'Sarah Palin's Alaska' posts record ratings for TLC

TLC’s Sarah Palin’s Alaska premiere attracted 4.96 million viewers last night, according to the network. Nielsen fast nationals reported 1.8 million viewers in the 25-54 demographic, 1.1 million in the 18-49 demographic, and 3.9 million in the 35+ demographic. The debut was the top-finishing TLC program launch in history, beating What Not To Wear‘s series premiere in 2003.

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  • Adam

    We’re doomed.

    • Donknottz

      Que circular zoom out camera shot.

    • rerun

      It’s like Keeping Up With The Kardashians, but the Kardashians are less slutty.

      • amanda

        Now that is just pure ignorance. What information are you using to call this show “slutty” ? You can not really be serious? For the love of this country, please do not be involved in elections if you are that ignorant.

      • rerun

        I don’t know. Using the fact her daughter got knocked up as calling it slutty. Knees are for praying, not for what Bristol uses them for. Praise Jesus!!!

      • Jen


      • Fred

        Nothing more slutty than the Kardashians. The friggin ho made a porno, or have you LIBTARDS forgot :)

      • rerun

        Libtard? Really? That’s what you got. Okay, you Republicturd or Reflubican. See? Super easy. Still not clever, but still super easy…like Bristol Palin! Love Jesus, Praise Him!!!

      • Annie

        Slutty? Really? Its amazing that the left preaches acceptance but as soon as a person on the right chooses not to have a private abortion and to publicize her choice to keep a baby- you have no other argument but to spew hate.

      • Marsha Fernandez

        you got that right. It’s just another boring home movie.

    • Kiley

      “The Walking Dead” beat her numbers over on AMC so we’re not doomed yet. ;-) Remember, this is only record breaking for TLC, no one watches that channel. LOL

    • George Douglas

      A beautiful lady in a beautiful state.She and her family really enjoy the outdoors.

      • Mary

        I’d enjoy it too for what they’re getting paid. Everyone is on the reality wagon, it appears. Isn’t anyone getting tired of this crap?

      • Katherine

        I didn’t watch the show because let’s face it, I prefer having a life, but my favorite part of the promo was when she said how much more she preferred the outdoors to “stuffy” political offices. Which, of course, is going to be endlessly entertaining when she runs for 2012. As she should already know, being a candidate is all about being stuck in those offices. But, let us remember that this is the woman who couldn’t name a single newspaper she read. The good news? If she does get the Republican nomination, Obama is guaranteed a second term. No one with any sense of logic more advanced than a first graders really wants to put her in charge of America. I mean, she couldn’t even finished her real job! She quit when she saw that the money was in going around with the Tea Party and spreading fear, sensationalism, and hypocrisy. Yeah, that sounds like a GREAT leader of the free world.

      • Marsha Fernandez

        and that must be why she quit her job, that she was elected to by those unfortunate misquided souls and lusters of her body, as governor. Once again, what a huge embarrassment to us Alaskans who do not view a quitter as someone to look up to.

      • anita

        …….. and so did the animals she shot.

    • librarian

      Jon and Kate’s kids expelled from school for behavior problems. Sarah quits as governor and follows in the reality vein. Why are we so stupid that we watch this stuff.

      • George Douglas

        Sarah Palin quit as governor because she and her husband, along with the tax payers of Alaska were being billed millions for attorneys who were defending her and the state against numerous lawsuits brought on by liberals and liberal organizations that were afraid of her winning office. None of the charges were found to be true, but Sarah and Todd were being bankrupted defending them and the taxpayers of Alaska were paying out huge amounts too. To end that nightmare for her family and the Alaskan tax payers, Sarah gave up the office she had worked so hard to win. In turn, the people that support her, admire her, and believe in her have now made her a wealthy woman. She has helped the cause of conservatism and freedom more than any one person in recent memory.

      • Kiley

        Yeah, yeah, we read the Republican spin on her leaving. Bottom line, Sarah Palin is a Quitter. Quitting her job as governor was Not the first time she quit a job in public office.

      • tallyglenn

        This show is not political, why so much hate from the liberal hate mongers. I guess I answered my own question!

      • MatthewM

        Not political? As just one example, she says that building a 14′ fence was an example to the country on what we can do to keep our country safe. Would you be saying a show with Nancy Pelosi on the history of San Francisco is not political?

      • Mike

        Let’s straighten out this quitting as governor crap. Sarah Palin was being forced to defend completely bogus ethics charges that were all being proven false. She was in debt over 500K in legal fees doing it. How many of you posting here would continue in a position if it was driving you and your family to financial ruin, already over a half a million? How many? Crickets chirping. Since “quitting”, she has kicked a@# with her book and it now was obviously a great decision. Enough with the “quitting” crap.

      • eightdaysaweek

        So your argument is that it’s okay Sarah quit because it got tough? Okay, cool. Now I understand. Sarah will be a fabulous president as long as it’s easy and fun and stress-free. I hope she picks a solid running mate since he’d probably be president by March.

    • LWhite

      I like to think people tuned in for the same reason they slow down if there’s a car wreck. The woman scares the day lights out of me!

      • Sherese

        Love your comment its on point. People are interested because we view these reality shows for their ignorance. She’s an idiot and her family is boring. Well, not her fast a** kid getting pregnant. You can’t even control your kids don’t think you can run a country.

      • Mike

        Scares the “daylights” out of you? How about an administration that wants to control 1/7th of the economy and slash Medicare by 500 Billion!! Wake up you people, your government is tyrannical under Obama. That is what you should be afraid of. Sarah is harmless and hot at the same time.

      • Marsha Fernandez

        The really scary part is that some people admire and support her. Wish she’d just move to another state and let us all get on with our lives here in Alaska. She is not the goddess here that she seems to be in the lower 48.

    • David4

      No… We have the 2nd Amendment.

    • Ken

      I guess the rules don’t apply to liberials, there are some very SICK people out there,Hate speach?

  • Kate

    Is it just me or does the fast nationals seem like the worst math problem ever? 25-54, 18-49, 35+. Seems like there is quite a bit of overlap in those groups. Any which way you cut it, it makes me really sad that many people would watch.

    • sven bilston

      you are an a-hole.

      • Kate

        and you sound delightful!

    • passionchamp

      Seriously. How can we accept such stupidity? Whether it be in math (as reported above) or television (this show), we should demand better… or at least question better. Basically “80% of the people watching the show are over 35 years old” is what they should have said.

      • Kate

        Thank you! That’s my point why can’t they just state the number rather than twisting the statistic around as if it somehow conveys more information.

  • kev

    it makes me really sad that many people would watch.

    As opposed to what? Jersey Shore? 16 and Pregnant? Any of the CSI’s? Fox or MSNBC? Jay, Dave or Conan? Yeah, there’s so much great stuff on the tube.

    • s

      Yes actually any of those would be preferable.

      • Michael

        Agreed. I don’t watch any of those shows, but I’d rather that America crash and burn with The Situation than Sarah Palin.

      • techfonz2010

        your mom poops in the shower you unemployed immigrant. the US will never crash n burn. if you live here please move1!

      • YingYang

        All reality shows are lame. Does anyone live their own any more? I watch TV to get a break from it, not to be consumed by it.

    • Meh

      I’d go with as opposed to books.

      • Jacob


  • JPX

    It’s so sad, I used to really like TLC. I can no longer support the channel if they are allowing this vapid fame whore to have her own show.

    • B

      Give me a f@#$in break. Why don’t you just ban television entirely for letting this show happen. And ban the entire state of Alaska or even Alaskans as well. Now if TLC broadcasted Nazi Racist Funtime Hour, then I would understand… but there is a big difference. Yeah, a sarcastic statement can be made, but there IS A DIFFERENCE.

      • jay

        She was terrible for Alaska. For her to host a show called Sarah Palin’s Alaska is an insult to Alaskans

    • Jocelyn

      I’d rather her be on a show than running the country.

      • jay

        I heard she quits the series half-way through.

      • Theresa

        HAHAHA true true!!!! ;) And I wouldn’t be caught dead watching this show! If you can even call it that! I mean seriously whose idea was this?

    • S

      I’m sure TLC and Mrs. Palin will be crushed… please.

    • Kevin

      Your liberal boycotts are usually so successful too lol.

      • YingYang

        Like California and Arizona LOL. Backpedal, backpedal…..! Some day they will realize how dumb that was… oh wait, it’s California, maybe not. We just elected…… I’m moving!

    • YingYang

      Hey they let Rosie O’Donnell do it for a while. Exercise your American right to choose another channel. I did with Rosie. As for her right, she has every right to have a show. If ratings fail, so does she. If more do what you do, she joins Rosie in cancellation. Opinions of merit are finalized by ratings, not if others agree or disagree

    • sven bilston

      You’re an a-hole

      • Katherine

        You seem to say that a lot. Got anything more loquacious? Or are you a one-hit-wonder like Palin?

      • Clete

        Takes one to know one.

    • Marsha Fernandez

      I’m with you in regard to not supporting and viewing TLC. I just had to watch for my own take on it and I’m disgusted. She is so phoney…..afraid to climb rocks!? Get real Sarah, who do you think you’re kidding…….only the fools.

  • Zombie Jesus

    Well, Jersey Shore also gets insane ratings. But that doesn’t make it right.

    • Zombie Jesus

      Excuse me, I meant to say it doesn’t make it a good show.

      This show is more about Sarah Palin claiming everyone is out to get her as oppossed to show about Alaska.

      Too bad, Alaska is a beautiful place, but instead we get to hear about the “nosy neighbor” and how the big bad media show adores is out to get her.

  • Mikey

    Yeah but The Walking Dead week 3 beat Sarah – it got 5.1 million! Says a lot…

    • Donknottz

      Her followers are the stars of the walking dead I believe

      • Kiley

        Nah, the zombie’s on ‘The Walking Dead’ still have their brains.

      • Marsha Fernandez

        you mean they walk too?

    • Mike

      Wait till next weeks ratings boys and girls. I’ll bet it will jump to over 7 million!! Then we’ll hear all of you smarta@#’s whine.

  • Chris

    As much as I hate Palin’s politics, I do appreciate a first-account of what it’s like living in the beautiful Alaska.

    • ks

      No-she does a disservice to Alaskans, she has no idea “what’s it like” to live in Alaska. She uses the state for her own PR campaign

      • B

        But she’s an Alaskan native. Like it or not, the Palin family know exactly “what it’s like” to live in Alaska… probably more than u. They do the moose hunting, the snow sled races, all that rural s#$% I’m betting you’ve never been anywhere near Alaska. If anyone has the right to use a state for their own publicity, and that is probably what she IS doing, why not her?

      • joblo

        I’ve lived in Alaska and I’m sorry but the show was a great little glimpse of what Alaskan live is like – and it captured the beauty and natural splendor of the state really well.

      • George Douglas

        Sarah was raised in a very rural area of Alaska. She worked her way through college in a fish cannery, which is a hard and dirty job. She is a skilled hunter and she is skilled at fishing. Her skill at public speaking draws thousands. She personally helped seven candidates who were elected to national office in the last election, with her endorsements. Her first book was a big best seller. She has a great husband and family. She has accomplished more in her young life than all the foul slandering disgusting people demeaning her on this page put together. Most of the people putting her down are liberals and probably voted for the worst president America has ever had, Barak Obama. In addition to that, take a look at the women leading the Republican Party and who are active leaders in the TEA Party then compare them to Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and Hillary Clinton. It looks as if the ugly tree fell on the Democratic party women.

      • Tom

        I’ve always thought that conservative pundits sell more books than their liberal counterparts because liberals don’t want/need someone else to them what to think.

        Mr Douglas, read some history. Or is the best you can do is sling tired stereotypical gender insults at female politicians? I’m neither a Democrat or a Republican, but I wouldn’t care if a politician looked like what crawled up from under that fallen tree–as long as he or she was a good, compassionate, effective leader. But your remark certainly reveals what YOU think is important–and it isn’t flattering.

    • Marsha Fernandez

      now don’t get any Palinized ideas. Come see for yourself. and not all teenage daughters become pregnant out of wedlock here in Alaska.

  • JonnyT

    I’m not a fan of Sarah Palin, but people watching her show neither surprises me nor makes me sad. It’s just a TV show, and she’s a TV personality. It was her major in five different colleges, so why shouldn’t she be on TV? At the end of the day if you don’t like her, don’t watch. I won’t, and my life won’t be changed by those who do.

  • sils71

    Way to go Sarah! Can’t wait to watch the other 7 episodes.

    • Donknottz

      If she only would go….

  • desmo

    President Palin.. Has a nice ring to it doesn’t it? I can’t for 2012. Sarah will restore honor to our country and make our Christian god the one and true god for America.. And every gay will have to go back in the closet… Exciting times :-)

    • rerun

      Yeah, stoopid gay people who know Africa is a continent. Real Christian values are having knocked-up, unwed daughters. God FTW!!!

    • B

      Enjoy your time out of the closet, desmo

    • jpratm

      Bless your heart @desmo. @ rerun very true

    • Granny

      I’m sorry desmo – but what god do you serve the God of our country starts with a capital G making Him a Big God not a little god as you seem to nake Him.

    • Stevex

      I hope desmo’s comment is sarcastic, because then I could consider myself one of the (evidently) few who get it.

    • Mich

      desmo… What a hateful, ugly and UNCHRISTIAN thing to say. Love thy neighbor as yourself? Obviously you and others like yourself that claim to be “Christian” have lost sight of true Christian behavior. I don’t recall hate for anyone and such ugly words you use as part of the Bible!

    • teddy1890

      Everyone has a right to “DREAM” this is America. So if you think President Palin why not.

    • Marsha Fernandez

      just watch the mass exodus to ……..oh canada, for one. I will not remain in the U.S. if that were to happen. Talk about a nightmare!

  • jpratm

    PALIN has the last laugh with her $$$. Good to see that much of the base is in the 35+ demo its the type of show its the source its no better than the garbage on E!

    • Janell

      She was the Governer of Alaska and dropped the position like a hot potatoe. Now, she is showing the beauty of Alaska. I’m sure Alaskans are proud of this fine woman.

  • Rob

    Great…another reason for Sarah’s ego to get even more inflated. I’m just bracing for impact when Bristol holds that ugly trophy over head. Why John McCain? WHY????

  • Ap

    I haven’t watch TLC since it stopped being The Learning Channel and became another channel that airs countless reality shows.

    Hang in there The History Channel.

    • Clete

      Have you watched the History Channel lately. It is awful, Ancient Aliens, Ice Road Truckers, Swamp People. Even shows like Pawn Stars and American Pickers really don’t belong on a History channel.The station needs to go back to airing shows about Historical subjects.

  • Annette

    You SP whiners sound so stupid – Don’t like it, don’t watch! Meanwhile, she’s having the last laugh and you all and your man-child prince Obummer!

    • David Good

      Why do you feel it necessary to call people names? That goes for everyone on this message board. Yours is neither a discussion or a point, it’s just rude. Sadly, and this comes from a proud Christian, most of the people on Sarah Palin’s side consider themselves Christians, and they continue to promote hate with name calling and rudeness. I am sorry for those who would like to state an opinion that does not drift into hate.

      • K

        The Democrats are the worst name-calling hypocrites I’ve ever seen.

      • rerun

        No we’re not poopypants!

      • sils71

        I find it interesting that you say this applies to everyone on this message board, and yet you choose to ignore incredibly rude remarks against Palin and her fans only to reply to one of the few people defending Palin. Is that a coincidence?

      • teddy1890

        How do you know that the comments are made by Democrats? seems to me that they are made by almost anyone, and for sure mostly Rep. from the sounds of you Obama slammers, get my drift. President he is and will be.Christians none of you are, Hate not your brother.

  • Emily Bond

    At last!! Some class to TLC. There are thousands that LOVE the Palin’s. Ha Ha. American has spoked!!

    • Kiley

      “America has spoked”?!? Another shining example of the people Palin attracts.

      • Jer

        You have “spoked.” Oh yeah….you are so perfect. Just another ignorant liberal democrat. Got your ass kicked couple of weeks ago didn’t ya….moron!

      • YingYang

        When you cant attack the facts, go for spelling

      • rerun

        Well, spelling is always just right there in your face as opposed to facts that you have to look-up. But that was misspelling/poor grammar and that is indeed a fact.

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