Zsa Zsa Gabor hospitalized for partial leg amputation

Zsa Zsa Gabor’s ailing health took a turn for the worse Sunday night when she was taken to the hospital to have the lower part of her right leg amputated, People reports. “She developed a lesion on the leg that had swollen a while back and caused her to go to the hospital for treatment, but it has not responded,” said Gabor’s spokesman, John Blanchette. “In fact, it has increased in size, and the doctors have wanted to operate for several days…. [Gabor’s husband, Prince Frederic von Anhal] and Zsa Zsa asked if they could spend New Year’s at home, and [they] shared champagne and caviar. The doctors came to the house today [Sunday], and when they unwrapped the bandages, [they saw that] the wound had festered and they were afraid of gangrene developing, which would be life-threatening.”

Gabor will lose the lower half of her leg below the knee.

Last summer, Gabor had surgery to replace her hip, which she’d broken in a fall; three weeks later she was rushed to the hospital to have a blood clot removed. The actress has been in a wheelchair since being paralyzed in a 2002 automobile accident, and she had a stroke in 2005.

UPDATE: Doctors have decided to delay amputation while they attempt to treat Gabor’s leg with antibiotics.

Zsa Zsa Gabor’s doctors delay plans to amputate leg


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  • Ted

    Poor lady. But why is this news? My God, give the woman some privacy.

    • QJ201

      This is news because Zsa Zsa and her sisters were the Kardashians of their time, lol.

      • steph

        …I hope we’re not still discussing the minutia of the Kardashians lives when they’re 92 like we are now.

      • Frances

        The Gabor sisters may have been the Kardashians of their time, they had class. They were always glamourous, well dressed, they could act. Check out “Green Acres”
        Thier mother was a class act as well. I wanted to be beautiful like them.

    • Carol Davidson

      Yes, I agree.

    • SirLizard

      What do you mean, “Why is this news?” This is news because there are people who are interested. Who says she isn’t being given privacy? THEY are the ones who released the statement, through their spokesperson. If you REALLY believed that these kinds of stories shouldn’t be posted on entertainment websites, then YOU shouldn’t click on them, and YOU shouldn’t comment on them, because that is what makes publishers of entertainment news think that it is worthwhile for them to publish such news items.

  • kay

    She’s suffering so much I hope her health gets better.

  • Ron Berue

    Dear Ms. Gabor:

    I just saw an on-line news posting about your situation, I’m very sorry to read it.

    I felt I had to offer you a few words of encouragement – and a little guidance.

    I’m a right leg, below-knee (“Rt. B/K”) amputee.

    My amputation was in June, 2001. It was the result of diabetes.

    There IS DEFINITELY “life after amputation”. It’s a great life! You may have some restrictions or limitations.

    These are my limitations:
    I have a prosthesis. I was measured and fited with a temporary prosthesis about four (4) months after the loss of the leg and foot. Following the surgery I used a wheelchair to get around.

    I discovered I can do just about everything:
    1) I use a cane.

    2) I’m not able to walk up or walk down steps like most people. I discovered I have to go up or down stairs one at a time.

    3) When I shower, I take the prosthesis coff. I use a tub bench. I have handles which were installed in the bathtub area.
    4) Until recently, I drove a car. I had hand controls installed.

    If you have any questions or would like additional information, please feel free to e-mail me at any time.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Very Truly Yours,
    Ron Berue

    • kgb

      She is already paralyzed, buddy.

    • Deborah

      Very kind words. Too bad there aren’t more of them.

    • Zinnie

      This was wonderful of you. Nice people would say this. thank you so much the rest of you stop arguing about God!

    • jill

      wow what a great, real, encouraging attitude . The best of life for you as you seize it. We all have handicaps you know. Some have a problem with mind, some with limited tolerance, some with changes to the physical form that allow us to make a decision on utilizing our adaptive qualities or not. Good choice to adapt.

  • luis vargas jr

    May the lord be with u in these tuff times.

    • poothrowingmonkey

      Isn’t the lord the one that took her leg away?!?!

      • boxcar

        No. the Lord is only doing good.. You must be illerate in God’s word… Its the devil that does baqd thing. Dont get God and the devil mixed up.. You need to read the Word of God more, then you wont show your stupidity…

      • comagirl

        @boxcar. No, the devil is a human construct created for the sole reason that we don’t want to take responsibility for our actions. People do evil things…not some supernatural force making us do it. And to insinuate that the devil caused Zsa Zsa’a health issues is insane.

        As for Ms Gabor. I am saddened to hear about her health problems. I hope she recovers quickly.

      • Heidi

        I feel really badly for her but I’ve read this article three times and I get the impression that if she’d gone in for surgery when it was suggested, she would not have lost the leg. Their decision to go home and have champagne and caviar first was what caused the infection to worsen. God or the Devil had nothing to do with this situation.

      • keith

        #1, God does not do bad things, it is because of our sin that bad happens. #2 the devil is real, he is a fallen angel that defied God. #3 and most important God has promised to be with us through good an bad if we let Him. #4, my prayers are with you as well as anyone in such a predictament

      • boxcar

        Keith is exactly right… People who dont believe in God or the devil are walking around with their heads in the sand not knowing which way to go… comagirl, how sad that one day you and a lot of other people will face the one who created this universe and then it will be to late to acknowledge God, actually Jesus Christ, who is God, in the way that you should have in this life.. I feel sorry for all those who are sickly in this world brought on by that evil one the Devil. If not for him, look how more beautiful this world would be… satan is behind all evil.. think about this, D.evil is evil. Lets thank God for his Son that will some day make all right again. If I didnt believe this would life be worth living???. For those who dont believe in God, what a pity you will never see your love ones …in Heaven. My heart goes out to the family and my prayers are with them in this time of need…

      • margaret owings

        god did not take her leg. when we have health issues we sometime ignor them, and then we cause ourselves to have worse health issues. we are always given warnings that something isnt right, but it is not God’s fault if we choose not to listen.

      • Lindac6624

        The Lord didnt take the leg away, the doctors did !!!

  • fgsg

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  • George H. Ellis

    You are one of the most sensual women in the last 100 years, and “I’ll tell you something darling” will remain in my mind forever.

    • Ian


      • Nerio

        I think the Europeans had it right with their suggested sliotuon. Your first marriage should only be for 7 years during which time both parties would be required to become accustomed to each other and work as a team. At the end of 7 years both parties would have one of two choices. The first choice is obvious, if you are not happy then the marriage is disolved automatically, each party takes their personal possessions and moves on. No community property could be acquired during the 7 year primary period, no combining of bank accounts, no children. I know it sounds rough but it makes sense. If after the 7 year primary period both parties choose to remain together then the marriage becomes permanent and no divorce would be granted after this point with the exception of those cases where abuse, violence or infidelity are involved. In these cases the party responsible for committing any of these acts will only be permitted to walk away with their clothing. All other property would automatically revert to the victim. If children are involved then an automatic deduction of 50% of the offender’s total income each year would also be remitted to the victim(s) until the minor children are 21 years of age. This alone would relieve the revolving door burden on the court system. Oh, for the guy who commented on FREEDOM, I believe in it just as much as you do buddy but unfortunately the majority of the population in this country believes in greed and deception. Freedom is not and never will be free, our troops overseas are dying for an imaginary cause, what a woman does with her body or who the guy \ girl down the street is having sex with are not issues our government needs to be spending millions in tax payer dollars debating with no clear conclusion in sight. Our government also doesn’t want to stop crime nor do they want to end The War On Drugs . Both of these create jobs and generate millions in revenue. So why would they want to end any of it?

  • beeps

    I hope she gets better

  • Deborah

    Poor Lady..she is such a fighter tho…And they call this the Golden Years….don’t think so….Yes to whomever made a comment…this IS news…she is a Hollywood Icon…A REAL Icon

  • Bibi

    Best Wishes Ms. Gabor.

  • dont

    steph why your mom didnt abort you at birth the world never no ,but your life of a looser sure shines bright

    • me

      no one deserves this type of comment, dont. please remember that what goes around comes back around – or you reap what you sow. If you sow bad remarks, it will certainly rebound on you eventually.

      • B.J.

        Your bad remarks are definitely rebounding on you and you are reaping what you have sown!

    • Nola

      In reply to “dont” , Shame on you!
      Your remarks to “steph” reflect terribly on you. Perhaps someone has talked to you in this manner; if so, you should seek help. Otherwise, you will remain as deeply miserable as you are right now. I hope you’ll get psychological counseling, or get out of whatever you’re into that makes you so miserable. In the meantime, remember that bullying or tossing off cruel remarks will not make you feel better for long.
      You can change, if you choose to.
      But your nasty remark to Steph makes you sound like you desperately need help. i hope you’ll seek it out.

    • steph

      @dont: I hardly thinkmy comment was deserving of whatever it is you’re trying to say…Perhaps instead of wishing abortions on people you should learn to proofread your comments for basic understanding?

      @me: I don’t take this as a mean type of comment because I honestly have no clue what they’re trying to say!

  • robert

    what more can she take… do we know how this came about….
    zsa zsa we wish you the best..
    robert . a

  • robert

    ron b, good luck.



    Last summer, Gabor had surgery to replace her hip, which she’d broken in a fall; three weeks later she was rushed to the hospital to have a blood clot removed. The actress has been in a wheelchair since being paralyzed in a 2002 automobile accident, and she had a stroke in 2005.

    • kimmy

      maybe she fell out of her wheelchair? or off the bed, or toilet, or the side of the bath tub? who knows. it can’t be easy.

    • Casey

      My twenty year old paralyzed brother fell out of his bed and had to have surgery on his neck. It happens. If you don’t have the medical background, don’t comment.

      • baba gabor

        ha ha, like that’ll ever happen!

      • Casey

        Actually it did happen. I would love to see how you would live after losing your legs from a drunk driver. Go burn in hell.

  • really

    Did someone actually ask how a paralyzed person can fall? How old are you?

    • B.J.

      How old is baba with the haha?

  • Nola N.

    Dear Zsa Zsa,

    You will remain the symbol of beauty and elegance that you have always been. and to Ron Berue, who is living with an amputated leg, THANK YOU for sharing your experience and encouragement not only to Ms Gabor, but to those of us reading these posts. Your courage is amazing. May God bless you.

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