Former Sarah Palin adviser plans tell-all memoir

A former trusted adviser to Sarah Palin is planning a tell-all memoir. An early draft of the manuscript to Frank Bailey’s Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin: A Memoir of our Tumultuous Years was leaked to reporters on Friday. Bailey began his tenure with Palin as a campaign volunteer when she ran for Governor, eventually rising to her Chief of Staff until her resignation in 2009.

“This is a fact-finding, truth-reporting endeavor,” one of Bailey’s co-writers Ken Morris tells EW. “The source data for this book comes from Frank Bailey’s experience and his own email accounts.” On her blog, Bailey’s other co-writer Jeanne Devon, a progressive Alaskan blogger known as AKMuckraker, declared that “Frank Bailey was one of the few true Palin ‘insiders.’ He and a circle of half a dozen people were there in the Palin campaign from day one, until the end of her administration. He’s the kind of guy you’d pick to write an insider memoir, if you could choose.”

Both Morris and Devon insist that neither the authors nor their literary agents at the New York-based Carol Mann Agency played any part in leaking the draft manuscript. “We on this end are shocked and horrified that this has happened,” writes Devon, “but the toothpaste is out of the tube as they say.” Blind Allegiance has yet to secure a publisher and has no scheduled release date. Messages to Sarah Palin’s camp for comment weren’t immediately returned Saturday.

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  • Andre

    The only revelation that could come from this that might shock me would be to find out that Palin herself had any strategic plan other than ‘be in front of the camera’.

    • ss

      The only people worse than Sarah Palin are her critics.

      • Vic Nardozza

        Not true. There is no one worse then the self-centered, ignorant, vapid Sarah Palin.

  • Snoops

    While I wouldn’t personally vote for Palin, I still think this is inappropriate.
    Being technically “in the right” to do this doesn’t make it right.
    Get a job, man.

    • megan

      what makes him any different than Sarah Palin – you should say the same to her .. get a job or go home and take care of your train wreck of a family

      • megan’s doctor

        megan, you forgot your meds.
        you’re bitter and you also don’t make sense.

      • Tarc

        Precisely, megan. But not because she’s a woman – just becaise she’s a wife and a mother that should be tending to her trainwreck of a family rather than jabbering like an imbecile she is on the public stage.

      • Annette

        You are SO RIGHT Megan!

    • E

      you are right…I wouldn’t vote for her..but enough is enough..

    • DEO

      Writing a book is a job, just ask $arah.

    • Amy

      @Tarc: LOL! On point.

  • Brian

    Yes, and being in the wrong, likewise, doesn’t make something you do there wrong.

  • LOL

    Teabaggers can’t read.

    • etm

      They definitely can’t spell.

  • Brandon

    Hmmm and yet despite what this article was written about, I found myself wondering at the end: “the toothpaste is out of the tube as they say,” who says that? Who is this mysterious “they”? (cue the political trashtalk)

    • Hi

      Never heard that expression…they probably should have said “the cat’s out of the bag.”

    • MsSuniDaze

      I was wondering who “they” was too. Maybe it’s a famous Alaskan expression like “the moose is out of the igloo”?

    • Kathy

      It’s an old expression, much like others where something can’t be undone.

  • Al

    Frank Bailey’s “Blind Allegiance” would appear to paint a rather unsavory picture of the machinations of Sarah and Todd Palin. Between the observations of Shailey Tripp that Palin did not appear pregnant in late Winter of 2008 and the tell all book by Frank Bailey, Sarah Palin is circling the proverbial drain. What a grand mess she is.

    • not a liberal

      LOL…the tell-all book might be fascinating and reveal some scary stuff, but gossip about how pregnant someone thought Sarah Palin looked is stupid. I don’t care if she did claim someone else’s baby as hers…my problems with Sarah Palin go MUCH deeper than lying about a kid (if she did, which I am more inclined to doubt than believe). There are so many more reasons to loathe Palin-as-a-political-figure than tabloid-esque rumors like that.

  • Andrea

    Oh gee, what can the ex trusted advisor tell us about Sarah that we don’t already know? We already know that she’s a greedy, vindictive, manipulative, pathological liar.

    • Vic Nardozza

      Which makes her the number nominee for President on the Republican ticket.

  • Barbie Palin

    The truth about the corruption of the Palins is way over due. I am very grateful for the leak. Sarah has always been about Sarah and money. She doesn’t give a crap about Alaska or the lower 48.

    • K

      But how does she feel about Hawaii???

      • SDTim

        LOL! Good one, K!

      • Walrus

        Obviously, she doesn’t view it as a state, otherwise why question President Obama’s citizenship?

    • vader1013

      wouldn’t that be “the lower 49″?

      • Roseann

        I really adrime Sarah Palin.Yet, I’m glad to have the final word that she is NOT running in 2012. . . Hubby once quipped (and I really agree) that she’d do SO much more good running for Oprah than president. I’m glad she sees her influence in a broader way than mere electoral politics.

  • Fred

    That’s a sure way to sell a book: rip into Palin. It doesn’t matter what you say just so long as you are badmouthing her the Palin-haters will lap it up and beg for more.

    • jodipo

      not as quickly as the palin loves will lap p anything that lunatic says, no matter how incredibly stupid it may be… all cause they like her tits

  • Oosik

    As an Alaskan the rest of the nation will soon discover what all of us already know. She has no interest in governing only photo ops and making certain that her pockets are well padded.

    • tracymmo

      Clearly! Who quits their job as governor because they claim their final months in office don’t matter? As if the only thing governors do is get legislation passed through the state house? I find so many other things incredibly offensive about this woman, but she even flunks the test of finishing the job (some) voters gave her to do. Lame!

  • Pete

    Let’s face it – people who like Palin aren’t using rational thought or reason to reach that conclusion. So any facts this book may bring to light will be meaningless to them. They care only about ideology, not reason.

  • lilia

    Don’t these people have air tight confidentiality contracts, that DO NOT allow them from writing these things…..No position in a workplace is proud anymore-what a shame

    • ALM

      Yeah, right. Every podunk campaign volunteer signs a confidentiality contract not to do the big “reveal” on a candidate once said candidate quits the job halfway through.

  • Cal

    Hopefully the writer will do a real trash job on the Palins; then one can only hope that the Coen Bros. would do one of their brilliant films on her.

  • Tony Andrade

    Love is the obvious emotion that Sarah haters are displaying in their comments. They truly love Sarah Palin because she is perfect and is a great role model for all women especially the younger generation.

    • Tarc

      Yeah, Palin-haters are displaying love: love for intelligence, love for good parenting, love for their nation, love for common-sense, love for reality, love for trhuthfulness, and love for worthwhile human beings. That kind of love makes you a Palin-hater. Three cheers for love!

      • nice

        I love it!

      • Booshieone

        @Tarc – I’ll stop you when you start lying.

  • UncleWalty

    what would this book possibly tell us that we haven’t figured out already? That she’s a brainless hair-do who doesn’t know wtf she’s talking about? No duh…I figured that out in 2008.

    • DGH

      I took you seriously until “No Duh” what are you a 13 year old girl?

      • KRUL

        Hey moron, if you’re taking ppls comments seriously on an EW website, I think YOUR mind just went “duh”…what are you, a 14 year old spazz

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