Keith Olbermann suspended by MSNBC; Chris Hayes to sub tonight

Keith Olbermann has been suspended “indefinitely without pay” for making campaign donations to three Democratic candidates. In a statement, network president Phil Griffin said, “I became aware of Keith’s political contributions late last night. Mindful of NBC News policy and standards, I have suspended him indefinitely without pay.” According to a report in Politico, the host of Countdown gave the maximum legal contribution ($2,400) to Arizona congressman Raul Grijalva, Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, and Kentucky attorney general Jack Conway. According to a spokesperson from MSNBC, Chris Hayes of The Nation will host Countdown this evening.

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  • Ramo

    I think you left out the word “aware” in your quote.

    • fgh

      I can’t believe Keith is a democrat. What a suprise!

  • whatevs

    I know you can proofread a 3 1/2 line article. Come on now.

    • whatevs

      Yeah, now you’ve made it longer.

  • Jerry Orbach

    Yeah, “I became of Keith’s ” makes no sense. If you have no editor, then take 2 minutes and edit your own extremely short and easily-edited article.

    • fgh

      I once became of Keith, but I did not like the taste in my mouth.

  • mememe

    good, i hate that SOB. but can’t we just cancel MSNBC altogether?

    • @mememe

      yes, you can. so do that.

    • AB

      Me thinks you only watch Fox news.

      • Anne

        and your point is ?

      • Corey

        That Fox News is terrible. It’s not rocket science.

      • mememe

        that’s because you’re making an uninformed assumption.

      • Jen

        What, you can’t be a liberal and hate Keith Olbermann? Believe me, there’s lots of us.

        How amusing that MSNBC is actually holding him to the standards of a real journalist.

      • Kate

        If the conservatives can have their own biased reporting (FOX) then the more progress people in this country can too. Get over it. If you don’t like MSNBC, don’t watch it.

      • Greg

        Come on people. Do you honestly and truly believe that olbermann is in this predicament because of the stated issue? He has been dumped from ESPN and everywhere else because he’s an ass. If you take his show as comedic drivel it’s not so bad. But if you think you’re getting news then the jokes on you. I think he should beeback on the air because it gives the average Californian someone to believe in.

    • L

      Do what I do with Fixed Noise — DON’T WATCH.

      • LOL

        Fox News – Where the Truth Goes to Die

      • Donknottz

        Truth has never made it through the door.

    • Sharlin

      SO Fox can be a total tool for the GOP, but Kieth gets punnished for doing something privately?

      • Nerwen Aldarion

        Keith went against company policy. If he wanted to donate to the Democratic candidates then he had to seek the permission of the head of MSNBC and he did not.

        Fox news has NOTHING to do with this so why bring it up?

      • Patb

        I agree. So what? He has a right to make a private contribution. “Fixed News” raises millions. Not fair to Keith. He is one of my heroes.

      • jodipo

        yes, because msnbc is a NEWS network,and Fox is a republican propaganda delivery system. Fox has no standards or morality so they can do whatever and say whatever they want with no worries.

      • @Patb

        he is one of your heroes? you must not have very high standards.

      • Amanda Kiwinerd

        B-B-B-B-BUT F-F-F-F-F-FOX!!!!!!!!!

      • DVS1

        NBC finally has some sense by dumping KO. Their MSNBC brand may have a chance at becoming a legitimate news network instead of Liberal Looney News Network. Keith would easily get a job at Fox. I’m sure they’ll take him since they’re fair and balanced. He can still donate to his fellow DemocRATS and the Fox folks wouldn’t bat an eye. Besides, they need a figuratively new punching bag since Alan Colmes’ departure a while back.

    • Donknottz

      Gee hate from a republiclan member what a surprise.

      • mememe

        The same can be said of people here who are Democrats. The extremes on both sides are equally obnoxious.

      • steph

        can’t we all just put on our big girl panties and get along. jeez.

      • lesliemd

        Keith O gets suspended for donating to Democrats, yet nothing happens to Joe Scarborough or Pat Buchanan after they made donations to Republicans. What a hypocritical move by MSNBC. Who are they afraid of? Absolutely disgusted by this – if political donations violate NBC policy, suspend them all, not just those who donate to Democrats!

      • @lesliemd

        If you bothered to read the statement, you’d see that he was suspended for not seeking approval first. Not simply for donating. But hey, don’t let the facts get in the way of your opinion.

    • Allan

      Time to consider that even NBC is “big business” and likes to flex his/her/its muscles now and then, just to let us know they can cut us off at the legs any time they wish.

    • Vic

      If that is your stand, here is mine….why not cancel FOX all together and get rid of all the commentators that only know how to attack those that make sense and know history as well as human rights

  • Jerry Orbach

    And you just misspelled “general ” when you made the article longer. What a professional.

  • Das Boot

    Idiot…if you’re a journalist you know that you must register “no affiliation” and you can’t donate. It’s common knowledge.

    • mark in nyc

      you mean like how FOX gave 1 million to the Republican Governors PAC?

      • ALM

        …but Fox isn’t journalism, it’s propoganda entertainment.

      • Ugly Jenny

        Actually Rupert Murdoch gave 1 million to republican governors, which he can because he runs the whole network, and he did it on his own. I am an independent and watch Fox News because it is Fair and Balanced with a mix of opinion shows, just like any other cable news network. The question is have YOU ever watched Fox News to make your own opinion about it?

      • mark in nyc

        @ugly jenny why yes I have watched it, I find Chris Wallace and Shep Smith to somewhat try and be objective journalists with mixed reulsts.
        However, Fox Corp, not Rupert Murdoch donated the money to the republicans.
        Almsot every Republican candidate for President is a consultant/on air personalilty for FOX…they don’t even have the pretense of being fair and/or balanced anymore.
        It is like the old Blues Brothers joke…they have both kinds of music, Country and Western.

      • Amanda Kiwinerd

        B-B-B-B-BUT F-F-F-F-F-FOX!!!!!!!!

    • RK

      And how about all of the FOX commentators showing up at rallies to support candidates?

      • mememe

        that’s because FOX is EVIL and MSNBC is sooooooooooooooooo superior with its 12 viewers.

      • joe


        I love people who justify Fox’s importance by using the fact that democrats either don’t have a channel or MSNBC has fewer viewers. Here it is moron, backed by studies: Republicans, by and large, are lazy and find it liberating to be told that reading is arrogant and higher education is elite and not to do anything but be wronged by the government and listen to Fox. Democrats tend to read newspapers and watch objective news and make their own opinions. There is one network telling you the ‘truth’ and ALL the others are liberal and lame stream, according your ONE source. Like the drunk uncle who’s gonna tell you how it really is.

      • Amanda Kiwinerd

        B-B-B-B-BUT BUT BUT BUT F-F-F-F-F-FOX!!!!!!

      • @joe

        First of all, are you the drunk uncle you speak of? Because you sound like it. Second, hmmm, those so called “studies” to which you refer weren’t funded by democrats, were they? Nahhh.

    • L

      or Pat B., who is a repub commentator on MSNBC, makes donations?

    • Nerwen Aldarion

      It’s not that you can’t donate, Olberman had to clear it with the head of MSNBC before he did so. He did not. I don’t know what the policies at Fox are but it doesn’t really matter. This is about Olbermann NOT Fox, bringing of FOX is just a red herring obbsessed Dems like to bring up to try and get off of the real issue which is Olbermann made a dumb mistake.

  • Anne

    This couldn’t have happened to a bigger piece of dung !!!

  • Alex

    Attorney General is a title and should have initial caps. What’s up with this writer? About almost as dumb as Keith Olbermann.

  • Brigette

    Too bad. That’s a great show, and I respect Keith a lot. I’m not really sure what the problem is with what he did, but I guess that’s why I’m not a policy maker at NBC.

    • mememe

      Well that’s a first. Never heard anyone admit to respecting this douchebag before.

      • L

        I respect him too. You, on the other hand…

      • Zoe

        I respect Keith as well. Obviously there’s multiple people who do.

      • Donknottz

        Me too. Great name sums up republiclan thought process. ME ME ME

      • mememe

        Well, it’s nice to know 3 people respect Keith Overbite.

      • TJ

        even keith olberman doesn’t respect keith olberman

      • Jason

        I respect Keith as well. In my opinion, he’s an American hero. Guess I’m a douchebag too. Oh well. Go back to watching Fox News and being a moron.

      • kay

        so i guess we’ve stopped teaching our children to have a basic level of respect for everyone…

  • Zombie Jesus

    Without the obsessive name calling that this article will produce in the comments section, I believe this was the right call. Personally I feel like he is an entertainer like Rush, Hannity, etc.

    But ultimately these stations are NEWS Channnels, and as such these proclaimed “journalists” need to be held accountable for their actions.

    Are there others who do the same thing? Yes, but we have to stop living in an age where it’s ok to do something unethical just because your competition does so.

    • mememe

      The big difference is Hannity and Limbaugh will allow guests with DIFFERING views on their shows; Olbermann only allows those who share his views on his shows. That’s not entertaining at all.

      • mark in nyc

        name one. One guest with a different viewpoint they have ever had on.

      • mememe

        Dom Imus to name one. Hannity used to have a show with Alan Colmes, an uber liberal. Allow me to make my point very clear – Hannity will let guests on his shows who don’t agree with him and then argue with them and tell them they’re wrong. But at least he lets them on to voice their opinion. Olbermann does not allow that. This is common knowledge.

      • mark in nyc

        @meme Don Imus? really? he is ultra conservative.
        And you are right…they used to have someone who was somewhat liberal on..then they gave up on that pretense.
        Name one person Hanity or Rush has had on with differing views? Or are you counting the people that think Rove is more right then Palin as differing views?

      • fireflystare221

        mememe- please. Give it a rest. Alan Colmes is a joke. His main purpose on the show was to allow Sean Hannity to stomp all over him. Every single time Colmes spoke he was screamed at or over and cut off. Hannity does NOT let anyone voice their opinion. Sure he invites them on, but then makes them look like a fool. I will cringe when saying this, even O’Reilly is better.

      • Tenney

        @mark in NYC…. Just today Fox had Sam Bennett from the Women’s Campaign Forum discussing Nancy Pelosi’s decision to run for house minority leader. Sam was very pro Nancy Pelosi. One of the guests on Fox & Friends yesterday morning was Sen. Claire McCaskill – a democratic senator from Missouri. On Wednesday morning I was watching it and they had members of the legal teams for both George Bush and Al Gore to discuss voter fraud.
        I am not saying that Bill O’Reilly or Glenn Beck do not promote a republican agenda however, contrary to what democrats want to believe, Fox very often has guests representing both sides of an issue. You don’t know because you don’t watch it.

  • Steve Berner

    Is MSNBC insane? First: Olbermann is not, NOR IS HE EXPECTED TO BE, an “impartial” newscaster. He heads up a talk-show! And he has never even pretended to hide his opinions! What next? Is MSNBC going to be shocked to discover Glenn Bsck is “of the Right”? Further, the amounts Olbermann contributed were hardly in the area of vote-swaying donations (like, say, Murcoch’s $1,000,000). If MSNBC cannot even allow its political commentators to comment, it makes one wonder how NON-Right-wing it really is>

    • allie

      Two things…. first of all, commenting and donating are not the same things. Secondly, if it says in teh NBC contract or whatever that they can’t donate to political parties then by donating he was in direct violation of his contract. Duh. If you break a rule you get a consequence… just ask any kindergartener in the country!

      • Blaaaake!

        the MSNBC is that “newscasters” cannot donate, Olberman is not a newscaster, he’s a tv show host.. big difference. Also, Scarborough was allowed to donate to a republican candidate and that’s what permitted him to do so, why is this logic then not applied to Olbermann? Oh, that’s right… because whether many like to admit it or not, the heads at NBC are also repblican and as long as contributions are made to their ilk, then all is OK. I hope Olbermann takes them to task for this clear violation of their own rules when it comes to another tv show host who simply leans in a different direction politically.

  • Barb

    You’re missing the point here. Olbermann, just like most of the talking heads on Fox News, is not a journalist. He is a pundit. Big difference. I’m betting Glenn Beck and his ilk have made donations, but Fox probably doesn’t care.

    • Ally

      I think the issue is that he is constantly pointing out that News Corp donates to conservative groups which makes them not objective. Didn’t he just do exactly what he is always talking about?

  • grape

    I throw my hands up in the air sometimes
    Saying AYO!
    Gotta let go!
    I wanna celebrate and live my life
    Saying AYO!
    Baby, let’s go!

  • Slezak

    I didn’t know MSNBC had any standards

  • L


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