Leslie Nielsen, 'Airplane!' and 'Naked Gun' star, dies at 84

Photo Credit: Rebecca Sapp/WireImage.com

Photo Credit: Rebecca Sapp/WireImage.com

Leslie Nielsen, who dazzled with deadpan in The Naked Gun and Airplane!, passed away on Sunday at a hospital near his home in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., where he was being treated for pneumonia, according to the New York Times. He was 84.

The master of parody boasted a talent for delivering the most ridiculous lines in the straightest way possible, cloaking outright absurdity in obliviousness. Ironically enough, the foundation of that gravitas was built early in his career as a dramatic actor: After serving in the Royal Canadian Air Force and studying at New York City’s famed Actors Studio, the Saskatchewan-born Nielsen popped up on early ’50s TV. He received his first big film break playing sturdy Commander J.J. Adams in the 1956 sci-fi flick Forbidden Planet. Over the next few decades, he established himself as a reliable, handsome, rich-voiced character actor who graced myriad TV dramas (Peyton Place, Dr. Kildare) and movies (The Poseidon Adventure).

His career took a comical hard left turn when he was cast as Dr. Rumack in the 1980 big-screen parody film Airplane! (Let us honor his famous line, which stands as one of the best retorts in comedic cinema history: “Surely you can’t be serious!” “I am serious. And don’t call me Shirley.”) Two years later he was tapped by the Airplane! brain trust to play Lt. Frank Drebin in the cop-show spoof Police Squad! Although the series lasted only six episodes, Nielsen earned an Emmy nomination for his work, and in 1988, re-inhabited the bumbling Drebin for the big-screen adaptation The Naked Gun. (It may be hard to find more laughs-per-minute in a comedy film than in the film’s baseball-game scene, which culminates with Drebin foiling an assassination attempt on the Queen of England). The success of The Naked Gun paved the way for two sequels in 1991 and 1994, and Nielsen continued down the parody path in not-as-memorable films like Spy Hard, Wrongfully Accused, and Dracula: Dead and Loving It. (He did earn notice in Scary Movie 3 and Scary Movie 4.)

Nielsen worked into his 80s, appearing in even more spoof flicks like Superhero Movie and 2009’s Stan Helsing. Surely, we can’t be more serious when we say: Leslie Nielsen, you will be missed.

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  • jasm ine


    • Taco Enchilada

      Who the hell cares? It’s not like a superstar died. I mean, he was no Jack Nicholson, or Paul Newman, or Robert Redford. Why does EW waste bandwith on a mediocre comedy actor’s death?

      • Kaili McGuire

        You’re right. He wasn’t Jack Nicholson or Paul Newman or Robert Redford. Leslie Nielson actually had, oh what’s that word? oh yeah! TALENT!

      • Kurtis

        You sir, are a douchebag

      • Ricky

        When you go, I hope someone says, “Why mourn this idiot? He never contributed to humankind in any significant way except to be an as.s. He was mediocre in life and died lonely.”

        Leslie Nielsen made a LOT of people laugh. Laughter is a gift.

      • Ryan

        Wow……….sucks to be you my friend.

      • Cathal

        What an stupid comment, he was comedy gold, you jerk.

      • Brian

        @Taco Enchilada. you are an insensitive jackass

      • miranda


        You’re an @sshole.

      • jan

        Anything else negative you want to shower us with dear.tsk tsk tsk

      • Jonathan

        Is there a brain running up there…. or is this auto-pilot?
        Great man….. God Bless You

      • Grant

        Well hopefullyy when you pass on nobody will waste an ounce of ink.

      • Paul

        You insensitive pecker. You probably go around quoting many of his lines to pick up hussies without even knowing it. This guy was one of the last great slapstick actors. Say goodbye to clean, off-the-cuff, insinuative humor. He could have taken the low road like many others. What a loss.

      • KevK

        He was a superstar to me. For people who grew up watching his movies this is very sad. Funniest actor ever,RIP Mr. Nielsen.

      • Nikita

        You are just plain rude. I hope some one writes that about you when you die!

      • Ana

        A lot of people around the world care, if you really want to know. He was loved in Brazil, where I’m originally from.

      • JackieRo

        If someone dies and and it comes to light that they weren’t in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and also that they aren’t that old fool who wears shades at Lakers games, I don’t want to hear about it. I remember when they were making a huge fuss about this African guy, Nelson Something, and I was like “What movies has HE ever been in?”

      • emily

        RIP…man that sucks he died he was so funny he will be missed dearly.!

      • toni.mc

        shame on you enchilada taco, have some respect for the dead. your idea of a ‘superstar’ may not be everyone else’s. Get over yourself

      • Not you

        Clearly, you are as clueless as you seem to be. Move along! Haha :D

      • Peezy

        Since you’re not a superstar by any means, or even close to it, should people care astronomically less when you die?

      • Alex White

        Leslie nielsen is one of the finest comedy actors of all time- his delivery was perfect in airplane and naked gun- you should watch them. And if you have watched them and don’t like him still, then i pity you

      • Ghassem

        @ Taco..

        I hope you got the hint, that your comment was waaaay out of line.

        I hope you find peace in your heart.

      • Taco Enchilada

        “You’re right. He wasn’t Jack Nicholson or Paul Newman or Robert Redford. Leslie Nielson actually had, oh what’s that word? oh yeah! TALENT!”

        Um, is that why Nicholson won…what’s the word…THREE OSCARS, and Nielsen was never even nominated? Because he was so much more talented than Nicholson? LOL

      • levii

        to taco ….what goes around comes around with a brain as stupd as your comment

      • sam jones

        You’re an idiot and when you die, like while you’re alive, nobody gives a hoot!

      • Adam

        Surely you can’t be serious.

      • john

        T.E. Whaaat THE..READ HIS BIO IF YOU CAN..

      • tvfan

        Took the words right outta my mouth! Kaili McGuire

        Taco Enchililada if you don’t like him then don’t comment. Save the space for people who do want to pay their respects for the man!!!

      • Wendy

        What a horrible person you are for saying that. I like Leslie Nielson a lot more than any of them. Actually, I can’t stand Jack Nicholson and I don’t get what the big fuss is about him.

      • Here’s Johnny


      • Pissed at taco

        My comment goes to that idiot taco enchilada. Doesn’t matter if he wasn’t a Jack nicholson,or who ever. Someone has passed and for you to make such a comment makes me wonder what kind of human being

      • carl wilke

        taco…I hope your death is just as unimportant to others as Neilsons death is to you. Go to hell you worthless waste of space.

      • Pissed at taco

        My comment goes to that idiot taco enchilada. Doesn’t matter if he wasn’t a Jack nicholson,or who ever. Someone has passed and for you to make such a comment makes me question your sanity you f**king idiot..

      • todd

        It is no wonder you dont care. I can tell by your name that you were probably devastated when Selena died. He was an amazing actor that deserves all of your respect

      • larry harvey

        If you have nothing good to say keep your comments to your self.Leslie Nielsen did more good in one day than you did in all your life.LOOSER

      • Taco Enchilada

        Selena was a legend and her music has stood the test of time right up there with Elvis, Aretha, The Beatles, Shania Twain, Madonna, Abba, and The Black Eyed Peas.

      • Dave

        if u dont care, shut up and dont comment

      • Don

        Taco Enchilada – wow when you die I hope everyone says “who was he and who cares”? At least Leslie Nielsen had class, you don’t.

      • Brenda

        @ Taco Enchilada–
        Apparently you are very young. Your ID and comment would suggest so. For those of us that are beyond the stage of nah-nah-na-boo-boo comments, already ‘potty trained’, and past sticking peas and carrots up our nose…. Leslie Nielsen was indeed an accomplished actor, entertainer, and did a great deal of charity work. Their are those of us that have been raised to show respect for all humans–regardless of how they ‘stack up’ in YOUR Little Coloring Book !! If you have ‘nothing good to say’ about someones passing… at least ‘say nothing’… lest you give the appearance of ‘heartless ignorance’ and ‘low class upbringing’.

      • Yukoner

        Taco… save it for the classroom kid. No one wants to hear it here. I was a huge fan of his, my whole life. I really am sad to see such a great character go. The Yukon will miss him dearly, as we miss his brother “Yukon” Erik Nielsen

      • Marie

        Mr. Taco- you obviously lack the ability to judge good, no sorry, great talent. Shame on you for your insensitivity. Blame it on your ignorance…

      • biteme

        Really? Are you here legally? If not, go home, jerk.

      • Jose

        So then how come his film Airplane! is recognized as one of the funniest film of all time?

      • pandabear

        Have some respect! He was a great actor w/ great comedic timing.

      • taco’s a tool

        what an immature prick you are taco. have some respect you tool.

      • MeatCaneloni

        I agree with TacoEnchi, Nielsen was a mediocre talent. Good riddance. We still have really good comedians like Larry The Cable Guy and Tom Arnold. Now THOSE are funny!

      • TravlnTexan

        We can only hope that upon you passing you fellow men are as kind.

      • Tiny Tim

        Toco Enchilatta…you just don’t get it man. You never will. Someday you’ll lose a family member…and no one else will care. Have a great day.

      • nancy

        all I can say is, How rude!!

      • amy

        What comes around goes around, i hope you get no respect when you die

      • Pablo

        Yes Kurtis has it right…

        you sir are a douche-bag!

      • Dana

        Jack Nicholson is good at playing one character: Jack Nicholson. I like him, don’t get me wrong, but not because he’s some great talent. More because I find curmudgeons amusing.

        I’ll never forgive him for The Shining though.

        And I don’t understand anybody who looks down on comedic actors. Like you have better things to do than laugh, or something. Wow, that’s gotta suck.

      • CH

        Are you friggin stupid?? Leslie Nielsen was one of the top comic actors in the 80s! I’m 23 and even I know that! Geez, what planet are you from? On top of that, have some friggin respect! Just because you don’t know who he is doesn’t mean you have to be disrespectful. EW doesn’t waste their time on news like this, this is tragic and Leslie Nielsen will be missed!

      • Jim

        Man, it must suck to have a small member eh…. obviously makes you kinda bitter…

      • Taco

        “Jack Nicholson is good at playing one character: Jack Nicholson. I like him, don’t get me wrong, but not because he’s some great talent. ”

        And yet he won THREE OSCARS. Clearly the Academy realizes that he is a great talent. While Nielsen, who really, truly only played himself in every film, was never even nominated.

      • JD


      • Disgusted

        Who the hell cares what kind of awards someone had? He was a great actor, very hilarious, and you’re an ignorant jerk to even post that. Obviously you’re a pretty miserable person yourself, you just had to post this to make your pitiful self feel a little better.

      • austin

        @todd…shame on you for the racist comment. @ Taco…you have no clue about you are talking about…shame on you too

      • What a dude

        Taco Enchilada my maaaaannnnnnnnnn

      • chaz

        excuse me he was in more hollywood classic than nicholson has ever been in before you talk you might want to do your research he has been a part of so many famous movies thruout hollywood since the 1940’s

      • Kim

        Wow Taco Thats pretty rude n nasty!!!!

      • TheRick


      • Kitty

        Taco: TROLL MOAR. You’re doin it wrong.

      • you

        wow ur a douchbag

      • Wayne C

        Well its comments like the one made by Taco IQ, that make people wonder how meaningless people like him really are.

      • reader

        the man’s work gave countless people, myself included, a chance to laugh and forget their troubles for a moment. that’s worthy of mention in any news outlet. you’re either too young to know the man’s work, or to know any better.

      • Jason

        Taco,You are a ass

      • Brandon

        Doesn’t matter who he was or how famous he was still a human being and you should still have respect for this man

      • Gareth

        Taco,sesnitivity you demonstrate by your comments is inversly proportional to the size of your prick

      • KEI

        #1 he was a wonderful man/actor. Why would you even say something about some1 who just lost their life? My question is to you “evil person” what have you done in Hollywood that ever counted? who r u?

      • KEI

        Soo what are you, a taco or a enchilada @sswhole?

      • What a dude

        Tacoooooo duuuuuuuuude

      • Scott

        I feel for you taco… seriously it must be a very sad place you are in to have an attitude like that… hopefully if you are sad and lonely enough to commit suicide someone will cry for you.

      • Samuel

        You sir, are an ass bag.

      • guin

        You are a douche… you should have some respect. You may not have cared, however, you should still have the decency to not post nasty comments that his family may see. I think that he was a fantastic person that made me laugh on more than one occasion. God Bless you Leslie Nelson and your family

      • Andie

        Taco needs to get to a hospital. A hospital – you say – what is it? It’s a large building with patients in it, but that’s not important right now. Taco just needs to get to one quickly and register in the psychiatric ward.

      • GONZO

        Hey Taco! Why don’t you pull your lip over your head and swallow! What a poopbutt you are!

      • chaz

        Taco brain is a fool ! Nielsen had more talent than all the one’s you mention.. Hey! Taco brain… you are a #*#&^#*!

      • Devan

        Wow, that sucks that he died, I loved his movies when I was little. Oh, and to the idiot who said ‘who the hell cares’. Its people like you that make the world a sad place. Do us all a favor and kill yourself, kthnxbai

      • Peter Thompson

        You are a retard, he was the man.

      • Aras

        Regardless of whether or not you liked the man and his work, Taco, your comments were tasteless and tacky. I am not a fan of him, but you were way out of line!

      • Tammie

        I think the people on here with the cold and negative comments are only doing it for the attention. Sucks to be them I guess. Guess they don’t care that people think they’re douchebags… which btw is above even what I would have said :-)

      • Wade Collins

        Hey taco-burrito breath-eat sh* & die

      • amber

        hey taco shut the hell up no one cares about you you jerk nut most likely no one will

      • Wes

        @@@ Why is everyone blaming Taco E. for his remarks? That kind of attitude is normally fostered by the parents. He was probably raised by terrible parents who left him with little or no respect for himself and others. His father may have run off before he was born, and his mother was very likely a crack whore who spent her nights turning tricks to earn enough money for her next high, rather than teaching young Taco to be a respectful member of society!

      • Lindsey

        Taco Enchilada => Leslie Nielsen was one of the funniest actors E-V-E-R. I hope someday when you need a laugh, you realize how wrong you were, you rude P.O.S. RIP, Leslie Nielsen; you will be MISSED.

      • TUSA

        Nicholsen, Redford, Newman, Olivier or Brando combined couldn’t make people laugh like Leslie Neilsen could.

      • Nunya

        Come on folks, this taco dumb@ss is a troll. Kinda like the idiots that create computer virus’s. They people with no self esteem, wanting some kind of recognition. Don’t respond to him–no matter what stupid thing he says.

      • Daniel

        Don’t feed the trolls

      • Taco hater

        With a name like Taco E. we know where his/her tastes are. South of his @sshole.

      • What a dude

        Guuyysss Taco totally understands now. It’s cool. I think we can all agree he didn’t mean any harm. What a guy

      • jerry garcia

        taco, go back to mexico you silly beaner and watch your famous movie stars/hookers, puto

      • joe

        This guy is going to be missed. A legend.

      • tink

        The man starred in over 50 movies plus made for TV movies and shows. He was very funny. He may not have won anything but he was obviously quite satisfied with just making people laugh for the past 60 years!

      • Chris_Daddy

        Taco Enchillada had a bad thanksgiving. I bet he dont have a family. someone give leftovers and hot sause to this taco

      • M.D.Baker

        Taco just bit the big one…lol

      • willy

        Taco Enchilada, none of your family members are movie stars. What your saying is nobody should care about them because there a bunch of nobody’s? I’m just basing this on your thesis.

      • Rick Ziegler

        We can only hope that folks will keep that in mind when you pass “Taco.”

      • sara boek

        Taco, GO BACK TO MEXICO where you belong!!

      • Matt

        you seen like a really well balance person who adds value to every situation in life.

      • Jeremy

        Want’s tacos but fairs a lot better w/enchiladas.

      • Blair

        He was a person, who cares how “important” or not he was! If you don’t like the story, then don’t read it! Who are you to judge?!

      • res

        I was extremely appalled by what you wrote about the late Mr. Nielsen. I doubt it will ever happen but I hope Nicholson and the others you mentioned find out about what you said. You may think they are great but they won’t think much of you. You obviously hurt alot of people by your comment… I hope none of his family or close friends see this. It would break their hearts.

      • res

        btw… nice way to back up your comment with your other name MeatCaneloni. We all know it was you.

      • Teed

        Taco, if you disliked him, that’s your opinion. But keep in mind that someone just DIED. Someone who was in the hearts and minds of many people. Show some respect for the people who actually LIKED him.

        So what if you didn’t like Leslie Neilsen? Continue hating him for all I care. Just keep your thoughts to yourself!

      • hatesignorance

        Taco Enchilada you are such an ignorant jackass for making that comment. i hope when you die, it’d be Leslie Nielsen who takes your bloody ass and put you in hell. Man, you are a waste of space in this website and the world — go hang yourself somewhere or sit rot wherever the hell you are.

      • Me

        Hey Taco D-Bag, I met Mr. Nielsen at a children’s charity event when I was 12. Not only was he gracious but funny too, and all the kids loved him. And just in case you missed it, it was for a CHILDRENS CHARITY!!!!! What an awful thing to post. Are you really this horrible of a person? If so, do us all a favor and keep your useless & disgusting opinions to yourself.

      • Miko


      • Seriously?

        seriously, you have no respect for classic comedians, you are a complete noob, The opening sequence to The Naked Gun, was used and parodied in Family Guy, when stewie was beating up Osama Bin Ladin, and Al Qaeda, and it went into style of driving through some crazy areas ending with stewie crashing his tricycle into Homer Simpson, that tells people Family Guy has respect for the classics. Marlon Brando was an extraordinary talent, but he refused to take an Oscar for his role as Don Vito Corleone, stating he doesn’t act to win trophies, his movies are the testament to his greatness and not a golden statue.

      • Mary

        Have some respect..if you know what that is

      • dianne

        you are mean dude

      • Brian

        Well Taco, I guess you got what you want.. some freakin’ attention! Now if you died (soon maybe?), would you want people to say “who the hell cares? He’s just some effin’ inhumane idiot who wants attention for no apparent reason.” No matter if Leslie was an Oscar winner/nominee or not, better than any actor or not, he was significant to people who appreciates his brand of comedy. If you don’t like him, then keep your opinion to yourself. Everyone who dies deserves some respect and it would matter to some if not all. If you can’t respect the dead, at least respect the people who mourn his passing.

      • Rae

        @taco if you don’t like someone it does not give you a right to underestimate their work. No doubt there are actors who did more work and are amazing in their own ways but Leslie Nielsen has made this world laugh like no other. And for that he deserves respect. If you can’t respect that than you really shouldn’t comment on anything related to him just to spite. It only proves you are an ignorant person!
        I didn’t like Michael Jackson’s music but had respect for him. And he surely was a superstar, according to the rest of the world!! Learn some manners!!!

      • Pauline

        What an utterly rude remark.

      • lewinski

        well, we shall be sure to mourn your passing with such statements…..

      • Paul Grenkow

        Taco, you are like dog sh** on the street, disgusting but nothing to get excited about.

      • Cindylou

        Taco shut your pie hole!!!

      • peel

        taco, if you think this guy was mediocre in life, what have you done. definitely not as much as Leslie Nielsen. you should respect people. i bet you will have no one show up at your funeral with an attitude like that.

      • Dude

        You Taco Enchilada know thats just what I said about you. But I met Leslie Nielsen when I was i high school he had time to sit down and talk to our drama class and to me specialy. He gave me his time and knowleage as actor. I will always remember him. You are just a , well you know already nothing. Let see if people turn out for you when you die. I will not.

      • Bruce Baker

        That’s not the point, dude. Someone died. It’s not about who’s more important. He was a person. He was a lover, father and mentor to someone. So have some respect and grow up. By the way, I liked his acting. He always knew had to make you laugh even when it seemed like he was being serious.

      • Jen

        Wow how insensitive can you be. Have some respect. The person does not have to be a superstar. He was a talented actor who will be missed. The Naked Gun was hilarious!!

      • michael hennelly

        He was one if a kind, amazing, and one if the funniest guys ever and anything but second rate. Plus who would take the time to disparage someone who has died.

      • henrietta

        @taco enchilada – this person has probably never even heard of leslie nielsen. He/she has a habit of jumping in at the very beginning of a thread, posting something obnoxious that he/she knows will get a rise, and thrills at dominating the entire 1st page. Gosh, I wish I could be you!

      • Georgia

        You’re a tool mate.
        Leslie neilsen was one of the greatest actors of all time and accomplished a lot more than I think you did. So shut up, and show some respect.

      • Dark Cadence

        Excuse me kind sir, I believe this douchebag doesn’t see talent when he looks at it in the eye. Yes Jack Nicholson and Robert Redford or Paul Newman. But Leslie Neilson was one of my childhood heros so bite this and put it in a pipe an smoke it :D GO NEILSON REST IN PEACE OLD MAN WE LOVE YOU

      • What a dude

        Taco is chilling with the ladies, he’ll get back to you later

      • millertime

        we just saw Airplane…AGAIN! It’s a classic, and Naked Gun, we laughed so hard, my Dad just passed away at 88, reminds me of that generation of suave, debonair and….FUNNY handsome guys that can’t be replaced…Dean, even Cary Grant etc…my condolences to the Nielson family and Taco whoever you are…go @##$% yourself you worthless piece of %%^^&*&…we don’t even want to know when you die, we just don’t care.

      • Shae

        I care, you a$$. If you don’t care then keep your rude clueless comments to yourself.

      • Honors Life

        Taco, you are pitiable and full of hatred

      • john

        taco your a very bitter person r i p leslie nielsen

      • max

        wow, you are the definition of a cold-hearted bastard.

      • peepoo

        Damn taco everyone here hates you lol :p

      • Sam

        @ Taco
        Rest assured, karma WILL get you, my friend.

      • Terri

        @Taco. When you’re parents die and you’re mourning it, I hope to God that no one you know cares. Sure, he’s not my parent, but how insensitive can you be? Suffice to say that upon your death, no one will care, because with your stinky attirtude, you’re unlikely to have any friends.

      • Erik

        R.I.P. Leslie Nielsen.

        F.U. Taco Enchilada.

      • 50 Centipede

        This taco guy is not being serious. Everyone stop making fools of themselves. Lesley Nielson was hilarious! RIP.

      • Don

        @taco enchilada……
        its comments like yours that is whats wrong with this world……when you die, I surely hope someone doesnt say , why did they waste the ink in the obituaries for this guy……..even though they probably should! Maybe look back at what you wrote, and realize how cold, hearltess and cynical your post was, and if you cant realize what you said wrong, maybe its time to grow up!

      • Darren

        What a moron you really are!

      • Jaime

        he was a nice guy thats why and it would be nice if u paid a bit of respect as to anyone who dies its a very sad occasion but Leslie Neilson was a star and worked hard to get where he got so show some respect for him.

      • hefest

        You must be retarded to post something like this. Calling master of comedy a mediocre tells much about you and your empty brain.

      • I eat tacos because they are evil

        Shuddup taco. This is why food should be quiet. Come here and I shall nom you. Om nom nom. There. Happy belly.

      • will

        dude, have some respect. The dude’s a comic god.

      • marie

        U idiot! Leslie Nielsen was a comedy legend! and will be missed! n it is so horrible to say who cares when somebody/anybody passes away! that persons life has ended and they have family that will be heart broken over that! when anybody passes it is a sad shame!! judging by ur comment n the kind of person u seem to be, nobody will care when ur time comes! moron!

      • RLS1024 Druid American

        Hey Taco feces…
        Your brain is fΩcked up… get help immediately.

      • blaaaake!’s mom

        Kill yourself. Twice

      • Brian

        You must be a very sad and lonely person!

      • Gail

        …and when you bite the dust, who the hell is gonna really miss YOU, AZZ—E?!!!!!

      • greg

        taco enchilada is a total c0ck donkey

      • Jennifer

        @ Taco If you dont care that this great actor died why did you click the link to read about his death? and then bother the rest of the world with your stupidity?

      • Eddy

        how in the hell are you??are?!! oh, i know, don´t tell me…you are a Very Little Very Sad Person, a snob, pal, go to see a movie does´n give you the status of expert in this subject…pal, get a life, and most important…Respect for the dead…and yes Nicholson won three Oscars and starred in many blockbuster hits…but is a drunk and loves prostitutes…good actor…nothing more…nothing less…

      • Trevor

        Don’t feed the Trolls please!!

      • Taco Eater

        @Taco Enchilada
        You have no clue. The Oscars, really? Who really cares about the Oscars, but actors. The Oscars are just for actors to praise themselves and to kiss eachother asses. Idiot!!!

      • K

        Could you get any ruder? The man was hilarious to those of us with a sense of humor! Even if you didn’t like his work, the fact that another human being has passed, should be enough to get your cold, black heart BEATING a little bit! Apathy isn’t as attractive as you like to think it is. Maybe you ought to be the one 6 feet under since you clearly have not an ounce of humanity within you. Sad.

      • josh

        it dont matter he was funny in all his movies

      • bcmask

        Great comment Roger Ebert. Your comment of Leslies death has undoubtably come from someone who thinks The Godfather was the gretest comedy ever. Schmuck

      • Cliffy44

        Taco Enchilada stupidly said: “Who the hell cares? It’s not like a superstar died.”

        Hey a$$hole, Taco, lemme ask you – Does your Mommy know that you’re using her computer for more than just looking at porn pictures of her, from the night that you were conceived?

        And, Taco, if your real daddy (whoever that might really be) wasn’t so cheap, and would have brought your skank whore of a mother 2 or 3 more glasses of cheap boxed wine, perhaps you’d have been consumed, instead of conceived.

        Visualize that – Taco.

      • Cliffy44

        Taco Enchilada stupidly said: “Who the hell cares? It’s not like a superstar died.”

        Hey butthole, Taco, lemme ask you – Does your Mommy know that you’re using her computer for more than just looking at porn pictures of her, from the night that you were conceived?

        And, Taco, if your real daddy (whoever that might really be) wasn’t so cheap, and would have brought your skank whore of a mother 2 or 3 more glasses of cheap boxed wine, perhaps you’d have been consumed, instead of conceived.

        Visualize that – Taco.

      • Wes

        @Taco- Jack Nicholson only won two Oscars, Best Supporting for Terms of Endearment and Best Actor for One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. Also, the Academy is notorious for not nominating comedic performances.

      • Cliffy44

        Taco Enchilada stupidly said: “Who the hell cares? It’s not like a superstar died.”

        Hey butthole, Taco, IF I ever find you, I will kick your ass.

        IF your problem eminates from the fact that you’ haven’t gotten laid in over a year, IF you were a female, would you want to have sex with someone like your male counterpart?

        I didn’t think so.

      • Soyo

        Why would you even say that you douche.

        btw, RIP he will be missed

      • Soyo

        Why would you even say that you douche.
        btw, RIP he will be missed

      • Bob7

        You must be very young to leave a comment like that.

      • Brianna

        I can’t believe you would say something like that…hope someone says the same thing about you.

      • Gina

        And so will you be remembered.

      • Sharon

        Leslie Nelson is Deeply Missed.
        You must be a very unhappy trouble person to say such. I hope the very best for you and do wish you happiness in your life.

      • Mark

        what a jerk! but what do you expect from a guy who’s name is “taco enchilada”? he obviously isn’t very creative, so therefore has very little knowledge of the arts, or what it takes to act. leslie nielsen was a comedic actor who didn’t need a script, he was an inventor, he was a natural born comedian and didn’t need someone else to write his jokes. he wasn’t even necessarily acting, he was being himself. and @taco enchilada, just think, when you die no one will respect your life like leslie nielsen’s because you haven’t done anything that is worth the world acknowledging.

      • Ms. Dipesto

        You’re a douche… And you will be remembered for being that….

      • Joyce

        Totally rude and insensitive. Taco, you are a jerk. Even if you were not a fan, keep your remarks to yourself. Didn’t your Mom ever tell you if you don’t have anything nice to say, keep it to yourself? Nobody here wants to hear your negative crap.

      • capman

        I’ll bet you have or had warm fuzzies things to say about your mom too. Do you have a friend?

      • Sandra B Townsend

        He will surely be missed. apparently some dont see talent when they see it and Leslie Nielsen sure had it.. He has made me laugh more times than I can ever remember.. In respect of your passing Leslie, you will be missed sooo much…

      • Lady Gaga4Ever

        I agree. This fossil wasn’t relevant. Who cares?!

      • Troll Police

        All right people, nothing more to see here, move along. Stop kicking the corpse, he’s dead already.

      • cfkane

        Oy. I wish I knew what prompted people to make comments like this one. Curious to see how much mention “Taco” will receive when he/she passes.

      • JimC

        Old Taco is a troll, folks. He’s sitting right now with his hand between his legs screaming “Oh, look!! They all hate me!! This is so neat!!”

        Like all trolls, ignore = they go away.

      • paul simon

        your don’t know talent when you see it. He was one of the funnier actors on TV.

      • Ethan

        As surely loved ones in your life will easily point out when you go, even those of us that don’t win Oscars are worth mourning. You may have been born past when movies like The Naked Gun came out, but they made a lot of people, like me, really happy and his persona in particular is about the funniest thing ever. I found the news sad to hear, but it’s fine that you didn’t – you didn’t have to. But if it takes being a legendary actor like Redford or Nicholson to be worth being missed, most of us in the human race are in trouble.

      • Minnesota

        Leslie Nielsen will be missed.

        Also, this Taco Enchilada seems to be posting things just to see what kind of reaction he can get out of people (also known as trolling).

        This individual has posted similar polarizing comments elsewhere on this site. Don’t play into their hands by responding to their comments, just ignore them.

      • DVS1

        I’m going to put my 9″ enchalada in Taco Enchalada’s wife’s taco.

      • Ninja

        Ok so no one will give a $hit when you die:) he was an amazing actor and will be remebered for generations to come R.I.P.

      • gregg

        What do you know “WETBACK” ? Maybe swimming across the Rio Grande LOL

      • N.Thomas

        @Taco, get a life you ignorant troll!

      • Linda

        Why do people have to be so rude and ignorant. Does it make you feel better to make such terrible comments about people.He was hilarious and Canadian and we luv him.

      • Stevie

        Leslie Nielsen was a legend, and was extremely talented! It is a huge loss and it’s shocking to me that people can be so hateful about it. Whether or not people are fans doesn’t matter, it’s still the loss of life and is very sad. Show some class and respect.

      • Mike

        Taco, what you failed to notice in your small and poor quality research into the man was that he WAS nominated for several Academy Awards, WON an Emmy (which Nicholson nor Redford have not). Was trained as an aerial gunner in the Royal Canadian Air Force, was both a serious and comedic acting success, had a family member who was the deputy Prime Minister of Canada, a country twice as large by size as the USA, and was actually in line for the lead role in the Shining before Jacko ever was. Jack Nicholson only got the role because Neilsen turned it down. Neither Jack nor Robert have that kind of diverse background. Deal with it.

      • pamela huss

        Could you at least have some respect for his family!

      • Cant Find My Hat

        R.I.P Leslie…

        The troll needs to get a life.

      • Zookeeper

        Thank you for your cooperation.

      • Staci

        Taco Who???
        Never heard of you!?
        Must not be a contributor to society in anyway, You sure don’t make people laugh, so nobody will remember you anyway!!

      • jamie456

        f u all those actors are jokes

      • imsohappy

        man, he is one of the only living and active members from 19¸48 to 2010

        I hope this man gets another good boddy in next life or a good place in the sky :S RIP Leslie :(

      • scott

        Taco Enchilada ur a goof have sum respect for the dead.. i hope people laugh when u die cuz i kno i will

      • Janine

        Selena at the same level as The Beatles, Elvis, Aretha, and ABBA? NO.

    • Psac

      Looks like our favorite troll has a new screen name, huh Larry?

      • Taco Enchilada

        Nicholson won three Oscars and starred in many blockbuster hits plus there’s huge buzz for his latest James Brooks film. Nielsen was a mediocre “comedian”, who got ZERO Oscar nominations and lucked into a pair of comedy hits. He wasn’t iconic like Nicholson.

      • vince

        mexicans have no sense of humor. they dont “get” his humor

      • Ih8trolls

        Don’t feed the trolls people. This douche just wants attention.

      • Jose

        Really? Ther’s buzz for How Do You Know? The film that’s currently getting mixed early reviews and zero interest from audience members and is not even in a lot of people’s Oscar’s shortlist?

      • Tiny Tim

        Peter O’Toole didn’t get an Oscar till well into his old age…and it was lifetime acheivement, not for a role he played. Tom Cruise has never won an Oscar. Cuba Gooding Jr. DID win an Oscar. My point is that Oscars don’t really mean anything when it comes to talent. But statements like your mean a lot when it comes to defining what an ignorant selfish person is.

      • Velocity

        Folks, don’t pay any mind to Taco Enchilada. His user name says it all, probably some worthless wetback that needs to be thrown back across the Rio Grande.

      • The

        Taco is a troll

      • Melanie

        Taco, even if what you are saying is true (which it is not by the way, Leslie you will be missed), you don’t go and say that about someone who has passed away. No matter how big or small the person was you don’t disrespect them by saying that EW is WASTING SPACE by printing an Obit of a man who made millions of people laugh. EW even listed Airplane! as #1 in 100 Funniest Movies on Video. Please do not spout off disrespect for a man who provided laughter to the world especially if that person has passed on.

      • STaeLTH

        Well it is nice to see everyone sticking up for a great person and fantastic star. HE WILL BE MISSED. AS for taco, I could call you down like everyone else. But the reality is it would only Fuel your sense of attention seeking. GOOD or Bad its all Attention in the end right?. WELL big guy soak it up now because unfortunately This is your Five minutes of Negative fame. IT will likely be all the attention you shall Likely see in your sad Life.

        R.I.P Nielsen you shall be missed.

      • Hmmmmm

        I have been looking for someone to recognize Mr. David. Likes to stir things up, doesn’t he?

      • besimon

        Vince – I’m Mexican American and I love Leslie. To steal from Frank Drebbin – “Like a midget at a urinal, you need to be on your toes, Vince.” But Taco Enchilada has no humor, class or taste.

    • mike

      Taco,u must be 1 sad individual.This man brought joy and laughter to a hell of a lot of people.May he rest in peace with all those others who made us laugh.

      • chaz

        taco, after reading your crap I have the urge to wipe my ass and flush. he didnt only do comedy I guess your showing your age , he was a dramatic actor before he did comedy and was well awarded for his broadway work, lets see good ole jack do it live without a editor or extra takes.

    • Stefan

      PACO u gonna die too,soon

    • Dom L

      Then why did you read it, Ass-Hat?

      • chaz

        because I was a fan , jack wipe

    • John

      I don’t know why any of you waste your time,or thought on a low life like Taco.
      He wants attention, and you are giving him what he wants.
      Taco couldn’t possibly shine Leslie Neilsons shoes,let alone comment on what kind of actor he was.
      He was INCREDIBLE!
      As for Taco, stay in the background,where you belong.
      The world need people like you, just to measure what is good, and what is stupid.

    • slightly annoyed

      i think that robert redford, jack nicholson, and paul newman have totally different acting styles then leslie nielsen… leslie nielsen created a new sense of comedy that even jack nicholson has used in some of his films… i think that you are a little naive about acting style and naive about different forms of film and theatre-… read up a little before making such shamefully rude comments that only hurt yourself….. rip leslie

      • Bruce Baker

        I agree.

    • Tess

      God Bless Leslie Neilson- What a wonderful man- a great actor! He always made me laugh and I thank him for that! Peace out Cubscout!

    • think!

      Taco Enchilada

      With your comment you state that you seem to be on the low end of the human race. What if it was a relative of you? Your uncle? Or your dad?
      Do smarter folks than you a favor; remove yourself from the gene pool!

    • Naked Gun Fan

      RIP Leslie Neilson
      He was a great Actor and Comedian

      Hey Taco, Who the hell is Paul Newman?

      • Robotaku

        Didn’t your mother ever tell you that you’re not supposed to feed the trolls.

        Anyways, thanks for the thousands of laughs Leslie Nielson. You were an inspiration to many.

      • Vince from NYC

        Ha I agree Robotaku. As bas as Taco’s comment was I think he may have the most replys in EW history.

    • tacos dumb

      taco your stupid hes done more in his career than old jacky boy and they are around the same age. leslie was involved in 239 films and tv stints .

      he will be missed and I havent seen to many who have the timing and delivery as he did

    • JohnnyMac


      To those who shame one of the greatest additions to Canadian culture and representation, all I can say, is shame on you.

      Leslie Nelson has provided me, as a young boy, to a mature man, decades of laughter when there wasn’t any. Laughter when it was most appropriate and indeed become indicative of my own wit and humour.

      I have tears in my eyes and its unreal that I feel this, however, he had more impact than I realised until tonight.

      I applaud him, thank him, thank his family for sharing him and most of all God for bringing him to us.

      See you soon Leslie!


    • Taco Enchilada

      Sorry my comments are rude, Im off my meds, and even my name gives me the runs

      • Angela

        @Taco Enchilada… “what’s the word…THREE OSCARS” but isn’t that two words… ANYWAY, R.I.P. Man of great talent, Mr. Nielsen. You’re loved, by anyone with appreciation for a great sense of humor!!!!

      • dazai

        RIP leslie nielsen, now i know that the after life will be fun place

        he is my hero, and you mocking him

        by the way, taco
        nice troll
        always feed the troll, and make them feel the fake success

      • Eddy

        how in the hell are you??are?!! oh, i know, don´t tell me…you are a Very Little Very Sad Person, a snob, pal, go to see a movie does´n give you the status of expert in this subject…pal, get a life, and most important…Respect for the dead…and yes Nicholson won three Oscars and starred in many blockbuster hits…but is a drunk and loves prostitutes…good actor…nothing more…nothing less…

    • Nunyeahs

      Hey Taco enchilada, its to bad you mom didnt have a metal coat hanger! Your a wonder of plastic!

      • King

        Leslie, I enjoyed this posdcat! In my mid-late 20 s, I managed a retail career clothing store. I was 5’3 , weighed 105 lbs. (naturally, not because I tried), learned I was a winter and clothing was easy and fun to find. I’m now 48 years old, one beautiful daughter and one thyroid disorder later, I still can stretch to reach 5’3 but weigh 150 lbs. I carry most of my excess weight in my stomach and neck, and clothing is a puzzle to me. I love shopping for my daughter but find personal shopping discouraging. I have been trying to lose weight for the past 12 years and while I lose 10-15 pounds, it always is a struggle to keep those pounds off, and I find myself needing to lose the same pounds over and over again. I look forward to checking into your site and learning what works for my body now. And thank you, Sandra, for this entire series![]

    • Sandra

      People STOP replying to Taco- you are giving him exactly what he wants

    • Karissa Armentrout

      Forget about Taco….let’s rmbr someone worth rmbring :) Forget about the rest :0) Leslie made me laugh over and over again, what a standup comedic with true talent <3 We'll always forget the haters and rmbr someone who had real talent <3

    • trololo

      sucessful troll is sucessful

    • taco needs a douche

      He will be missed.

    • JP

      TOP 10 FILMS
      1. Naked Gun
      2. Airplane
      3. Dracula: Dead and Loving It
      4. Creepshow
      5. Surf Ninjas
      6. Prom Night
      7. Spy Hard
      8. Naked Gun 2 1/2
      9. The Poseiden Adventure
      10. Digger

      • Atiq

        I am trying to lose wegiht. I have lost 6 lbs. I have a closet full of clothes. I don’t know how to dress my body. I am 4ft 11.5 in. 150lbs. Shorty and sassy. Not sure how to dress casual as my stay at home, home-school mom keeps me moving with sports and co-op activities. I love to listen to you. I listen to your podcast on my ipod. I enjoy reading the forum you have also. I would love to know how to wear jeans and boots. I am 40 yrs old thank you.[]Leslie Reply:November 3rd, 2010 at 12:18 pmJenny,It sounds like you have a closet full of miss-matched stuff! No wonder you have nothing to wear!!!! You need some closet organization PRONTO! Get the clothes out that you are NOT wearing. If you need some help with the process go to my website and click on closet purge it will get you moving in the right direction.Next, you will need a basic wardrobe plan. Build your wardrobe slowly one baby step at a time. Rome wasn’t built in a day neither is a good wardrobe.You need to follow my petite fit guidelines as well as what is best for your body type you are ONLY 40 and you can rock any style you wish! I like the idea of wearing boots w/ jeans. It certainly fits your description of short sassy LOL! I love it.For the best look (being petite) your jeans and boots should be similiar in color. This way you won’t look choppy but instead one long lean line of color. This year there are so many fabulous boot styles to pick from. As a SAHM you can find some slouchy lower heeled boots that will work w/ jeans AND tights and skirts. Work on your basics along with finding some cute, versatile boots and your style will start to come together. You can do this Jenny![]

  • AcaseofGeo

    OMG! I am soooo sad to hear this! Leslie Neilson made me laugh so hard. My first memories of him was as the captain in the Poseidon Adventure. Wow. So many great memories. Sorry for this loss.

  • Stef

    He always reminded me of my grandpa…so sad. RIP Frank Drebin!

  • Paula

    Omg! This is so sad. I really loved his movie, always making people smile. A true lost.

  • wombat

    love love love loved him.

  • cf

    Noooooooooo! He will be missed. Seen Airplane and Naked Gun many many times and laugh hysterically every time.

  • Chris F

    Very sad news. He was funny on Airplane and Naked Gun movies. R.I.P. Leslie Nielson.

  • lostwithsawyer

    Wow, RIP.. so shocked to hear… I didn’t realize he was 84! Will always seem young as he lives on his classic movies…

    • Jenny

      I reacted exactly the same as yourself!! Total shock.. didn’t realize he was that old!!

  • Alia

    “Don’t call me Shirley” is a big part of my family’s lexicon. Mr. Neilsen will be missed, and my prayers are with his family.

  • jules

    “Hey! It’s Enrico Palazzo!” One of the funniest sequences ever on film.
    Rest in peace, Mr. Nielsen. You will be missed.

    • tvfan

      Loved that part!!

  • tvfan

    Terrible loss! Great actor and comedian and had a great career! Love all the movies he made. His legacy and humor will live on!!

    • Michael

      I agree. Leslie was so funny, that he took humor with a great grain of salt. He was such a funny actor.

  • Jen

    I still quote Naked Gun movies! Lt. Frank Drebin will be missed…

  • Jamie

    His movies always make me laugh, even some of the not-as-memorable ones. He will be sorely missed.

  • chas2unes

    I remember when I was a kid and he played Swamp Fox on Disney.

  • dinana

    RIP Leslie and thank you for giving me some of my best laughs. It has been a joy turning my daughters on to your movies. Thanks for sharing your talent.

    • Wallman

      Leslie Neilsen was CANADIAN! His brother was an MP (Member of Parliament) in Ottawa. I think he was born in Yellowknife NWT (That’s like Anchoridge, Alaska if you are American), and we loved the guy here in Canada!

      • Wallman

        oops..I mean “born in Saskatchewan”..I mean in Canada there isn’t alot of difference between Saskatchewan and Northwest Territories…

      • Deanna

        Yes, He was a great actor. My heart hurts to know that he has died. Thank God for re-runs! We loved him here in America, too. God bless his family.

      • GP

        There’s plenty of hugely talented people who don’t have Oscars. Leslie Neilsen was a member of the Order of Canada. He was inducted into Canada’s Walk of Fame. But even if he wasn’t, he’d still be one of the funniest men on the planet. He will be greatly missed.

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