Ted Williams detained, released by LAPD after 'minor disturbance'

Ted Williams, the Ohio homeless man who last week wowed the world with his smooth radio voice, and his daughter were detained by the Los Angeles Police Department Monday night after police responded to a disturbance call at a Hollywood hotel, according to the LA Times. The pair, who reportedly got into a non-physical heated argument, were released less than an hour later.

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  • lefty

    Anyone could hear that voice in an argument…

    • Jeff M.

      Man who cares about this guy just give him a week or so and its back to the drugs

      • S.K.

        You sound like a swell guy to know. How long have you been perfect? Look in the mirror, A–HOLE!

      • Mike S

        You would love that,What if it was one of your family members?Would you want them to have a 2nd chance at life and not be continued to be judge.How clean is your past?

      • jay

        wow! what a hater you are. are you mad because he is doing big things?

      • Druggie

        Someone get him some Schlitz malt liquor!

      • Steven Piggott

        Anyone who disagrees with this comment is naive and obviously has never met an addict.

      • JSR

        He has been sober for years, it’s not like they pulled him off the street wasted and belligerent.

      • AK

        So according to Steven, anyone who has ever been addicted, no matter what, will relapse?

      • thereugo

        That’s wrong. That’s to bad that people have to say comments like that for someone that has an opportunity to turn his life around. Give the guy some credit.

      • DarkSide

        The guy is a freak. He only generates any interest because he looks like a bum and sounds wonderful. If he looked normal, he wouldn’t get a second chance. Anyway, obviously he’ll screw it up!

      • yo momma

        man all yal seying bad stuff bout diz guy, go 2hell!!

      • Bluto

        @Darkside: So what you’re saying is that he’s the Second Coming of Susan Boyle?

    • Bluto

      The only thing the media loves more than a good old redemption story is to tear down the subject of a good old redemption story.

  • Miss Talk

    Why is this news? We all know he has family issues, who doesn’t anyway?
    Hollywood is already driving this poor man crazy. Leave him alone.

    • Anthony Borelli

      Miss Talk, it’s news because when folks like yourself read a headline like this, you WANT to read the story.

      I don’t know why I wanted to or why you wanted to (and I share your embarrassment) but its news because this is what WE ask for.

      • Scott

        Actually, I just read it to confirm that the only Ted Williams I ever heard of was dead. Had this guy been named Bob Williams – I would have ignored the story as it deserved to be.

      • S.K.

        Well put, Tony!

      • James B.

        @Scott: I was thinking the exact same thing.

      • Gnorp McDuddle

        I was on the back of that helicopter, when the three pigs called. What a cool experience.

        Until the B-52 Ben dropped the inflation bombs over China. And China went bankrupt over night. So Europe. So Japan. So Australia. Brazil had a second rope, but was also doomed in the long run. And US Debt must have been a zillion times higher than the last time I checked. But anyway, who cares about the McDuddle when there is a guy like Ted Williams. You know?

        And it was not Great Depression style. Certainly not. They called it a Great depression. Well- haha – they couldn’t know about our zillions. China is now printing money faster than anyone can count – USA is doing the same – and Europe?

        But hey, anyway. Who cares about this? Who is a journalist enough to check out the numbers? To put together the Dots and points – to raise awareness of what’s really going on – behing your back – as you watch Ted Williams – being detained by LAPD – woah. At least that guy didn’t ruin the whole world – big financial mess – epic tsunami style. Forget about great depression. When I saw that numbers – in China – in the US – in Europe – I couldn’t get it anymore. It didn’t make any sense at all.

        Your Gnorp McDuddle
        From Freddie Krueger Bank
        The Bank you trust.
        The Bank that help you with your dreams.

      • Tom

        You crazy Gnorp

    • Rich D

      Ditto! This guy needs a break just like everyone else. Many people are envious of him and so they lash out knowing they have nothing to offer. Makes them feel big. Goodluck to this dude and I hope he does well. All these rube’s that diss him have bigger family issues than this dude.


    • amelia in portland

      Thank you. This isn’t news. People argue all the time. Good luck to Mr. Williams.

      • amelia in portland

        @ gnorp…..please stick to the topic.

  • Dee Jones

    I`m so rooting for him, I just hope that he can keep it together. It`s too early to mess up. He needs someone who can guide andd counsel him on what to do and what not to do. He needs a manager with him at all times. Good Luck Ted!

  • Bill

    His daughter must have be hitting him up for some of his new found cash. :)

    • Rusty Shackelford

      I thought that at the beginning, that relatives would all of a sudden be crawling out of the woodwork. Did any of these people offer him help before I wonder?

      • Brett

        For all we know, she was just saying, “Hey, Dad, maybe you can now pay back some of that money I loaned from you/you stole from me when you were out abusing drugs”…

      • Debbie Neal

        Ted Williams on Dr.Phil today admitted on national tv, he was an alcoholic who deserted his 9 children, deserted his half blind wife and never supported his children in all these past 10 years. so he did not help them, himself or try to get better. he would still be there in that tent if not for the man who discovered bim and helped him get his second chance. in all of his years of panhandling he never did send any money home to his children or tried to get back home to try and get a job to help support his family. i am all for second chances. but he already has gotten in trouble yesterday evening with a “minor disturbance” at his hotel. he and one of his daughters were arguing, and someone reported them being noisy. but they were not arrested. he will be on Dr.Phil again tomorrow. an intervention with his ex wife, and his children.

      • Dusty

        This is in reply to Debbie Neal’s comment “in all of his years of panhandling he never did send any money home to his children”

        Classic line!!!

      • amelia in portland

        @ Dusty….u r so funny!

    • Buffy Freak

      I hope she IS hitting him up for money especially after all the years she and her siblings probably went without. I hope he’s able to stay clean because he’s got alot of making up to do to his children.

    • jayjay the RAPPER

      They call’m Ted Willy, I think its kinda silly, he’s all over the news, I hope he doesn’t his vision loose and the right choices choose, cause there’s a God abobe watchin his every move, he betta stay in di groove, and quickly improve, an make up for all the neglect and all the years he did his family reject, , , now let’s please just change the subject lol

  • Nathan

    I thought the news forgot all about this guy, especially since Loughnerpalooza started up last week.

  • Oh, Yikes!

    Ted Williams….Celebrity
    One of these things is not like the other….

  • Dave

    Match made in heaven.. TWill and SuBo?

  • Joe


  • ccc

    Recovery and redemption are possible for those that know and serve the Lord. I hope that the worst is over for this man and his family. I hope that past disappointments, expenses, hurts, and lost opportunities can be put aside for new opportunities to share, hope, love, joy and the problems of life. Here’s to a healing spirit!

    • lefty


    • Ted

      Theodore. Be still, God is still working with him.

  • jonny rocket

    i knew this was going to happen. lets just hope he stays sober.

  • mohammad

    i envy this dude…his daughter all of a sudden loves him…gimmi a break…$$ does weird things

    • Buffy Freak

      What the hell are you talking about? He’s the one who abandoned her and her siblings as well as their half-blind mother. It’s a nice story if he’s able to stay on the straight-and-narrow but he’s the one who did wrong by his family.

  • Mia

    I am Rootin’ for him andhis family. No one can past judgement on anyone. We all are somebody(s). We all have a story to tell. I just pray that he does right by GOD, his kids, and himself. I watched Dr, Phil today, and I was touched. We are all human, some of us are stronger than u think! I wish him the BEST!

  • BB

    Man…Oprah’s paws are all over this. I mean. Come on. Dr Phil ?

    • depressed in U.S

      Oprah,really? good,maybe hill be president in 2012.Things are looking up already

  • DOIT


  • Wet Willie

    You can’t help some people. This is a perfect example of why food stamps, unemployment and other aid doesn’t work. Give away stuff (e.g., money, food, shelter, reduced loans, free jobs) and the person will still be the person. Let him go back to his park bench. Everybody makes their own bed. You are successful due to your effort and your are not successful due to your effort.

    • Lard Lover

      What the heck do you mean food stamps and unemployment don’t work? What are they supposed to do? If you truly knew how much of a government expenditure food stamps and unemployment are versus one month of the War in Iraq, you wouldn’t be crying. Some people need welfare. Some people aren’t as industrious and reliable as you. So what? If you wanna complain, complain about real waste, complain about the $45 case of Coke Halliburton charges us for Coke in Iraq. FS & unemployment money goes right back into the economy immediately. Tax dollars have been going to pay $45 to Halliburton for a case Coke. Why are you so heartless? We’ll let you stick the first needle in these poor peoples arms to euthanize them yourself. You should thank God you can fend for yourself. One day you may not be so lucky.

    • JD

      Hey, Wet Willie…People do change and they climb out of the drug addictions… Where do you think all the drug counselors come from.. X drug abusers!! I seen my son climb himself out of the drugs..For years he has been clean and has a very high paying job.. My Late husband went into rehab only once and didn’t touch another drop of booze for 30 years!!! People are all different and some take longer than others to stay clean. But, with your attitude there would be NO help for anyone!!!… Yes, some don’t make it out of the drug addiction.. And YES, very many people do climb out of it and stay clean for the rest of their lives. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.. Just an expression of speach!!!I don’t want to stoop to your level; and, tell you where, I would really like to tell you where to put it!!!

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