DirecTV drops G4

DirecTV will not carry G4 anymore after negotiations between the satellite provider and G4’s parent company, Comcast, ended Sunday. “At this time we are no longer negotiating and we have no plans to put G4 back up,” a DirecTV rep said in an e-mail. “We are constantly evaluating our lineup in a new world where programming costs continue to rise at significant rates. Since G4 is among the lowest rated networks based on the latest Nielsen data, we decided that it made sense to focus on preserving programming that is more relevant to our larger customer base.”

According to a statement from G4, “We have been trying to engage DirecTV in fair and reasonable discussions to continue to carry G4. G4 offered DirecTV the same basic deal we have had for the past three years. However they still plan to drop the network and deny G4 fans the only network that focuses on the popular gaming lifestyle.”

G4 is best known for Attack of the Show, its popular gamer-oriented series which launched Olivia Munn‘s career. It also airs Web Soup and Ninja Warrior.

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  • Harlan Quinn

    Direct TV carries over 10 channels of religious programming and one of tech/video information..and which channel gets the axe?

    • Nick

      G4 has become lame, TechTV side of the channel got phased out and now it is one of the least watched channels on air. Consider how little of their programming is gaming related any more. You’re better off getting/watching your gaming news from internet programming.

      • Ethan

        Ya G4 may not have gaming on it like they used to but you also have to consider how many people (including me) watch AOTS for new gaming news, X-play for gaming reviews, and E3 and others of the like for what is to be expected the following year. They have over 30 sports channels (one i found out is for ping-pong and other low-brow sports) and about the same amount of religious channels. Ya it may not have been the best but it was all we had.

      • Ross

        Like what I’ve been watching G4 for the past 6 years the only other program I know about is gametrailers with Jeff Keighley and that sucks compared to X-play

      • Grant

        Yep! I agree. I really miss the original TechTV. And in reply to ethan, NO ONE watches G4 for their game reviews or AOTS for Tech News. Half of the time AotS is reruns. I’m not sure if you have heard of it but there’s this little thing called the INTERNET, i dont know if you have heard about it but its a great source for news. Much better then pre-recorded television shows.

        I will miss adam sessler and some of the guys but i hate xplay. In all honesty I just like the G4 podcasts like Sesslers soapbox or Feedback. The unscripted stuff is great, i don’t like xplay. It’s so cheezy and the video reviews are absolutely terrible.

      • moclimber

        F’n right Ethan! Direct TV’s view of what’s marketable and profitable is, I’m sure, based on some perfectly infallible algorithm or consumer study that tells the “no-necked, pea-brained, stuffed-shirts” to keep crap like “Hallmark channel” and “Lifetime Network” while channels like “G4″ and “Versus” aren’t “”VIABLE INCOME PROSPECTS”. Well, how about asking US? Not only about the inordinate amount of sports channels they host, but why they can afford to host what can amount to 10 or more channels blacked out due to local restrictions yet cut dedicated channels from programming? It’s all money and bandwidth on satellite. You’ve got blacked out channels equaling no income for hours upon hours per day. It doesn’t add up. And what about all the hispanic channels? I’m not racist, but really….do we need 20 or more spanish speaking channels? I’m not against anyone’s particular religious affiliation either, but how many of these “worship” channels do you think would survive if the industry went a-la-cart? WE pay for these services to watch what we like. We find something we like and they decide it’s not profitable enough and cancel it without hesitation. And for all of you who are going to respond with “boo-hoo, commercialism, you paid for it-deal with it” comments, UP YOURS TOO…… sure would be nice to be happy with any service you pay for nowadays don’t ya think?

      • Lugo

        Grant, are you STUPID or what? I watch G4’s game reviews and Tech News like ALL THE TIME, just like many others.
        Yeah, we heard about the INTERNET, Grant. But news from the Internet and the pre-recorded television shows are equally good. And both have their own flaws.
        Xplay is awesome, even without Adam Sessler. It can be cheesy and suck to you, but not to me and other fans. Love their game reviews, I always watch the show every time until that damn Direct TV cancelled G4.
        I mean, who gives a crap about religious and shopping channels? Like you said Grant, why not go to the INTERNET?
        After I heard that Xplay was cancelled and G4 going downhill, I have a feeling that Direct TV ruined my childhood. If only Xplay was featured in other channels like Spike because, as a gamer, I freaking love that show. It’s a damn shame I never seen the last episode, but it doesn’t matter now.
        Dish will be Direct Tv’s replacement after I’m done with college.
        Direct TV, I hope you face your downfall someday, you evil capitalist.

    • s. wilbur

      dtv has lost my supricption i will go back to cable

    • jp

      Not to mention all the crappy shopping channels and infomercial channels.

    • steve

      Dude, don’t be an a hole and hate on religious programs. I miss g4 just as much as you but doesn’t make it more important than any other channel. Show respect.

      • Rditty

        Face it Steve, no1 watches the religious channels, far less than would have ever watch G4tv. The religious channels show either scams with people try to get rich in the name of god, or people so creepy and weird you have to take a shower after watching. You religious? Great, good for you, but no1 else cares..

    • WHARFRAT72

      So how much you think they pay for the religious channels? Which one costs more? Personally, I wouldn’t watch any of ‘em.

    • Joe

      I wish DirecTV would get rid of those religious channels.

    • Dwayne

      What anout e3 coverage stupid. Man people like u dont think. Its the only coverage on e3 now how are real gamers going to get heads up and inside news if we are not there? Wow you’re dumb!!!!

    • Iecheey

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  • DirecrtvSUCKS

    I plan on canceling my directv over this. You can’t run commercials slamming your competition as not offering channels and then cancel channels because they won’t cave in to demands. And one appearance on some hack I know what it feels like now as a regular worker show will not rehabilitate your corporate greed image. I guess it’s not g4 and more, it’s Driectgreedv.

    • Mal

      Agreed. I’m actually moving in the next two weeks and I am NOT taking DirecTV with me when I do. Both Comcast and DirecTV can kiss it, both will not be missed.

      • Norman P

        That would be “and neither will be missed.”

  • AN

    Definitley would never switch to DirecTV now. G4 may be low rated, but it’s one of the most watched channels at our house…although I wish AOTS would just come out and say Olivia Munn won’t be back!

    • Catherine madden

      I love G4 and i think its really stupid that they cancelled it. im actually kinda pissed… what am i supposed to watch now! they always had family guy on there…. thats some bs. oh and cops! …now some one tell me what channel has family guy and cops on the same thing…yeah i dont think there is one

      • jules

        Yeah. Try any given local Fox affiliate.

      • Grant

        Jules. Catherine is clearly being sarcastic. It think that went right over your head

      • Norman P

        Catherine also has a clear hatred of punctuation and capitalization, not to mention an infatuation with elipses. She is really super-edgy!!

      • Mr. McAwesome

        what is family guy

      • mrstealyogurl

        ikr i loved cops!and my mama loved watching cheaters lmaoo!! stupid Directv D:<

      • Laila

        if you were to purchase one off of Ebay, be sure it’s an owned reveicer. Ask the seller for the RID and access card numbers before making the purchase, then call DirecTV (1-800-531-5000) and ask a CSR to verify 1) that it is an owned reveicer and 2) that it is not active on another account.Also, keep in mind that DirecTV will require you to pay $ 20 for a new access card and they usually arrive within three days. This is not a cheap ploy by the company to make money, but protects you from random charges being made to your account. If you activate the original card on your account, you thereby become responsible for all charges not reported for pay per views, etc. Some cards can charge up to $ 200 without having to contact the billing system.If you have any other questions, go ahead and call customer service. They activate these types of reveicers all the time.Good luck.

    • Jadzaea

      I watched it all the time too . . . AOTS, X-Play, and Ninja Warrior. MXC on Spike (when you can find it among Cheaters and the Star Wars prequels) is alright, but I want the serious talent you sometimes see on NW.

      I guess I’m heading to Hulu to get my Adam Sessler and Makoto Nagano fixes.

  • Shaun

    Yep… DirecTV seems to be adding more and more religious channels, AND shopping channels all the time. Yet a fairly unique channel like G4 gets dropped.

    I didn’t watch G4 much, but I did once in awhile. I am paying for all those religious and shopping channels that I DON’T watch though, and that’s enough reason to consider dropping DirecTV. So is the fact that they they’re too slow to add more HD channels to their lineup, and they have Sundance as a premimum channel, apparently, but my friends with cable get it as part of their standard package.

    • Nick

      I think DirecTV’s point here is that the viewership of the channel was no longer equating to what they had to pay for it since G4 is killing their lineup of shows and no longer has Olivia Munn.(they can keep denying she’s gone all they want) And now that their channel is less popular than it was they still want the same kind of money for it. Would you keep paying $20 for a meal at what used to be a good Italian restaurant that started giving you spaghetti-o’s instead of real pasta?

      • Suzen

        I agree. I like Spaghetti-Os, but not at that price.

  • evie

    G4 Should not have been dropped without notifying DTV customers. Wiil our rates be reduced because of the reduction of our viewing options?

    • Nick

      Do our rates go up each time they add a single new channel?

      • Nick

        I do agree their should’ve been some kind of advance notice. When I flipped to the channel today I did not expect a message and some background music.

      • pm


      • Suzen

        Well, they must be adding a LOT of BS channels. I started out paying @ $40 a month…now, I’m up to $70! WTF!

    • Garret

      Oh no that’s very unlikely. It’s all about them not the customers as I have learned in the three weeks since my dad switched from dish to directv. P.S. and by the way they dont have the same quality of picture – dish’s is better

      • Laura

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  • Jasmine

    This was one of the two shows that I watched… the only reason why I watched this show was because I’m a gamer. Now the only thing I watch is the foodnetwork… this sucks T^T

    • Mary

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      • Marc

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  • rerun

    Definite possiblity DirectTV will be dropped at my house. One of the few channels I actually watch and now it’s gone.

  • Yoshi2010

    I am a Directv customer. I have watched G4 for many years. I’ve even met Diane Mizota from Filter at a football game! Why does Directv think they need to get rid of this channel? Let alone that they haven’t put up an HD feed of the channel for 2 years! Face it, the only new HD channels they’ve provided are PPV, advertising channels, and a bunch of home shopping channels. It took them 6-7 months to get the Versus feed back for the Tour de France coverage! But seriously, Comcast and Directv should make a new deal. Long live G4 (on Directv)!

  • Jeff – Rise up to the oppression of DirecTV

    I recommend everyone else call in to 1-800-347-3288, after verifying your account information, say “representative” then “dissatisfaction” to register your disgust with DIRECTV. If you are going to cancel, do this BEFORE you cancel.

    • Ben

      What a load. What are your choices? Going to Comcast with their crappy sporatic service or to Dish TV where they drop channels more often than you probably change your underwear? Go start a petition or something.

      • B

        there’s always AT&T U-verse…however it may not be available in your area. They have the best customer service of any cable/satellite company I’ve had.

    • Jim

      Don’t call the 1800 number it is a call center and you will get no help in the matter. You need to call the long distance number if you want to get you complaint heard call 1-310-535-5000

    • Todd Christoffersen

      If you’d rather not give your account you can skip it by saying gibberish into the phone and it will jump to a live operator.

  • Steph

    I don’t regularly watch G4 but I watch it yearly for Comic-Con :( Plus when the have the convention for video games televised. So this…sucks. Like DirecTV.

  • Bayjor

    I agree with harlan. There are a lot more channels directv offers that can’t have a larger following than g4. Aots is a break from the dullness of each day

  • Tom

    But where will people watch five hours worth of Cops?!

  • Ben

    Web Soup is about the only thing I would miss from that network.

  • Max

    It is all negotiating tactics for a better contract – DirecTV wants a better rate. It’ll be back in a month or so.

  • theadamie

    This is what G4 gets for cutting all their great shows and running not stop cops/ cheaters/ campus PD… all of which I despise.. bring back tech TV and screw this new cheap G4!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tom

      Right on man! ever since they started doing constant marathons of ninja warriors, cops, ect, i pretty much stopped watching it. They need to air x-play ALOT more and HELL YEA bring back tech tv

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