Mayim Bialik now a regular on 'The Big Bang Theory'

Sheldon’s female friend Amy is here to stay. At least for this season. Mayim Bialik has been upped to a series regular on CBS’ The Big Bang Theory. According to Michael Ausiello, her deal does not require her to be in every episode, but it will keep her in the picture for the remainder of season 4.


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  • MP

    What great news! I’ve heard some complaints about her, but I love the character.

    • kramer

      Here are my very relevant thoughts on this:

      I hate this Ho. She pisses me off every time she comes on the show. She’s so 1-dimensional. She tries to act like Sheldon, but she is not funny at ALL.

      • Andy Barker

        I agree. Sucks the funny right out of any scene she’s in.

  • QueenB

    Oh NOOOOOOOOO. I’m sorry but this character is more annoying than funny. There is no need for another Sheldon type. The funniest moments are when he interacts with “normal” people. Ugh I am so dissapointed.

    • Tom in STL

      As am I, since you cannot spell “disappointed”.

      • Your mom

        Gold star for you Tom in STL! I’m so proud of you son when you have nothing better to do but correct people’s spelling. You’re the apple of my eye!

      • Tom’s Dad

        Tom you’re a d0uchebag. I knew we shouldn’t have let you take ballet lessons…

      • Tom’s sister

        No way dad! Just because he liked wearing my slippers and tutu didn’t make him a very good dancer. He should stick to being a Walmart greeter

      • Tom’s GF

        Ugh – I am so glad Tom disowned all of you. His comment is hilarious and spot on.

      • Tom’s BF

        Tom, you didn’t tell me you had a gf!

  • johnnysam

    I love this show, but she is a cheap “Lilth” rip-off

    • too true

      She should be paying residuals to Bebe Neuwirth.

    • Amber

      @johnnysam:I love the show, and I like the character, but I had never realized that. Totally true. Now I will not be able to imagine her without slicked back hair.

  • Sue1

    I’m not too crazy about this idea. Love Mayim, but Amy is seriously starting to wear out her welcome.

    • EJ

      I agree.

    • Slovo

      My problem is not that she is another Sheldon — it’s that she isn’t. Perhaps it’s because of the actors, but Sheldon reads his lines in a natural manner (sure the whole thing is crazy, but given the show — he seems real). She, on the other hand, says each line as if she is reading from a cue card — and at the top of each card is the stage direction “You are a robot.”

      • captain obvious

        EXACTLY! the delivery is worse than the writing. complete buzz kill.

  • izzy

    She is not an actress. In fact she isn’t anything that justifies her cluttering up the BBT landscape. At least I can read the previews every week and watch all of Bones if she’s on that night’s episode of Big bang.

    • Mike

      Is this argument/stance even relevant anymore in the DVR age?

      • What?

        We’re in a DVR age? Why wasn’t I informed of this?

      • Mike

        Well you have to live on the planet sarcasm to get the memo.

      • Mike

        Seriously though, I know not EVERYONE has a DVR but I do know the adoption rate has increased exponentially over the past few years. Most people with DVRs have dual tuners so can record 2 shows at one time. Go one step further and watch the shows on delay while they are still airing and oyu’re able to watch more than one show airing at the same time. My point? Who really, in this day and “AGE”, actually watches a half hour sitcom and then tunes in to the 2nd half hour of a 1 hour show? I know my Thursday nights are packed with shows. But I’m able to watch 2.5 hours worth of TV programming from 8-10 due to having a DVR (including BBT and 2 dramas). It’s one of the best technological advancements for the home entertainment center in the past decade. So, I go back to my original question…isn’t the stance of the original commenter of this thread rendered mostly irrelevant for the “ERA” of DVRs? Understood if izzy doesn’t have a DVR, but seriously, get one!

      • Mike

        typo – oyu’re = you’re. I know people on this board love to call them out!

  • Seddie Forever!!!!!!!!!

    Eh, the show keeps adding on new regulars, yet they don’t seem to take advantage of the characters they do have. I used to love this show, but it seems to have jumped the shark and is going downhill, although I liked last week’s episode “wheaton only can enter Star Trek conventions if he helps setup” and “woot-woot” on twitter IS stupid

    • Diggity

      Who are the other “new regulars”?

      • Ziggity

        Bernadette, Will Wheaton, Sheldon’s mom kinda (whom I love)…

      • BG

        What? None of them are series regulars.

      • Gretchen

        Actually, Bernadette has been upgraded to regular, but WW and Laurie Metcalf have not – she’s only been in what, like 3 eps TOTAL?!

    • JLC

      I earned tremendous respect for Wheaton last week. I know he’s very self-deprecating with respect to his Star Trek stuff, but they took some serious shots in that episode. Nice of him to man up and appear after he read that script (as if he had anything else going on- BAZINGA!)

  • Liz

    I love Amy Farrah-Fowler! I know I’m in a minority but I find her funny in small doses.

    • CE

      I actually like her too. She’s a lot more like the girls I’d expect those guys to hang out with than Penny is.

    • Mike

      I like the fact that they clarified that, the pickup is only for THIS season so far. Clearly, Amy is sticking around for season 4 so they made it official. I would be more worried if they made a blind move to include her as a series regular for multiple seasons without seeing how this arc plays out. I’m enjoying her on the show too, but it’s best to use her sparingly. The show still needs to focus on the 5 main characters.

    • too true

      Yeah, in SMALL doses. I’ve already overdosed on her.

  • Thom

    Ugh, because the show needs TWO Sheldons!

    (And before anyone brings up Lilith and Frasier on Cheers, at least Lilith was funny and had actual emotions and wasn’t a total cartoon character… did I mention she was actually funny?)

    • Rod

      Because Bebe Neuwirth can actually act.

      • Shallow Guy

        And Bebe Neuwirth was a true “ugly duckling / swan” actress who could look cold and screwed-on-too tight as Lilith, but also quite striking if the character required it – she cleaned up quite nicely. Mayim Bialick only ranges from very unattractive to…slightly less unattractive.

  • allie

    YAY!!!!! I love love love her character!! She was the only character last week that made me have to pause the show because I was laughing so hard!!

  • molly

    I like the concept of her character, but her weirdness needs to be reigned in. Sheldon is weird but funny, where is is just weird and annoying.

  • J.Norman

    I think the character is good in a recurring role. . .sort of like Rose on 2.5 men.
    I’m not sure that she will work on an every episode basis. She would only cut more deeply into Raj and Howards role on the show.
    With that said, I can see some good exchanges between Penny, Sheldon and Amy

  • steph

    I love amy farrah fowler!

    and regular doesn’t mean she’ll be in every episode. She’s just got a different contract now.

  • Ugly Jenny

    I love Shamy

  • Jennifer

    Ugh. I keep hoping she will go away. The show just hasn’t been funny this season. I think it is because I find her character so annoying. The show isn’t utilizing the existing characters because they are so busy trying to fit her character in. Raj and Howard are disappearing from the show….

  • Jerry

    No. It was a nice joke at the of last season, and early in this one, but its wearing thin now. More Penny, less Amy Wasteo-Timeo!

    • Mike

      Just to make sure, you know that Penny was missing for 2.5 episodes because of the injury to her leg right?

      • Jerry

        I do. I think that’s why we’ve seen more of Blosom.

    • Liz

      I didn’t miss Penny when she was gone. I like her better when we see less of her.

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