'The Bachelor' Brad Womack responds to stories of alleged criminal record: 'It was just part of my growing pains'

Brad-WomackImage Credit: Bob D'Amico/ABCAfter recent reports alleged that Brad Womack, star of ABC’s current season of The Bachelor, has a criminal record — including charges of forging a driver’s license in 1993, public intoxication, and passing a bad check — a rep for the show issued the following statement to EW from Womack:

I’m sure I wouldn’t be the first to admit that I had a couple of missteps when I was a teenager — some 20-odd years ago. Some of the claims have been blown out of proportion, but I took responsibility for my actions and took immediate measures to remedy the situation. It was just part of my growing pains back when I was still young and naïve — you learn from your experiences good and bad — and you move on. It ultimately builds character.


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  • Eolra

    I doubt any woman is LOOKING for a guy with a criminal record, but it shouldn’t be a deal breaker as long as it’s non-violent and firmly in the past. My boyfriend is an EX-drug dealer (in his youth), and he is the best and most responsible/mature boyfriend I’ve ever had.

    • Zach

      TMI. Even if we don’t know you.

  • anonymous

    Brad, Brad, Brad !

  • Dommerdog

    I found this about his surname at starcasm.net:

    No, Brad Womack wasn’t born Brad Pickelsimer, he was born Brad Womack. His mother and father split up and when his mother remarried he took his step-father’s surname of Pickelsimer. He kept that name for a few years but would eventually revert back to Womack, probably because of the constant teasing. It was a good move on Brad’s part because the women on The Bachelor would be dropping like flies if they realized they were competing to be the next Mrs. Pickelsimer!

    • Mara

      Seriously? Do you happen to know his stepfather’s first name? I went to school with a Pickelsimer (could be the right age too), never thought there could honestly be more than one.

      • Dommerdog

        No, I don’t recall if the article mentioned his stepdad’s first name. A Google search might help you a lot with such an uncommon name.

  • Buffy Freak

    You mean a guy who would go on a television show to make out with and bang a cluster of women while millions of people watch might have some done some unsavory things in his past? Well color me stunned.

    • Zakry

      There is no banging on the Bachelor. Good job with your uninformed judgement.

      • MultiPass

        You’re an idiot. Of course they bang. The editing implies it, but producers say it doesn’t happen so idiotic women can believe that they are actually watching real emotional love blossoming without the complications of sex. Talk about the opposite of reality, Jesus Christ. Don’t be naive. Those people are all narcissists, the show is 70% scripted, they are not in love and, yes sweetie, they bang, they bang.

      • Adam

        This is not true. One of the (20/20?) specials last year had one of the producers discussing this, and he indicated that sex does happen, and gave an average number of sexual encounters per season, iirc.

      • Buffy Freak

        Thyank you MultiPass and Adam. And nice try Zakry…good job with your uninformed retort.

      • Zakry

        Name names. Who has banged on the Bacherlor/ette?
        Sometimes the production does imply it, but that’s TV story telling. Did it really happen? On those ATR specials, they *always* say no. Unless you were in the room, you don’t know different, dummy. Adam, I need context. I have a hard time believing than an ABC news show would show an ABC reality show in a negative light like that. But, if people are thinking the show is scripted anyway, I could talk all day, you’d still be lost.

      • Mellissa

        Bob Guiney. And every single “lady” that appeared on his show. Pretty much every single person who makes it to an overnight date has sex. What do you think happens after the camera man leaves the hotel room filled with a king sized bed and rose petals? Deep conversation? The only couple that did not have sex was Ed and Jillian.

      • RaRa

        Trista admitted to having sex on her overnight dates. Of course, that was The Bachelorette, but I can’t imagine the Bachelors having more restraint than that.

      • Heidi

        wait Ra Ra – to clarify, Trista admitted having sex with Alex on the first bachelor show on their final overnight. She also had sex with Ryan during her stint as the bachelorette but did not have sex with anyone else.

        Also, Melissa – Jillian admits that she did have sex with more than one person while she was the bachelorette – not just Ed but also Kiptyn. She said she had to know about that chemistry.

        In general most don’t have sex until they are in the final three. But yeah I’ve heard that Bob Guiney took all he could get as did Byron and Aaron

  • Stef

    This is dumb, he’s the bachelor, not the Pope. He’s on a reality show looking for a wife; that’s way more crazy than having a fake ID as a teen.

    • Kat


  • Jessie

    I think it’s pretty funny that he says these things happened when he was “young and naive.” He was 21 when they happened…sooooo that’s only 3 years younger than the girls he’s currently dating. Maybe he likes em young and naive. LOL

    • KWise

      Ha- VERY good point Jessie!

  • Get Real

    “Growing pains” don’t normally result in criminal records. Womack is a loser.

    • Zakry

      It must be nice to be perfect. Plenty of us have done stupid things when we were young (21 is still young). Isn’t the man a millionaire? Those youthful mistakes didn’t stop him from becoming a success, and I bet most of you women would be fall over yourselves for a shot at him, but its really easy to be pious behind your computers when you know he would never give you a rose or the time of day.

      • MultiPass

        Nor you, little man. You do realize how ridiculous it is DEFENDING a made-up person like Womack, right? I mean you do realize you are talking about a TV SHOW, right? Not real life, not your friend, not your boyfriend, not even a real person. Just a very good lookin, shallow, self-absorbed moron who actually believes his own b$ and the crap the producers tell him to keep up the drama. NONE OF IT IS REAL, sweetheart! Although I admit it is fun to watch these stupid people make a$$es of themselves.

      • Zakry

        Its funny you’re telling me how much I don’t know the man yet you have called him “shallow, self-absorbed moron who actually believes his own b$” – sounds like YOU know him! Furthermore, I don’t have to know Brad Womack to say someone shouldn’t be dinged for youthful mistakes for the rest of their life. Idiot that you are, I would give the same benefit of the doubt to you too.

  • K

    um, he’s not running for president

    • MultiPass

      no. but that would make a much better show!

  • Richard

    Ok fake id, pissed drunk and bouncing a check, this is not Loughner here people move along. jeeeze.

  • ALFRED Peterson

    where could i learn by internet crime investigation.

  • Glowbug

    LOL young & naive—-he’s got looks but no personality –seriously, who finds true love on a contrived reality show—alot of the ladies seem off/crazy and the dates are strange—like watching a train wreck—

  • melissa

    I agree with him. I think people over react to someone in the spotlight. The thing they fail to understand is that they are people too. They’re not perfect, they make mistakes. Get a life and stop following other people’s every move. Yes maybe they’re “role models” because they’re famous, but the people who look to someone they’ve seen in a movie or on tv that they don’t know, never will and have no real concept of who that person is, is the real problem. The actors never asked to be followed or judged on they’re every move. Someone may say “oh but they have so much money and so many perks in” and you know what, as they should. They put the blood, sweat and tears into what they do. They put in the work and effort that other people never will or unwilling to, yet will be the first to gossip about others. Those people need to grasp a little insight and realize you don’t get to the top and stay at the top just by accident. By the way I am not famous, not in showbiz, just a regular person that feels pity for people that care more about people in tabloids and on tmz then they do about learning about the people in their own lives.

  • now voyager

    He looks stressed out or in great pain in that picture.

  • Donna F.

    Everyone makes mistakes and we all learn from them. No one is perfect. i hope the woman he chooses will see pass this little mishap of his past, i know i would. hey, if none of these women make it, take a chance on this bachelorette. :)

  • Woody

    The only issue I have is that the ladies he is courting should be made aware of it. They are expected to bare all to him …turnabout is fair play. Maybe a few of them might walk. Granted his criminal mischief was years ago. When you let down your walls the person that loves you hopefully will accept everything about you. That is what true love is about … Right?

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