Owen Wilson, girlfriend expecting a baby

owen-wilsonImage Credit: Bob Charlotte/PR PhotosOwen Wilson’s rep has confirmed to EW that Wilson and his girlfriend of more than a year are having a baby. “Owen Wilson and Jade Duell are happy to be expecting a baby,” said his rep in a statement. No other details are being released. Wilson is currently starring in Little Fockers and has several films being released this year, including Cars 2, the Farrelly brothers’ Hall Pass, and Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris.

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  • RBys

    Wow I really was not expecting that, especially not from a Wilson brother!

    • lilia

      have you noticed all of Anistons x’s move on-find a wonderful partner and have babies…interesting…….

      • Me

        No, that was Kate Hudson.

    • tim

      suicidal loser. ‘oh my girlfriend broke up with me, whoa is me”

      • Gits Ferrari

        F U tim. you must be the loser

    • Upik

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  • Stacie

    STDs must be rampant in Hollywood. Seems like nobody ever wears condoms anymore.

    • Heidi

      I’m thinking what are they putting in the water there? Everyone seems to be getting pregnant!

  • Danielle

    Who is Jade Duell and how long have they been dating?

    • Keshia

      Why gurl, he ain’t yo man.

  • SLB

    Does anyone in Hollywood know what birth control is?

    • Kristofer

      Inbred clone

  • E

    Good for him. Hopefully he’s found someone stable. I’m glad no one has heard of her. Might have a chance then.

    • Me

      Thank you for saying something nice. So many people act totally shocked and appalled that someone gets pregnant outside of marriage as if they themselves have never had sex when not married. Me? Yes, of course. I met my husband in high school, one and done. Married nearly 25 yrs.

      • SLB

        Not shocked and appalled at all. I’m shocked when someone in hollywood get’s married first before they have a kid.

  • Shay

    Happy for them. I hope Baby Wilson does not end up with Owen`s nose though.

    • Heidi

      his wasn’t always quite so crooked. Its been broken many times!
      I am happy for him considering he was in a very different place a few years ago. Time heals all wounds!

      • Kristofer

        Thats what she said

  • Tammy

    I really thought he was one of the cool people that didn’t feel the need to breed. I’m so disappointed.

  • Suicide watch?

    Didn’t he try to kill himself. I guess Boning hot actresses and making millions is very depressing.

    • Heidi

      Anyone can suffer depression and it can cripple you even if you’ve always been a happy optimistic person. I’m glad he’s in a very different headspace and hope he gets alot of joy from his baby.

      • Yamasita

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  • lilia

    have you noticed all of Anistons x’s move on-find a wonderful partner and have babies…interesting…….

    • Stanley

      True story. They met on a flight from LA to Washington D.C. while he was filming that new movie with Paul Rudd and Reese Witherspoon. At the time she was living with a boyfriend in Virginia and needless to say they shortly thereafter broke up. Talk about a tough one to tell your parents. ‘Jade and I broke up because she was sleeping with Owen Wilson’. Owen and her continued seeing each other while her and the ex boyfriend were living with one another and later she got pregnant and moved into his pool house.

      • Susie Q

        He moved her into his POOL HOUSE?!? He’s got a eight-bedroom mansion! Why does the pregnant mother of his child have to live in the pool house? What’s he doing in the main house that he doesn’t want her to know about?

      • babilos

        my God..she’s not even beautiful…kate hudson is way way beautiful than her….duhh..yuck

    • S

      Owen Wilson never dated Jennifer Aniston. His alleged suicide attempt followed his breakup w. Kate Hudson. Marley & Me (w. Aniston) was his first movie after that incident (& his only connection to Aniston).

      • End It

        he never dated Kate Hudson either, get the facts right

    • Leah

      Why do you keep posting the same (incorrect) comment? He did not date Jennifer Aniston. He was in a movie with her (Marlye & Me), but it was Kate Hudson he dated, and it was the breakup with her that preceded his suicide attempt and depression. If you’re gonna comment on this stuff, maybe you should first know something about it.

    • Nina

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  • Cate

    Really, really happy for him. I’ve always had a soft-spot for Wilson, back from his days when he used to write screenplays with Wes Anderson. He really is a talented guy, just fell into some bad times. Hopefully he’s happy and doing much better now.

    • Kristofer

      Thank you Kate for posting the one comment that actually is worth reading.

      • Kristofer

        Of course the I spell your name wrong like a donk. Sorry about that and you have full permission to spell my name wit a C.

      • Irma

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  • Susie Q

    News is that she’s due any day!

    Someone was probably going to break the story and the rep had to get out ahead of it.

    Hope for the baby’s sake that Wilson is in recovery …

  • Guil

    I think Owen is fantastic. Suffering from depression is not a crime, and it is a serious illness, and does probably hit most people at some time in their lives. Please don’t stigmatize this disease – it doesn’t mean you’re crazy, just that you’re human. Most of us pick ourselves out of it and go on with our lives. That’s the important thing. Owen has given me such laughter in his performances, I wish him, his girlfriend and son or daughter the best.

    • Susie Q

      Depression is one thing but there were HARD DRUG issues involved which everyone seems to have forgotten. Love how this guy gets a pass while the girls (Britney, Amy, Lilo) are crucified for their sins in the media constantly.

  • lilia

    Another Anistons X-friend or other having a baby………..

    • Leah

      Another dipsh** who doesn’t know what they’re talking about. He never dated Aniston. Do you know how to read? Several comments have already stated that. Some of you really need a proctologist to help you removes your heads from your asses.

    • Lilia is an idiot

      I don’t follow much of hollywood stuff, and I didn’t know who Owen had dated, but even I caught on that it wasn’t Aniston and that is Hudson. Lilia, are you learning impaired? It’s been two days of incorrect commenting – do you not have anything going on in your life?

  • Grumpster

    Owen Wilson’s expecting a baby? Where’s it going to gestate? His bum?

  • JFWilder

    Makes me hope that the baby doesn’t have that schnozola that Owen’s got. Cripes you think he’d do something about that…it’s way too distracting.

    • Creep-E

      Yeah…he’s got Renee Zelwegger smoosh-up pouty look with a nose shaped like a male member.

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