Ivan Reitman says 'Ghostbusters 3' script is ready

GhostbustersImage Credit: Everett CollectionPaging Dr. Venkman. You’re wanted on the set of Ghostbusters 3. Ivan Reitman, the man who directed and produced 1984’s box-office smash Ghostbusters and its 1989 sequel, says a “very good script” for a third film in the knee-slapping ghost-hunting franchise has been sent to Bill Murray. According to the Associated Press, Reitman added, “nothing you’ve read on the internet is accurate” and that Murray has not yet read a script for Ghostbusters 3. Reitman also says he believes that the new screenplay is strong enough to be filmed — “it’s good enough to do, to take the risk of doing again.” Reitman did not say who had written the long-awaited screenplay or whether the other two stars of the franchise, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis, had also been sent the script. Stay tuned.

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  • Marten

    Can’t we just let the 80’s die? I promise you this will be just as bad an idea as Indiana Jones 4.

    • Jeff M.

      You never know what can happen. If they make I will go see it. All I have to say is that all 4 ghostbusters need to be in the movie!

    • Sue1

      Another problem is not everyone will be satisfied or think it’s as good as the original no matter what they do. I love the characters and will be glad to hopefully see ALL of them again and unless it’s absolutely awful, I’ll be happy.

    • HD

      Ernie Hudson is a Ghostbuster too, just to clarify that there are more than 3.

      • Jason C.

        Who said there were only 3 Ghostbusters? The only comment I see listing a number says there were 4.

      • HD

        “whether the other two stars of the franchise, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis”

        More than implies there are only 3 GB, funny thing is I just heard the Ray Parker theme song at my local grocery store before reading this article. There’s still plenty of love and potential for another sequel. 2 wasn’t horrible, it just wasn’t the quality of the first.

      • Chi Chi

        I lake thee black wun.

      • Consuelo

        He didn’t do no-theeng.

    • LOL

      If there’s somethin’ strange in your neighborhood…

      • Earl

        There is and I have been wondering who to call???

    • Marten’s Mother

      Martin get to your room and let the people discuss positive things. No one needs your negativity.
      I’m sorry everyone. I grounded the little idiot, but he keeps finding a computer.

  • Jon

    I think the main problem is that Reitman and Ramis, as both writers, producers and directors, haven’t made a good movie in a long, long time. So why should we give any faith to them now?

  • HC

    haha I think @Marten might be right. As much I am completely in love with this franchise, I really don’t want them to mess with the awesomeness that it is…. gahh I love Ghostbusters, please let this be good if it happens!!!

    • ltchy

      l love the original Star Wars and lndy films, too, but, alas, look at what happens when too much time has passed… Might be best to let these ‘updates’ go…

      • Aiiu

        no man I don’t think so the original cocepnt story was focused on three scientists characters. In fact, still in the Ivan Reitman movies, Winston (Ernie Hudson) is not a scientist. No racism.

    • Shibuya

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  • ajay c

    I can’t wait! Hope they bring back Rick Moranis. I had an idea to bring in the next generation of Ghostbusters along with the original cast. I wanted to have Michael Cera and Jonah Hill involved as the core of the next generation. Michael Cera could play Oscar, Dana Barett’s son from part 2.

    • Flip

      Moranis has retired from acting.

      • Sue1

        Since retiring in 1997, Moranis has done a select few gigs-an album in 2005, a reunion with Dave Thomas for a 24th anniversary special of Bob and Doug McKenzie in 2007. There’s always hope.

      • mondo182

        Joe Pesci “retired” from acting too but he’s made a couple movies since and is potentially appearing in the new Uncharted movie. I recall the whole basis behind Moranis retiring in the first place was the death of his wife and to raise his young kids. Can’t rule out un-retiring for one job here if they have a part for him.

      • mondo182

        Then again I just read this quote off wikipedia – “Ramis later stated to Student Life ‘Rick won’t do it. Rick has retired from show business. But everyone else says they’ll do it.'” If that’s true, guess not.

    • Jen


  • Josh M

    Geez, people – it’s not like “Ghostbusters” is some untouchable franchise. They already made a subpar sequel – let them have another crack at it.

    • thin

      Yeah, all I want to know is how Mr. Reitman would rate it in relation to Ghostbusters 2.

  • Flip

    So excited!! Just please make sure Sigourney’s in it and that her son Oscar’s a Ghostbuster!

  • MsSuniDaze

    I just hope the story is solid and it’s not relying totally on CGI.

  • Vince from NYC

    I always thought a reboot would be good, especially with CGI and other technology that has been developed since the late 80’s.. With that being said, I loved Ghostbusters as a child and would go see another sequal, provided the reviews arn’t completly aweful.

  • Pete

    “Good enough to be filmed” doesn’t really bode too well for quality.

  • Flip

    People who don’t want GB3 should just not watch it. The movie should exist for people who DO want to see it, like me.

  • allobidallo

    A lot of sequels they do from 80’s movies do suck. But there are some that are good. The newest Rambo movie was pretty decent. Rocky Balboa was pretty good. I guess if Stallone is in it, it’ll be good. Anyone else, nope.

    • allobidallo

      I like the part in the article “The script is good enough to film.” Apparently they thought “Across the Moon” was a good enough script. or “Mars Attacks” was a good enough script to film. Those movies were atrocities. Oh, can’t forget “Jack Frost 2″.

      • LOL

        There really was a Jack Frost 2?? Wow.

      • Jen

        Don’t you speak ill of “Mars Attacks!”

  • Bill

    We’ll see if I like the script as I said before you never know what you’ll be doing from day to day in this Biz…Dr.V

  • redvector

    It hinges on Bill Murray, if he nixes it the project is dead. If they can’t get on the same page the studio will likely start from scratch and reboot the whole franchise. Which might be a better idea.

    • Jon

      Nooooooo no more rebooting. Make new stuff.

    • Venkman

      I heard Bill Murray would only consider doing it if he were a ghost, and therefore have a rather small part.

  • koozebane

    Set the script on fire…wait! Crap don’t burn.

  • Grumpster

    Well, it could be like Christmas Vacation II…yes…there was one…but only had Cousin Eddy. Either way, it almost surely can’t be as bad as that horrible 2nd one with the slime river and cache of bad acting.

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