Matt Hughes' death unrelated to 'Storm Chasers'

Last night’s episode of Storm Chasers, titled “Dedication,” revealed that meteorologist Matt Hughes had passed away, but his death was unrelated to his work with the Discovery Channel show. The 30-year-old husband and father of two suffered a fatal injury in his home and died on May 26, according to CBS News, and a coworker of Hughes from KAKE-10 News in Wichita blogged that his friend had been suffering from depression and had previously attempted to commit suicide.

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  • Karate Pants

    Someone from the show has already publicly state that his death was a suicide. Very sad, he leaves behind a young family. I don’t know why that wasn’t reported here.

    • Karate Pants

      And it’s been updated. Thanks, Jeff or whoever.

  • Rach

    I don’t watch this show, but I’m surprised this wasn’t known until now. It happened back in May. Was it kept quiet?

  • whatevs

    Yeah, I had heard that he committed suicide somewhere else too.

  • Tony

    My wife and I were shocked to see this statement at the end of the episode. Sad to hear it, especially on the back of the incredible moment the episode ended with.

  • Chase

    i hope he enjoys his eternity in hell.

    i feel bad for his family however.

    • Amy


      Your statement is very bold and inappropriate. People who suffer from mental illnesses have the inability to always think clearly/positvely about life/family/themselves. For you to speak of suicide in such a way is offensive to me, and I’m sure other people as well. Although you are free to think what you wish about certain things, some of those thoughts are better left in your mind instead of shared with others. Especially when you don’t know who you are hurting in the process of doing so.

      My heart goes out to the family of Matt Hughes. May you find comfort and peace in all of the good memories shared with Matt throughout the years.

      • Victoria

        I agree with you. I suffer from depression and once tried to kill my self. But I got help and a new husband. Even though I stay home from a disability, I am on medication. Chase, you should keep those kind of thoughts to yourself, it could hurt someone else.

      • Jan

        Amy, you are so right. Some things are better kept quiet instead of hurting others…the children, so sad.
        To the guy who said, must be “a Christian”, not ALL Christians believe like that. It’s between God and Matt. There are other religions that believe all suicides go to hell.Not just “Christians”. Never say “you wouldn’t do it!!”, Mental illness, depression, and other things can push people over the edge, done out of despiration. to not have to feel the pain that won’t go away.You could be near that edge someday….hope u don’t fall over.

      • LIz

        i agree, and i don’t believe god would send someone to hell when they suffer from this kind of illness.God bless his family. I watch the show, so i will miss him

    • Cheeks

      Do you really hope he enjoys his eternity in hell? If not, then that was a cruel thing to say.

    • @Chase

      Chase, I have no doubt you tout yourself as a “Christian.” If heaven is reserved for cruel hypocrites such as yourself, I’ll take the alternative. Go screw yourself, Chase.

      • Seething

        I am a Christian. God would NEVER say something so cruel. Jesus no doubt has his arms wrapped around Matt and his family.

      • Castiella

        I wish people wouldn’t say such horrible things in the name of Christianity. It really makes the rest of us (and God) look bad. And hatefulness is exactly the OPPOSITE of what our faith is supposed to be about.

      • Jan

        Just because you believe in GOD doesn’t mean you are a CHRISTIAN!!

      • Jan

        Just because you believe in GOD doesn’t mean you are a CHRISTIAN!!

    • j

      and maybe because of your comment you will end up there too. You are heartless and classless.

    • Ebeneezer

      I agree with Chase. My ancestors have been dodging death for 100,000 years. This planet is for survivors. If you want out, please get off my planet. Or seek out the appropriate help.

      • BP

        Yep, cause it’s just that easy isn’t it?

      • herb

        Ah ha! Darwin might be on to something, it does appear that the ancestors of Chase and Ebeneezer have made the jump from true primate to the LOWER end of the Homo sapien line… as for me , I took the Creation route, and have learned compassion. May God bless Matt and comfort his family. PS, God says there is still hope for Chase and Ebeneezer.

    • Brady

      Did the people that jumped out of the burning world trade center before it collapsed go to hell? Answer is No! I think. Does a soldier who throws himself on a Grenade to save his friends go to hell for killing himself? No! So dont throw out some Kooky religious
      generalization! Oh Yeah, Your an A HOLE!

    • Marky

      Chase, you are a jerk, and if you consider yourself a Christian, you need to really get into scripture and pray about your stupid attitude. I am very conservative, and, having faced such difficulties as Matt did, I do not think for one second he went to hell for suicide (if that’s what really happened). You are one of the reasons so many non-believers hate Christians and turn away from Christ, and you don’t even know what you are talking about.

  • thomas lewis

    Matt,there is a help out there,what about your kids and wife.So sad

  • Debi

    I agree with Amy. Unless, you have suffered from depression on mental illness or seen a loved one consumed by it, you have know idea. There is no rational thoughts and sometimes help and medicine cannot solve the dilemnas in your life.

  • jt

    When idiots such as Chase write comments you should just ignore them. They only want to get a rise out of people. If they see they’re not getting people all worked up then they’ll go away. And for those who seriously believe in a ‘hell’…lol. Pssst….the tooth fairy isn’t real either.

  • sheila

    To you so called Christians, what would God say to you for that statement? He promised to give us a second chance, Matt Hughes has every chance to be in heaven as you do. Judge that ye be not judged.

    • Marky

      What so-called Christian are you talking to besides Chase? No one agrees with that troll, so what is the problem?

  • GeeGee

    Matt’s death was noted on various Stormchaser sites before the episode aired. It made it really tough to watch him have to deal with Sean Casey’s d-baggery every episode. I’ll skip the next episode, or at least zip past Sean’s crocodile tears. My condolences to Matt’s family.

    • Samantha

      I agree Geegee. You know they are going to play up Sean’s remorsefulness now that Matt is gone. I’d rather they focus on Tim and (yes, he’s freakin’ obnoxious) Reed. Then again, I <3 Joel and Chris, so I put up with Reed just for them.

    • Marky

      I have had a really hard time watching Sean constantly disagree with Matt, who he hired to do the job of getting them into a tornado for the movie, and time and time again Sean would go against Matt who was always right. Sean is so over-bearing and has cost the team so much, and I was just glad Matt had gotten “his” tornado. It makes e sad to think something must have happened to make that joy go away. I wonder if Sean said something or did something that just took all the fun out of it; he is so capable of that. He must be a nightmare to work for…..

  • Samantha

    Guys, it’s obvious that Chase is trolling. Don’t feed him. It’s what he’s after.

  • Izzy

    I dont care what anyone else thinks but in my opinion, Matt’s suicide was caused by that Sean Casey idiot. I’ve never seen someone so arrogant/up himself in my life. I remember when Matt went to speak with him in the Diner about trusting him in what he was there for, he just folded himself away and never said what he wanted, as if he was terrified of him. Sean has definately been bulling him, 100%. Thats why some of the other crew in his team left.

    • Castiella

      I’m sure Matt’s suicide was caused by depression and hopelessness, not the actions of any one person.

  • Ann

    I think many of you are missing a very important point. Yes, Sean is an arrogant jerk sometimes but his life and the lives of the team utimately are his responsibility. I’d be wary too. Byron left the team to direct a movie. In his blog he stated he was leaving anyway. The intensity of the whole situation is edited by discovery channel to be as dramatic as possible or we wouldn’t watch the show. It is so very sad that Matt Hughes did not get the help he needed to save his life.

    • Ann

      Oh, and unfortunately this was not Matt’s first attempt. He just succeed this time. Sean Casey did not force Matt into it Matt’s person demons did. If you don’t like the real people on this show then stop watching it. Grow up and quit your whining.

  • Dr Smith

    Suicide is nothing to kid about and the douche who added “burn in hell” needs to check his own stuff. Why the venom? I’d bet it comes from abandonment in his life. How about some caring, empathy ot sympathy for his pain. Suicide is one of the top 2 or 3 causes of death in young adults.

    RIP Matt, the pain is gone. To his family, don’t be afraid to get some help. You’re going to go through some very troubling times. Loss, anger, and depression.

  • TT

    Is it really that big of a deal that someone killed themself. People very much les unfortunate them him die everyday and no one cares. I put him in the I don’t care he’s gone category…..Nothin like throwing everything away. It just shows how weak he was.

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