Christian Dior officially cuts ties with John Galliano

After several allegations that an intoxicated John Galliano had hurled anti-Semitic epithets at customers of a Paris cafe, Christian Dior has official cut ties with its renowned fashion designer. In a statement, the fashion company said, “In light of the deeply offensive statements and conduct by John Galliano in a video made public [Monday], Christian Dior has commenced termination procedures against him.”

A representative for Galliano offered no comment.

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  • KC

    Is there a Best Actress Academy Award Curse or what?

  • JulieS

    Let’s not forget Natalie is a staunch supporter of convicted rapist and pedophile Roman Polanski. This is a great lesson in Hollywood morals. Galliano gets drunk and says some crazy sh*t about Jews: Natalie responds “I am…disgusted”. Polanski rapes and sodomizes a child: Natalie responds “Free Polanski”.

    • Diggity


    • k

      ITA – When did “antiseminism” become such a freakin issue – who cares I say, it’s just an opinion and makes the person look like an idiot, why make it an issue when in actuality it should be a non-issue. Who cares! It’s not WWII, we have much bigger problems on our plate than antiseminism. Polanski should be behind bars – for life. I don’t care how very talented you are – rape is rape.

      • ML

        In this case it’s not just an opinion. He verbally assaulted people at a cafe. There’s charges against Galliano at this point. Terrible behaviour on his part.

      • k

        @ML – meh, “verbal assault” – please!! Sticks & stones, bro. Dude got drunk & acted like an idiot – should be end of story.

      • ML

        Let’s see if it happens to you and what your reaction would be… In this case the victims had the right to press charges and they did.

      • k

        My reaction? I’d get over it. That said. I respect your opinion and it didn’t happen in my country so I can’t get on the whole “what’s wrong w/the justice system…”

      • ML

        They could’ve gotten over it like you would and I would have respected that… but they didn’t and they were within their rights. Different people, different ways.

    • Mellissa

      Natalie Portman is Jewish. I understand her feeling of disgust, as I too am Jewish. Clearly, Natalie can not relate to Roman Polanski’s victim.

      • k

        I don’t think this is fair. I am Irish, but I don’t get all bent out of shape when people say anti-irish things or go on some drunken anti-irish rant – as stated earlier, who cares. As far as I am concerned we are all white – you jews don’t look any different than any other white person IMO so what gives? The atrocities committed against jews is not far different than atrocities other races and cultures have gone through in the past – perhaps yours is more recent in history. Now rape….. Come on! As a woman you cannot and NP cannot relate???? As a mother, sister and daughter, RPolanski’s crimes are what is truly insufferable and disgusting.

      • Mike

        k says:
        ::As far as I am concerned we are all white – you jews
        :: don’t look any different than any other white person IMO
        No, no, you’re very wrong. We have big noses and we’re very touchy. Speaking of the Irish: you guys are very touchy too! Maybe not you, but in general, a good way to get into a fight is to get in front of a drunken Irishman and pointedly express doubts about his worth as a human being based on his ethnic background. On the serious note: Portman, imo, did alright with this latest statement; now, her support of Polanski is another story – I don’t know what she did there, but if she really supported this PoS, then she’s an asshat. An actor from Hollywood is an asshat, wow that can’t be. More news at eleven. Most of these guys never graduated from highschool, what do you want. Especially females: their job is to look good. Who cares. The cure of cancer won’t come from them, that’s for sure.

  • Brett

    John Galliano is a troll. This guy had the audacity to tell someone they were ugly. John Galliano looks like he fell out of the ugly tree and his face hit every branch on the way down.

  • Brett

    PS. If he was truly a good designer, he would have designed a bag to wear over his head that covered his horrid, pitiful face. Whoever says there is no god needs to look no further than John Galliano’s face — cause he must have done something really, really bad to be given a face so atrocious.

  • Frank

    I’m surprised to see Portman already playing the Jew card so soon after her Academy Award. I thought she would at least wait until her career started to decline.

    • ML

      She’s not playing a “card”, she’s in the latest Dior adds for Galliano designs. She needed to make a statement.

      • k

        No she didn’t.

      • ML

        um, yes she did. She’s the latest face of Dior, they’ve been asking her this question since Sunday night. A statement was necessary.

      • k

        Oh, I did not know that.

      • Ramon

        . Similar to the Sheen issue. Not fired for wife abuse, but fired for a half-baked attempt at a raical slur that didn’t really come off. Both are unacceptable to most people (myself included), but only the second was unacceptable to the producers of Sheen’s TV show. The silent victims here women and children.

  • dee

    good. I just saw the video. Horrible.

  • FromChicago

    Lesson to everyone: DO. NOT. DRINK. ALCOHOL. AND DO NOT GET DRUNK. Everything I’ve read from Sheen to this guy, these Hollywood types/celebs don’t know how to handle their liquor. Don’t know how to handle it: don’t do it!

  • A.F. for EW

    Thank you to the House of Dior for taking a stand against bigotry, ignorance and hate! Without a doubt, they did the right thing here.

    As for Galliano, his being drunk does not give him (or anyone else for that matter)a free pass on spewing hate speech. He needed to be held accountable for his actions.

  • jt

    With Natalie’s close association with Dior she had to make a statement. I’m not excusing the guy, but it was a far different time then, and it was consensual. Remember a time when it was perfectly ‘normal’ for girls of that age or younger to get married?? Families married off their young daughters as was custom. Roman didn’t pick up some random girl off the street and brutally rape her. And again, I’m NOT excusing his behavior. He knew better.

    • s-k-s

      Only if being drugged with qaaludes is “consensual.” Read the reports – there was nothign consnsual about what Roman Polanski did.

  • wino

    do we even know the details of this public breakdown? are there eyewitnesses that are NOT involved in the lawsuit? what exactly did he say? i just think this story is a bit over blown until the facts are straight.

    • Werner

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  • Leo

    Galliano is obviously either homosexual or an extremely effeminate straight man.
    I guess he doesn’t know that Hitler killed homosexuals and people suspected of being homosexual, too. I wonder if Galliano would still say he loves Hitler if he was aware of this.

    • Kim

      Exactly! What is this man thinking?

    • Mike

      Yeah, I just thought of this. His beloved Hitler would have put him in the same oven! Maybe even sooner!

  • coachfactoryoutlet

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