Regis Philbin announces exit on 'Live with Regis and Kelly'

Regis Philbin announced this morning it would be his last year on his syndicated talk show Live with Regis and Kelly, which he has hosted for 28 years. “I don’t want to alarm anybody … but this will be my last year on the show,” he said. “There is a time that everything must come to an end for certain people on camera, especially certain old people.” Philbin said his last show could be toward the end of the summer or into the fall, but nothing has been decided.

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  • AN

    WHOA! No Regis??? What is the world coming to? I will miss you, old man!

    • Strepsi

      REGIS: classy but with personality. Nicely done, also to leave on top.

      I HOPE COMING IN 2012:


      • alan

        sorry i meant to say he takes it up the know where

    • alan

      Neil Patrick is Gay no way .

      • Cathy B

        Alan, go away.

      • G-Toronto

        Mature dude.

    • Jam

      saw this * from pg 4 vegas odds to replace Regis Philbin – Tony Danza 3 to 1 / Mark Consuelos 5 to 1 / Jeff Probst 7 to 1 / Neil Patrick Harris 10 to 1/ Tom Bergeron 15 to 1 / Pat Sajak 17 to 1 / Al Roker 20 to 1 / Jerry Seinfeld 50 to 1

      • Susannah

        There is a critical shortage of informative artciles like this.

    • SHEILA


    • carol

      Regis Philbin is Mr. New York–I will miss him-sure someone will replace him-but they can’t fill that Bronx boy’s shoes. Good Luck-Regis

  • Kyle

    I’m pretty sad about this, but I’ve actually been expecting it. As he said, he is pretty old. Will miss him.

    • Ted Striker

      In recent years he has been approaching Admiral Stockdale in the VP debate back in the 1992 election. “Who am I and why am I here?!?!”

    • Puss

      These pecies really set a standard in the industry.

  • Lauren

    Classy & Graceful

  • Tammy

    Regis – you are a class act. You deserve to take time for yourself and your family. Considering I can’t see my grandchildren as much as I would like due to distance…. go enjoy your family and grandchildren! They will keep you young.

  • Duane S

    Yea about time no more about what he done and no more Yankees talk good bye and do not come back stay with your wife she will have gray hair in no time now glad your going time to cheer yeaaaa

    • Michelle

      There’s this new invention…it’s called punctuation. Ever heard of it?

      • Duane S

        Sry I bad speller can not help it a medice thing I take 25 lash forn you

      • Sean

        No, Michelle, punctuation’s actually been around for quite some time. It’s not new.

      • Mrs. Kim

        @ Sean – ever heard of sarcasam?

      • Boycott Mel 4Evah

        Punctuation? Heck – there’s barely a coherent thought in either of his posts, nevermind the grammar.

      • Michelle

        Thanks Mrs. Kim…I will again say that there is a DESPERATE need for a sarcasm font!

      • ed

        @ Mrs. Kim — ever heard of sarcasm? It’s probably different than sarcasam.

      • Duane S

        Look I can not spell right sry or how to use all the right things sry I can not help this I got bad health and brain troubles sry I not as good as you chit I would have post if you did think I should SRY we all can not be like you must be nice to b perfect like you

      • Duane S

        One thing tys for make fell like crap Michelle next time I think I will not post anymore then then be one less retard posting sry all that I up set you

      • yolk

        @Michelle…ever hear of getting a life?

      • Um…

        Duane S. use at least somewhat proper English or nobody will understand you.

      • Mrs. Kim

        @ Ed – yeah, I noticed the typo after I hit the comment button, but unfortunately it was too late to fix. Should I have reposted a correction? Would that have made you happy?

        @ yolk – you should talk…you might want to consider getting a life yourself.

    • Duane S

      To all who posted when I get upset it gets even worse when I type sry but still very upset at some of the commets been pick on all my life for be slow so again sry

  • Ben

    And with that, the last survivor of the Stone Age steps out of the spotlight…

    • Ben

      Somewhere, Joel McHale and his writing team are crying their eyes out.

      • Tiffany

        Funny, I just got done saying the exact same thing to my husband. Poor Joel! But at least he still has Wendy Williams and the Good Day LA and New York crew to keep him happy and employed!!

      • Sally

        But he lost Tyra.

      • Heather

        He’ll never loose Tyra. He still has America’s next top model to make fun of and even when that goes away, I’m sure she’ll pop up somewhere doing something that he can make fun of.

    • allie

      nah, Dick Clark still manages to resurrect himself every New Year’s Eve.

      • Skip

        Life is short, and this article saved vualbale time on this Earth.

  • Josh

    Bless him. Poor Joel McHale.

  • Maryann Craven

    As someone who’s been watching Regis since Joey Bishop days this is a sad day. The end of an era. We wish Regis a happy & healthy retirement and look forward to seeing him as a guest on other shows for many years.

    • Zzzzzzzz

      Well said, Maryann. I can remember when he walked off the set with Joey Bishop. Best thing he could have done for his carreer. (Damn, I’m old!)

    • dartwoman63

      Regis said at the end of the show that he is not retiring he is just leaving the show, he said I am going to do other things.

  • WS

    Regis is a star…Kelly Ripa is not. Let’s hope this show ends with Regis’s departure.

    • QJ201

      No reason to trash Kelly. Regis for all his years in the biz, was B/C list until he got this hosting gig 28 years ago.

    • Kim

      Kelly has done a great job with this show. Who was Kathy Lee? I mean I used to watch it with Kathy Lee and I think Kelly does a much better job! Chnage is difficult and we will adjust — Regis is a class act and best wishes to him but the show will go on!

      • WS

        You may think Kelly is better, but you are wrong. Kathie Lee was the woman Kelly did a poor job of replacing. But I agree with you that chnage is difficult.

      • matt

        Kelly has not done a poor job as a replacement. You may like Kathie Lee better but that doesn’t mean that Kelly sucks.

      • D

        Yeah Kathie Lee was so much better, I mean using child sweatshops is sooo in right now.

    • Candy

      Kellys days are numbered..she cant carry the show without a strong side kick. She doesnt have the same story telling capabilities. Regis IS the show!

  • Susanne

    Simply put – Regis is a entertainment icon. No one else does the type of ad lib, off the cuff entertainment that he does. It is natural and he is a national treasure. I have been watching him for 20 years, and wish I could continue for 20 more. I hope he has many, many happy years of retirement. I will miss him on TV very much.

    • Tim Lade

      A national treasure…

      Actually? He is a very good entertainer but I wouldn’t call him a national treasure by any stretch of the imagination…

      America and it’s celebrities…I’ll never understand it.

  • Dan

    When Regis leaves, who’s going to kiss all of those celebrity butts every morning on TV, and call every film and movie a hit, even when half of them are flops?

    And who’s going to begin every other sentence with, “Last night, we were out to dinner…”?

    Not everyone is going to miss him that much.

    • Cris

      ” … who’s going to kiss all of those celebrity butts … and call every film and movie a hit, even when half of them are flops?”

      Don’t worry. You still have Leno to do that.

      • matt


    • Allie

      This is actually an interesting comment because it reminded me why I quit watching the show…..Regis, though entertaining in the opening segment, was completely clueless about pop culture as he got older. And I always got the sense that he would ask the stars questions and then not listen to their response because he would often follow up with something completely unrelated or inappropriate.

      • andrea

        totally agree. I like the show better when Regis is out and there is a guest host – any guest host. Worst alternative – when Kelly was out and Kerry Ann Inaba from DWTS subbed ….awful!

      • PN

        I think that he didn’t like a lot of the current music and movies and didn’t want to say it in front of their faces. That might have led to his wanting to depart later this year. And some of the recent celebrity guests were coming on in jeans–very disrespectful when compared to Regis’ well dressed suits. They should have shown some class by dressing up. Regis stayed true to what he is on that show and there will never be another host like him.

    • Jumping In

      I hate to say it, but lately, the only time I watched this show was when there was a guest host. I have never enjoyed hearing about any of the hosts going out to dinner with people I don’t know at places that I could care less about. If the show was only shown in NYC, then maybe it would be different, but believe me it has been a real yawn for the rest of us. Here’s hoping that Kelly gets a better co-host. Preparing for months of goodbyes for Regis – geez!

  • Lisa

    A classy guy, who knows how to tell a great story. I will miss my daily dose of fun.

  • Beverley

    He is a fine example of going out on top and enjoying the golden years of his life. If only Barbara Walters would follow his example and stop looking so pathetic on The View talking about things like Jersey Shore, and retire too.

  • kim delmotte

    going to miss seeing you each morning you are a true icon that touches peoples lifes from canada

  • whatevs

    First Tyra ended her show and now this??? I hope Joel can bounce back from this.

    • Ron

      Sad day for sure! Regis made the show but together with Kelly….
      They really compliment on another.

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