Lindsay Lohan officially charged with felony grand theft

Lindsay-Lohan-chargedImage Credit: Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage.comThe Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office confirmed with EW that Lindsay Lohan has been charged with felony grand theft. The charge, which was filed Wednesday, stems from the actress’ alleged theft of a necklace worth $2,500 from a store in Venice, Calif. (The theft supposedly took place Jan. 22.) According to court papers, prosecutors are suggesting that bail for Lohan is set at $20,000. Lohan, who is on probation from a 2007 DUI arrest, could face three years in jail if convicted. (UPDATE: Lohan has pleaded not guilty to the charge. Judge Keith Schwartz revoked her probation — stemming from her 2007 DUI arrest — and issued $20,000 bond for the revocation and $20,000 for the grand felony theft charge. A hearing has been scheduled for Feb. 23.)

This past weekend, Lohan’s lawyer issued a statement maintaining the actress’ innocence. She has not immediately responded to EW’s request for comment. This is the latest of legal setbacks for the actress: After serving three months in jail for violating her parole last year, she tested positive for drugs. At the time, Judge Elden S. Fox informed her she could be sent back to jail for six months if she didn’t stay out of trouble.

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  • JimmyH

    Lock her up!!

    • LOL

      Free Lindsay!

      • Linda

        Sources informed me the necklace was priced at $2500 retail. The actual WHOLESALE price was really only $75. That’s like a pack or two of gum when you think about it. Clearly nothing to go to prison for. A misunderstanding people.

      • ann

        Gracious, Linda — where to you buy your gum?

      • Linda

        Ann- I buy my gum at Neiman Marcus….just like everybody else does. Sources inform me that they are having a big gum sale starting this week-end. Hurry hurry!!!!

      • SaraJ

        @Linda: I see what you’re saying about the necklace not being that expensive (even though $2500 IS expensive for any REAL person).. but remember this is not the first time she’s been accused of stealing.
        She’s basically just a horrible person who thinks she’s entitled for some reason, so she can do drugs, blow off work (when she had jobs), and steal from businesses.

    • bee

      Oh yeah, let’s lock up the women and minorities. I am just fed up with the quick judgement and demonizing of women and minorities by the media. I am aware that Lindsay has problems but she has not even committed the heinous crimes like Charlie Sheen (strangling and beating up women) and Keanu Reeves (running people over, causing car crashes while under dui and causing trouble for others while his p.r. people keeps this out of the papers). So it’s okay for the males to get away with crap because people think its cute and glamorous. It seems to me that women always gets penalized when they speak up or do something out of the ordinary and the media is always there to bring down their character where it ruins these females’ careers. It’s amazing how these district attorneys have double standards, I wish they were just as zealous with Charlie Sheen and Keanu Reeves. I do not believe the jewelry store at all-they probably did loan Lindsay the necklace but wanted publicity to increase their business revenues. This is complete rubbish. We women and minorities need to start sticking together!

      • Curious the Cat

        Now, now, bee, don’t worry. 93% of the people in prison are males. That’s because American law is based on the Chilvaric Code, which protects women. There’s no reason to put Lindsay in jail while she’s trying to go straight.

      • Rosa Parks

        Right on, Bee! I think all women & minorities who struggle in our society can completely relate to Lindsay’s life! Lindsay really is an icon and voice for those of us who suffer inequality & discrimination!!

      • tomm

        When women commit a crime it’s ‘oh the poor dear’ and usually get treated better. Guys get thrown in jail and scarred for life.

      • Lisa Simpson

        As a long-time feminist, I have to say you’re way off base with this one, bee. This has more with her being a rich celebrity, and that has garnered her quite a lot of preferential treatment.

      • girlygirl

        dude, you need to get off drugs so you can get your facts straight!

      • Heidi

        What did Keanu Reeves do?

      • Heidi

        The accident on the motorcycle, he was not drinking or else he would have been charged. He hurt himself badly but it was not DUI related. The time he ran over a photographers foot, again he was not drinking and we all know how paparazzi can be extremely intrusive. I wouldn’t put him in the same category of the others you were speaking of.

      • Felony Lohan

        @Bee, oh no my dear this has nothing to do with gender. It does have to do with that old American “privilege”!Lohan has done more than almost every female in Hollyweird and has gotten away time and time again. Remember when she both threatened to kill someone and actually ran that person over with her car? Paris Hilton is a repeated drug offender but gets away every time! Charlie Sheen is a 6 time wife/female abuser but all the media cites is his drug use as a problem. Eminem beat his wife Kim for years and has made songs about killing her but is now the king of Rap with 10 Grammy nominations to boot! Sean Penn beat Madonna & last wife Robin Wright-Penn but received an Oscar in 09 and is now the savior of Haiti!

    • cici217

      Hey she’s wearing my boots! I took them off to try on a pair of new shoes on Rodeo Dr, turned around and ‘poof’ they were gone. Lindsay you give them back or I’m gonna sue!!!


    • Felony Lohan

      THANK YOU, LOCK HER BEHIND UP! She is truly the female version of Charlie Sheen!I have never seen two ppl get away with more crimes! I am so sick of the standard Hollyweird excuse of drug addiction. The common man & woman are sent to jail everyday for committing crimes and being on drugs! Regardless of what this chick does she justs skips right on by! ENOUGH, let her do some hard time for once!

    • Dan

      Don’t let them take you alive!

  • Mickey

    Yeah, she’s definately licked her bad habits. Lindsay, I need some cuff links for my tuxedo for this weekend. Would you mind picking me up a pair, please?

    • Linda

      Sorry Mickey….my sources tell me that Lindsay is not a fan of guys wearing the cuff links. But we can get you a pack or 2 of gum instead.

  • Chaz Winterbottom

    Grant Theft Uh-oh!

    • Me

      Zing! Good one.

      • Chaz Winterbottom

        Thanks! Up top!

      • @Chaz and Me

        Sometimes I love EW and the commentators.

  • ann

    Talk about someone who was given everything, and threw it all away.

  • Jamaaliver

    The downward spiral continues. Man, I keep thinking she’s hit rock bottom and might be ready to to turn it all around. And then stuff like this happens.

    I’m still hoping for a Drew Barrymore/Robert Downey Jr esqe career revival.

    You’ve still got a few fans pulling for you LiLo. But it’s past time to get it together.

    • Kourtnet Dash

      The difference appears to be that Drew & RDJ are likeable, talented & don’t come off as privileged douchetards

    • tomm

      RDJ had his comeback in his early 40’s. Lyns has 20 years to do that.

      • Miss Talk

        But RDJ is a man, a fine looking man btw. Being 40 for a man is like being 25 for a woman, you look hotter than you will never be! Just take a look at Brad Pitt circa 2004.
        Drew was around 20 when she got her life back. Lindsay could easily do the same. Something is wrong with her. I don’t know what it is but it is not because of the drugs, it’s like she has given up enjoying what are supposed to be the best years of her life.

      • Le HIROSHI Wishing LILO Well

        IMO, I still take into account the problem of drug abuse as one of the main reasons; however, deep down, she might also need some love from another human being. Another cautionary tale, a young and beautiful woman who could have had it all at her feet, LILO, she really needs to stay focused and away from drugs, bad company and all the likes. . .

        – –

        Please don’t let yourself go, LILO!

  • UGH

    Na na na na
    Na na na na
    Hey hey hey


    Ding dong
    the witch is dead

  • Frabjes

    Tempest in a teapot. It’ll all be settled and hushed up and just magically disappear.

  • gary

    Dang, that means that EW will have to find other meaningless and shallow topics to “report” on.

    • Simon Jester

      Hey, don’t knock it: chronicling Lohan’s disastrous decisions really is “entertainment weekly” as far as I’m concerned!

    • Rosa Parks

      These ‘reports’ are infinitely more entertaining than any of Lindsay’s movies, music or ‘fashion designs’

      • Linda

        Thanks Rosa. I have very reliable sources.

  • Terry

    Not as long as there’s a Palin, Gosselein, Kardashian, or Jersey Shore resident around.

  • jo

    she’s got even more issues besides substance abuse. Jail is the only answer for this disrespectful little loser.

  • Alicia

    Every time I see the picture of Lohan wearing the necklace with her hand clapped to her forehead in a clear pose for the press, I laugh. But, she’s facing real trouble now, and it may be that only by becoming a convicted felon and doing some actual time will Lohan get herself together and grow out of her troubles.

  • Linda

    Sources informed me just this morning that the necklace was planted for Lindsay to take. She thought it was a gift. This is why she will deny the charges. I think she will not get any jail time and all she will have to offer is apology once this is explained in detail. It was basically a misunderstanding. There was no price tag on the necklace. So Lindsay thought it was a gift when she tried it on and was told by staffers that she looked good in it. Then she walked around the store, and decided to leave while wearing her new gift, thinking that her celebrity would give the jewelry store some publicity, as she was wearing the necklace all around the city. She stopped and told friends and paparazzi about the necklace and wanted to make sure she was photographed wearing it, so people knew where to get one just like it. So as you can all see, it was just a misunderstanding. She even asked to buy it after the fact and was told that the owners of the jewelry store said that they wanted to keep it now that Lindsay has worn it. She even wore it to an audition and was told it made her look more sophisticated. Lindsay considered this her good luck necklace. She really wanted to keep it forever and wear it to all future auditions or ‘jobs’ as she calls them. That is what all my sources tell me. She hopes to get the necklace back now too. Dina Lohan was going to also try and buy it for her.

    • JimmyH

      It’s good to know that “Linda” is on the case.

      • Linda

        Anytime JimmyH. Isn’t it funny how a misunderstanding becomes such a big issue? My sources have told me that this was just an accident, but that they felt Lindsay was also set up by The Disney Company to take this.

      • Jim

        Thank you for this info Linda! This is exactly what I figured it would turn out to be! Lindsay would never try to steal anything, I knew there was a reasonable explanation behind the whole thing and honestly I still believe the jeweler himself should be brought up on charges, he I believe tried to cash in on Lindsay’s name for his own gain! It is so sad as Lindsay has been trying so hard to get her good name back! I wish her all the best and will stand by her to the end.

    • Tajah

      I hope this is true. Good luck, Lindsay.

    • Le HIROSHI Wishing LILO Well

      “. . . but that ‘they felt’ Lindsay was also set up by ‘The Disney Company’ to take this.”

      – –

      @ Linda:

      – –

      Does this mean she’s been working with Disney for a certain project? I’m a fan (as you see, not a diehard one), so it’d be a treat if anything good a la “NOT I-Know-Who-Killed-Me the flick” would come my way.

    • @Linda aka Lindsay

      Linda, you’re a nutjob. No one would think because there’s no price tag you can take something.

    • Cat_watching_fish_bowl

      It seems like the store is suspect. I think the judge and DA are not being fair as they weren’t with Winona(not allowed to plea as others may have according to Wikipedia). Winona was at least allowed to offer restitution and did community service and was put on probation. I don’t live in Hollywood or idolize stars. I just think child stars quite often make mistakes once they’re legal and need support.

  • Michael

    Lindsay is dead. Even if she is acquitted of the theft charges, she still will have to go back to prison for parole violation anyway. Lindsay is such a joke, and her career is dead even for a comeback!!!!!

    • Heidi

      Lindsay was set to be an A list actress before she got into drugs and she can get there again. So much of this is because of the difficulties she had in her childhood. Her father admits when he was using he was a horrible father and wasn’t there when she needed him. Dina hasn’t taken any responsibility, she just blames him but she and he both had their share of knock down drag out fights and left Lindsay and her sister and brother to fend for themselves. Lindsay has to let go of her past and carve out the future she wants. Now is the time.

  • Jim

    These comments have me so upset and are simply disgusting! You all should be ashamed of yourselves, Lindsay deserves some respect and gratitude for everything she has given us! She has had some minor problems and is trying very hard to work through them. This latest episode is so transparent that it is hard to believe no one can see it for what it is. This lowlife jeweler is trying hard for his 15 mins. of fame and sadly is attempting to get it via Lilo’s name! Disgusting! Lindsay is a beautiful and talented woman and is deserving of our help and support not this vile defamation she has been subjected to.

    • JimmyH

      What exactly has she “given” us??

      • MaryJaneWatson

        Hazardous driving conditions in LA for one.

      • Karsen

        These pieces really set a standard in the inudsrty.

    • Linda

      Jim, please reread my post a few lines above yours. My sources gave me a lot of detailed information. It was all just a misunderstanding.

      • Jim

        Thank you Linda! :-)

      • Dan

        Linda, do you really think anyone takes you or your supposed “sources” seriously?

      • Linda

        Dan, my sources tell me that Lindsay will not go to jail today. She will only get booked and get a new booking photo. She has a new hairdo too. This was all just a misunderstanding.

      • annie

        Linda = Dina

      • Seriously?

        Omg Lohan has some straight up nut jobs on her side.

      • Dan

        Linda, my sources tell me that you are a melonhead.

    • Lacey Chabert

      Hey Jim, take in a double feature of “I Know Who Killed Me” & “Just My Luck,” then let’s talk about her “talent.”
      Linda, if it truly was a misunderstanding about a loan, why did her ‘friend’ return it to the LAPD and not directly to the store? Did your “sources” also sell you some valuable swampland in Florida?

      • Linda

        Hi Lacey. My sources told me that the police would search my daughter’s home (Err….Lindsay’s home) if she didn’t turn it in to the police. That is why she did that. Just a misunderstanding.

      • Lacey Chabert

        Oh I see now…. evil store owners!! These terrible people and the evil paparazzi, police, prosecutors, judges, film directors, producers, fashion designers, magazine editors, club owners, rehab workers, lesbian DJ’s…. STOP SETTING LILO UP for failure! She definitely would have won an Oscar now for her talent & beauty! Watch Underground Comedy 2010

  • Ben

    I call body cavity search on Lindsay!

    • Large Marge

      Plenty of time for that in prison

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