Christina Aguilera blames hacker for leaked photos

Christina Aguilera says the revealing pictures of her that recently appeared on the internet were stolen and distributed by a computer hacker. In a statement, the singer’s rep said, “The photos of Christina Aguilera being leaked to the press were illegally obtained by a hacker who tapped into Christina’s personal stylist’s account … The photos were taken in the privacy of Ms. Aguilera’s home and were used only in a personal exchange between the star and her stylist.”


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  • Jay

    ooohh… I wanna see the pictures!! :D

    • KC

      There’s nothing remotely sexy about them at all. She looks like she was forced into it.

      • Devin Faraci

        She looked pretty out of shape.. Even Britney is more toned.

      • AC

        The Cocaine helps Britney stay thin.

      • etm

        You are so right, KC. Not sexy at all!

      • Michael

        Britney has always been sexier than Christina.

      • Jessica

        You guys are stupid and probably obese sitting behind your computers. Christina looks amazing, to quote a Huffington post commentator: “very lucious”. I do agree she should tone down the red lipstick and the white hair but her body looks great. Britney on the other hand is a mess head to toe.

      • Tina

        britney sexier than Christina? LOL! Have you seen britney lately? The girl’s weave looks like a mangled princess wig and she looks like already hit thirty.

    • pete

      everyone is BAD in HOLLYWOOD since the .COM boom……:)

      • Tony

        At least Xtina is not going out to clubs showing her va jay jay out purposly.

  • WCA

    There’s nothing to see that she hasn’t showed us already! It’s ridiculous if she is upset by this-she’s wearing less in the “Dirrty” video.

    • Ryan

      I would think it’s less a reflection of her state of dress but the fact that this pictures were released without her approval, acknowledgment, or intent.

      • Kelcie

        Thank you Ryan! C’mon now, WCA… >_>

  • whatevs

    I’ve seen a couple of them and they’re not different from anything else she has shown us publicly.

    All that we’ve learned is that she’s just as trashy in her private life as she is in her public life. Shocking.

    • whatevs

      Ok, I started my comment before WCA posted, but same idea.

    • BP

      So she’s “trashy” because she dresses skimpily? Wow.

  • Sarah

    Yeah. A hacker. Ok.

  • Flip

    She shaves her vagina!!

    • yawn

      Well there you go, that’s something to be grateful for, isn’t it?

      • Jamie

        Yeah, a lot of women and girls do that these days.

    • ROBY

      Really ??

  • nvwls

    Lot of judgement in that headline for a “news brief.” Better off in the popwatch blog.

  • Victoria

    And just why would her personal stylist be taking pictures like that??

    • JackieMichele

      To be honest it looks like wardrobe trials. The silver slinky thing looks like what she wore in her Not Myself Tonight video.
      It’s not an uncommon practice, but we don’t normally see the pictures.

  • Bibi

    Looks staged to me. Xtina being trashy – what a huge surprise.

    • Sam

      She’s about as trashy as every other female pop star, no need to go singling her out.

      • BlackIrish4094

        Why did they all cheat on their husbands on the set of their latest movies like she did?

      • Sam

        Good question. Or why did they all go to the club without undergarments?

      • Speechless

        @ BlackIrish4094:

        Alicia Keys. ‘Nuff said.

  • mark in nyc

    shouldn’t it be a buisness exchange between her and her stylist? why is it personal? are they dating?

  • Sara

    Umm.. did anyone notice the most glaring thing in the photos: the BRUISES? Her right cheek has a deep bruise on the cheekbone, and her knees are covered in them.
    She put out a statement she had to end the “unhealthy marriage”.. and growing up with a father who was abusive I sincerely hope her husband wasn’t. I feel for her.
    Although I do wish Christina would ditch the red lipstick and white hair…

    • yawn

      I was gonna say it’s rug-burn but it’s unlikely.

      • jp0ndemand

        she has those bruises from falling down the charts so hard

    • Jane

      It looks like these pictures were taken while Burlesque was being shot and before the Not Myself video. That can easily explain the bruises.

      • JackB

        Looks to me like they are taken during the Not Myself video (this spring), and after Burlesque. And anyway how does that explain a big bruise on her face??
        I thought the same thing when I saw them. Poor Christina.

    • Eric Nicolas

      That’s makeup

  • sahil

    nice post but ralted post htt//

  • Mikey

    Not sure why people are making the remarks about her being trashy. She is clearly wearing the outfits she wore in her video for “Not Myself Tonight”. Probably just trying on outfits for the stylist.

    • whatevs

      Which is probably a trashy video. No one is surprised, they’re just saying what has always been true.

      • Kelcie

        It’s not, but it’s all opinion, “whatevs”…

  • Pat

    Hum… Americans make me laugh! You guys are funny! So she’s taken pictures like that, who are, obviously, not meant to be shown in public…and you guys have a panic attack! Worst, you call her trashy! Hum..ok, ask around you how many women have taken sexy pictures of themselves, far sexier than this? You’ll see the answer… I have, all my friends have… and no, no, I’m not a slut, not trashy, I’m a professional woman, super educated, who works, in a serious relationship…and, (OH NO!!) I have sexy pictures of myself!! (Again, OH NO!)… You guys are offended by private pictures like that, but y’all watch a ”politician” trying to get elected with reality show… without even questioning it! Honeslty, United States is pathetic!

    • *rolls eyes*

      Yes, generalizing about Americans is always fun! Never mind that it’s a huge country with a wide range of people, both reasonable and ridiculous, just like any other country. Never mind that most of the people posting above on this article have basically said “Who cares?” It’s just more fun to make sweeping judgments of an entire nation of people. Maybe I’ll start judging Italians as if they all behaved like Berlusconi. :) But seriously, you can’t possibly think that we all like Sarah Palin, right? Most of us really do NOT like her. Her own party has started quietly backing away from her. Does that not make it into international news coverage?

      • Pat

        One answer to that: 5 millions people watch Palin every week… It’s reported by another genius of yours : Perez Hilton!
        And you’re right, who cares about the pictures, except for a bunch of sexually frustrated.

      • MeMeMe

        5 million people is definitely not a majority in this country. It’s barely a drop in the bucket of our 300+ million inhabitants.

      • Bobby McBobberton

        For a “super educated” woman, it’s pretty damn dumb that you get your opinions of an entire COUNTRY’s worth of people based on entertainment websites. Do they not teach you the difference of “sensationalist media hype” and “reality” where you come from?

        You should maybe, I dunno… Stop paying so much attention to what you see on T.V. and read on the internet. Because you come across like a totally stuck-up ****.

        Stay classy, internet lady.

      • BP

        Also? What does “hum” mean? Are you trying to say “um”? ‘Cause those are two different words.

    • Seth

      Whoa, whoa, Pat! You say the entire country is pathetic? And you come to this conclusion because a handful of people comment about a singer’s pictures? So, Pat (don’t know of any attractive women named Pat), what country are you from?

      • alex

        ha when i think about pat i go to the snl skit..beautiful, just saying.

    • BlackIrish4094

      Slutty non-American…

    • Go HOME

      I wonder what country “Pat” lives in. You should go back to your own country and stop living with us pathetic americans.

      • Mojo Jojo

        Sweetie I hope you do know that anyone from any where in the world can post here and not just Americans.

      • *rolls eyes*

        Go HOME, your response to Pat is just as absurd as what Pat said. Please don’t fight uninformed opinions with pettiness. (And seriously, what Mojo said – Pat is not necessarily living in the US – the internet is kiiiind of a global thing.)

    • nunurbuizness

      Cool! will you post your pictures? I wanna see em!

  • Gary Fortuzero

    The people we want to see nekkid just can’t seem to comply with our demands. Meanwhile, the people we could care less about seeing nekkid seem to be nekkid all the time. I am sure it is President Obama’s fault.

    • Lily

      And can you please learn how to spell the word “Naked” before talking about someone?

  • Pennagirl

    If Xtina didn’t want the pictures seen, then don’t take them. Her stylist’s account was hacked, get real.

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