to sell mags. That’s the way it’s always been, and it is what it is.

    • Margie

      You are correct. What I wish is that someone files a lawsuit against the outrageous comments that politicians are allowed to say about people.

  • Anna, Santa Cruz

    Exactly why I never buy these silly magazines! Such garbage that is printed. Go Katie!

  • Jo

    Oh honey! They probably just assumed because you married a one act, child marring so he could easily manipulate, loser psycho!!

    • Mary Ann Ludwig


    • Sheila

      What is a child marring?

    • Wzrd1

      Can we get a translator over here?
      None of use learned how to speak idiot.

      • Sacey Kanders

        it amazes me that people can be so judgmental about religon , when the real problem is rascism .

    • Mocha

      So Charlie Sheen goes by “Jo” now? Huh.

  • Harris Freedman

    she’ll have to prove actual malice because she’s a public figure. $1,000,000 says she doesn’t win. who takes star magazine seriously anyway?

    • Val

      Even if it isn’t true, the idea of Tom Cruz’s wife collecting one million dollars simply for being offended by something she read that wasn’t even true, offends ME…..

  • LOL

    What the hell’s an e-meter?

    • oldguy

      An Emeter is what Al Goldstein, the publisher of Screw Magazine, used as a graph to indicate the degree to which his reviewer of porn films got an E – rection…

    • Jud

      If Scientology is a religion, I’m a body builder. No where’s my Ho-Ho?

  • Wingsfan

    Well if they are right on the e-meter they are right bat sh** crazy scientologist

  • SKyle

    Meh, I don’t really care about Katie, tabloids or Scientology, but I find it hilarious that the publication calls the e-meter a drug. I bet that has pissed off Tom more than anything else in this story.

  • rwewww

    Wow tom is going to b upset when he reads this

  • Chirag

    She wishes she was hooked on drugs then she would have something going for her….. on the bright side now that shes married to Tom she wont have to do topless scenes to get movie roles.

    • Wzrd1

      LOL! Topless or top on, never noticed the difference with her.

    • just race it

      being married to tom has no bright side.

  • kizz

    I’ll start buying their magazines to help pay for the lawsuit. Too bad the real media doesn’t do more to expose this cult for what it is.

    • alex

      the New Yorker did a HUGE piece on Scientology a couple of weeks ago. You can check it out on the New Yorker site.

      • Liz

        The article with Paul Haggis? SOOO interesting! Good to hear from past Scientology members.

    • Wzrd1

      You’ll buy their magazine to expose scientology? Erm, Star is as factual as scientology is!
      BOTH are pure fiction.
      There is PLENTY out there on the absurd “religion” that was started on a bet.

  • jesse ballew

    I have numerous Friends & Relatives who r or have been members of Church of Scientology. All Churchs r founded on myths n fables etc..this is true..But there is also much good in most Churchs. Not However in The Church of Scientology. This is strictly an organazation which was constructed for extorting weak minded citizens & they do resort to Blackmail,Strong Arm Tacticts and none medical practices which cost the lives of inocent babies..among other things. The Scilian Mafia were Babes in The Woods compaired to The Church of Scientology. But I still love my relitives who r currently members. Every menber of The German Army during WW11 was not an SS Trooper…

    • wes

      LOL at the comments defending Scientology’s legitimacy. You people probably also believe in astrology, the 2012 apocalypse, 9/11 was an inside job, etc. You people are MORONS, simple as that. Scientology is a for-profit business and part of its business strategy is paper terrorism, squelching their detractors, and taking all your money. Even by religion standards Scientology is stupid, which makes it epic stupid. Most religions don’t require money to be a member or to have status.

      Actually I take it back, Scientology is a “religion” which exploits its members. Anyone dumb enough to follow that stuff doesn’t deserve to be selected by nature for survival, and I therefore I love Scientology.

    • Wzrd1

      Both of you forgot when scientologists infiltrated the IRS and FBI to destroy evidence against the “church” leaders in tax evasion and other criminal cases.
      They got in deeper than the KGB ever got, which is deep!
      From the day that THAT came to light, the FBI SHOULD have targeted them as a seditionist group and filed treason and espionage charges against all concerned.

    • 13th_Disciple

      jesse, since you mention WW11, can you tell me when WW3 starts so I can place a wager and make some bread to survive the fallout?

      You possibly meant WWII, as in the Roman numeral..

  • Gordon

    The bottom line here folks is, who cares? Things like this get published so that the publishers can sell advertising. It has nothing to do with what is true or false, and everything to do with generating income. Get a life people!

    • Wzrd1

      Gordon, by YOUR standard, ALL news is such. Therefor, not worthy of reading.
      SO, why did YOU read it and feel it necessary to comment on?
      As for getting a life, my wife and I have been married for over 29 years. Neither of us have a life to speak of. ;)

  • Bonnie

    Too bad so many people knock the churches & the Bible….good churches & The Bible could and will change lives. As for the church of Scientology Katie & Tom are not doing so bad regardless of what it is. =)

    • alex

      who gets to decide what a ‘good church’ is? One who tells me I am going to hell because of some doctrine that exists to subjugate people and force them to conform to particular rules? No , thanks, I survived all that and grew up to be just fine. Keep ALL the churches and Bibles out of our laws and out of our public schools, please.

      • deb911

        We have taken God out of our schools, our family life and our Whitehouse. No wonder the world is such a hateful place we live in!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

      • Wzrd1

        deb, DO read the first amendment. SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE.
        So, take your religion and shove it sideways.
        I’ll do the same with MINE.

      • igor

        “No wonder the world is such a hateful place we live in!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!”

        Oh right, the mythical olden days when things were so much better because of encroachment of a particular religion in public life and politics. Shall we see how great things were with god in everyone’s lives approximately 50 years ago?

        1. Senator McCarthy was engaged in a communist witch hunt violating just about every major constitutional right of anyone suspected of sympathizing with communists.
        2. Women were underpaid, mistreated and expected to assume specific gender roles of being housewives, teachers, nurses or secretaries.
        3.Until 1954 southern public schools were segregated by skin color.
        4. Until 1967 some states still proxibited interracial marriages with the Christian Identity movement citing scripture in support of the prohibition.
        5. One word: POLIO
        6. People were smoking themselves to death with the Tobacco Industry attempting to supress any negative research and fraudulently publicizing the benefits of smoking.

        Shall I continue about your wonderful world not so long ago? Methinks the world today is better in most ways, except for people like you who long for the time when you were in control and were qble to freely exercise your prejudices.

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