Elton John and David Furnish welcome baby boy

Elton-John-FincherImage Credit: Dave M. Benett/Getty ImagesNearly four decades ago, Elton John sang about a man who “was born a pauper to a pawn on a Christmas Day” in his classic hit “Levon.” That song has now proved prophetic: EW has confirmed US Weekly‘s report that Sir Elton and his partner, David Furnish, welcomed a baby boy on Dec. 25. Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John was born via surrogate in California, weighing 7 lbs. 15 ozs. and measuring 22 inches long. The birth comes a year after John and Furnish attempted to adopt a young Ukrainian boy but were denied by that country’s government. The pair were joined in a civil partnership ceremony in England in 2005. Together they produced the upcoming animated film Gnomeo & Juliet, which will be released on Feb. 11.

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  • Jesus

    Physically impossible.

    • Allison

      I think that’s where the surrogate comes in.

      • Louis E.

        And same-sex couples should be banned from employing surrogates.The destructive myth that public policy discouraging misbehavior is somehow “discrimination” against a class defined by desire to misbehave has to end.

      • WS

        Louie E., STFU and mind your own business.

      • Ian

        Hey Louis. If you don’t like people being gay, then blame straight parents. They’re the ones who keep having gay babies.

      • Lilly

        Louie E, gay people have been parents since the beginning of time, this is nothing new. Why don’t you point to some factual evidence that shows that gay people aren’t just as qualified as heterosexual people to be parents.

      • Henry

        Oh, Louis. Come out, already.

      • Joe

        I wonder who’s semen they used? “Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John” is a pretty ridiculous name, if it weren’t for the billions the kid will inherit in the next 10-20 years I’d be doing some hating as well..

    • Rusty

      That is because you are a myth; a lot of hot air – and certainly no god.

      • Your a knob

        rusty is on the money. The greatest myth ever Jose.

      • Maureen

        Oh please! Let’s not go there. :/

    • see

      Hahha the EW moderators are trying to sort out the mess! GOOD LUCK MORONS.

      We had fun.

      • etm

        I wondered where Larry David’s comment and some of the other first ones were!

    • TorontoTom

      As soon as I see a headline on EW.com with any kind of gay connection, I can rest assured that the comments will be filled with HATE. It’s pretty sad. And a waste of time, Haters! We’re here, we’re queer and there is NOTHING you can do to stop us! Pretty frustrating for you, isn’t it?!? hehehe (And very empowering for us!!)

      • Alexis

        ITs funny how there are plenty of comments this article about having a child via surrogate and how they should not be able to have a child because of their sexuality and here we have a straight couple Amber and Gary from 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom where the MOTHER of the child beats the FATHER and yet most of the nasty comments in this article are how if a child is brought up in a home with two men then that child will become gay…so if that logic is true then Leah will grow up to beat her boyfriends too IGNORANCE!

      • Amarantha

        Homosexulaity is a natural variation occurring within the human race; it’s a difference without bearing on a person’s moral worth or value. For many centuries, left-handed people were distrusted and their use of the “wrong” hand had to be corrected for their own good, and to protect them from evil (i.e. sinister) influences. Today, this prejudice against left-handed people seems absolutely ridiculous. There will be a day in the future when our era’s discrimination against homosexuals seems just as wrong-headed and just as silly.

    • Henry

      Jesus, Jesus. Really?

    • David

      I think it is wonderful to see people expand their families. However, at Elton’s age, isn’t this a bit selfish when he likely won’t be with us long enough to watch that life mature? He has left a legacy to the world a hundred times over. This seems self serving in a Michael Jackson sort of way.

  • yahoo

    That’s very good for Elton and David. They seem like a nice couple, always helping out others and offering a hand.
    They will make great dads to the kid.
    I personally know of a case where the bio parents were abusive drug addicts and their child was placed with a gay couple, for fostering. Within a year that child went from aggressive, get-in-trouble- daily, failing in school, so a grade A studen, with friends and a supportive home. Just because people are of the opposit sex does not make them better parents. The boy is still with the gay couple and doing really well.

    • Kate

      Agreed! I have seen many examples of where gay couples have fostered kids and those kids flourished after being neglected for years by the families they were born to. I think the most important thing is that the kid gets lots of love no matter where it comes from. I think we can find plenty of examples of kids raised by heterosexual parents that don’t turn out so great.

      • Boccelli53

        Ok, there are “plenty of examples” of kids born to straight people and end up in dreadful situations. My thoughts are this; why would two adults, who are already know the struggles gays go through just trying to live in society, paint a target on a childs back? Elton John, I’m sure will do all he can to give this child a wonderful life. Hell, he even wrote a song about having a child! But all the money in the world will not erase the feelings, or look on this child’s face, when he is being tormented by the world for having gay parents. God bless the three of them, and any other children born into this type of situation.

      • I wish Elton had adopted me

        My dad spent many years beating, and verbally abusing all of his children. Life was torture for all of us living in that man’s house. Out of all of his kids, I am the only one that has any contact with him, and I was physically beaten worse than the other kids. My point is that my parents were straight. And my life was a living hell. I truly doubt that Elton and David would not have considered having a child if they had not thoroughly thought the subject through. I am sure that this child will have only the best, and two parents that will pour love, respect, and education into his life. Gay or not, as long as there is love, the kid will be a happy child! And if you are wondering, I am a straight female, 30 years old.

    • Denis K

      My next door neighbors are two gays. The ‘husband’ left his wife and turned gay, he had two children. One of them is now on heroin and the other committed suicide.

      • Matt

        Just because that is the case for one family doesn’t make it thestandard reason for not allowing same sex parents. Two parents are better than one or none!

      • Sanguine

        If two parents are better than one or none – how does this fit in with paying this baby’s mother to essentially abadnon/sell her kid.

        Is that act of love, knowing your ‘loving’ gay dads paid kickbacks to your mother to get her out of the picture?

        I would love to be a fly on the wall when that conversation happens.

        The kid is at grade school reading group story books about mommies and daddies and Elton just says to the kid that his mommy swapped him for a bag of cash

      • Leo

        I have known a number of straight people with drug addictions. I have also known two people who committed suicide. Both of them were heterosexual, and they were raised by heterosexual parents. Using your logic, we should outlaw heterosexuality – or at the very least, we should keep heteros away from children…
        PS: Oh yeah, people don’t “turn” gay, either.

      • Really?

        I dont really believe your story, but if I did, I would say it was a better example of awful parenting on that person’s behalf – nothing to do with their homosexuality

      • Jerry

        Oh yeah he never said straight people don’t kill themselves gays do in higher numbers however and have more drug problems and aids.

      • Chris L.

        Sorry Denis K, but that is clearly a lie you made up to justify your hatred and bigotry.

      • Ian

        Jerry, I think you’ll find that suicide numbers are much higher in people who are bullied, deal with bigotry, have to hide who they are, and are told by people like you that something is wrong with them. That could be anybody, no matter what their sexuality is. But I’m sure being gay and having to deal with people like yourself would cause a lot of suicide.

      • Lilly

        Sanguine, usually surrogates are not the child’s biological mother. In most cases, an egg is taken from a donor and implanted in another woman who will carry the child.

        But, even if the surrogate is the biological mother, this would not be the case of someone abandoning their child, just like it wouldn’t be the case if someone became a surrogate for an infertile heterosexual couple.

      • Katie

        pretty sure all of that was due to their father leaving them and nothing to do with him being gay… happens all the time.

      • Bobby F@sanguine

        holy cow. how ignorant. are there NOT straight couples who do the EXACT same thing? I’ll wait while you answer me that.

      • Jasonnz454

        So going by your logic every child who has a gay parent in the entire world is going to kill themselves or turn to heroin ? Can you see how your logic is flawed and is full of hate.

      • Frank

        and your point is…?

    • sainabou

      so happy for the boy i love gay people

  • Jason

    Larry – only reason the kid would have any trouble in high school is because of a@@holes like you perpetuating this nonsense.

    The only concern I would have is the fact that Elton John is fairly old – I don’t know how I feel about someone is age having kids – THAT seems irresponsible, not the fact that he’s gay.

    • etm

      I thought the same thing re: Elton’s age.

      • mike

        Plenty of elderly famous and not-famous men have biological children at advanced ages…Michael Douglas for one…do you also have concern for them or prefer they not be given this opportunity when they hit a certain age? Besides, David is under 50 and Elton has plenty of money, the kid will be fine. “Irresponsible” parenthood is a tag that could be placed on almost ANY parent.

      • Carla

        On the other hand, Rod Stewart is about 10 years older than the earth, and still popping out kids, but that’s okay because he’s such a stellar straight parent, right? Remember his son on Celebrity Rehab talking about the time his father called him a waste of sperm and egg, and he was 10 years old at the time?

      • etm

        I didn’t say anything about taking away Elton’s right to father just because he is older. Calm down. And there is no need to bring other celebrities into this equation, because this article is about Elton. And finally, “plenty of money” doesn’t take away the pain of your parent dying when you are young.

      • Jason

        And yes, I do have the same concern for the other celebrity “elder” dads. It doesn’t matter to me in the least if the parents are straight or gay. How can you be an effective parent to a teenager well into your seventies? What about when the kids are older and realize their parents aren’t going to be around much longer and didn’t get the time with them they could have with younger parents. I’m not saying it should be outlawed or anything, but I do have concerns.

    • Canuck

      Larry for President!!! I like Larry!!!

    • jodipo

      I agree with you I have no issue with gay parents but elder parents always concern me. My best friend growing p was the only child of older parents. When she was in 7th grade they were in their early 60’s, and her dad was dead by the tie she graduated high school, with mom not far behind. I just hate to see a kid in that kind of pain.

    • Tiffany

      Look here, I think we should be talking about the most important things here. LeAnn Rimes is PISSED!!!

  • Ashton

    Good for them. Babies are wonderful blessing for all families, and I’m sure the two of them will make wonderful fathers.

  • jezuzhc

    thats soooo precious….wonder who’s giv’n and who’s taken…goes beyond lame………

    • Remember

      Remember: gays just want to be who they are and be left alone.

      Which is why they pretend to be parents who can reproduce.

  • Amarantha

    According to Wikipedia, Elton John is 63, which does seem a bit old to be a father. When his child is in high school he’ll in his mid-70s.

    • ashley

      I don’t think his age should be any issue. A friend of mine who is 43 has a 9 year old with her 78 year old husband. He is a wonderful father, very patient and is always doing things with him. Age should not be the issue.

      • Voodoo

        That’s all great, but when you’re that old the chance that you die before your child reaches adulthood is so much greater. Wouldn’t you feel sorry for the kid if he looses his father at such a young age? Someone very close to me had to experience this (his father wasn’t old though) and it was very traumatic. So age IS the issue here.

      • Ames

        My parents are older, and it is an issue. Not the worst thing in the world, but an issue. But this child will have a nanny (at the very least), so I’m not too concerned.

  • jezuzhc

    when kid turns 18 he should sue the both of them for putting him through the crap he’s gonna take..he’ll never be right…

    • tony

      you’re an a$$hole

    • Ian

      It would make much more sense to sue the people giving you the bigoted crap.

    • Lilly

      Since any crap that he will go through will be because of ignorant and homophobic bigots, why should he sue his fathers?

  • Julie

    I hope the baby gets to know its ‘real’ mother. Nothing in the world can match a mother’s love.

    • L

      Maybe, maybe not. Tell that to the kids who were neglected, abused, abandoned etc. by their mother. Surrogates generally do not consider the babies they carry their own and they may not have even used the surrogate’s eggs.

      • whatevs

        How is that different? All of the examples you listed are missing a mother’s love too. Coming from a surrogate isn’t any better regardless of what you want to believe.

    • dctoronto

      Tell that to britney’s kids.

  • steven

    It’s not like they’ll be raising it and changing diapers… Thats what the Maids, nannies and servents are for…Ahhh, cash is king!

  • Jethro

    Ol’ peepee breath elton will end up like woody allen and marry is son in 10 years.. creeps..

  • Jethro

    susie wrote “Your hatred is disgusting. Hopefully you’re old enough that you and “YOUR kind” will soon die out”

    Well if the queers go on having kids then the world will soon die out you dolt!!

    and I am not a homophobic, the problem is that you are a hetrophobic you think?

    • Rad

      There will always be hetero couples, just as there will always be gay couples, whether you like it or (obviously) not. What would be great would be the dying off of bigoted, close minded morons such as Larry and yourself.

      • mike

        Thank you, Rad.

      • Louis E.

        There’s nothing “bigoted” about telling right from wrong and slapping down obnoxious claims they’re “equal”.Couples should be hetero,only,ever…or we wouldn’t have two sexes in the first place.Wanting to violate that standard doesn’t invalidate it.

      • dally

        @Louie # – and your comment is a stellar example of “bigoted”. Who made you in charge of other people’s private lives?

      • Jason

        Louis, are you saying gay people are less human than hetero people? Because that’s how I’m reading your post…

    • Lilly

      Do a little research. The children of gay couples are more open minded than most people, but the vast majority of them are heterosexual. Having gay parents doesn’t change or determine someone’s sexual orientation. It’s the same with gay people, most gay people have heterosexual parents, and many came from two parent homes, but they still turned out to be gay. This is just basic common sense.

  • A.T

    Putting aside the same sex issue, personally I have always believed that parenting is a matter for a male and a female after all that’s how and why we were created which also puts me at odds with religion because I beleive in evolution.

    A child should have the right to know its mother and potentially be nurtured by its mother (not that all women are good mothers either)

    The most concerning issue is the age of one of the parents as a child born of an aging couple life for me wasn’t easy for many reasons a child of older parents misses out on many things in their development.

    • Jessica

      So, because Elton is in his 60s he will be a bad parent? My friend’s parents are foster parents to children who were left at hospitals by their druggie mothers, they are in their late 50s, are you saying these children would be better off in a shelter of some sort rather than being in a loving home?

      • Ames

        Yes, Jessica. That is exactly what he said. By “missing out on many things” what A.T. clearly was saying is that he would rather have been raised in a shelter. Good grief.

  • d jones

    Sadly cash can buy everything today, there should be laws against this sort of thing.

    • First

      I am sure these two gents are sincere and are in love with the idea of aping what real parents do but sometimes this can cloud their judgment and the kid has a right to its mother it is very sad that these people have chosen to buy this baby.

  • madi

    Children are owed a mother and a father. You aren’t a HOMOPHOBE if you point out the obvious selfishness of this act. We can’t be tolerant of everything, especially if it hurts kids. These guys have all the money in the world and now they want to buy a baby to add to the menagerie – and they don’t care if that baby has a mother. That’s the ultimate in sefishness, denying a human child that birthright and essential human connection. Terrible to see.

    • K

      And yet millions of kids grow up without mothers for various reasons (death, abandonment, etc) and turn out just fine.

      • dally

        This! What does madi think we should do to all the kids who lose a partent through death, abandonment, divorce, unwanted pregnancy where the woman doesn’t want an abortion and the dad doesn’t want to be a dad.

        Are you saying they these kids should be removed from their parents? Maybe they should just be put down like unwanted puppies?

        I think it’s a great ideal to have 2 parents of opposite sexes, but if that’s not in the cards, 2 loving gay parents or 1 loving single parent is better than crappy and abusive heterosexual parents.

    • zob

      Excuse me, madi, but that is one of the dumbest things I ever read. If not for Elton and his partner arranging for this birth, this child would never have been born. You are saying that he is better off dead than being raised by two loving parents? It’s absolutely unbelievable the self-delusional, illogical things that yes- the homophobes – come up with to try to justify their prejudices. Fortunately the HATERS are a dying breed, Darwin’s law is gradually removing them from the gene pool. The world is becoming more tolerant every day, much to their chargin.

      • Jesus

        Not being born is not the same as being dead.

      • Faizan

        Zob…. U need to get urself chkd out… Dumbass

      • Jose cantu

        The problem is many who want people to be tolerant of homosexuals really want them to accept homosexuality as OK. I can acknowledge the fact that people are gay. There is no denying that. However, having said that in conversation then adding that I think it is wrong, I am considered intolerant. Therefore, people don’t consider acceptance of the fact as tolerance, they expect others to think it is right before they are considered such.
        Also, Lastly, stop calling it “Homophobe.” Phobe implies fear, and homophobe is a loaded word. I happen to think it’s wrong. If you’re against drunk driving are you a drunkaphobe, or priceophobic if your grocery costs increase? No, you just dislike it or are against it.

      • Leo

        Stating that homosexuality is “wrong” makes as much sense as stating being black is wrong…

      • whatevs

        Even Darwin didn’t believe in Darwin’s law, you idiot.

    • Lilly

      Madi, the kid deserves to be in a good and loving home, and raised by people who want him to grow-up to be the best that he can be. This is what every kid deserves, no matter if they are being raised by one parent, two parents, their grandparents, other family members, or gay parents.

  • h0m0ph0be

    Oh how sweet and innocent, a couple of kawksukers raising a little boy together.

    • Matt

      Yes because that certainly means the boy will be gay. I don’t think so. Im gay and had great sets of parents (divorced & remarried). What do you say to that?

    • Leo

      Um, almost all hetero couples have one “kawksuker” in them, so if you’re opposed to kawksukers raising kids, you’re opposed to almost all women raising children. Really?

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