Christina Aguilera detained for intoxication

Christina Aguilera was detained last night on suspicion of public intoxication after the driver of the car she was in was arrested for driving under the influence, according to a spokesperson for the Los Angeles County sheriff’s department. The driver, Aguilera’s boyfriend, Matthew Rutler, was booked for DUI at around 2:45 a.m. after being stopped at the 1100 block of Clark Street in West Hollywood. According to a statement from the sheriff’s department, “Since she was not able to care for her safety and no one was available to ensure her safety, Aguilera was taken into custody. Sheriff’s Department officials stressed that she was not involved in any criminal activity and will be released when she can safely care for herself.”


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  • max

    wait, so they arrested Christina… why? She had a driver, and after her driver was arrested, they arrested her? Did she do something to prompt being arrested as well?

    • the lady

      In some states you can get arrested for being drunk in public (public intoxication)

      • raprilc

        But she was in her car…

      • ?????

        she wasn’t arrested at all. They just can’t send her out into the world if shes too incapacitated. they were just making sure she was safe. The guy who was driving, is screwed.

      • don’t lie

        She was arrested. Stop lying for her!!!!!!!!!!!!! L.A. County Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore said: She was fingerprinted and placed in a cell. She has since been released from custody and will not be prosecuted for the misdemeanor.

      • Tom Boston

        Movie stars and politicians should hire professional drivers. Not someone’s cousin or brother or boyfriend to drive. Only a professional should drive if any drinking/drugs (prescription of course)are being used. Everyone needs to party and socialize. Many go a little past their limit, and a few too far. This is not wrong, it is human nature and should be shrugged off. But to maneuver a 3-4,000lb ‘missile’on wheels, you need a professional driver if you’re in any condition. Sen. Kennedy(late), Paris, scores of pro ballers, George Michael, Michelle Rodriguez, Heather Locklear, Amy Locane, scores of rappers, and politicians serve as examples. Hire a pro, while you’re loaded with $ and loaded with intoxicants.

    • sara

      Seriously, that’s messed up. She was in the back of a car – not in a public place. I am no fan of Xtina, but that seems ridiculous. Would they have preferred that she drive??

      • whatevs

        It wouldn’t have made a difference seeing as how the driver was drunk anyway.

      • Annie

        She could have been combative with the cops. There is always more to the story

      • reason

        getting in a car with a driver you know has been drinking is just as bad as drinking yourself and getting behind the wheel, in some states she would face misdemeanor charges.

      • Matt

        Read the story before commenting on it. She wasn’t arrested, she was detained, because she was too drunk to care for herself. What should the police have done, given her a ride home? Called her a cab? Sure, but if she was so drunk she couldn’t take care of herself, then what’s to stop her from choking on her own vomit alone at her home? This is why things like detox exist.

    • katie

      This is ridiculous. The driver should have definitely been arrested, but now it’s illegal to be drunk as a passenger in a car? How is that public? And if you can’t ride drunk, how are you supposed to leave a bar or club?

      • sara

        apparently the cops in this idiotic state prefer people to drive drunk.

      • KB

        From other stories the driver was arrested for DUI & she was so drunk she could not function.

    • Sissy

      She wasn’t arrested she was detained because she couldn’t take care of herself.

      • dave

        Apparently that was too hard for everyone above you to figure out. Despite the fact that it never says she was arrested. I weep for our future.

    • Bob R

      did you read the article? She wasn’t arrested, she was detained as a precaution because she wouldn’t be able to get home in her condition.

    • Ally

      If you are in the car- and you are letting a drunk person drive- you get in trouble too. Just because you arent driving doesnt mean anything. It’s like being an accessory. I don’t feel bad for either of them. All her money and you can’t take a stupid cab and make sure you, your gf and anyone else on the road gets home safely and not hurt? Idiots.

      • Nicko

        She’s not a lesbian.

      • Ally

        Obviously. Her bf was driving- hence why I said you can’t take a cab with all of the money SHE has to make sure SHE gets home ok, as well as not endangering other people’s lives. But, way to be a jerk instead of making a topic related post.

    • Color Me Impressed

      Its pathetic when these people can’t have a good time without getting plastered…

    • lyn pierson

      Yes. You can get arrested if you are drunk in public, even if you have a designated driver. Getting a cab or a limo to drive your drunk rear around is the solution. Disgusting! People know the rules and they think that just cuz they are famous and rich, they can break them! LOL! There is a long, long string of famous people who have been arrested for drunkenness, drugs, etc.

    • Charlie

      Hey Max can you read and comprehend what you are reading? She was not arrested. She was taken into custody because she was intoxicated and there was no one there to care for her. In other words, they were protecting her from harm because she was so drunk she could not function. There, I have explained and interpreted it for you.

  • Alec

    She was also charged with impersonating a singer.

    • Alec’s Mom

      Alec, that was lame. go to your room

      • Alec’s Dad

        Very lame. Come here, son. Over my knee.

    • Derek

      Should have gone with actress instead

      • Larry

        (placing hand over Derek’s mouth) Shh – you’re not funny, either.

    • jennie

      @ alec…hahahahahaha that was a good one!!

      • Barb

        Jennie, your sense of humor sucks.

      • max

        LMAO it was funny!

      • jennie

        bite me barb. i could back my car over a bag full of kittens and create the same noise she calls singing!

      • Barb

        would rather back my car up over your dumb ass Jennie, see what kind of noise you make.

      • jennie

        bring it on barb…lol. i aint skeerd.

      • Barb

        VROOM VROOM!!! Jennie juice splatters across the road!!

      • jennie

        LMAO @ barb!! thank you for having a sense of humor. now would somebody please get a spatula and a baggie and scrape me off the road before barb comes back. theres a glint of evil in this one…lol….

    • Gigi

      Clever publicity stunt for today’s release of BURLESQUE on DVD.

      • JR

        Cher, please stay home today.

  • Captain Obvious

    Was she high on “Charlie Sheen”, or did she assault the cop and that’s why she was arrested?

  • Shellibellie

    i dont get it? The driver yes he was driving while drunk but you cant be drunk and a passenger in your own car?

    she must have done something else.

    • Christina Aguilera

      The cops paid money to see my movie.

    • Katie

      It depends on the state law. In some states you can get a DUI for letting someone that is intoxicated drive your vehicle.

  • Kat

    Well, it was only a matter of time..

  • TT44

    Driver was supposedly the new boyfriend. And yes, you can be arrested for public intoxication if you are the passenger. Happened to a friend of mine.

    • Stuart Dooley

      That’s exactly what they do

  • RP

    What if the driver was sober and was pulled over for another matter? Could you still be arrested for public intoxication as the passenger?

    • max

      Great question and proof why it’s bogus.

  • Laura

    In some states, if the intoxicated passenger is considered a danger to herself or others, she can be arrested on charges of public intoxication. If she didn’t have anyone to pick her up, she would’ve been a danger to herself.

    • katie

      If she didn’t have anyone to pick her up? How about a cab? I’m sure she wouldn’t mind paying the cab fare. Was that an option?

      • Ally

        They usually make people sober up first before they release them. It’s why they hold people and call it the “drunk tank”

  • Buzz Litebeer

    Genie in a bottle of booze anyone? No one? Ehhh.. I give up…

  • Flip

    Ha ha ha!!! Say what you want about Britney Spears, but at least SHE has never been arrested! Team Britney for the win!!!

    • Kelcie

      Wow. So mature.
      I pray that Christina gets it together, and I hope she pours more of her emotion and problems into songwriting and the recording studio, not the ‘wrong people’ or overindulgence in bad vices…

    • Brandon

      LOL No, Britney just shaved her head, almost dropped her baby while balancing a martini glass, and lost custody of her children. Oh, and then there was that awesome VMA performance. And attacking that SUV with the umbrella. And throwing the milkshakes on those paps. And lest we not forget that Britney Spears hasn’t actually sung a song in like, what, a decade? Thank God for auto tune and lip syncing, or she wouldn’t have a career…But yea, go Brit! :)

  • Tim

    Mom of the year!

  • Andre

    Watching Mandy Moore at the Oscars I thought that’s one way to move on from being a teen poptart. And Christina’s showing us another way.

    • alex

      yes.. agreed. Mandy Moore seems very lovely and i hope her and ryan adams are happy.. they seem to be

  • Derek

    arrested for crimes against humanity for Burlesque

    • Kat


  • Joyce

    According to other reports, her boyfriend was driving and was arrested for DUI. She was taken into custody because she was so intoxicated she basically could not look after herself. I read that no charges are expected against her. LAURA is correct on this one…

  • Hombre

    Now you’re not even allowed to be drunk in the back of a car? When does it end? I wasn’t aware we time-warped to the prohibition era.

    • Ally

      You can- as long as the DRIVER isn’t drunk. I know this is a law in NC. Is this really that surprising to everyone? And offensive that she would get arrested too if they are both drunk riding around endangering not only their own lives but other people’s as well?

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